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    We will probably see a FunTV 6 minute video in the queue lines about how the ride was built starting the next season.
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    No, that would be a nightmare. Though I love Cedar Fair, they would absolutely strip all the charm that Dollywood and Hershey have. They are both extremely popular parks that have stellar attendance every year. Unless both parks are failing miserably there is no reason for Cedar Fair to acquire them. Plus, parks like Dorney, Worlds of Fun, and California's Great America need to grow.
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    It's a legitimate rumor at that point, although unlikely to be legitimate information
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    Another option to grow revenue is to market their brand outside the park. For instance start of chain of fast food restaurants serving up their line of premium burgers, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches. Right now if you want that deliciousness you have to drive to the park and you can't even get it during the off season. The pent up demand is just huge, just look at how long the lines are the first couple of weeks of the season.
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    ^i agree, pics of the lift and second hill i have had my fill with on this build, i want to see the rest of it.
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    It is good to see some updated pictures behind what we can see from the camera.
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    Hmm. This ride looks pretty sweet- I am assuming they used No Limits and auto-generated the supports, which caused the head chopper in the video. (ProTip: When using No Limits to showcase your new ride, make sure that doesn't happen...people clearly will notice) If it is that way on the real ride, then whomever makes sure amusement rides are safe in Florida probably won't let this open.
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    Construction photos has been updated on the Kings Island website. Thanks Don Helbig!!
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    This head chopper seems to be a bit extreme. Also concerned about this construction method here. Source: YouTube
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    Interesting topic. I gotta ask: What makes a rumor "legitimate"? Legitimate as in realistic and has been talked about by more than one party. A giga coming to the park rumored by many people across many different forms of media, a legitimate rumor Green Intamin track being seen by an unaccredited source, illegitimate
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    I hate to put it his way, but unless the interior reflects those extents of theming done to the outside, its kinda out of place.
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    (Sorry for the late post, have been very busy with getting work done before Christmas!) In the past few days Mr. Ouitmet has hinted at making bids at parks like Hershey Park and Dollywood. For some this comes with hope for new expansion, for others, disheartening. With the acquisition of new parks means that Cedar Fair would have a more diverse portfolio, but at the same time parks like Dorney have yet to experience serious growth. What are some of your thoughts, should Cedar Fair buy more parks? Or should they add on to what parks they have?
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    Just saw a video, looks cool; it's like a mini -Voyage with those turns
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    I'm still waiting for Thrill Biscuit to make a concept for the ride plaza.
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    No, just... no! Fix whats screwed up royally at the 11 parks they currently own, and leave the others alone. We,the park going public, already have enough (too many) cookie cutter Corporate parks, leave the smaller parks (Indiana Beach and Adventureland come to mind) for those who cant, or wont, pay $9 for a subpar burger or pay-to-cut upcharges. People seem to forget that competition can be a very good thing. An example of how it can be good AND bad together, is the "my lift hill is bigger than your lift hill" contest that went on between CP and SF:WoA. That created mass expansion on both ends, but also gross financial over-extention on both ends as well. One was in a position to survive, one was not. However, if all of the small parks are overtaken (and in my eyes, slowly destroyed) by the CFs and the SIXs of the US, all that will happen is a rise in price point to that of Disney levels, without the corresponding rise in guest service and experience. The Corporations have to recoup the cost of park acquisitions somehow, and as you pointed out in the case of Dorney, it will be at the expense of those smaller parks... and the guests that visit them.... getting nothing in return.
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    So if both Wiki and Screamscape post a rumor it is legitimate?
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    http://www.toledoblade.com/Retail/2016/12/07/Cedar-Fair-chief-Matt-Oiumet-talks-future-of-fun.html This is just a part of the story!
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    It be nice if they overhaul the map, i personally like a park map to be a more accurate rendering of the attractions and not "overcartoony" in exaggerating the elements of the various attractions.
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    I mean I knew GG made some intense coasters but a literal head chopper might be where I draw the line.
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    Great thread idea to go along with This or That. Legitimate or Illegitimate?
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    Interesting topic. I gotta ask: What makes a rumor "legitimate"?
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    Interesting! I wonder why they went with The Gravity Group instead of GCI. At any rate, more wooden coasters in Florida maintained well by Fun Spot is never a bad thing!
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    The glitches are due to the version of the IPB forum software we're using (version 3). When we upgrade (back) to version 4, the non-Tapatalk mobile interface will be much better. I haven't found the issues to be too annoying; zooming in & out fixes mobile input issues for me. If CKEditor (rich text editor with formatting buttons) is enabled on the forum in your mobile browser, press the BBCode button (light switch) to change to plain text input. On Android, you might try using Mobile Firefox instead of the default Chrome browser.
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    ^ Assuming CF really does operate under the 5 year plan model we might be seeing those changes come to light very soon.
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    ^ Cable snapping sound effects would be more effective.
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    Amusement Dark IS being used. That's what Cedar Fair has been referring to its recent dark ride projects as--it's all part of the Amusement Dark initiative. EDIT: Sorry, the forum software (or my phone?) was glitching on me and wouldn't let me keep typing--had to download Tapatalk to edit this. What I meant to add: If you look at some of Cedar Fair's recent internal stuff, like their quarterly reports, you'll find Amusement Dark referenced there.
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    You know what?? They can build 50 of the VR style rides, maybe that will attract the "cant get their heads out of their phones for 20 seconds" age demographic and will reduce the wait times on real rides for people like me! Im 110% for that.
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    That looks sweet! I'm guessing they dropped the flags and everything because the park realizes the theme has slowly died, and they have no intention of reviving it
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    mike nugent could probably use one of these after that sorry of a kick... This is a joke if you don't want to be scared go attend snoopy's halloween party. Nugent could definitely use one this year.
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    It is because they are not cleaned after use. It's a simple fix in my opinion. All they need is a bucket with wheels, soap and water with a couple long handled scrub brushes. At the end of each day once the last train with riders is dispatched. The next train ( once people disembark) gets sprayed and scrubbed down by two ride operators while being followed by the other 2 ride operators to Push the lapbars close so the train can depart, doing so that the train with riders can make it back to the station and the train that is now wet but cleaned can air dry. Every train will get its chance to be cleaned and dried because in order for the train to be put into storage for the night it must run the course to reach the transfer track. For a park that has difficulty fixing light bulbs, cleaning coaster trains after use probably won't happen. Unless there is a protein spill of course.
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    If we're going to call it Mr T, does it pity the fool? silver2005, asking questions.
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    I think you misunderstand what I mean by "word economics". He had 20-30 seconds of content but wanted a 5 minute video, so he said the same thing over and over again.
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    ^ This guy has no concept of word economics. Few YouTubers do, thus why I avoid it as much as possible.
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    I found the website of Place Workshop, the company that is responsible for making the ride plazas like Banshee, Fury 325, and Gatekeeper ass well as Carowinds and Cedar Point's entry plaza as well as the central plaza in Action Zone. I hope that we see them return for Mr. T http://www.placeworkshop.com/projects/
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