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    Using Photoshop, I put the entire park inside of The Vortex land plot. I think this would be a great addition to the park.
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    Screenshot taken during an apposite line of dialogue: "...might as well, we've already broken the quarantine."
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    I think you won this thread with your comment. If you're on this site just to seek out any potential benefits or perks, you're on here for the wrong reason.
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    They were included on the PKI ACE Collector's Edition DVD created by Jeffrey Siebert, David Mandt and Maureen (Kaiser) Richmond. The DVD was given out as an exclusive gift to ACE No-Coaster and East-Coaster attendees in January 2005. It included ride soundtracks, Qtv Excerpts, Ride announcement spoof videos, The Beast 25th anniversary special & more. Heres mine:
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    I have been wondering if the main reason that there hasn’t been a KIC event is simply because the site’s importance isn’t what it used to be. “Back in the day” KIC was pretty much the only game in town for the park to promote to it’s dedicated fans...now the park has a (very good) blog on their official site...add to that, their own Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts etc...they do not need this site to reach their fan base anymore. I don’t think the park will ever truly like having a fan site exist that they can’t control 100%. (Would any company?) I do not come to this site for any perks, just (hopefully) good conversation between fellow fans.
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    The park first dropped "Screamin'" in marketing materials in 1980 (park maps kept the "Screamin'" until 1981 I believe.) I was told this was a Marketing/PR move in order to mesh it with the "The Beast" - since it didn't have and adjective in front of it's name. (Meaning it wasn't called something like "The Raging Beast" or "The Flaming Beast" etc.) But by 1984 the park was back to calling the ride "Screamin' Demon" on park maps and print materials. (Which would make sense since the newest coaster name was "King Cobra"... not simply "Cobra.") Ironically, the earliest logo made for the ride only included the name "The Demon." I believe it was created by Lawler Ballard Little - who simultaneously developed "The Beast's" logo. Its worth mentioning that for 1980 - both Mariott's Great America parks extensively refurbished their "Turn of the Century" Arrow Corkscrew Coasters, painted them black and re-named them "Demon." Now, doesn't it seem "ironic" that Kings Island would begin to call their ride simply "Demon" in the same year as the other two appeared? ;-) I've never had it confirmed officially, but I believe it may have been a marketing ploy by the park. By the early-to-mid 1980's a new logo was developed - which again included "Screamin'." The logo switch was made, from what I have been told, to eliminate the "bat-like" wings of the original. Since the park now had "The Bat" they wanted a change. Here's the later logo. Just for overall clarification - the ride's original, intended name is "Screamin' Demon" - with the adjective and an apostrophe. That is what the park has officially called the (former) ride whenever it refers to it's history at the park. (FYI - from time to time both the park, news articles and advertisements got the name complete wrong - and added a "g".... "Screaming Demon.") Also, the general public never dropped the "Screamin" when talking of the ride. For anyone who attended and/or rode the coaster - its always been "Screamin' Demon." Now as far as the ride goes... The (Screamin') Demon was mid-level ride when it came to forces. The launch had a "jolt" to it and the drops were pretty abrupt - specifically the end seats (rear car got "yanked" down the hill when going forward, the front car got "yanked" down the hill when going backward.) The loop's feel was virtually identical to that of a loop on any other Arrow. The teardrop loop on Corkscrew at CP probably feels the closest - but Vortex's loops felt pretty much the same. Most people don't recall, or never knew, it made a distinct sound. It rattled a lot, and there was a sort of "hisssssss..... Bang!" that you heard when the brakes released and the launch initiated. It could be distinctly heard in the north end of the parking lot where you could also see it operate from certain areas. It wasn't much higher than the trees, but you definitely could watch it. When the ride navigated the first loop and climbed the second hill, the brakes grabbed it pretty abruptly. Then they released and the train slowly rolled toward the end of the track where the launch "car" was. If you were sitting in the front car, it could be unnerving because the track looked as if it just ended. The drop backwards was always the biggest "thrill." Although the train had a elongated "hood" on both ends, I believe the riders on Screamin' Demon always faced one direction. While other (later) Arrow shuttle loops split the direction of the riders... half the cars riders faced one way, half cars riders faced the other. That way there were essentially 2 "front" seats. SD would valley from time to time and the train would rock back and forth between the loop and the base of the drop. I believe (I never saw it happen) they had a way of winching it back up the hill. Shaggy
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    Does night time at Kings Island get much better than this?
