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    According to CP Food Blog, Greg Scheid has been promoted to Regional Vice President of Cedar Fair. Mike Koontz has been promoted to Vice President and General Manager of Kings Island. He has previously worked for Paramount's Kings Island from 1999 to 2006 and returned to some role in 2011. Again, this is from CP Food Blog. I have not found any other confirmation. http://cpfoodblog.com/worlds-of-fun-kings-island-executive-changes/ Edit: After taking a look a look at LinkedIn, Mike's and Greg's profile both list their reported new positions.
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    Next question. Who is the new Director of Park Operations?
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    Everyone I've talked to is excited to have Mike Koontz as the new GM. Godspeed to both him and Mr Scheid.
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    Reports are coming in that Al Weber, an industry legend, passed away yesterday. We send our deepest condolence to his friends, family, and coworkers.
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    ^VP Finance and Administration at Cedar Point for the last year, and VP Finance at KI for the four years prior to that.
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    This is sad and good at the same time, sad because Greg was GM for so long, i'm going to miss him! Good for him being promoted, he's done a great job at Kings Island and he sure will be missed by me, its so hard to say goodbye...
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    From Apex Parks Group FB page: https://www.facebook.com/apexparksgroup/ Another article: http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201611/5325/
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    I would think that RMC work at the Mean Streak site would actually be done by contractors not employed by the park, same with Hotel Breakers.....I could be wrong but that's just my guess. Either way, I hope that this gets settled quickly and that the park is ready to open on time in 2017.
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    I've heard rumor that he will still be in park, but will be traveling more. Just "word on the street."
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    ^ Have to remember he is the Director of Park Operations, not Ride Operations. He oversaw everything in the park, from food, Park Services, Admissions, and Rides. For Ride Crews you should be thanking the Ride supervisors, as well as Area Supervisors. But none the less, everyone did a great job everywhere this year.
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    Actually the second FB live will be sometime between March 1-5.The first sign of warm weather for testing?They do know Cincinnati's weather, right?
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    This is sad news indeed. Condolences to his family, and all those affected by his passing. Al Weber started his career in the amusement industry as a ride operator at Cincinnati`s Coney Island. Read more about him here: http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=328171
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    As far as I know it is "a player to be named later." His job was posted for interview submission so they may not have a successor in mind yet.
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    This is correct and Tony Carovillano is now GM for World of Fun. Tony has been at Kings Island for over 27+ years and will be missed with his KI experience as Director of Park Operations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They will, two days is easy to makeup, to be honest. They will A)Work one weekend or B)work one week of 5 10s (if they are working 8s) or 5 12s (If they are working 10s). The latter is more likely than the former, because Contractors tend to frown heavily on paying their employees premium time on weekends, since the full day Saturday is 1.5 time and Sundays are double time.
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    Wow, this is an extremely sad loss for the industry.
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    Awesome news. I know it does not seem like much, but I am guessing 2 days of lost work is a lot. Hopefully they can catch it back up by opening.
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    I also wanted to add that Don Helbig also told me that the 2 Facebook Live construction updates he had mentioned would be the first one either the beginning of December or the beginning of January (they havent decided which yet) and the second would be in March.
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    that's good, happy that its business as usual!
