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    Using Photoshop, I put the entire park inside of The Vortex land plot. I think this would be a great addition to the park.
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    Screenshot taken during an apposite line of dialogue: "...might as well, we've already broken the quarantine."
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    They were included on the PKI ACE Collector's Edition DVD created by Jeffrey Siebert, David Mandt and Maureen (Kaiser) Richmond. The DVD was given out as an exclusive gift to ACE No-Coaster and East-Coaster attendees in January 2005. It included ride soundtracks, Qtv Excerpts, Ride announcement spoof videos, The Beast 25th anniversary special & more. Heres mine:
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    I watched the Kings Island part of that livestream. Mike Koontz said that he rode Orion twice in early March before everything shut down. He said the view was “spectacular” and that it’s now his favorite ride in the park.
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    While not riding the best fireworks ride, one can take the best pictures of the best view of the best fireworks ride. On July 30, 2019, I hopped up on Vortex’s Fast Lane bridge after my last ride of the night, and I was not disappointed!
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    October 23, 2009 (how was that 10 years ago?!)
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    The park first dropped "Screamin'" in marketing materials in 1980 (park maps kept the "Screamin'" until 1981 I believe.) I was told this was a Marketing/PR move in order to mesh it with the "The Beast" - since it didn't have and adjective in front of it's name. (Meaning it wasn't called something like "The Raging Beast" or "The Flaming Beast" etc.) But by 1984 the park was back to calling the ride "Screamin' Demon" on park maps and print materials. (Which would make sense since the newest coaster name was "King Cobra"... not simply "Cobra.") Ironically, the earliest logo made for the ride only included the name "The Demon." I believe it was created by Lawler Ballard Little - who simultaneously developed "The Beast's" logo. Its worth mentioning that for 1980 - both Mariott's Great America parks extensively refurbished their "Turn of the Century" Arrow Corkscrew Coasters, painted them black and re-named them "Demon." Now, doesn't it seem "ironic" that Kings Island would begin to call their ride simply "Demon" in the same year as the other two appeared? ;-) I've never had it confirmed officially, but I believe it may have been a marketing ploy by the park. By the early-to-mid 1980's a new logo was developed - which again included "Screamin'." The logo switch was made, from what I have been told, to eliminate the "bat-like" wings of the original. Since the park now had "The Bat" they wanted a change. Here's the later logo. Just for overall clarification - the ride's original, intended name is "Screamin' Demon" - with the adjective and an apostrophe. That is what the park has officially called the (former) ride whenever it refers to it's history at the park. (FYI - from time to time both the park, news articles and advertisements got the name complete wrong - and added a "g".... "Screaming Demon.") Also, the general public never dropped the "Screamin" when talking of the ride. For anyone who attended and/or rode the coaster - its always been "Screamin' Demon." Now as far as the ride goes... The (Screamin') Demon was mid-level ride when it came to forces. The launch had a "jolt" to it and the drops were pretty abrupt - specifically the end seats (rear car got "yanked" down the hill when going forward, the front car got "yanked" down the hill when going backward.) The loop's feel was virtually identical to that of a loop on any other Arrow. The teardrop loop on Corkscrew at CP probably feels the closest - but Vortex's loops felt pretty much the same. Most people don't recall, or never knew, it made a distinct sound. It rattled a lot, and there was a sort of "hisssssss..... Bang!" that you heard when the brakes released and the launch initiated. It could be distinctly heard in the north end of the parking lot where you could also see it operate from certain areas. It wasn't much higher than the trees, but you definitely could watch it. When the ride navigated the first loop and climbed the second hill, the brakes grabbed it pretty abruptly. Then they released and the train slowly rolled toward the end of the track where the launch "car" was. If you were sitting in the front car, it could be unnerving because the track looked as if it just ended. The drop backwards was always the biggest "thrill." Although the train had a elongated "hood" on both ends, I believe the riders on Screamin' Demon always faced one direction. While other (later) Arrow shuttle loops split the direction of the riders... half the cars riders faced one way, half cars riders faced the other. That way there were essentially 2 "front" seats. SD would valley from time to time and the train would rock back and forth between the loop and the base of the drop. I believe (I never saw it happen) they had a way of winching it back up the hill. Shaggy
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    Does night time at Kings Island get much better than this?
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    New angle from KI’s Instagram full quality on there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Let's keep the subject of the current protesting off KIC. There really is no reason to discuss this very sensitive matter on our forums. Thanks!
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    Waiting in line for a must Beast night ride on 9-25-15! I love the eeriness of it with the fog and the moonlight.
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    New Year's Eve 2019. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Taken last year, walking out of the park.
