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    Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

    The actual quote was by sections, not piece by piece. If you're going to quote someone, let's try and get it right.
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    ooo good one I've backed off the "enthusiast wagon" for a while now. You come to find there's more in-life and most of the "enthusiast" are embarrassing to be associated with.
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    I guess people realized coaster credits no longer get the lady's.
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    I hope I'm not the only one who was thinking, "Is this just a thirty second video of the structure sitting, OH WOW, nevermind"
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    Paul stated it best. Some enthusiasts can put a "black eye" on the perception of enthusiasts. A few bad apples can spoil it for the bunch. There are some enthusiasts who think they are entitled things when they go to the parks. This is a select minority, but they tend to stand out. Then there are those of us who have spent 11 seasons working in the industry and still are enthralled by it. I don`t care how many times I have ridden a certain coaster, I just enjoy going to the parks for the sake of enjoying the parks.
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    My wife and I were in line for The Beast on a Saturday night and a woman, about a ten year old boy, a fifty something man and a teenage boy got behind us, they were mouthing off back and forth and the teenager kept cussing at the boy and the woman. I tell my wife great tonight on a very special Springer...when I hear the woman quitely calling security, that's when I realized they weren't together. I had the woman and boy go ahead of us while they waited for security to get there, the man and teenager were both drunker than monkeys and didn't seem to want to mess with me. They were stupid enough to tell security that they did threaten the woman, the man saying " I can knock her on her -ss she isn't older than me". I told security that I better not see them in the parking lot because they were both wasted and to my suprise they were being loaded into a Mason cruiser when we were on the brake run.
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    Is the enthusiast population dwindling?

    I guess grammar doesn't, either.
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    The actual quote was by sections, not piece by piece. If you're going to quote someone, let's try and get it right. Burn!! LOL
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    Rank your cedar fair parks

    ^ Funny! It does bring up a question- what is the obsession with a ride count each year? I can understand a sig with the parks visited count, or how many times you visited each park count, but a total KI ride count? I don't get it.
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    Rank your cedar fair parks

    Is your signature long enough ? ? ? ? ? ?
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    Don's meaning of "taken down the same way it was put up, piece by piece" must be different than my meaning.
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    My question is, since the coaster wars are far over, do you believe that the coaster enthusiast population is slowly dying off? I seem to feel as that the ACE population, as well as other coaster clubs aren't as prevalent in the scene today. Enthusiast events, like HoliWood Nights, seem to be less of an occurence as they used to be. So my question is, do you believe that the enthusiast population has (and/or will continue to) decrease as the years go by? And will this effect the industry as a whole?
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    I think we all need to really appreciate how much Don adds to this site. While fans of other parks have to sneak their way onto the property to get shakey cam footage or out of focus pictures, there is Don posting videos and pictures. Plus he helps put members in their place... someone give this man a medal! Side note: Does Don still hold The Racer Record? And cross threading here: Don's a good example of how an enthusiast can turn his hobby into a career.
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    That guy in the hallway would be "Steve". He's a poster on here, so I'm sure he appreciates the recognition. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed. Hopefully you'll have a better experience next time. This past weekend, I got to thinking how it's a little sad that not everyone gets to meet Sam. You see, Sam lurks in his hiding spot, awaiting the perfect victim. So there are some people who go by, oblivious to the fact that Sam is watching them. You never know when Sam may appear; sometimes he gets the front of the group, sometimes the middle and sometimes the end. There's no set "perfect victim" either. It may be a group of teenage girls, it may be a middle aged couple, it will almost always be the group of pre-teen boys who think they're tough by trying to scare/mock the other scareactors in the room, or it may be a group of football player types (Sam was particularly proud of one scare this past weekend; there was a group of football player types, with the biggest guy leading the group. Sam popped out, and the lead guy jumped straight up in the air. Sam proudly exclaimed to the guy's friends "Look at that! I made the big boy jump!", which got the guy's friends laughing hard.) Sam has a good eye for the perfect victim. It's all intangible qualities, mainly based on the people's body language & facial expressions. Sam can be summoned, however. Sam is in the If Sam's not already out and you would like to meet him, all you have to do is call his name while in that room. Just make sure that you're loud enough for him to hear you, as it can be a little noisy at times. Sam is in there most of the night, he only takes about 5-10 minutes worth of breaks total each night. Sam likes meating new friends! Heart, meet dagger. Wow... You gave Slaughter House the 2nd lowest rating out of all of them. I respect your opinion though. Constructive criticism is always helpful in making improvements.
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    The queen of American watering places, The Amazement Park, America's Roller Coast. That way you can see the greatest pirate in the land. After which you can see me.
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    I Need Help With a Decision.

