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    Yes, compare the capacity of to Looks like IJST has better capacity, I mean this rocket only has 2 windows. Found this footer near Flight Deck, lol. This one is for Big Sexy, I found some green intamin track at the park and took a picture of it. I can't help but laugh every single time I look at this thread. It is pretty much a joke, so what's posted above this is a joke as well. I'd love to be able to actually find substance in this thread.
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    I too have a feel for the layout. Well.... This will be my first post ever on here so hopefully I don't get attacked! With that said, I have a feeling that the old SOB station might be used. I think Don really wanted to reply with this
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    KI's Drop Tower really isn't all that complicated(mechanically at least) and it really is a what you see is what you get type deal. At the top, there is nothing more than drive motors and large spools for the cables to wrap around. A ride to the top is achieved via a small elevator. At the bottom, there are hydraulic buffers which raise when the gondola is lifted up by the catch car. There are also load cells at the bottom, which do not move, that measure the weight of the gondola. The spinning of the gondola is achieved via motor driven rubber tires on the legs of the catch car with support wheels underneath the gondola. The catching and releasing of the gondola by the catch car is achieved with automated pneumatics. Sit and watch Drop Tower for a few cycles and you will be really astonished with how simply some things are done. Edit: IMO, Intamin got it right with the KD model.
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    Big Sexy, you should just quit while your ahead.... I'm not sure he ever was ahead....
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    KI is getting a flyer????
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    We haven't "realistically decoded" since page one.
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    http://falconsfury.com/en/Parks/BuschGardens_Tampa/Home/Attractions/Rides/Falcons-Fury This is crazy.
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    I'm starting to agree with you. Early on I was leaning towards a Giga, but now it does look like it may be a Invert. Before someone attacks me I don't have an inside scoop, just a guess.
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    Oh what a memory!!! I grew up on Geauga Lake and worked the Dominator for a season up there. That's why I am hoping for a floorless. There are not too many around (8 in the U.S). Talk about a way to take a market and push a CP and KI combined ticket!!!
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    Be sure to ride the Freedom Train, say hi to Pat for me, and if you go to the water park, ride Rhino Blaster for me (but not before you go on Pilgram's Plunge.) Wait a minute..
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    B&M invert is my guess, and a tall one at that...
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    Just curious - what was your previous account name here?
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    Come on Crypt, why are you wasting your time with this cretin?
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    No reputable contractor is going to work on real property where the contracting party has no real estate interest. And the state isn't going to pay to work on a roller coaster when Hart & Co. have the legal right to walk away. Nor does it make ANY sense to work on the rides before the presumed future of the park is legally set in stone. Besides, you recently assured one and sundry that construction is going on in the park.
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    there are some rides i won't ride b/c the spin too much (monster/scrambler/etc...) or b/c of my fear of heights, not related to roller coasters (ie drop zone, WindSeeker) but my least favorite attraction is one that applies to KI's smallest guest. Snoopy's splash pad, I can't say enough how idiotic I think it is to have something designed for 4 & 5 year olds, that isn't exactly condusive to your average adult guest, where the 4 & 5 year old (or younger) enters the attraction on one side, and exits the attraction on the complete opposite side out of view from the parents waiting at the entrance. Which means the parent either needs to walk around to the other side of the attraction (and since my son typically gets out of this before I can walk all the way around, hope that their kid walks the same direction), or wait at the entrance for their child to walk around themselves. Just a terrible setup, something that could be easily fixed.
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    ...and according to these forums, we're getting all of them.
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    If you go up with someone you're not real close with, you are when you get back down.
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    Seriously...ride Maggie sans trims, excellent ride. I've had that priviledge only a few times and it's worth it every time. Dunno how someone doesn't like maggie, it's an icon, it's a classic, and it still rocks...Never have I seen this opinion before but ah well
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    They are moving slingshot and putting in a better designed version only this time the ball will detach and you'll get points for things you knock down and break. It will be called Angry Birds!
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    The Golden Ticket Awards hold no value.
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    Many companies have a policy of not reading any product suggestions, for fear that a submitter could claim ownership if something similar is later developed.
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    I didn't know that Don "tore down" anything at Kings Island. I was also unaware that he is in the process of building anything at Kings Island......These seem like new developements!