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    New angle from KI’s Instagram full quality on there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The chart below shows the "normal" flu season in the US for the 2019-2020 season. Does the shape of the curve look familiar? It should, because it's nearly identical to the general shape of the US coronavirus curve as it stands right now. There have been a number of epidemiologists that have been predicting that this would be the case since the outbreak started. The chart starts at the end of September and runs through today. Notice the steady buildup of cases early, exponential increases leading to a peak, and then a really quick drop off: The point is that the coronavirus is following nearly the exact same pattern. About the only thing we haven't seen is the back side of the curve, the quick drop off. The virus has spread to nearly every country in the world despite measures to try and contain it. There are some things humans just don't have control over. My main concern in all of this is how the media has portrayed this situation. The overwhelming majority of news stories have been geared to do one thing and one thing only - to keep our eyes plastered on their programs via internet and TV. And it's working. Media viewership and ratings are way up right now (source: Variety). Stories about COVID patients recovering, beaches reopening and updates on states that have eased restrictions have been shoved aside in favor of stories that will keep people viewing, which generally speaking means you'll get items with a negative flavor. Things returning to normal is really the last thing the media wants. Those people who are living "normal" lives right now aren't being reckless - they've evaluated the information available and decided to take a calculated risk. If you're under age 60 and are not in a high-risk health category, then every study we've seen has indicated that group's risk associated with the virus is low. The vast majority of people who do contract the virus are asymptomatic. The most conservative estimates indicate that no fewer than 5 times as many people in the population have had or do have the virus than the actual numbers bear out right now. Some studies have that number at 20 or even 50 times higher. The overwhelming majority of people who contract the virus and do show symptoms have mild cases and recover. Mortality rates are much lower than originally projected. Health care systems didn't crash. Many people right now are fearful because they've been told that they need to be afraid. Some people have evaluated the available information and decided there's very little to justify that fear.
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    There is no way to guarantee that ever. Secondly, anyone at this point who walks into the park is taking a risk of possible exposure. Either you take the risk or you don't. To me it is no different than the warning signs before you get into the ride queue, but now that sign resides at your front door as you walk out.
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    Waiting in line for a must Beast night ride on 9-25-15! I love the eeriness of it with the fog and the moonlight.
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    October 23, 2009 (how was that 10 years ago?!)
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    Taken last year, walking out of the park.
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    I once spent all day at KI riding PT over and over specifically to memorize everything the characters said. I'd concentrate on a specific character one ride at a time and when I got off, I'd write down what I heard in a spiral notebook. (Remember - this was long before smart phones!) I'd then wait in line, get back on and do the same thing for another character. Sometimes I'd have to ride several times just to catch all the phrases each character said - as the rotational tracks were recorded long enough as to not repeat the same lines while a guests was still in earshot of each scene. I still have the notes somewhere - and many (most) of the lines are forever stuck in my brain. For instance... the electrician stagehand at the breaker panel said the following with a bit of a southern accent: "Who's there? Backstage is for performers only." "Hey who's out there? No one's allowed backstage." "Go on now, this here's no place for playing around!" But here's some trivia.... originally, he also said: "Where's that light breaker? Oh yeah, there now..." This audio was omitted in the ride's later years and could only sporadically be heard. And just for posterity... here is a very badly overexposed picture of me in 2002 during the disassembly of the ride - I am actually playing around with the set piece from the Phantom Theater scene I just mentioned. The figure had been removed, and was sitting (along with the others) in the workshop located adjacent to the ride. More trivia: The figure's left arm was flexible pipe - and although it looked animated - it wasn't. The switch (the one I'm holding) was hinged to a motor-driven lever behind the wall. It went up and down on its own and when the figures arm was attached - it appeared as if he was pulling the lever up and down. Notice how it differs from the other "breaker" switches? That's because thet middle piece extended through a slot in the wall, and was hinged to a longer rod. That rod extended downward and was then attached to a wheel turned by a motor. As the wheel spun slowly, the arm moved the switch up and down. (Think of a crankshaft/connecting rod on a locomotive wheel - same premise.) The figures head and right arm were hydraulic, and would "twist" right to left simultaneously. Many of the "effects" in Phantom theater were done this way.