    Not nessicarily, heights are a big fear issue for some people. Just remember to not feel pressured or that you are letting the people you are with down if you don't feel comfortable enough to ride a ride yet. When you are ready, you'll know
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    A ride op told my friend to put his shoes back on, although he was wearing them. They were skeleton-toes, although his were dark brown, and his skin a tad bit lighter. Another ride op had to convince them they were actually shoes.
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    How much of a Vortex enthusiast are you?

    Vortex is nice to look at. That's all I've got to say.
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    When I was young, Vortex was the "big" ride that officially made you a tough guy if you rode it. Because of that, I still have a nostalgic appreciation for the ride. As a rider now, it's okay. Not the worst Arrow looper I've been on, but I don't think I've ever found myself craving a ride on it. Several of my friends don't care for it, which means I usually only ride it when I'm at the park by myself or if I'm there with someone who's never been to KI before. There are many things to like about it, but I'm just not very excited about many of them, especially if I'm not sitting in one of the last three cars. That being said, Vortex's corkscrews are one of my favorite coaster elements, and the turn before the MCBR always surprises me with how intense it is. When it leaves Kings Island when its time comes, the place will definitely lose something for me.
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    I need some ice...
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    Hey Rustbelt was Blazing Fury last November? If it was I probably walked down with you. My buddy and I were stuck on the brake run of Carowinds version of Firehawk, it doesn't have a duel loading platform and there was a problem with the restraints on the train in the station so we sat for 45 minutes with our hips higher than our heads. About 15 minutes in they came up and asked if anyone would like a drink, we were all like sure would but do you want to tell us how to drink in this position.
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    Haunt 2012 reviews

    ^My friend explained how he had been cornered in the room and was threatened by the guy, who proceeded to punch him in the face. While I agree a fist thrown may be instinct, that time it was clearly assault.
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    The Interpreter

    Haunt 2012 reviews

    I'd go even further. If a guest assaults a park employee or other guest, (s)he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No exceptions.
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    Thoughts change and times rearrange. I still check up on this site once or twice a week and I still talk to a few members, but for me college is quickly approaching and you start to realize that maybe roller coasters aren't the most important thing in your life anymore.
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    Haunt 2012 reviews

    I would have gagged, just from walking through Mysteria!
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    The Interpreter

    Haunt 2012 reviews

    Meating new friends. Nice! Terp, who is glad you didn't butcher that line.
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    Wow. And again: Wow. Great video. Never thought I'd see that!
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    I Need Help With a Decision.

    Don't go to either parks on a Saturday. This Sunday CP was empty. 3MF, 1TTD, 2Mag in 30min....
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    There are many factors to consider. Coaster clubs like ACE have been rendered obsolete in certain ways by the internet and the abundance of communities that can be created at will. As for enthusiasts, everyone grows up and moves on to new things in life. Just in my lifetime I've gone from being the diehard rollercoaster fanatic, to an adult who still enjoys parks and rides but doesn't center his life around them. You also have an econonmy that's not in the greatest shape, so parks are doing their best to cater to the largest possible audience to sustain their business. Spending twenty million on a record breaking roller coaster may bring an influx or visitors short term, but it's not going to help your business as much as families or broad appeal will. I think the enthusiast population will always exist but it won't be as predominant as it was. When you can learn about any coaster, park, manufacturer etc. with the click of a mouse, it's hard to really be that much more in the know than anyone else
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    KI Trip Report - 9/29/12 (LONG)