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    Don, People will come Don, they will come to Ohio for reasons they can't even fathom. The will turn into the parking lot not even sure why they are doing it. They will arive at the gate just as inocente as children longing for the past. Of course we won't mind if you look around you'l say its only $37.99 a person. They will pass over the money without even thinking about it, for it is money they have and roller coasters they like. Don just tell us what it is your building. They will walk in the park, sit on the rides on a SONNY afternoon. They will buy speed passes for there favoret rides, the ones they rode as children and screemed as there parents watched. It will be as if they DIPPED themselves in majic DOTTS. Memories will be so thick that they will brush them from there faces. Don you already tore down one ride why build another? People will come Don. It's a hopeless cause Don, the enthusiast think they know what your putting in but can't seem to agree on B&M or Intamin. The one constant thru the years Don has been roller coasters. America has rolled by like an army of steam rollers. It's been erased like a black board rebuilt and erased again. Roller coasters have marked the time. This park, these rides, it's a part of our past Don. It reminds us of all that once was good, and could be again. Ooh people will come Don, people will most deffinatly come.
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    It's fun next to none. Come see how it's done. No one can even come close. Kings Island: the fun and only! No one can do what we do. The only thing missing is you. This place has got it all. Kings Island: the fun and only! I miss that commercial.
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    That's because there isn't any mystery construction and Thunder Run isn't being rehabbed. Because, who the hell would be paying for that?
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    My two least favorites are the only ones that I actually know how many times I've ridden them (1 each, enough to know I don't care to ride it again) **Son of Beast** **Drop Tower** And much to my delight, nobody can ever drag me back onto Son of Beast!!!
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    I didn't understand what you were saying because it made no sense. The lease extension was not proposed so that the fair board could spend more money (as you're claiming) - they were already paying to guard the park and have been ever since it closed. Wanna know why the extension was approved, because... From: http://www.frostbrowntodd.com/newsroom-243.html He couldn't nail down a lease then, because he HAD NO FINANCING. If he had any financing, you'd think he would play that up to the press and make that into big news as you know his whole plan is contingent on.... what's that, alex? FINANCING! Yet, here we are as June drags on and not a peep about financing. I never said that project has $0 funding, that's the impression Ed Hart has given everyone considering he hasn't announced any investors and his own bank wouldn't loan to him. An in response to your "bet my own money" comment, maybe you should give that money to Hart instead? He seems to need it. Kentucky Kingdom will reopen May 24, 2014 ...if Hart can find investors, financing and get those rides working that he just claimed were in worse shape than he thought.
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    Waaaaait a second. So now we're getting an Arrow looper!?! Sweet!
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    Be prepared for long lines and lots of downtime!
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    That seems like a small amount of seats for a major park. I bet capacity will be awful.
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    Little birdy tells me that they're building another slingshot and that they will launch the two at each other to make the ride more thrilling.
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    Guys, I don't know this, but I seriously seriously doubt that they are moving Slingshot back. This is far to much work for such a little amount of extra space. It would be a waste of time and money.
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    After a far too long stay from not stepping foot in the park, I finally, finally! Got back today. I started with a B-line straight for the old SOB plains, where i found an odd cylindrical structure with metal rods. I took note of the removal area and with that being set, started on my hypothesis strategy. After I wanted to start with a classic, The Racer. To where I did ride it many times, I had to switch trains from a minor technical reason. Then I wandered back to the Italian Stunt Job for a few classic rides on a favorite. I actually noticed something, a favorite ride had some of my favorite songs! Then I came to D-Back, which I found a new Beast novelty for my collection, The Beast Claw. After I took some photos around the park from the small amount of lines........Then trouble came about. While walking in the park to the Oktoberfest region, a siren went off from the inclement weather. That's when I almost got on a very speedy ride in a voyage. I then took a path back to the front, when it began to pour and thunder. That's when I took cover from the rain. After I rode the speedy voyage (a down one in latter) and then for the first time I got to see the Magic Show. In all honesty, I wish that the costumes were not that well, showy for a kid intended show. After I got to go to the waterpark, rode a few slides, and left there. Mainly after I didn't get to do much so there will be facts below. -I could of sworn I saw some KICers at Ki, but probably not. -OBF looks 100% better now -Auntie Ann's took Serv. Place -Mystery Steel -Ed Alonzo, I love the tricks, just the gals, eh -There were the shortest lines today rather than usual in this time of year. -Today was FUN -There was a raccoon at The Vortex queue -Photos to come soon.
