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    Yes This thread. Today. 4:18 p. m. Beast1979 posted it.
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    And see, that is where the pricing model is different for Cedar Fair compared to places like Holiday World. Admission to KI is fairly cheap. But you then pay higher prices for food once inside the park. Holiday World is the opposite pricing model. I wonder why they don`t do passes the way Paramount used to do them. Buy a pass in the fall, and use it the rest of that year, plus all of next year. Get more people through the gates spending money on food, games and merchandise...
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    That is because the day you joined there was a small and short site crash on July 25, 2007. All those who joined on that date only get their forum post counted. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Just under two and a half hours left to post in this topic so hurry before it closes.
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    To be honest, that thing looks like soemthing someone could have done in my Art IV: Computer Art Class in High School...
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    There is a fire hydrant or something that looks like it would be located back by where x-base is located. I think they might be expanding X-base to make a new area of the park.
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    KI just announced season passes on sale for $69 starting tomorrow. There's your announcement. https://www.facebook...isitkingsisland
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    OR they could just keep it free, and you could go on one of the first fridays of haunt when it isn't busy. It isn't my problem people don't go when it isn't crowded, why should I pay for Haunts to not wait in super long lines, when I can do it for free? I'm sorry, but I am just sick of people and the park suggesting that we pay extra for everything. Fast Lane...Haunt.....and previously rumored, the waterpark. Shouldn't buying a season pass be enough?
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    Religious beliefs don't just allow you to break rules if they are there for the safety of you and others. If your beliefs prohibit you from riding, then don't ride. Don't try and just ride anyways and not expect there to be repercussions for breaking rules.
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    I actually wouldn't mind that one bit if it would cut down on some of the 90minute to 2 hour lines commonly seen at the haunt. YOu could even do something like a buy 3 haunts get one free promotion or something. They would have to put the haunts on another level though and I think the overall guest experince would improve. Like in RCT you see the guest "Im tired of waiting for...." this is the same way I feel about the haunt.
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    As time goes on, my standards for 2012 continue to drop. At this point I think I would be content if they would just repave the parking lot. But they won't. Because they are Kings Island. Funny how KI seems to remind me of the Bengals.
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    They could, in theory, be prosecuted for theft........
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    me thinx the rid anocment will bee a gient coster wit loops
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    Line jumping (and smoking in line, cell phone use on rides, and PDAs) should really be zero-tolerance... do it once and your season pass is revoked. But that would make too much sense. Especially smoking, which IMO should be banned from the park totally (it would make it easier to enforce, instead of telling a smoker they needed to put it out, they could simply take the offending items )
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    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. If they want to line jump, they should pay for it like everyone else!!!
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    It's KI's 40th birthday! Look for a birthday party clown show that you can see for only $5.00. The clown will do a magic show, then make you a balloon sculpture for only $2.00 more! And the park will issue a press release stating that this "represents our commitment to providing our guests with world class thrills" :)
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