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  2. I was hoping for an innovation such as using the RMC style track from recent free spins in a custom layout. Not the old Arrow technology. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. I also rode X2, on my first ever visit to SFMM this past summer. My thoughts... 1. It looks awesome and intimidating 2. In theory it’s fantastic ride... the rotation was a gimmick, but a really cool gimmick. 3. My first ride was rough but unique and enjoyable. My second was downright brutal. I was being shaken like crazy, and begging for it to be over. Both rides were in the same seat (front, right, outboard) but perhaps different trains. I consider my coaster pain tolerance to be above average (happily endured 3 Vortex rides in half an hour last October). But this second X2 ride was a dealbreaker for me. 4. I think there are only 2 of these because it just appears ridiculously complex and expensive, and because it's just too extreme for most of the general public. I think that beyond the hardcore coaster fans, the GP would much prefer to ride a B&M wing coaster, which looks "close enough" to this with a much more comfortable riding experience. I'm glad Arrow and Six took a risk and tried something new... But in the end I can see why other parks go a safer route. I doubt KI will install anything more "extreme" than Banshee in the foreseeable future. If Orion is anything like my rides on Leviathan, it will be a magic carpet, smooth, fast delight that will appeal to far more riders than a 4D coaster.
  4. Details are still being worked on with the publisher. I’ll keep you posted once I hear more definite things.
  5. Have to disagree here- totally different concepts that are 100+ years apart. Wright Brothers were mentioned, as well as DaVinci. Those are totally different time periods than a spaceship and a meteor strike.
  6. As Dwight Shrute would say: "NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I dont think a low capacity ride like this would work at KI. I rode X2 and I hated it. I've heard B&M is developing a concept with a wing coaster configuration where the seats would rotate. Maybe that, but I will leave it for other riders.
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  8. I'm going to miss Vortex, I literally cried when I heard they were removing it. October was the last and final time I rode it. You can never replace Vortex but you'll never know what the future holds for Kings Island.
  9. I think a highly themed S&S Free Spin with show scenes and a custom layout (kind of like Tomb Raider-eque theming/ride experience, but as a roller coaster) would go great in the Crypt's old building. However, Madame Fatale may not be too fond of a (working) roller coaster being the latest piece in her (wax) museum...
  10. Eejanaika is my #1. I know they have a hefty price tag but I honestly said to myself after riding it and X2 "Why are there not more of these?!"
  11. This sounds more like a break in or training then a certification. While I have operated roller coasters I have never been certified for any given coaster so I am unsure of KK or CF rules for non-maintenance coaster training. In other coasters I have worked around, both B&M and other companies, the manufacturer did all of the certification operation as they owned and insured the coaster until it passed its certification. This is a really complicated area to discuss though as each ride, insurance and state has its own requirements. But from my experience it was a let B&M break it so they have to fix it, they certify it as working then park maintenance goes through a training period where they can operate it, then general park staff. The first several dozen? runs of each train are going to have issues. Each issues will be tiny, something as simple as a sensor moved just enough to no longer sense the lap bar position. It isn't uncommon for to have a test run, manufacturer techs climb all over the train and coaster for a couple hours, dispatch again and repeat. On any given day a certificated coaster wont complete 500 dispatches with out an error. Most of them are so minor it "fixes itself" with the computer re-polling a sensor/ sensor group but the computer still logs an error that maintenance can check the log for.
  12. We cannot spread P.VS.Z. rides all around Cedar Fair, Go tell the 2 mascot who is waiting for their own dark ride (Spyro/Crash)
  13. Free spins are controlled by magnets in some areas, so same concept sort of. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. I know i'm still craving for a madhouse, but here's a side view of it.
  15. KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA MATO, MATO, MATO, MATO, MATO, MATO, *African pounding chest* WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO KONGAMATO! (Make sence for a wing coaster don't you think?)
  16. The aviation thing is what Area 72 will mainly be.
  17. I like the 4D Free Spins as well and wouldn't mind if KI got one, but like the other two have mentioned something custom would be my preference. Having ridden Eejanaika I would kill to have a ride like it at KI or even at any park within a shortish driving distance. It is a truly insane ride and I wish every coaster enthusiast could get to experience it. However, I doubt many of those will get built in the future because they are just so expensive, but one can hope. Also, those don't have Free Spinning seats; they move with controlled motions at certain points during the ride.
  18. Oof....I ain't part of one and really wanna go to it. Problem for me is to many clubs to many choices.....
  19. In years pasts you have needed to be apart of a coaster club, it’ll most likely be the same this year.
  20. You have to be part of a coaster club to do this, right? (dumb question)
  21. Why does everyone keep saying the missing final hill? The Racer still has all its original hills. It did have a final “dip” that popped you back into the brake run. Also the removal of that dip was found not to be needed after it was done. A big miscalculation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  23. I would love if lightning rod wasn’t such a mess because a massive launched topper track woodie on the old Vortex plot would be wonderful and picturesque and it could fill a gap that doesn’t compete directly with the nearby Cedar Fair hybrids, and feels very different from other things in the KI lineup for the GP. But if Cedar Fair is done working with RMC, El Toro is my number one, so if intamin’s BGV installations are smooth, I can see a world where CF starts working with them again. Especially now that they’re playing with stalls and outerbanks, a new inverting prefab from them could be an extremely unique world-class coaster.
  24. I'd like to see S&S try a custom layout with the new generation of free spins. X2, Dinoconda, and Eejanaika all seem to get good reviews. I've been on Joker at SFGAdv and really enjoyed it. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  25. I’d rather have a custom designed ride for Kings Island rather then another cloned addition.
  26. Would an S&S 4D Free Spin work at KI? I feel like it would work if we got it with a flat like we did back in '99 with Faceoff and Drop Zone.
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