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    Agreement reached; strike over. http://www.toledoblade.com/business/2016/11/09/Ceda-Point-union-ends-strike-gets-new-deal-from-park.html
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    I apologize for the really long delay, I have really not had the time until this weekend to post this again..... But due to a new spurt of motivation, I will FINALLY get around to posting this! A DAY TO REMEMBER: PART TWO: Kings Island October 7th, 2016: 5:26 PM - 2:40 AM Okay, so leaving off the EPIC cliffhanger I had left you all on. 5:25 PM: See ya later! So I had just said goodbye to my brothers Luke and John after they had dropped us off. And was now walking down the pathway from the Kings Island sign to the Front Gate... for the first time since August 18th, 2016. It was sort of hard to believe I guess just how much had happened since my last time at Kings Island. How much life had just... changed... in between that time I had become fantastic friends with BeastForever, I had achieved a lot in my first quarter of Junior Year of high school with great grades to show for that... and had finally started on a track in my life that I was so freaking happy about... All of this was going through my mind as I was walking down that walkway for the first time in nearly two months. An achingly beautiful fall day... it certainly was a Day To Remember. I had finally gotten across the street and could just make out the blue shirt Malem was wearing with me wondeirng if that wa shim or not, but by the time I made it to the security gates I could tell obviously that was him. Had a quick security check and met up with the group that was there so far! Gannersdaddy and Malem! Finally after a while the others showed up... Magenta Lizard, Silver 2005 and Jcgoble03. A great conversation enfolded and we all just talked about what we were doing in our lives and just how much we were looking forward to the day that was about to enfold! Finally at 6 PM the gates opened and we rushed in! We all got our passes scanned and then took a group picture! Because I have FunPix and everything we all thought it would be a great idea to pose for one! So after the group picture we all decided that we should ride Diamondback first! So we all headed into that direction! But before riding we all saw to some of our surprise the new Tom and Chee! Magenta Lizard was about to go and eat some right then and there but unfortunately it was not on the dining plan this year so we were out of luck. So we all entered into Diamondbacks queue line which was not full at all... there was no wait, only in the station. I believe I got 7-2 alone, Malem and Silver2005 in 7-1, Gannersdaddy and Ganner in 6-2 and Jcgoble03 and Magenta Lizard in 8-1. It was a great ride and my first rollercoaster ride in almost 2 months! Was quite thrilling! And I know my weight loss has been a little successful because I fit into Dimaondback with absolutely no help from any of the ride attendants. Love this rollercoaster, but still does not beat The Voyage for me... 10/10. 6:30 PM: Why dont we pay Sam the Butcher a visit? So after a great ride on Diamondback we all went over to The Beast, I saw for th efirst time Mystic TImbers in all of its glory, which really surprised me at how big it was! We walked on to The Beast and only waited like 5 minutes until we all got onto I believe 3-1, 3-2, 3-3 and 4-1. It was a fantastic ride...and I have the photo on my wall, cause it is such a great photo! And it truly was a great ride. 10/10. After that we all paid an unexpected visit to the Slaughterhouse. We met up with Sam the Butcher and crew! We were pulled into the Slaughterhouse and things enfolded their! But I will not be mean enough to spoil what happened, but lets just say it was so great, and a great way to introduce me to haunts! 9/10. After that we met back up with Silver2005 and conitnued our merry way to Coney Mall, the sun was starting to set at this point but that didnt detrement us from having a good time! We were just about to ride Vortex but to my surprise BLSC had almost no line at all! So I stopped everyone in their tracks and we went over to BLSC.... I got on I beleive 2-1? I rode with SIlver2005, I had not ridden this ride since I think either August 16th or August 11th. It was a great ride but suprisingly a little bit jerky... a bit more jerky than I remembered and I even knocked into Silver2005 a little bit! But it was still a good ride. 7.5/10. We then went over to Vortex, on the way I sped walked with Malem and Co. I sped walked because I absolutely wanted to go on Vortex on 7-1, while Malem beat me by just a little I was able to get 7-1 It was a great ride, I always love riding Vortex in 7-1.... it is a pure joy! The airtime, everything and I am so tall I dont get any headbanging at all! So glad Vortex is still with us. 8.5/10.... by this time the sun had set. We all decided to ride WindSeeker! Some kids decided to take Magenta Lizards seat for some reason but whatever lol. It was a great ride and a nice way to start off my night at Kings Island! 7.8/10. 