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    I want to thank you all again for doing this - it's a great cause and as alumni of the benefiting charity it means a lot to my family. We're in the final stages of a Make A Wish fundraiser, so I won't be sponsoring anyone on this one, but we hope to slide into The Racer area Sunday and cheer you on a little bit. $80k - great job everyone!
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    I'm probably going to get clobbered for this but I would like to say something in defense of Soak City. I have been reviewing Soak City's posts and, yes, I do disagree with them. However, as offbeat as they might be ( yes, it is crazy to hate a show yet see it 5 times) at no point did I see any personal attacks by him against anyone. As long as a person does not engage in personal attacks, they have a right to express their opinion and I think we should respect that difference of opinion no matter how offbeat. Just my two cents. ( Or nickels as Terpie would say.)
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    At White Water Canyon yesterday, a boat full of screaming teenage girls was coming by the water cannons. One of the guests who was soaking people on the ride said "If they scream, I'm going to get them!".
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    We'll be sending out an e-mail tomorrow afternoon with details on parking, check-in & registration. The event will end with a behind the scenes tour of The Beast at 5:30pm. All of the participants will be given a Coasting for Kids shirt in the morning to wear during the event. The shirt will serve as your identification for The Racer crew and marketing staff during the ride session, lunch and Beast tour. A group photo will be taken at the entrance of The Racer before the event begins. On behalf of Kings Island, we again want to thank everyone for their participation and support.
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    We finally had a day we were all free and there was good weather at the park. We were a little behind to get in all of ERT, but by the time we got to the first ride in PS there was about 10 minutes left. My 6 year old son Korbin was measuring over 48" at home with a tape measure. I was hoping he hit that mark at the wrist band area in PS. Last fall he was around 47", so I was very happy when he got his 48" wristband. Proud daddy! We stayed in PS for a few hours both Korbin and my 2 year old daughter could get some rides in. It was pretty quite over there till lunch! Korbin rode WE, SD, and FAAC with mommy while Kaylee took some rides she could ride. Then Korbin and Kaylee rode together! Here they are in their favorite ride in PS that they can both ride. Here is Kaylee ridding a few rides! Kaylee on Character Carosuel Korbin and Kaylee ridding together! After ridding most things in PS we went to Hanks for some lunch. We had a good meal there and it keept us full for quite a while. The kids enjoyed eating on patio and watching the ducks! After lunch it was time for Korbin to hit up some bigger rides. First up was Racer! He loved it. We took Kaylee through the queue with us and did a hand off in the station letting Korbin ridding twice. Worked out great for him and we both got to enjoy his first ride oin the coaster. Unfortunately, holding a 2 year old made it hard to take pics of some of these first rides. We then hit up AE, he loved it especially the last lift hill. He wanted to ride Vortex, so mommy took him to Vortex and Kaylee and I took a stroll through DA. Here are a few pics of her waving at the dinosaurs! BLSC had a line so we skipped it to head towards The Beast. I got to ride with him first this time. I will not forget that ride with him ever. It was awesome! We then decided to take a ride that Kaylee could also participate on the Train. Here is mommy and the kids! I got a good pic of them looking at a passing DB train! We then wanted to let Korbin ride FD, Kaylee was starting to doze off, so Korbin and I went to ride FD. Korbin excitedly waiting in the queue! He and I almost in the station! Tail end of the FD train. After that it was about 5:30 and everyone was getting tired. So we decided it was about time to start the 2 hr drive back to Indy. The next day I asked Korbin to rate his favorites in order. Here is his list! 1. The Beast 2. Vortex 3. The Racer 4. AE 5. FD Thanks for reading!
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    Wow - wish I could be there if only to hear y'all singing. I wonder if Red Racer ridership will be greater than normal on Sunday!
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    OK, here's the latest elevation rendering: This is my personal favorite of the quick color tests I did. You can see the others here: Initial test Optional version (resembling the new Soak City gate) Again, you can review the whole process in my Blue Sky: Kings Island image set. One more final sketch regarding the front gate coming soon.
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    We live in a 1-up society. Bullying awareness has increased as fast as the actual bullying events, most likely due to the attention it results in. My take: bullying is an issue, over-protecting is an issue, over-sensitive is an issue, hurting yourself because of bullying is an issue and is also as selfish as the bully themself. Finding the happy medium for all of it is next to impossible. Instead of an anti-bullying campaign, we need to raise awareness that there are always options to hurting yourself. -Brown, who had a family member with children recently take his own life.
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    Hmmm..8 posts in this forum, all in this "made up" topic of his/hers, seen a show he/she hates 5 or 6 times now... Makes perfect sense to me.
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    I used to be a victim of a bully and after getting tired of it, I flatten him on the ground and he never bully anyone ever again. Bully's are only brave when in a group and when their victims fight back, they cease their actions.
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    I can remember a less sensitive time when bullying consisted of mother jokes, and ended up with two people becoming friends because they settled it on the playground.
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    Bullying is one of hundreds of hot topic issues right now and while I agree it would be cool if all businesses ran campaigns about it, I don't believe it is extremely high on the causes that Kings Island would be the appropriate candidate for. If Kings Island was a hot bed location for bullying I could see them wanting to raise awareness and prevention, but this seems like something that needs to be focused in the places where it's more prevalent, like schools.
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    Build a retaining wall to hold the hill back maybe?
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    That sounded like a wonderful day. I'm glad Korbin had a great time on the big rides, and you should be glad he's willing to attack those rides that eagerly; some would be too scared of them (I wanted nothing to do with coasters myself until just a few years ago in my 20s). I smell many more fun times for him and you at amusement parks. Congratulations! EDIT: I just noticed that he ranked Flight Deck below Adventure Express. I wonder why?
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    I hear SOB's queue is quiet these days.
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    I got to $75 yesterday. In just 4 days we will be marathoning! Can't wait to meet you guys!
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    If the line for Adventure Express stretched from station to the entrance sign, the wait is still about 15 minutes. It did yesterday Not to be rude, but no it did not. It has never had an estimated wait time sign and, as the line doesn't surpass 15 minutes, it probably never will.
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    I wonder if SF made them watch the old happy SF man dance for 100 hours straight?
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    Expecting perfection leaves little room for reality.
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    Mister SoakCity Sir, are you mad because you haven't leveled up on FUN Perks?
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    Dear SoakCity, go **** yourself (self edited). Try spending time in Orlando or Anaheim before you compare KI prices to Disney prices. And from what I have seen from the show online, you're just making this crap up. Make like a tree, and get outta here.
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    1 - I talked to a member of the entertainment department, the bra gag is still in the show... So I'm not sure where you came up with that info.. 2 - The show has averaged a lot more than the ice shows did. Are you sure you really saw the show?
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    Topics like this make me glad I'm no longer a part of the Kings Island fan community. Ripping on the show is one thing, calling someone "hideous" is another. Grow the hell up.
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    We could change the words to Row Row Row Your Boat: Row row row your coaster, gently up the hill, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is just a thrill! I got the idea while riding Beast with Tom76257 on Friday. He was making paddling motions while we were going up the lift hills, and when we hit the final break run he stuck his "paddle" out the side to stop the train.
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    Photo 50 (This topic is halfway over!) Action Zone Media Promo.
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    Photo 51 Rushing River construction 1990 Fasttracks, I actually took this photo in 2003 Waterworks 2003
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    Cool topic, here are mine awesome picture of the entrance area A nice picture of the fountains in the fall Oktoberfest Lake in the fall
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