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  2. Great POV, thanks for posting. Four rides over two days in early June 2009, less than a month before it closed forever. The big double helix in the back was so jarring, and the rest of the ride was so bland. Only thing that stunk about the removal was the long gap between it closing in early 09 and Banshee finally coming online in 2014. It was fun at least to say we rode Diamondback and SoB on the same trip, like those very few Kings Dominion guests who hit Twisted Timbers right when it opened in 2018, in those first two weeks before Volcano closed forever.
  3. This is one coaster I wish I could have ridden and that POV is great. I wasn't able to go to the park during most of Son of Beast's lifespan, only being able to go until about 2003, and I was scared of most coasters during that time. When I got to go to Kings Island in June of 2012, I couldn't take my eyes off SOB. It was an amazing structure to look at and I was sad to learn about a month later that it would be removed from the park. I love Banshee but part of me wishes Son of Beast was still there.
  4. Watching the Son of Beast POV reminded me of the kicker tire at the top of the lift before the first drop. There is something terribly wrong with that from a design perspective. Heading into the 2nd hill on Son of Beast is still the roughest element of any roller coaster I've experienced. It wasn't awful every time, and depended on where you were sitting, but there were times where it felt like the train was bouncing all over the place to navigate that hill and turn into the rose bowl.
  5. For anyone interested, that channel also posted the upscaled POV of The Beast. Notice the skid brakes. Pinch brakes were added in the next off season, while magnetic trims came about during August of 2002. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. I never thought I'd see it again this well. Thank you for posting this.
  7. HHN's headliners are always in soundstages. Usually the originals/small IPs are in sprung tents. The quality in them aren't always the best (especially early in the night when there is still light).
  8. The engineering of it was a nightmare from the initial conception of the ride. SOB was originally pitched by RCCA to a SF park (they went with and SLC), and that when dropped, Paramount picked it up. The cars were designed with a rubber ring in between the steel halves of the wheel. The rubber was supposed to be a dampening agent, and it was supposed to be a critical part of ensuring the ride ran smoothly. It seems that this design was dropped in late design which is extremely fascinating. You have a ride that doesn’t have the proper wheels that were designed for it, you have wood s
  9. I wish Timberwolf was used more regularly. I've never been to a show there, so I can't really speak to it's quality as an amphitheater or what it would need to be completely modernized, but I would make the trip way more often if there was a good concert involved. I think the real obstacle, however, is Ticketmaster. Unfortunately pretty much all big live music goes through them, and I can't imagine a relationship with them would be worth the expense and effort to use it more.
  10. I only got to ride it twice, once with the loop and once without and with the 'new' trains... I definitely preferred it with the Premier trains and loop. After the loop removal, it was just rough with very few redeeming qualities. What I really miss about the ride is its intimidating presence, it was so immense. The way it loomed over everything, no matter where you were in the park you could see it. I loved watching the train go through the swoop before the drop, and the sound it made coming off the lift is ingrained in my memory forever. SoB added a lot to the atmosphere of the park even i
  11. The heavyweight class Premier trains didn't help over time, either. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. You should hear Raptor from off the peninsula
  13. You could hear the train cresting the lift from the parking tolls.
  14. The chain noise was amazing. It filled all of Action Zone. Even if you hated the ride, it was spectacular to look at. Also during the second helix, looking up at the wall of wood on your left was a site to see.
  15. I'm thinking it was before 2002 as I don't see the Tomb Raider building.
  16. I don't think the engineering was primarily to blame- Stengel (and company) went on to design the Intamin pre-fab wooden coasters. Seems like it was really just RCCA's horrendous accuracy and material quality that made it so rough. You can see pretty clearly in that POV (For example, 0:18) where the track just doesn't look quite... right; like they didn't have the best handle on how to fluidly fabricate curves.
  17. This is by far the best video of Son of Beast out there. Thanks so much for sharing this. The video says 2002 but I'm thinking this was more likely 2001 for a couple reasons. 1. The trim brake has been removed prior to the rose bowl and 2. King Cobra is still standing. I know removal of KC lasted into the start of the 2002 season but I believe it had been partially removed by opening day. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  18. As Robbie said, it was an awesome first drop. The helixs were very rough. The loop was awesome. The most noteible thing about SOB was the the chain lift. You think an RMC chain lift is loud..
  19. All the elements were drawn out so there was no sense of airtime to be had. Mostly positive G's, which is a bad sign on a wooden coaster. The helices were where most of the harsher roughness lied. The first drop was alright, though it needed drive tires to actually get over the crest of the swoop. The loop was smooth due to it being steel. Only got worse with switching out the Premier trains with the Gerstlauers. It felt like it likely would have stalled in high winds. Tis why you don't let engineers who primarily design steel coasters to design wooden ones. Even if RMC cou
  20. I once rode that ride nine times in a two hour span back in 2000, when they had ERT for pass holders from 8-10pm one day in late July. My thighs had bruises from the sides of the lapbars. The first drop was incredible. The loop was also very smooth. That first helix though... Ouch!
  21. I was young, so it didn't beat me up that bad. I loved it. It was definitely rough but I loved how out of control it felt and the structure itself was beyond intimidating. The first drop and the loop were definite highlights. The loud clink of the lift hill added to the atmosphere a lot too. That said, I understand why it had to go.
  22. I think the saying covid is here to stay is that covid will likely become a virus that we learn to live with like the flu. That doesn't mean we'll be taking these precautions like wearing masks, social distancing, and banning mass gatherings forever, but that just means that the virus will still be around. It will depend on vaccines and treatments.
  23. Wow that pov makes SoB look fun. What was the experience like anyways?
  24. Wow that is really great quality, especially considering most of the SoB povs suck, Thanks for sharing!
  25. Here is a surprisingly smooth and clear point-of-view video of Son of Beast in its original form that was just posted to YouTube within the last 24 hours. I have never seen such a good POV of this ride on the internet until now. Enjoy!
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  27. Forever? No way. You mentioned a few posts back "now that covid is here to stay"...also something I highly doubt. The short-term will depend on the efficacy of the vaccines coming. Long-term life goes on. The masks will go away, the temperature checks will go away, the every-other-row seating will go away. The airlines are already getting rid of leaving seats open right now so I'm kinda surprised KI is still sticking to that. Things are already ebbing slowly towards prior normality even in the face of climbing infection rates. That's a pretty telling omen I think.
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