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  2. Hey everyone. I know it’s been a long long time since I’ve been on the site. Anyways. My thoughts on a new attraction. And the budget of the parks and what they could do to boost profits to help make up there lost revenue no, I don’t see anything huge within the future. I could however see a few small improvements being made. Like track work on Racer and The Beast. Maybe even a few paint touch ups on Some rides and buildings. Maybe give the Eiffel Tower a fresh coat. Maybe continuing the lighting package throughout the park. I always thought if they added western lights that flickered through Rivertown that it would add to the charm. Small upgrades that help beautify the park is always a small thing that guests notice. Also I’m not sure if I’m the only one here that has notice this or if it’s just in my head, I remember as a kid that International Street had this very sweet smell to it. If they could figure out how to not make it smell like walking into a LaRosa’s restaurant I’d be impressed. I find that smell off putting takes away from the charm that International Street use to offer. Also maybe bring back some specialty shops. I could see the introduction of a new show being the biggest draw in the near future. We have to large buildings that collect dust throughout the normal season. I don’t see how if they converted one into another venue for shows it would cost an awful lot. They could easy transform the venue back into the haunt that operates within the building when summer season ends. and please. Do something to Boo Blasters. It doesn’t fit in, and last time I rode my gun was broke and it just felt sad. Half the props weren’t working. Now here’s where my thoughts for added revenue. One option, they could offer a Show Pass Something that gives preferred seating for all shows and gives guests a bonus of staying after shows for a Q&A with the cast. Might seem silly but by offering a small keepsake like an autograph book that pictures the cast for each show and a line page next to it could be a great up sale promotion for them. It would give guests a way collect signatures from cast members during meet and greets. They could also offer a photo with one full cast of a guests choosing, which will be printed and slid In a protective plastic sleeve that they could pickup later at the end of there day. I could see families keeping those for years. I still have my old view finders from the nineties that they offered at the old photo stands. If they show packages like Fast Pass. It could give a small bump in the monies they have lost these past twow years. Example: Silver- a few shows, mainly outdoor venues. Gold- offers all shows including the Headliner in Kings Island Theater. Another ideal would be to give old merch that they don’t know how to get rid of in stores at the end of the year. Instead of marking it down in price. The park could turn them into mystery boxes. Since they are very popular right now. How cool would it be to be able to purchase a box and inside have 4 random items. Like keychains, mugs, pins, gloves, hats, shot glasses, ext. these would make cool Christmas gift boxes to sell during Winterfest. As for wages taking out profits. Well sorry to the employees, but this is to you. As a past employee I know the prices in the employee cafe are much much lower then in the main park. I could see them added .50 or more to items you purchase to bring up the money lost to paying your paychecks. I would be shocked if they haven’t already been doing so already. That’s just my thoughts. I do think the parks will bounce back in due time. But for speculation and fun. I could see us getting a RMC next. When, Idk. But I have a feeling we may see something to pay homage to SOB. There’s one inversion RMC hasn’t tackled. Maybe the park could talk them into placing a loop in it. They could market it as the first hybrid coaster with the world tallest loop or something. I do not see this going back by The Beast though. Also. Idk if you all have noticed this. random thought, why dose it seem that all the coasters face the same direction with there drops or lifts. Maybe could we get a drop facing north for once. Lol anyways. Hope you all are well. Have a good day.
  3. Isn’t it interesting though that is worthwhile crowd wise at the other parks, but Ki can’t make it work.
  4. What 6-year-old doesn't like a 110-foot free-fall into a dark cave? Said no responsible parent ever. YES, I realize the ride was not operated properly, and this should not have happened. However...
  5. Yesterday
  6. That's what I was wondering too hearing that. How do you manually check the belts multiple times, along with changing a locking pin, without realizing it's not actually around the person. Not to mention the ride only has 6 seats, so there isn't a lot to check. So it's not like they had to go around 40 seats or something like Drop Tower and were rushing or happened to miss one.
  7. My daughter Lily enjoying Brewhouse .
  8. Went Friday and had an amazing time. Figured it would feel much more crowded and it wasn't even that bad. Didn't do the mazes because was with the kids--but even the scare actors were creepy but not too over-zealous. Loved that basically everything was open. Daughter finally hit 54'' so her 1st time on DB and Orion were both at night! This is the best time of year and I love to see the park put to such good use.
  9. We stayed in a Hickory cabin this time. It's a good 2ft wider than the Aspen and given the kitchen isn't U shaped it seems more spacious in the living area. Even with the sofa pulled out, it's easy to walk around. The bedroom is smaller with less closet space, and have to turn sideways to walk beside the bed. But there are multiple closets in the Hickory vs the couple in Aspen. Bathroom also isn't as cramped, easier to change in, and has storage for toiletries. Between the 2 cabins if we had a large family the Hickory would be more functional as long as 4 kids didn't mind sharing the loft. The pool was still open if you wanted to take a polar plunge. And Fall activities we also posted. Also took time to walk around and noticed the lack of blinds in the loft and beside the bunk bed has been resolved, and could see many other cabins had them installed as well. Wood Sorel Way continues to have some work done, seems to be slow going. Hemlock area has blacktop, picnic tables, and grills.
  10. When they did Haunt on sundays, the haunt stuff didn't start until 7 anyways and the crowds never really show up, except a modest amount in the evening. It wouldn't get in the way of your daytime fun.
  11. I wish it would get a complete makeover to be used for Winterfest. Put a peanuts show there to better tie into Planet Snoopy. Not fully enclosed, but something better than just the fabric shade. Also take out some seating rows toward the back and make flat terraces with table seating. It’s rarely full with the bleachers. Might be a nice way to provide a better place than bandstand to do longer shows, but still have the option of eating while watching.
  12. They have tried Haunt on Sundays it was part of Bare Bones nights and it wasn't popular. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  13. I agree that the International Showplace is looking a bit rough. It is kind of an eyesore, and I hope Kings Island gives it some love for next year.
  14. I know, but that's just less protection when it was already looking a bit rough during the Coasterstock Q&A on stage. Probably not show-worthy to do Haunted Homecoming at the moment. I expected Urgent Scare to be over because of the theme, and I like that they're doing a Tower Gardens location for a maze again. Not sure if Field of Screams can be used with Orion there or not, we'll see next year I guess if they come back to the full maze count or not.
  15. Showplace is also in need of some TLC after two down seasons. Canopy wasn't even put on this year.
  16. Great. Glad that’s happening this year.
  17. I hope Haunt never comes to Sundays at KI. Fall Sundays (including a great time today!) are some of my favorite times to visit the park.
  18. They’ve been there for a month. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Some lights are left up year round. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks for the enlightening info. Sorry I was happy to report something good. I don’t see where’s it’s been discussed at all.
  21. It was already mentioned in another thread about a month ago lol.
  22. . I just checked with a pass on blue racer. Definitely Christmas parade floats. Might explain some of the haunt entertainment cuts. Gotta cover that extra expense.
  23. Last week
  24. https://www.coaster101.com/2020/09/28/bolliger-mabillard-files-patent-for-stand-up-coaster-restraint/ B&M seems to be possibly getting back in the Stand Up game.
  25. Stand Up enjoyability has a lot to do with knowing how to properly your seat and bars fitted.
  26. There is. B&M has a new model (Surf Coaster). https://www.coaster101.com/2020/09/28/bolliger-mabillard-files-patent-for-stand-up-coaster-restraint/
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