7:17 PM: An Xbase Xscape... So after this ride on the fantastic WindSeeker, we all decided to check out and see if Firehawk had a long line and some wanted to check out Urgent Scare! On the way their I took a nice selfie with Magenta Lizard! JubJester and his friend had come into the park and were going to wait for us at the exit of Firehawk. We got a walk on on Firehawk which surprised us all, but it was a surprise that turned into bad luck, the ride broke down as the train was stuck in the lying position, they had to restart the hydraulics and everything so all of us knew it would be a while until it started back up, so we left the ride and met up with JubJester! Malem introduced us to him member by member. They all decided they wanted to go to Urgent Scare after seeing the FOF line was entirely too long. I sat on the benches by the Dippin' Dots stand and just contemplated life for like 20 minutes, texted BeastForever (By this time it was like 7:37) about the day I had had so far and just sat their. But surprisingly while being on my phone checking out Hurricane Matthew(Or Hurricane Malem as me and BeastForever called Malem for a bit. ) and its impacts on Florida, which while impactful was less impacting than feared due to a last minute EWRC and last minute 10 mile jog east which prevented Melbourne from getting the full brunt of the eyewall. But while doing so Malem and company passed me by! They had forgotten ALL about me it seems.... so I stayed their until I got the "Where are you?" text by Malem, expecting it to be BeastForever I lifted my phone up but it was Malem, so I decided to walk down the pathway to Coney Mall but to my surprise I see Jcgoble03 walking down as well! we find each other and find out Malem and Co. Are by The Racer! So we went over their and we finally met back up with them! Wooohooo.... so I rode Red Racer with Magenta Lizard and that started a nice conversation with Liz, had not really talked to her before so it was nice getting to know her and everything! The ride was also pretty good, very smooth for a Racer ride and had some airtime, 8/10. After the Red Racer ride we all somehow converged at the point where the two exit paths converge. Then we all decided we were gonna ride Adventure Express! I bought myself a Coca-Cola and we then all continued to AE.... the funny thing is that I found out JubJester went to a rival school, Moeller and he found out I went to La Salle and then BeastForever went to St. X so tonight there was 3/4 of the GCL represented! Lol... I rode in 4-2 of AE. It was a fun ride, especially since it was now dark... the effects were working, I was happy. 8.2/10. 8:20 PM: The Interesting Walkback We all then went to Banshee since Delirium had a bit of a long line that we all honestly did not feel like waiting that long but Banshee suprisingly had a walk on mostly, we all gathered into our rows! I chose the back row with Magenta Lizard and Jcgoble03. It was such a freaking good ride... I loved it! THe back is best with Banshee though it may be a little bit rougher. 10/10. Then some people wanted to ride Drop Tower so they all went over their while I waited at the base of Drop Tower... waiting and waiting some more! Texted BeastForever and then they got off the ride.... so we all walked back to The Bat. By this time it was around 8:50, we all went to The Bat, I got the back row with Malem. It was a great rdie and very obviously I enjoyed it so much.... so so much....8.5/10. By this time it was 9:00, and we all went to the exit and to our surprise I saw MDMC01! I gave him a high five and Magenta Lizard gave him a hug which made him hilariously uncomforatble. And we all walked with them to Adventure Express but the line was too long... at this point all of us were getting very hungry. So we all decided it would be nice to go to RHOFG! So we all headed on over their... walked through International Street, and just enjoyed the sights! The park was getting more and more busy.... we all arrived their but found out there ws a 30 minute wait and theyd text us when they were ready. The train was not operating so where else should we go to? Shake Rattle and Roll of course! The Beast's line was a bit long so we all decided to opt out on that, so instead we all went on over to Shake Rattle and Roll... we waited about 20 minutes.. at this time I had not heard back from BeastForever yet, but found out we had won against St. Xavier, but was spacing out a little bit cause I was panicking that maybe he wouldnt show up or something.... I rode Shake Rattle and Roll which was a great ride. After that we went back to RHOFG. Our table had just opened up! So we all sat at our tables.... but by this time I was mostly spacing out still in a bit of a panic but of course I usually mask it very well so no need to worry guys, and it all worked out in the end. I sent BeastForever a text wondering if he was gonna be able to make it. I took a walk to the front gate and back without my phone to calm my nerves a little bit... and to redeem my FunPix gorup picture from the walk in at 6:00 PM. I dont know what it was... but like right after I got the photo... my worries and overthinking and everything just I guess completely erased itself from my mind... it was the weirdest and strangest thing!!! I came back into RHOFG with only one thing going through my mind "I think he texted me..." and sure enough... I go to my phone and BeastForever texted me. He said he is so sorry and explains the absolutely mind boggling perfect storm of events that transpired that made him late, and said that I should not worry, he will be there. Right then and there I guess it was so strange like I immediately felt better! Just happened right at that moment Beastie1980 came walking in! And then Ohiocolts came in and sat next to me.... and what followed was one fo the funniest and bizzare conversations I have ever had with anyone! We just talked about literally everything and then that Tumblr video... omg that video that got me laughing so hard I was quite literally crying ohhhhh... that was a great time.... and really brought me back after feeling down for like 30 minutes. I got the text that Daniel(BeastForever) was on his way to Kings Island, so I continued the fantastic conversation I was having with everybody. And it continued on, and all of us had just been there for over an hour and most of us were just sitting there. We all took a group photo. Some were starting to leave... I was staying... until.... October 