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    Let's get back on topic. I sure hope the MT tunnels are as dark and fun as The Beast tunnels. I hope it is total blackout. And intense ride. I have never been on a GCI, so at this point don't know what to expect besides others experiences.
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    Your in for quite a pleasant suprise. Every GCI I've been on (American Thunder, Lightning Racer, Roar SFA, Thunderhead, Wildcat Hershey) has been a top 20 worthy, or atleast EXTREMELY reridably wooden experience. I literally spend hours at a time every time I go to Dollywood JUST marathoning Thunderhead alone. Needless to say, I have some pretty high hopes for our newest addition...GCI is easily my favorite wood company (not counting RMC because RMC is life)
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    Did anyone of you ride FOF this season? Mid season until closing day it flew through the MCBR hardly stopping. But what do I know
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    I love to marathon Thunderhead as well. It is almost always a walk on after opening. The thrill seekers at Dollywood don't realize what a gem that ride is. I would agree that it is agressive but it is a fun aggressive like Beast when it is at its best.
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    It's as aggressive and smooth as voyage within the first year or so of retraking [emoji14] But not as fatiguing
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    As far a timing, I think it's pretty clear we're looking at 2020. Think about it.... Magnum XL-200 built in 1989 +20 years = Diamondback in 2009 Raptor built in 1994 + 20 years = Banshee in 2014 Millennium Force in 2000 + 20 years = Giga in 2020 That's called logic boys and girls
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    They are aggressive for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Possible, I think yes. Likely, I say no. That area is already fairly congested and adding another roller coaster back there I think would make it worse. When I was looking at it I noticed that google maps still has SoB in their aerial view.
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    I would think putting it in either X-base or Coney Mall close to the old Flight Commander pad makes the most sense. Right now the biggest draws are Banshee in Action Zone and Diamondback & Beast in Rivertown. Seeing that the SOB station is right next to Banshee and that area is already packed over there I think the end of Coney would be best for evening out crowds. There hasn't been a big shiny new attraction there in a while. At least not one that will draw the crowds of a giga, invert or hyper.
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    ^I can vouch for that. It was surprising the first couple of times I experienced it. I kind of missed the time to look down when I rode in the front seat, but overall it was an exciting change.
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    FoF has always had a hard brake set up on the MCBR (I've ridden it at least once a year since 1997). The KI and KD versions are prototypes of a completely new propulsion system and were supposed to run 4 trains after all. I'd speculate that Premier's thinking was that the faster lap times/average speed on the track with a MCBR along with quick loading times (I remember early FoF crews having pretty quick loading times when the ride wasn't deluged in downtime) and a separate unloading station would equate to ungodly capacity. I think the FoF twins might have been the first launch coasters that were also full circuit as well. The only launched coasters prior to that which I can think of are Arrow's launched loops (see Screamin' Demon) and Schwarzkopf's launched shuttle coasters. Premier got their act together with the bigger (and faster) outdoor versions (ex. SFA's Joker's Jinx and and SFFT's Poltergeist) of that layout which all have the MCBR scrapped.
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    Congrats! Vortex is a lot of fun i worked there alot for Haunt since the log ride closed a lot of times. Don't check the restraints to hard! I got blisters from it and it wasn't fun lol.
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    I am SO happy for you VortexBFForever! Congratulations!
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    A ride like Banshee? So like Raptor? Or Montu? Raptors ride is still well paced and forceful after the "speed killing" MCBR... Personally I feel like Diamondback feels sluggish after the MCBR. MCBRs are fine unless they don't quickly pick up a good pace (not speed) if they completely stop AND dont quickly pick up speed... looking at you FOF then they are kinda lame... but just kinda [emoji14] Some rides you might actually love having a MCBR (i.e. Vortex for riders that are not me)
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    https://www.cedarpoint.com/ A refreshed logo as well.
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    I'm sure all of you probably know this but I'm a huge fan of material, simplistic design. So naturally I'm a big fan of the design and layout of the website. I hope this rolls out to other Cedar Fair parks!
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    Before HWN, there was Stark Raven Mad.
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    I applied and have an interview scheduled for the 4th! To be entirely honest I'm actually really excited!
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    I would LOVE to see a B&M flyer come to Cedar Point. I was sort of saddened in a way when we got Firehawk because I knew that meant we wouldn't ever get a B&M Flyer. But I mean I am biased, since Flying Coasters are by far my fav type of coaster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How many years old is the HWN event? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Agreed, 2014 was the 2nd best Mania Ive ever been to, they really knocked that one out with it being Blue Streak's 50th (The last 2 day event in 2011 was #1 for me for a few reasons). After Failmania 2015, Id never attend another regardless of how many people I hear say they redeemed themselves last year. As far as my event choice for the year, since Im only doing one, its HWN hands down. Edit:Given a choice between Mania and Stock..... if I were inclined to attend, I would choose Stock for the single reason of Mystic Timbers ERT simply to be able to ride it repeatedly this year without a multi-hour wait.
