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  2. Let's not forget the server you were responsible for crashing, circa 2012.
  3. So @TombraiderTy just posted this pic in the random photo thread. Didn't that site have a forum? That is what I was thinking about.
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  5. Those are not CF parks. I attended a GOCC event at KI last year, but there were no park sponsored events at a CF park last year.
  6. Dollywood had ACE events last year. Holiwood Nights as well to name a few.
  7. There are a lot of variables and logistics that goes into these events. Patience is going to be very important as the park figure out what is possible and not possible with the Covid restrictions.
  8. My last ride was Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood on Nov 29th. It was in the low 40's that weekend and the station had heaters. Back row in that weather on that ride with a full train is nuts.
  9. That is fake news or a clickbait headline. The park is already in bankrupcty and filed years ago. They have a buyer interested in buying the park but due to said bankruptcy that has already taken place they have to go through the court and accept other bids. It is still bad news because someone could buy it and build condos. https://www.facebook.com/newconneautlakepark
  10. The answer to that is Yes. But usually by now Coastermania tickets have come and gone and Coasterstock tickets have usually had some kinda announcement for a Feb sale. none of which has happened. Also usually by now we sorta know park opening dates and lots of other info starts slowly coming in during the Winter off season. The chains media pages seem to be unusually quiet this season outside of Cedar Point announcing Winterfest and the dumpster fire that sale was.I doubt there is going to be any Coastermania,stock, or madness events this year but I hope I am wrong.
  11. Wow - Disney passes implementation across two parks is worse than Cedar Fair lol...cross-threading with people's experiences with platinum passes... although the issues have been getting better every year.
  12. They are cancelling them as well, and refunding the Disneyland side of the pass. The handful of people who have one are allowed to renew to a Disney World only annual pass. They never sold very many, and really never tried to either, the admissions systems at Disneyland and Disney World are not compatible and the passes were in reality two annual passes sold as a bundle, then put on the same card. The cards had a barcode, a magnetic stripe, and an RFID chip. They could only be purchased in person at a park, and could only be renewed in person at a park, although on time renewal w
  13. Does it normally start the 3rd Friday in may?
  14. Will the Coney Island Central historical timeline every be updated to show all of the rides being removed?
  15. I am glad you still have the same sense of humor now!
  16. I'm going to have to say The Vortex for two reasons. One: The only coasters I've ridden at KI that are now defunct were Firehawk and The Vortex. Two: The Vortex helped me conquer my fear of roller coasters and made me start to enjoy riding them more.
  17. I wonder how they’ll handle the people with the coast to coast passes.
  18. This is terrible news to wake up to. I had nothing but a great time when I visited the park and it was so unique. Pre-Covid it was doing so well.
  19. RIP I never got to go but it looked like a fun park, I really hope someone can pull a Gene Staples and save this park
  20. Another park falls victim to COVID, Conneaut Lake Park is filing for Bankruptcy.
  21. I have multiple other favorites for various reasons, but Orion has already proven itself as a favorite. I started working in maintenance as it was being built and I got to put sound equipment on it, so basically I helped build Orion! I had wished for a B&M giga to come to KI for some time, so Orion was literally a wish come true. When I felt sad over Vortex's demo, I could look over at Orion and see what was new, and watching its test cycles was a reminder to me (and later a lot of us) that things were going to be all right. Orion became so special to me even before it opened. As for
  22. My first post on KIC was a topic I created, it asked out if the rides given, which would you ride? This was way before I visited Kings Island, so I was extremely nervous about the rides here at this awesome amusement park, and sweet [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] only had less than 600 rides at that point if I remember correctly. Correct if I am wrong sweet VortexBFForever with that number, I can’t remember how many you had while writing this post here, but it was certainly more than me total. If you could only ride these rides (at Kings Island, which one would you ride (you are able to
  23. I also migrated over from PKIUnlimited...my first post here was a smart a$$ comment about Son of Beast...and how the park came to their decision of where to place the on-ride camera.
  24. I'm up for it, but need notification months ahead if its on a weekend because of work commitments. I wouldn't want in the spring because of Coasterstock. Fall would be awesome but Saturdays are terrible with crowds. As far as behind the scenes stuff, with a smaller more focuses group, I'd much rather see something like sign shop, maintenance, offices, boneyard etc instead of a coaster walk back. Of course, this is assuming a non covid year and that these BTS scenarios are doable with a smaller group and policy and insurance allows them,
  25. Here's a freaky Winterfest picture from X-Base (aka Area 72):
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