7th, 2016, 11:13 PM EDT: "FOLLOW YOUR BLISS DUDE!! IM HERE!" -BeastForever Immediately after getting that text I said a sudden goodbye to everybody (which I feel was just a bit sudden in retrospect lol.) and immediately sped walked to the gate.... going through Planet Snoopy and texting him that I was coming and him hilariously texting me that the Apocalypse and the end of the world wont happen before we meet, and it got me very happy... So I finally breathlessly got to the Front Gate and waited their... I told him I was by the Electric Chair. Then finally at 11:17 PM he came through the gate, he waved at me and I waved back, he seemed happy to be here as was I, because I was looking forward to this moment so much!. He went through the gate and now starts the fantastic I guess 2 hours and 30 minutes I had with Daniel. Right then and there it was like a huge wave of just pure bliss washed over me... finally after two months I was seeing my now best friend again! Right then and there started our conversation and a walk and talk that would make The West Wing walk and talks and Gilmore Girls fast paced dialogue look amateur. It was like a huge crescendo of like everything we had gotten to know about each other came into one meeting... speed walking with him we decided we should do Diamondback first despite the 30 minute line. During that line it was like getting everything we had ever texted to each other out in the open, and finally discussing in person like what we thought of each of our stories and what we had been through and how life was going and everything. Quite rarely do I ever just speak so candidly about everything with somebody out in the public due to having a bit of Social Anxiety, but this was a much different case as I felt so much at ease with Daniel. Like it is great when you finally meet somebody that I guess completely gets you and where you are coming from and what you have been through and understands through it all. There is something special about that in many ways and quite rarely do I ever just want the queue line to be 2 hours so that we could continue talking for that long! My ears were having a bit of trouble that weekend for which I apologize for, but I was able to hear all about ourselves crystal clear. Earlier that day I had just found out about Daniel's favorite pop punk band, Senses Fail, which he had been foreshadowing for a while but had finally pmed me everything about it and it was just so great that I wanted to wait and hear it with him before listening to it on my own to make it even more special. Since he had also happened to agree to take me home, it all worked out great! After about like 30-35 minutes, which went by in a flash due to how much we were talking to each other, we got in line for the back row of Diamondback and quite honestly it was such a blast for so many reasons! It was my first night ride on that ride in a long time... and it got me very excited for the night ahead.... and plus Diamondback in the back is always so great!!!!! Especially riding with my best friend, it made it all so much better. 10/10 So I exited with BeastForever, continued a lil walk n talk and then got to the photo booth, wanted to buy a picture so I did and while doing so BeastForever took a look at the merchandise Kings Island was selling. It took a little bit for them to print it out but I got it! And it is currently taped on my wall in my coaster shrine. So after this ride on Diamondback we decided I guess to walk through the park! We did a whole loop from Rivertown all the way over to Racer! Again, walkin n' talkin' and just finding out more about each other.... we passed on Vortex… we continued talking…. That is what we did a lot of the time this very night. It was just pure bliss I guess being able to converse with somebody who understand where I am coming from, it made my day at Kings Island even more better than it was before… After roaming down we finally got to Racer at around 12:25 am after 20 minutes of just conversing. We decided to ride it since it had just a tiny line. We got I think like 5-2 for the ride and it was a great Racer ride... I really loved it and I think that seat is the magic seat for the ride because it is in the back row yet it is so very smooth and everything. And Daniel seemed to enjoy it as well! We continued talking on and on about what we were thinking about everything. 12:35 AM: FOLLOW YOUR BLISS on this Day To Remember… while all our Senses Fail, that is only The Story So Far. Following our bliss we went all the way over to Banshee, Daniel did not want to do Delirium and I did not want to do Drop Tower (Something that may change the next visit with you…. ) So we decided to ride Banshee, Banshee was very cool at night, unfortunately I wanted to ride in Row 1 to make this ride special because I had a feeling that this would be Daniel’s last visit to Kings Island, a feeling that turned out to be correct, but still in Row 2 , the ride was just absolutely fantastic, Daniel really enjoyed it in 2-1 while I was in 2-2. After the ride we all went over to the on ride photo booth, at this time it was around 12:45 am and I was trying to hurry up as much as I could, Malem came by and I guess him and Daniel walked on over to The Beast at around 12:52 because they didn’t want to be late, which I don’t blame them at all for, but it lead me to panic just a tiny bit because I was wondering where the hell you guys had gone!