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    Sweet, Makes me even more excited to ride MT.
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    ^Probably the same people who recognize the old props that reside in the Cavern of Terror. Anyone else would just see creepy people dressed in blue..
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    Dreams do come true! I have no clue how KI does that, but I am sure once you prove yourself on the platform you will be in that drive box in no time!
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    Great idea Bacon, I am wondering how much of the GP would even make the connection?
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    Can KI please get some scare-actors and dress them as the old Phantom Theater characters?
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    I will be 18 starting on February 25, so I'll be old enough to learn the controls. I'm not sure what my chances at drive training will be since I'm a first-timer, but if I do get trained to drive, a dream I've had since age 11 will come true!!
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    Would it be wrong to assume that the next ground up coaster Cedar Point will get is a B&M Flyer? I know they're already tight on space but they're going to need something new and unique in the next couple of years.
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    I've had this thought for a while but I didn't want to share it because I didn't think anyone would see it the same way... Bravo! Basically whatever newer coaster Cedar Point has, that's the coaster we're least likely to get. Launched for 2027 Wing for 2033 Dive for 2036
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    I'm in the "unlikely to use SOB's station or to even be in Action Zone" camp. It's just too crowded and congested already. If Invertigo and Congo Falls were gone, then maybe it would be located on that side of Action Zone but space there seems tight with the parking lot and Timberwolf. My most likely spots are at the end of Coney Mall in the DA/old Flight Commander vicinity, as part of some sort of X-base expansion, or *gulp* as a Vortex replacement (ordered by likeliness).
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    I've never been able to get a good feel or idea for how the SOB station could be used for another coaster. I just don't see a way to fit track between The Bat and Banshee that works. What are people ideas? diagrams? thoughts? wild conceptual designs? I'm mainly thinking of how to locate the track so a coaster could get in, turn around, and get back out. Would it potentially interact with The Bat or Banshee? Would that even be possible with the particular layouts of those two coasters near the old SOB station?
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    Sadly, I can't forsee an RMC anytime in the future (and I was team RMC for Mystic Timbers.) The fact is that with the addition of our 2017 coaster, our wood lineup is a record-holding legend in Beast, an EXTREMELY iconic classic in Racer, and now a (hopefully) amazing GCI in Mystic Timbers. It would be awesome and I always want more RMC everywhere, but with KK, Dollywood, and the obvious Mean Streak conversion only a few hours away in any direction, not sure if they'd be willing to install another so close to their own competition. An Intamin Blitz would be great though, even with Maverick so close by its still pretty unique and within the same chain, so following my RMC logic it's still perfectly acceptable. I was crossing my fingers for one back when they cleared out the lake for Diamondback...would've been a perfect fit for that area. Also, I refuse to let Vortex go anywhere any time soon. I don't care about how old it gets, or that it's harder to get parts etc now, Vortex is my baby and I must protect it. Anyways, back on topic. I'd love to see them reuse the station for SoB since it already has a decent sized queu for an area otherwise only used as a Haunt. I could see it turning out of station and head towards the X Base area, where they have plenty of room for expansion (and possibly a low to the ground finale interacting with The Bat/Banshee/Express area.) As for manufacturer, as a HUGE fan of Intimidator 305 (fave steel) and a lesser extent Millenium Force (its neat, but overshadowed by the park's amazing lineup), I would love an Intamin, but I understand company issues forcing it be B&M (still havent ridden either of those gigas to compare to the Intamin duo)
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    Awesome look back at the park's history. My first visit to the park was back when they had the Safari ride, so I was raised on both the antique cars, King Cobra (which I will still claim wasn't that bad as a TOGO) and the single rail suspended coaster in Hanna Barbara, but never got to see the Demon or any of those older rides....
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    For most major attractions you have to be 18 to operate a drive panel. This isn't the case for most smaller flat rides like Scrambler/Dodgems/Zephyr/Planet Snoopy etc, but in general for most of the big stuff you have to have that white 18+tag to drive. Luckily for me as a major my entire time there, I was able to operate Monster (one of the most complicated rides to master actually) and WindSeeker my first season at each crew (and Vortex my last year which was basically my dream come true)
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    Congrats! Welcome to my old crew (and obviously the best crew in the park). Both WindSeeker and Vortex are super chill once you get the hang of things, just remember to bring sunglasses since you'll be staring up ALOT working WindSeeker...