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    I'm often curious of the compulsion some people have to always be right about everything, to not sit back and think to oneself "hey I don't always need to chime in and feel like what I'm saying is right." I suggest a solution to this compulsion: sit back, take a breath, and tell yourself "I don't always need to feel like I'm right. I don't have to always chime in. Maybe people don't agree with me for a reason." Its not hard to do, heck I do it myself from time to time and I feel like its made me a better person.
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    After wanting to revamp and clean up our gallery pages for over a year, the KIC admin spent months sorting through over 350 galleries. After months of getting all the galleries more organized and tagged, KICentral has a new gallery page for KIC members, Kings Island enthusiasts, and Kings Island historians to enjoy. https://kicentral.com/photos/ You will find rides can be searched by the name of the gallery, the name of the ride, ride manufacturer, year, and the area of the park. We also now have a photo submission page to submit your own photos that you may have that would benefit our galleries. If KIC decides to use your photos that were submitted, we will watermark them and add them into our galleries and possibly on social media at some point. https://kicentral.com/kic-photo-submission/ Here is a photo of the old Antique Autos that was submitted by Josh Kellerman a few months back. These are the cool types of photos we would love to see submitted for our galleries! The KIC admin hope you enjoy the new gallery pages and if you see any errors please don't hesitate to let us know. Some of you are more up on the history of the park than us admins.
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    Pretty cool how you can look at some updated satellite images showing Orion’s construction:https://zoom.earth/#view=39.341068,-84.261654,17.5z
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    While not riding the best fireworks ride, one can take the best pictures of the best view of the best fireworks ride. On July 30, 2019, I hopped up on Vortex’s Fast Lane bridge after my last ride of the night, and I was not disappointed!
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    New to the page! I can’t wait for this roller coaster / parks to open!!
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    New Year's Eve 2019. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Holiday World is now set to open on June 14th! Fun fact: that's my birthday lol https://wbkr.com/holiday-world-sets-new-2020-opening-date-for-sunday-june-14th/
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    The fact of the matter is this virus appears to be way less deadly than everyone thought (myself and experts included), yet it continues to be sensationalized. They are fudging death rates by calling it a corona death no matter how you die, as long you test positive. This means if you are positive and die in a car crash it is a corona death. That said, yes precautions should be taken but it sure seems time to allow people to decide for themselves if the risk of going out is worth it. If you have a condition that makes you more susceptible, quarantine yourself and stay safe. Otherwise, I see no justification for the fear mongering and authoritarianism. Life has to go on and the virus has to eventually run its course. We can not wait a year for a vaccine. My two cents, live your life the way you see fit and you will receive no criticism from me, just do not impose your choices on me (outside of common sense precautions).
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    Seven years after I took this picture, it remains one of my all-time favorite night photos. Windex and the moon were the stars!
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    If ODOT was in charge of coaster inspections, there would be pot holes in every ride at KI.
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    That view from the Tower is always awesome at night. This was last year before the fountains changed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I get a lot of airtime on MT. There is a lot of great airtime moments on Ghostrider at Knotts. I don't get that statement at all.
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    I don't think asking @gforce1994 if the design was made by him or came from blueprints is unreasonable. Reading the CN article, I would assume the layout was the real proposed layout. If it is not, the article is deceiving, and should be corrected to make sure the readers understand that the layout proposed is a CN idea of what could have been there, but not the real design. Some members on KIC, admin, and past staff have spent months and years getting correct information on the park, to post on KIC, and to give KIC factual information for the historical pages on KICentral.com. For the people who have done that work don't take to well seeing an article not being clear on the facts vs fiction in the story.