… FINALLY I got the onride photo, Daniels face was absolutely hilarious as he had this grin of pure bliss and happiness I guess. Finally getting the on ride photo, now starts the greatest speed walking of my life! I took a route from Banshee and Action Zone through Octoberfest, to IS, to the Effiel Tower and finally to the rivertown pathways by Diamondback… I was so afraid I was not going to make it at all I had I guess sped walked/maybe sorta kinda sprint? Thorugh the park. I got to the Effiel Tower by 12:57, but me still thinking of the whole 9:58 rule from this year made me think 12:58 would be the time they closed the line… I made one last mad dash towards The Beast and arrived their at 12:58, COMPLETELY out of breath. It was like I had just ran a marathon or something… I called BeastForever thinking he might not have made it somehow but I walked up the queue ramp and low and behold the whole KIC Group was standing their! They were all very perplexed and surprised to see that I had made it as all of them including Daniel thought I was not gonna be able to make it. Boy did I prove them all wrong! Is showed them the Banshee on ride photo that took like 10 minutes to print out. Finally they announced the last rides for The Beast were commencing. So I got in line with Daniel for 3-1, Beastie1980 and Ohiocolts got 3-2 and Malem and JubJester got 3-3. The ride started… we turned to the lift hill, the lift hill barely lighted while the Indian Summer night of an October continued. Sitting here next to my best friend and with a group of people that have become like family to me. I was so glad and copacetic. We were all so curious about The Beast claw that we had found to be very interesting. Me and Daniel had planned a philosophical gaze as our on ride photo pose, but he forgot about it at the last minute, he realized right at the tunnel, but it was too late, oh well! It matched perfectly, you grinning while I was pondering the meaning of the world! Then Lucas having that stupid awesome grin and Melissa just having I don’t know it was such a weird look! Lol… it was perhaps one of THE greatest on ride photos ever! We were all enfolded by the sheer intensity and enormity that was, The Beast, I have always loved the part before the second lift hill as that is when I feel most out of control. And then the second lift came and BeastForever realized fully he had missed the pose, but it was no big deal, it turned out way better than it would have, lol. Then the helix raptured us in like we have no mercy with The Beast, it was so great… and again I learned the lesson from Magenta Lizard, don’t put your hands up. The Best Beast ride I have had in a LOOONGGG time… especially with other people I care about. Epilogue for Part II: 1:24 AM EDT. “Follow your bliss….” So after this ride, we all went down the exit ramp from The Beast. I went and got 4 onride photos printed out at The Beast on ride photo station, all of which are up on my wall today. It took a while so we were all just chilling out for a little bit, it was quite interesting how the day had enfolded and everything. I followed my bliss and it all worked out in the end. The photos took a while but after about 10 minutes they were all sorted out. I got the photos in hand and we all went over to The Beast sign, I had an idea to take a group picture as that is what I thought would be great to do! So we all went to The Beast sign, we got a disgruntled security guard wanting us to leave very soon to take our photo. It was a very nice group photo and I still laugh so much at how much taller Daniel, Malem and I are compared to the rest of the group. It was like three giants and the rest of them, heck even Melissa who was standing on a curb next to me was STILL not as tall as me! I think I measured myself next to Daniel and I am just a TINY bit taller than him. So after the group photo I realized it was around 1:35 AM. The cold front that was supposed to arrive this very night was coming through, the winds were picking up to 30 mph gusts, there was a slight drizzle. Daniel and I said our goodbyes to everyone, thanking them all for the great day. We then sped walked through Planet Snoopy, then to international Street, but we both realized we needed to use the bathroom. So we went to the bathrooms at the gate. Washed up and everything and right when we were gonna leave Malem happened to pop in, we said goodbye to him and that was that. So we left to the parking lot and after like a 10 minute trek we got to the car, Got in, and Daniel set up his iPod, while I prepared for the ride home, after about 2 minutes we finally left at 1:53 am! But I realized I like really needed to blow my nose so we hilariously stopped at McDonalds, I went in just for the napkins, left abruptly, blew my nose, put it in the trash and ran back to Daniel’s car. Then we were gonna take the I-71 Exit near their but then we missed it because we were too focused on talking to each other, then we turned around at the Shell but then we were so focused AGAIN that we forgot to turn right! Lol… so we just decided to tun past KI again and take the Western Row exit southbound…. On the way home I continued my fantastic conversation with Daniel, we talked about pop punk. I FINALLY got to listen to Senses Fail…. The first song I listened to was My Fear of An Unlived Life and after that it was just an evergrowing fantastic chain of pop punk songs…. And I just LOVED it how Daniel explained each one to me and their meanings and which ones were his favorites. We were so focused again on talking to each other I missed I-275, so we just took Ronald Reagan instead. I continued talking about my thoughts on the world, what I was thinking about the pop punk music but it was around the time we hit I-75 that I was getting really tired lol, but I was still rockin’ to the music! It was the absolute perfect introduction to my now favorite pop punk band. We arrived to the McDonalds we wanted to eat at at 2:20 AM, but they had closed the dining room at 10 PM! :/ and we got lambasted by someone in a car hilariously that it was closed and me and Daniel shouted YES WE KNOW! Daniel set my address in