    Great TR, Thanks for sharing! I bet Tom76257 wishes he was with you on the roll back! His favorites coaster in the park is BLSC. Opnenig night of haunt he was planning on a BLSC Marathon for an hour. Not sure he did that or not?
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    I love the first drop. Always been one of my favorite drops in the park.
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    For many families that I know in Indy, going to the camp ground for the week, and spending most of their time at the park was their family vacation for the year. I know as a kid we did that several times and visited for at lease for the weekend every year. Most of the people that we know that did that stopped when the campground closed. I used to make weekend trips to the campground and KI myself when I was old enough to go by myself. Camping and having KI next door to your campground made it a a destination park for a lot of smaller budget families. I get asked at least once a month by fellow campers and people that know I frequent KI about them getting a campground back.
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    10 out of 10. Vortex was the coaster that started it all for me back in 1987.
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    Now shouldn't those photos be posted in the Pictures of SOB Demolition?
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    Just checked Twitter and Greg posted some photos, wanted to update you guys
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    Memories ... oh hey, it's Jeffery Seibert
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    With or without SS rumors, I'm curious as to what's going to happen to that area of the park. Seeing SOB go down so quickly, it's only making me wonder more. Look at how quickly the park has changed for the better in such a short time, with pavers and menus and morale and more; It leads me to think they have something unique and spectacular in mind for the future.
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    Funny Ride Photos

    I thought that there was sa topic like this, I'm probably wrong though. Heres a best photo, (yes I know everybody in the picture) I'm the one in the upper left corner. It looks like I'm screaming in the picture, but I actually wasen't! It may not be the funny-est but its a photo! Pictures2 694 by KIC-Original, on Flickr
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    Rank your cedar fair parks

    1. Kings Island 2. Kings Dominion 3. Cedar Point
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    Did anyone else chuckle @ 1:13 when it was mentioned: "That's it. That's the only break."
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    KI Trip Report - 9/29/12 (LONG)

    I love Impractical Jokers!
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    My legs hit the front of the cars on Vortex, so it's not very pleasant to ride. If I'm not in the front seat of a car, it's downright painful.
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    Posters of KIC past

    Shaggy. Still on every once in a while, but not nearly as much as I would like him to be!
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    KI Trip Report - 9/29/12 (LONG)

    Sounds like you had an excellent triple ride on Vortex. And a rollback on BLSC?!!? First time I've ever read that in a trip report... Good stuff. ...Hey I bet my August 4 TR was even longer than your September 29 one!!!
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    Now part of me's wondering what Son of Beast would have looked like in 20 years if left to its own devices, much like the Coney Island Thunderbolt (which sat SBNO along Surf Avenue in NYC from 1983 to 2000.) (Courtesy RCDB.) Something tells me it would have been the world's tallest planter. Probably a pretty cool-looking one, too, in its own way.
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    Haunt 2012 reviews

