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    Rides go down, its a fact of life get over it. Feel free to ride WindSeeker when its broken and let me know how that goes for you. Its not like they are closing rides for the fun of it, its usually for an issue that prevents you from riding safely.
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    My wife and I decided to take a trip to Cedar Point. We left Monday night and were planning on staying at The Maples Motel, but we got there later than we thought we would (11:45pm) and nobody was in the office. So we decided to drive a little further down (closer to the park) and stay at the 4-star hotel known as Howard Johnson. Maverick experience quite a bit of downtime. We got back to the line at around 9:30am for ERT and it was closed. We waited until about 10 but they weren't even running empty trains yet. We thought we'd go ride Mean Streak instead, but we walked over to the line and was told it didn't open until 11, which I thought was strange but I wasn't too disappointed. Went and rode SkyHawk, no wait- awesome ride, I love it every time. Continued through Frontier Town and rode Millennium Force (30 minute wait). On a side note, it was the first time I rode from the first hill on with my hands up. The speed and height of this ride still gets me every time. We walked up to the front of the park and rode Raptor, I think it was about a 30 minute wait. Next we headed to MaxAir, we looked to have about a 5 minute wait, but a person on the previous ride got sick on the ride so we ended up waiting for 15-20 minutes for them to clean and run the ride a few times. Still worth the wait, of course Took a short break and went to Pink's for the first time- we both got a chili cheese dog and shared an order of onion rings and a Gatorade. The total was $20, which seemed excessive, but the hot dogs were very good and we were full. Walked to Wicked Twister, no wait and rode in the back. Next we headed for Magnum. I think it was only about a 5 minute wait. I love the ride, but those last few hills at the end kill my legs every time. I read some suggestions online to tighten the seat belt, but I hate feeling strapped in to the ride. Instead, I placed my hands between my legs and the lap bar and that helped big time. I think its the first time I walked off the ride with my legs NOT throbbing in pain Gemini had a very short wait, less than 5 minutes and only running the red train. Enjoyable ride as always. We decided to head back to Maverick. The posted wait time was 1 hr 45 minutes, which was very surprising considering how slow the rest of the lines were. The line was pretty far out, filling up over half of the outer queues, but once we got closer we realized that none of the inner queues were open. So in reality, by the time we got up to the platform it had been about 40 minutes. We got in line for the 2nd train, 1st seat and were about 3-4 trains away from getting on...when the ride went down again! Luckily, it didn't last for too long, I think we only waited another 20 minutes. I absolutely love this ride. After that,we stopped at the Gourmet Pretzel shop close to Magnum and enjoyed a pretzel. I had to work early this morning, so we decided to head home from there. It was definitely an enjoyable day, and probably the smoothest and slowest day I've ever been to Cedar Point. The weather great, if not a little on the chilly side. It was very cloudy until around 3-4 when the sun started to peak through. Low-to-mid 60s for most of the day. The only negative was the Maverick downtime during ERT, in hindsight, we should have went over to MF and went around a few times. Employees were all helpful and friendly. Can't wait until our next trip!
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    Take off your enthusiass cap and follow me. Now maybe, just maybe, there was a bigger issue with WindSeeker that prevented it from actually operating in any capacity during a good chunk of the offseason.
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    How much does it cost to serve a Coke? To provide a parking space? Something has to pay for rides, employees, taxes, utilities, liabilty, and profit for unit holders. Cost and price are two very different things. Perhaps you can use a free locker at The Beach.
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    Due to their obession with themselves and the members tendency to all think like robots, I tend to take information on TPR about as valuable as info found on SS. ...except that there's a video of CW's version showing the new dampers. Video doesn't lie. The point here is that at the close of last season, only KI's and CP's versions did not have the new dampers. They had essentially SIX months to add them, and they instead waited until it was so late that the ride doesn't open until a month or more into the season. Last year they blamed the delays on the weather. Weather was not an issue this past offseason, so IMO there's really no excuse for this delay. They had all of November, December, and half of January to do the work at KI and CP before vertical construction began at KD and Carowinds, plus most of April after the new ones opened and construction people were no longer needed there. The fact that it didn't get done before the season started is inexcusable.
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    If it's gone for good, that's a real shame. It was a beautiful ride and was perfectly placed in the park. It added a lot to the kinetic energy of Frontier Town and looked fantastic at night. Let's also hope that classic Wave Swingers aren't going to now be considered "obsolete," expendable wastes of prime real estate at parks where WindSeekers have moved in...
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    Wouldn't it have been easier to go to Weather.com and look it up herself? Really?!
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    Where is B & M?.... Do we need to drive there?.... I've got a full tank of gas!! How can I help!!!!!
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    Fast Lane: 20% of the time, it works every time.
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    I don't buy it.... I mean, I don't buy the Fast Lane Pass. Because I'll save my money for something else. I buy this story though.
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