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  2. I think it could fit in most areas with the right Theme. Any flat fits Coney in general. Could easily get a flight test theme for Area 72, a logging/buzzsaw theme for Rivertown, or if we got the dark forest retheme many ask for for Action Zone it could have a windmill theme, AZ as is would accommodate any thrilling flat.
  3. Racer is what sparked the first coaster wars. We wouldn't have twisted shivering or Mystic Timbers without The Racer
  4. I have not. I am hoping to pair it with BGW. I305 is my number 1 bucket list coaster!
  5. Have you made it to KD yet?
  6. I really liked the park. It is right up there with Cedar Point and Carowinds. I wish I could of got more rides on Mystic Timbers. It had the longest Fast Lane line. It is easily one of the best GCI's I have ridden. The park had a really nice layout, great local and chain food options, great shady areas and nice large trees. I was very impressed with this park. Who ever has this park as a home park are lucky
  7. Michigan's Adventure was pulling in more attendance then GL in 2008 and with half the rides and staff. The park would of really needed to be down sized without declining in guest to stay affloat. I would be more curious to see how it would of ended up if Seaworld bought out Six Flags Ohio and not the other way around
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience! Orion takes 6 or 7 rides to get a good feel of it.
  9. I would say, without a doubt, CF would have invested in Geauga Lake, but it would be more closer to the level of Michigan's Adventure as opposed to KI or CP. I think they would have received more of an investment than MA, but far less than KI or CP. I think it's a shame that it did not become more of a locals park. The residents certainly did not support it, or it would not have been closed.
  10. So we finally got to Kings Island. Everytime we planned on going in the past something would come up that would prevent us from going. We went Saturday the 24th. Thank goddess for Fast Lane! It was also our first experience with funpix. We have avoided parks this summer that required masks but with how chilly it was the mask was actually nice to keep the cold air off my face. We started the day off with Banshee. I have never met a B&M invert that I did not love..... Until this ride. The vest got tighter and tighter throughout the ride. I have been on all 5 coasters in America with th
  11. I found this on youtube this morning. I honestly want to see one of these somewhere in Coney Mall or on Oktoberfest with some German themeing. It would fit in Area 72 as well but I think some more intense flats should go in that area.
  12. I am not holding my breath this means anything significant. Although, a flat for family members waiting on Orion and FOF riders would be a nice addition.
  13. He said that the last thing he wants to do is shut things down again, but wouldn't rule one out.
  14. Ohio looks like they’re in the middle of a COVID spike right now, averaging 2333 cases per day as of yesterday. I wonder if Dewine might add additional restrictions and/or order certain businesses to close in the next few weeks, though I don’t think there will be a second lockdown/stay-at-home order unless hospitalizations and deaths become significantly worse than they were in the spring.
  15. I have had days before all this Covid madness as well where I did not have to empty my pockets. I've had days where the metal on my belt or a strip on a credit card sets it off. Most of the time that does not happen. I've had some days at some parks where I'm instructed to hold the items in my pockets in my hands high in the air. Had the security guard at Kennywood last fall insist I take my belt off. The metal in my glasses or my metal zippers on jackets and pants never seem to set them off. The inconsistency is what I do not understand.
  16. No, I think they know what they're doing. Crowded Fall days with a family event do not draw the same crowd as a midnight close in July. If you had a weapon they'd find it. But you're not getting in with a nail clipper on a Haunt night.
  17. Does this mean that the security really isn’t that great right now especially on some of these very crowded fall days?
  18. Or save on labor, which I'm sure the company is trying to sell them on to offset the cost. It may be true. May not. So long as it's still safe and I get through just as fast or faster than before then I don't care. Notice how on busy Saturdays, Haunt nights, big BAF days like Father's Day, etc you always had to take stuff out of your pockets? Had nothing to do with upgrades. The detectors were turned up or down depending on the "threat level." Winterfest doesn't really draw the rough crowd. This is not unique to KI or the amusement industry. See also, the last year of the P
  19. I absolutely agree. Here’s another idea, the spot could be used for Shake Rattle and Roll- allowing for more open land on the old Vortex site.
  20. While another flat in coney mall would be nice I really think Rivertown or Oktoberfest could use a new flat more.
  21. Yes, when they did their flats addition a few years back they got a Zephyr, a Top Scan, a Musik Express, and a Troika. Either a Top Scan or Musik Express would fit nicely in that Killmart spot. If money were no object, I'd probably put a Top Scan down by Shake, Rattle, and Roll and put the Musik Express where Killmart is.
  22. Absolutely. There are numerous rides that could fit in the spot. Didn’t Carowinds get a Musik Express?
  23. ^ Who knows if that even means anything but that would be a great spot for a flat. That spot is tailor made for a Musik Express.
  24. We’ve come a long way from this time last year when everyone had to empty their pockets and put their items in the bins and all bags having to be taken off and inspected. I think it was last Winterfest, Kings Island must have upgraded the metal detectors or something because guests were allowed to keep their phones and other items in their pockets without having to place them in bins. Now bags don’t even need to be checked with these new metal detectors, creating a seamless process. While COVID-19 has mostly had a negative effect, it has at least pushed innovation in the coaster industry.
  25. There are now pink spray markers by Zephyr around the Kill Mart building. The markers can be seen from Zephyr and Racer.
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