his Garmin as “Stash” which made me laugh so much cause it would look so suspisous if my username was different lol, we drove down Colerain Avenue and were finally getting near my house. We listnened to one last Senses Fail song and then we got done with it right then and their! We pulled into my difficult driveway, the elongated s-bend. I talked with him for like 2 minutes and then I left the car, I woke up my parents by the garage door…. I waved goodbye, went to my living room and looked at his car leave (just to make sure he wasn’t having trouble, lol.), sat there…. And just contemplated the day I had just had. I followed my bliss and it all lead to this… texted Daniel Goodnight and thanking him for the great last few hours and started looking forward to Strickers Grove on Sunday ALREADY! My next part will cover my Trip Report for the fantastic blissful day I had on October 9th at Strickers Grove. THANK YOU ALL! Comments are so much appreciated! END OF PART 2/3
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    Ok everyone, i have already heard back from Don Helbig about a second cam for Mystic Timbers, this is what he said: Steve, Thank you for your interest in Mystic Timbers. It's going to be a great ride! At this time there are no plans to add a second webcam or relocate the current one to a different spot. There's not a location within the construction area of the ride to run cable from. Once the leaves have all fallen from the trees, you'll be able to see more from the current webcam location than what you can right now. We will continue to post photos and videos of the construction on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the construction of the ride. These platforms will offer first looks and the best views of the construction on Mystic Timbers. I will also have a couple of Facebook Live sessions from the construction site. Regards, Don Helbig
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    Dumb honest question. If RMc is not union would they be scabs or just doing their jobs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    More from the Sandusky Register, including a statement from the park claiming that the strike may be unlawful. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/Business/2016/11/07/Cedar-Point-says-strike-is-unlawful-Strike-is-likely.html
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    After MT I could see track work being done on The Racer. The perception will be that it is rougher than before even though the ride experience will be the same. The common rider will be comparing it to MT. Plus, thinking back The Racer is about the only ride that has not had some sort of major work done to it (visually) since CF took over. Even some of the flat rides in CM have gotten painted and LED packages.
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    ^ The picket line itself could be an issue in the case of construction workers, if getting to the jobsite would require crossing it. Hopefully the sides reach a resolution soon so that everyone can get back to work.
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    So there will be 2 lumber company's in River Town ?[emoji2] https://youtu.be/QI0FGZ2GDEk Just me noticing little things Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Not so crazy on the name, but I'll suck it up because we're getting a fantastic looking coaster with some cool theming. It's got great stats for a GCI, love how the layout looks, glad I have a coaster within decent driving distance that has those wonderful Millennium Flyer trains, it uses the terrain quite well, and when those trees grow back in, it'll be a thing of beauty. It interesting with CF getting on board with these mystical themed/named rides (Banshee, Gatekeeper, Valravn, and now this). I'm intrigued to see how far they go with it, especially outside of coasters. I'm also glad to see Kings Island shy away from the big shiny B&M's for a change and build something that will go to show that stats and height aren't always required on a good, enjoyable coaster. I wonder what they'll do around White Water Canyon now as well. I'm guessing there will be some aesthetic differences in store beyond just the awesome GCI flying above it. Who knows, maybe this might open up the park to expand more in that direction as well. There's definitely a lot of potential now with Mystic Timbers in the equation. Also, kudos for the GCI designer for the Skyline reference.
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    The more I think about it, the less disappointed and the more excited I become. Especially for the Shed. It's got a Verbolten feel to it as far as theming and that tunnel on Verbolten is amazing. (See YouTube link- obviously better to see in person). Based on the plans I don't foresee it having drop track like Verbolten but the audio visual effects I can see being similar. Without the shed, it's pretty much Prowler/Renegade/golds tricker/Most other GCI out and backs, but with the shed there is so much potential and it is gonna make this ride special. We are lucky to be getting it. There will be a day when we may get the coveted Giga, or RMC hybrid, or a wing coaster. But this is no slouch. And whether you like GCI or not- a lot of people DO. And that will bring people to the park next year (and even this year to track construction progress) and more guests= more revenue. More revenue in turn leads to a bigger piece of the thrill ride pie for KI. And in that healthy slice of pie is where you'll find your Giga/RMC/some grand steel B&M beauty. Hang in there naysayers. This ride could be great. And even if you don't like it- you'll like what comes after it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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