    Got a chance to experience Haunt Friday the 28th. First off I was floored by the sheer environment of Haunt this year, it blew all the other years I have been away by a long shot. The fog was thick as ever, it was rising up from anywhere and everywhere as cast a shadowy haze over the park. At one point I was in line for Cornstalkers and could not even see the Eiffel Tower because it was so thick. I am going to try and not give to much away and let you experience the mazes for yourself but here's my review in order of what we did. Club Blood (6/10)-Same as every year really, got quite a bit more scares out of this year however. The person outside giving rules and directions was foul mouthed, dressed to the part an really fit the Club Blood "Scene" I must say. Wolf Pack (6/10)-We did this around 7'ish I believe and it was still light out so the sun lit up a lot of the maze taking away the factor of fear. Overall though got a couple really good scares, besides the Haunt Staff member following us the whole way through and the park sweep that came in when we were walking through. Slaughterhouse (4/10)-Not very entertaining at all compared to past years I thought. Still had a couple stand out points in the maze I thought made it worth the 2 minute wait however. Not a bad maze, but not the best compared to how it has been in years past. Cutthroat Cove (5/10)-Had never done this haunt before so I did not know what to expect. Overall I was impressed with it. I thought it could have been a little more enclosed, I am not a fan of the wide open houses, I like the feeling of everything being right on top of me. Once again, not terrible though. Cornstalkers (7/10)-Our first really good house we went through. The fog was rolling and couldn't hardly see anything. Couple times my girlfriend got terrified and screamed and even once took off running. I don't want to ruin anything so I will leave this maze at that. I rate this one as a must do IMO. Massacre Manor (9/10)-IMO probably the best haunt in the park. Every single minute is intense and scares the absolute hell outta me. We had a girl in our group get scared so they sent someone in for her but she said she was fine but it seemed as if they toned down all the scares after that, so that made it go down a notch but still a must do Haunt. Mysteria (-8/10)-Yes that is a negative, I just thought there was nothing going for this house, from the reviews and me seeing the scareactors I knew it wasn't going to be up to snuff. I really wish I would have gotten to do this house when it was Maze of Madness, it looked so much better then. Urgent Scare (7/10)-It seemed like all the theming had been removed and it was just a plain ole Hospital gone wrong haunt now, no back story or anything like it use to be. Still gave some good scares and is always a must do for me. Madame Fatales (10/10)-While Massacre Manor does it more for me, this house was truly amazing. The Scareactors in the house were perfect, the set up was perfect and it was nice to look up and see the old Deity God staring at you. I cannot praise how well Kings Island did with this new haunt, everything about it was on point and it had something to scare everyone. I just hope we don't see it disappear if they decide to remove the Crypt building in the future. Tombstone Terror-Tory (7/10)-Better than I had remembered in the past, couple of surprises that really got me. It's just such a nice haunt to walk through the woods and everything, nice set up and a good maze. CarnEvil (8/10)-This was the ONE haunt I have wanted to do since the FearFest days, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. The only thing I have against it is that I wish I would have bought the 3D glasses. The ending was awesome as well. Overall a great maze I thought, a must do. Holiday Horror (6/10)-This was our last maze as the park was nearing closing time. The only objection I have is that it is very hidden in the back of Planet Snoopy which they advertised as being closed. Not to mention the yellow skull indicating it was a house wasn't working. Me and my girlfriend went in with just is two because nobody was in line at all. Some good scares all around but for it just being us two I thought they could have done more. I like the theming though I must admit. My favorite house was by far Madame Fatale's, followed by Massacre Manor closely and then CarnEvil. Overall the park wasn't too bad crowded, got all the rides in except Firehawk. I wish they would have kept the theming on the back half of The Beast like it was last year but still a great night ride on a cold October night. And can someone tell me what that HUGE explosion was in Coney Mall, we heard it in line for BLSC and it scared the hell out of us, it sounded like what happens for the show on International Street but it came from about where Zephyr is, we were puzzled. Everyone needs to get out to Haunt this year, best year for it IMO.I had been typing this on my iPhone at work for the past couple of days so sorry it took so long to get on here. I have pictures but they are not very good quality, due to it being dark and my iPhone not being the greatest of quality. New lights in The Beast station, made it look really nice. Cutthroat Cover. Eiffel Tower all lit up, shortly before it disappeared in the fog. This was taken literally about 20 feet from Slingshot and you can barely see anything, awesome. This is amazing to me, that little orange glow you see is the orange Haunt skeleton from about 20 feet if that away. That fog carried in the maze and made the environment spectacular. I would like to once again say thank you to Kings Island for making this year's Haunt the best in my opinion. I also loved the monsters coming out at the very beginning at the front gates.
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    Hi guys. Looks like ukfan031 beat me to the pictures. BUT! I'll still post them. Sorry it took me so long. A round trip to KI is 8 HOURS for us. We only stayed for about 4-5 hours too. I hope Some of you will still appricate them . Pictures2 720 by KIC-Original, on Flickr Pictures2 721 by KIC-Original, on Flickr Pictures2 722 by KIC-Original, on Flickr Pictures2 724 by KIC-Original, on Flickr
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    Boy, who would've thought this topic would start so much argument.
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