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    And this is a bad thing? The reason you don't see issues from Beemers that you see from Intamins is because B&M sticks with tried-and-true methods that still deliver. You don't need a 400 foot tall, 120 mph launching coaster to draw crowds. You do if your park already has a hyper and a giga... And since Cedar Point added a 420 foot tall coaster, they've added a 105 foot coaster and a 170 foot coaster. Since Six Flags Great Adventure added a 456 foot tall coaster, they've added a 181 foot coaster and a 154 foot coaster. Both parks seem to be doing fairly well in this post-one-upping-themselves situation. Honestly, the next time someone suggests that taller and faster coasters are better or necessary, I may just pull my hair out. To the general public and to most sensible enthusiasts, Kings Island's choice to add an Intamin "Biggah Baddah Fastah" ride or a B&M "Snorefest" will not significantly alter their plans to visit and spend at the park. To about 99% of the people who visit Kings Island, a new ride is a new ride. I'll be dammed if anyone in management actually protested a B&M addition because some enthusiasts think they're boring.
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    I don't think anyone can say any large roller coaster is a "snooze fest" with a straight face. Slow moving boat rides are a snooze fest.
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    Okkkkkkk.....you just joined yesterday, and now after only 5 posts you're already being a little assertive. Calm down and go with the flow.
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    If the attraction used trains made to look like Winnebagos......
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    Those footers will just be holding up potted plants to make the campground look nice.
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    Yesterday at Coasting for Kids, Don asked us for suggestions for next year's event. Somebody suggested that the new ride should be included in the event, to which Don responded by saying that it would be rather difficult to marathon a campground. Case closed.
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    Now they're just messing with us! Perhaps this entire construction site is a diversion... They're just building and rearranging footers in a very public place to keep us occupied while they secretly build the real ride out in the woods...
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    ^ Someone has been watching Field of Dreams! Great Movie!
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    The bank is willing to lend a part of the funding that Hart & Co. requested, but ONLY part, and that is with the state land as collateral. Mr. Hart could easily finance this out of his pocket change. It is telling that he is seeking investors (and the state's land) to bear a risk he is apparently unwilling to himself totally assume.
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    I know this is old news but these two footers are from Corkscrew at CP. Triangular footers don't really mean anything when it comes to manufacturers. Now when it comes to elements that is a different story.
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    Invertigo. It's short. It's awkward staring at strangers sitting across from you. And it hurts. No thanks.
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    Magnum has to be the most overrated roller coaster of all time. It is greatly resting on its laurels and has absolutely no business being ranked #8 best steel coaster by AT. And that is my honest opinion.
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    Last bulleted item:
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    I'd prefer the trains resemble an Airstream. Hmm Airstream would be a cool name for an Invert and a great sponsorship to tie in reopening a campground.
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    Ok, Big Sexy. I don`t know who you are, but I have been reading your posts for quite a while. I finally have to say some things. First of all, the vibration on Diamondback, only occurs in a few certain spots on Diamondback, mainly where the track is directly attached to the foundation. This could be a result of the ride foundation not properly absorbing the vibrations caused by the train. It is NOT caused by inferior quality standards at Clermont Steel. Diamondback is still far smoother than even The Beast, hands down. And why are you dis-crediting Arrow as a major player? Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, Arrow was THE steel coaster company. Look how many parks added their hyper coasters and steel loopers and suspended coasters, and mine train coasters. Name any major theme park that doesn`t have at least one Arrow ride. Not to mention that Arrow also made several of the log flumes, as well as the Antique Car rides that can be found at scores of parks. Really? I highly doubt you threw your season pass at him in disgust and didn`t return until Diamondback. Seems pretty silly to me. Then again, most of your posts have been very contradictory and lacking any real sustenance. I wish some people would understand the industry and business and realize that parks do not cater to enthusiasts, and just because one ride addition isn`t the ride you wanted, does not mean that it is not good for the park from a business viewpoint. Remember, that all capital expense projects are there to try and attract more business to the park and in turn more revenues. And yes, it took Kings Island a while to finally get a B&M ride in the park. I think that we have great things in store for us next season at Kings Island. I was at the park on Thursday, and think I have a pretty good idea of the layout as it is taking shape. I`m surprised no one has mentioned it yet...
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