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    Not a so much a brighten, but more a giggle during this time... Imagine the looks he gets with that name being a police officer LOL
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    Unpopular opinion? SOB had a boring layout. The drop and the loop were great, everything else was filler. The rose bowl was one of the main attractions of the ride and cause for the most issues. It was supposed to be a bigger and better version of Beast's helix but failed miserably. I don't think there's much RMC could have done with the rose bowl to make it better other than completely tearing it down and have the ride go a different direction at the top of the second hill. Or leave the rose bowl alone and just shore it up, keeping the same layout. I'll take Banshee with the hope of a ground up RMC someday any day. With that being said, if we had gotten Iron SOB, some sort of barrel roll at the top of the second hill would have been epic and could have changed my mind on the whole subject.
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    Man if Son of Beast stayed, it could of been one of the best rmc conversions
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    I think this may be our 2022 addition
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    AMEN! That coaster was insanely awesome. EXTREMELY fun ejector air. I rate it up there with Phoenix at Knoebels as best airtime I've ever gotten on a wooden coaster. Heck - the last seat of the train had a high back to prevent people from flying out the back of the car. I am so glad I got to ride Screechin Eagle many times. There will never, ever, be another coaster built like it - with that kind of out of your seat euphoria. I will always miss it.
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    I am not sure your exceptions are going to be met on what the parks are going to do. Companies and parks can only do so much to help reduce any possible spread. They can't control what germs walk into the gates. Everyone is taking a risk by walking in their doors.
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    Hand sanitizer and lysol kill 99.9% of germs, not 100% Like mentioned by others, there is no guarantee that things will be 100% safe. The only way the park would ever be 100% safe of disease would be to never open again ever. People can get sick at KI regardless if there's a pandemic or not. Everything comes with a risk, how big of a risk is the debate that'll decide what opens and when.
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    Well in that case Kings Island will never re-open, and you should find another forum to troll.
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    So DeWine's going to be unveiling a reopen Ohio plan tomorrow. So tomorrow, I think we should get an even better idea on when the park may start getting ready to open and maybe take a slight guess on when they are going to reopen or if they'll reopen at all.
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    @Klabergian Empire @IceePirate I know from experience that Vortex's mid-course brakes could completely stop a train. And it stopped hard. One moment you're cruising around that tight turn still going at least 30 mph, and the next moment you're jerked forward from the sudden deceleration and look around to see you're completely stopped and the track around you is shaking. It was crazy! After the train released, it took to the corkscrews at a slightly slower speed (which of course enhanced the hang time and that was wonderful) due to its starting from a dead stop, and would gain back its speed as it reached the batwing and helix. While driving Vortex, I would see the train stop and the track and supports shake, which is supposed to happen yet still fairly weird to watch. If you were ever in line when a train was stopped completely, you would have most likely heard the station bell ring three times, and that occurred simultaneously with a three-beep alarm at the drive panel in case the stop was caused by the driver's not paying attention. I also got stuck on the mid-course brakes twice, including in a torrential downpour! Nothing like enduring an abrupt stop while already having trouble seeing and breathing due to rain hitting your face at 55 mph. Now THAT was an experience!
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    Winterfest view from International Street Restaurant
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    It’s fun for many of us to speculate and talk to other people who love Kings Island. We all know nothing big will happen for awhile, but it’s still fun to talk about it.
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    And how exactly will ride operations if they keep the 6' of separation between the operators and the guest? How are the restraints and seat belts checked? I am sorry, but some of these measures are a little extreme (not talking about Six Flags). I had a cousin unexpectedly pass away on Saturday from complications of a chronic illness (he had been ill long before this Virus was around). His funeral mass at a church that can hold 1,000 people is limited to just ten people. The church is big enough that 100 people could be inside of it, and still maintain the social distance requirements. Having two small kids, I am all for stopping the spread of this virus. But I firmly believe that the number of asymptomatic people who have this virus is a rather high. This in turn would lower the death rates of this disease. Yes, it is terrible the amount of deaths that have been caused by this. But at a certain point the quarantine and its effects on the economy are worse than the actual disease.
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