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    I once spent all day at KI riding PT over and over specifically to memorize everything the characters said. I'd concentrate on a specific character one ride at a time and when I got off, I'd write down what I heard in a spiral notebook. (Remember - this was long before smart phones!) I'd then wait in line, get back on and do the same thing for another character. Sometimes I'd have to ride several times just to catch all the phrases each character said - as the rotational tracks were recorded long enough as to not repeat the same lines while a guests was still in earshot of each scene. I still have the notes somewhere - and many (most) of the lines are forever stuck in my brain. For instance... the electrician stagehand at the breaker panel said the following with a bit of a southern accent: "Who's there? Backstage is for performers only." "Hey who's out there? No one's allowed backstage." "Go on now, this here's no place for playing around!" But here's some trivia.... originally, he also said: "Where's that light breaker? Oh yeah, there now..." This audio was omitted in the ride's later years and could only sporadically be heard. And just for posterity... here is a very badly overexposed picture of me in 2002 during the disassembly of the ride - I am actually playing around with the set piece from the Phantom Theater scene I just mentioned. The figure had been removed, and was sitting (along with the others) in the workshop located adjacent to the ride. More trivia: The figure's left arm was flexible pipe - and although it looked animated - it wasn't. The switch (the one I'm holding) was hinged to a motor-driven lever behind the wall. It went up and down on its own and when the figures arm was attached - it appeared as if he was pulling the lever up and down. Notice how it differs from the other "breaker" switches? That's because thet middle piece extended through a slot in the wall, and was hinged to a longer rod. That rod extended downward and was then attached to a wheel turned by a motor. As the wheel spun slowly, the arm moved the switch up and down. (Think of a crankshaft/connecting rod on a locomotive wheel - same premise.) The figures head and right arm were hydraulic, and would "twist" right to left simultaneously. Many of the "effects" in Phantom theater were done this way.
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    Seven years after I took this picture, it remains one of my all-time favorite night photos. Windex and the moon were the stars!
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    New to the page! I can’t wait for this roller coaster / parks to open!!
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    Holiday World is now set to open on June 14th! Fun fact: that's my birthday lol https://wbkr.com/holiday-world-sets-new-2020-opening-date-for-sunday-june-14th/
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    Not a so much a brighten, but more a giggle during this time... Imagine the looks he gets with that name being a police officer LOL
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    The initial hope was to run 4 trains, but that obviously never happened. I can't speak to KD, but KI did in fact have 4 trains on site. I believe the decision was made by the park upon testing, due to the length of the coaster and the brake/block set up. Other things, including other KI coasters and how they were were operated from a safety standard, factored into it. All 4 trains have eventually been used on the ride, just not simultaneously. One train has not been usable since the early 2000's. OL:FOF did run 3 trains for years. It opened late - with just single train operation. It was mid-June before the public was allowed to ride. The trains were shortened - during testing - from 6 cars to 5. This was because it would valley at the lowest portion of the track prior to final brakes. The rumors of a "Bat Phone" are true. This came about when Drop Zone opened in 1998. They both pulled from the same power grid. I recall supervisors having to "call" before launches, but I'm not positive if it was true of every launch. Part of the requirement when operating the unload side was that you had to drive from ready to unload, unlock restraints, open safety gate, eye the seats for left articles, raise all "down" restraints, replace any "ear buffers" on the OSTRs, clear room, close gate, then send train from unload to waiting. The unload op was under a time pressure because of the challenges of timing launches. BTW, I was on crew in 1998, but to verify, I asked some of the Rides Managers at the time of whom I am still friends. That's the info I feel I can share. As far as SOB - I only recall it running 2 trains. It was designed to operate 3 not 4 afaik. Beast was designed for 4 but never operated publicly as such.
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    If ODOT was in charge of coaster inspections, there would be pot holes in every ride at KI.
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    That view from the Tower is always awesome at night. This was last year before the fountains changed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I get a lot of airtime on MT. There is a lot of great airtime moments on Ghostrider at Knotts. I don't get that statement at all.
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    I don't think asking @gforce1994 if the design was made by him or came from blueprints is unreasonable. Reading the CN article, I would assume the layout was the real proposed layout. If it is not, the article is deceiving, and should be corrected to make sure the readers understand that the layout proposed is a CN idea of what could have been there, but not the real design. Some members on KIC, admin, and past staff have spent months and years getting correct information on the park, to post on KIC, and to give KIC factual information for the historical pages on KICentral.com. For the people who have done that work don't take to well seeing an article not being clear on the facts vs fiction in the story.
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    Who knows what lurks in the woods?
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    I think this may be our 2022 addition
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    Personally, 2019 was my favorite season this past decade. I-Street got a major overhaul, the Glockenspiel returned, the antique cars came back, The Beast foot prints returned as well as the original train color scheme. If we had more seasons like 2019 where we got a huge nostalgia, fix I would be beyond happy. I hope we do see Soak City get some additions as well as repainting Diamondback and Racer. Additionally I'd personally like to see some theming returned to the train ride, Boo Blasters retire and, most importantly, return Oktoberfest to its former glory.
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    Only proves Flight of Fear was truly ahead of its time
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    AMEN! That coaster was insanely awesome. EXTREMELY fun ejector air. I rate it up there with Phoenix at Knoebels as best airtime I've ever gotten on a wooden coaster. Heck - the last seat of the train had a high back to prevent people from flying out the back of the car. I am so glad I got to ride Screechin Eagle many times. There will never, ever, be another coaster built like it - with that kind of out of your seat euphoria. I will always miss it.
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    I think a renovated Racer with new trains, fresh re-tracking, new paint job, cleaned up station, etc. would be awesome.
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    Winterfest view from International Street Restaurant
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    Buttons were made with both names...personally I like the name “Screamin’ Demon better...and the logo that went along with it.
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    This thread got a major cleanup going several pages back. I tried to leave on topic posts, but I may not have been the most successful in that. Going forward please stay on topic of Coronavirus Impacting Theme Parks. Anything off subject may be removed per the mods discretion. Remember we are here to enjoy talking about KI and parks. We are not here to argue about political views, nit picking face masks, etc.
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    "We are not roller coaster engineers" - Ohio Department of Agriculture I love this quote.
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    It really hauls ass through that turnaround.
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    That seems a bit demanding...was it optional?
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    Even experts can’t agree that a second wave is coming, some experts say that the virus will be like a bell curve with no second wave.
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