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    Maybe that is the goal of Eye of the Storm? I'd agree more flats in the SC "midway" would balance out that section of the park. And if it's true that the fair board was going to offer the land that has the auto body repair shops and salvage yards currently, that would open up a whole swath that would connect SC to the amphitheater and the other 20-30 acres. But I think the park could be ready for another coaster in '19. Coasters drive attendance and flats and other attractions sustain in non coaster addition years. On a different note, I think the park needs to strengthen it's entertainment offerings. The sea lion show is great, and the high school talent shows are nice, but more is needed. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    If anything, I think they should be developing more non-coaster attractions towards Storm Chaser as well as expanding the water park and then maybe add a coaster once you have a healthier amount of midway traffic going on. Storm Chaser is nice, but its so far out of the way from the next nearest attractions (at least Mt Thunderbird at HW has more than the coaster at the end of its even longer, hillier path from the rest of the park) and I think some easier rides around what is a very intense coaster would be wise.
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    But it seems like the ride wasnt originally inteded to alwaays stop. The track banks almost completely sideways out of the breakrun. I think it was designes to only stop if the next block wasn't clear.. Anyone able to vouch how FOF used to run if it ever simply trimmed through the MCBR? Ive heard Kings Dominion doesn't fully stop you either
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    Yeah bud, I did several times. It was awesome, but at the same time it was crazy that I was in control of a multi-million dollar machine. I absolutely loved it. It's pretty in depth and it can be scary at times as you think of how many people you are accountable for. If you do work there, once you are 18 you have the ability to be trained for controls. Once you do, it's pretty awesome. B&M coasters are pretty awesome and easy to control. You just have to know your stuff.
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    Racer would most likely get RMC'd before it would be demolished. The ride is too iconic to be demolished, especially with the way the roller coaster industry is constantly improving and innovating rides.
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    Responsive layouts for the win. People are browsing the web on many devices, so it's great to see Cedar Fair catching up with the times on that front. I am surprised to see the old Cedar Point logo go away in favor of the standard Cedar Fair logo text. The previous logo survived several rounds of standardization between the parks.
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    Since there's a lot of time between now and the event, this is probably a good place to mention that you can re-print tickets from Kings Island's website if you misplace or destroy them. Just open the ticket store & use the menu at the top to find Order Lookup.
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    Just got my paycheck tonight and used half of it.... Purchased my ticket! 3 pm Beast Tour WOOOO.... This will be other than National Rollercoaster Day my first real enthusiast event... Cant wait.....! Will probably arrive on Friday afternoon afterschool for check in....
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    Between the waterpark and hotels, there is a large plot of land (20-30 acres IIRC) that the Fair Board has made available to the park, as well as the industrial areas near Storm Chaser for smaller expansion later on. (Supposedly, the Fair Board is not renewing leases as they expire.) The large area has a height limit of 200' IIRC. As to the contractual agreements, those are minimum required amounts. I think the surge that Storm Chaser brought in might encourage spending on future attractions. I'm excited about the future of this park.
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    ^ When you save a webpage to a file, a matching folder is created for that page's resources. This includes images, style configuration files (css), JavaScript, and more. This way, if you open the saved HTML file, those other parts of the page still show up. Saving your order configuration in this way isn't the best idea, as the dynamic order information might not load properly. I suggest printing - either to paper or to a PDF file.
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    Nice Vortex great job, It be cool to see you drive the ride one day. Also Chug I heard you have driven Diamondback before. How was it like and if I have the chance (when I get older) to drive the coaster should I do it or another ride?
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    That's the word I was looking for Pacing not speed. The thing with Banshee is that with the loose layout it has I don't think an MCBR would work well. On Diamondback it does get sluggish, But you still get the airtime on the hill and cruise through them at an ok pace. I didn't get to ride FoF last season but seeing pov's its pretty luggish on that MCBR.
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    Where in the world would they even put a coaster as dynamic as a B&M? They're gridlocked as is and that line where all the taller coasters' lifts line up has nothing in terms of that kind of space. A launched B&M that isn't very tall perhaps, but nothing like Chang. I also don't think they need another coaster quite yet with what they've already spent along with their current spending rate (after Storm Chaser, their budget goes way down if you look at past proposals).
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    I think Kentucky Kingdom needs a standard looping coaster, and B&M would be able to pull it off. A floorless, standard or wing could work, but I think they need a good looper like KI has Vortex and SDC has Wildfire. Yes, I know some could count Storm Chaser as the looping coaster, but I'm talking in a more traditional sense of a looping coaster.
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