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    If you want to be among the first to experience Mystic Timbers and find out what's in the shed, the first riders auction will provide that opportunity. Details regarding the event will be announced soon!
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    Today there are officially fewer days left until opening (83) than there have been since closing day (84). We're halfway through the off season! It's all downhill from here!
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    A couple of items I would like to point out from an architectural perspective. The water that is used in RFYLCB is likely fed from water lines, but once the reservoir is filled, the water is treated and recirculated (with additional water supplemented as needed to account for evaporation, water lost to wet riders, etc. being provided by the water supply line). There could also be existing water supply lines in the area. Remember, that the picnic grove and train shed likely have water service running to them. I am quite positive that the water line indicator would likely be for a hose to spray down the station floor from a protein spill. Additionally, they will likely have misters in the queue that will require water service. The station may or may not need to have a fire sprinkler system. It depends on how the architect of record classified the building, based on the occupant load and construction type of the building. The Ohio Building Code governs these things. Also, I think some people are getting plumbing/water service confused with hydraulics/pneumatics. The brakes on most coasters are operated by air pressure (pneumatics). Hydraulics generally refer to liquids through pipes, specifically those related to hydraulic pistons (like those found on Shake, Rattle and Roll, for example). Water lines are generally part of the plumbing drawings on buildings, but the lines running to the buildings (and any drainage lines), are shown on civil drawings. That was probably way more information then anyone wanted to know. I could go into more minute details about the construction process and the practice of architecture, but I don`t have all day, and it would likely bore people to tears.
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    Frankly, what's in the shed is not nearly as interesting to me as what's before the shed. I will say just by visual judgement when viewing pictures, the fact that the track is hugging the ground so tightly after a decent sized lift makes me think its going to be a great ride. Once the "shed" secret is out, its out. The success of the ride will be based on it's overall ride experience not the last 20 seconds. What if what's in the shed is just a monitor that scrolls a list of build credits, like the end of a movie? LOL! Nah, that's more of a Paramount move... Ha ha!
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    They just tweeted another angle of Mystic Timbers: This shot gives you a good look of the terrain Mystic Timbers goes through and how twisty it looks. This is one of the coolest shots they've uploaded.
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    My interview was great! I was in a group interview with one other applicant with whom I worked together on the few activities throughout. They were fun! We were both hired! Savannah (the other applicant and my new co-worker) chose to work on the Drop Tower/Bat crew, and I chose...WindSeeker/Vortex! I'll be working my first job on Vortex's 30th anniversary crew!!
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    Another fantastic view of Mystic Timbers: You can really tell from this how its going to interact with White Water Canyon. (Crosses WWC five times as the tweet states)
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    As other pointed out, most of those thinking "drop track" are not accounting for the train pass directly underneath the area being speculated. Do you really think they'd install a drop track directly over a train pass? I am, and always have been on the "no drop track" team. I do think it would be cool if the track is kept open underneath and as the train passes it lets out a big steam toot. LOL!
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    Automatic fire suppression sprinklers for the station? It is wood construction after all
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    Your in for quite a pleasant suprise. Every GCI I've been on (American Thunder, Lightning Racer, Roar SFA, Thunderhead, Wildcat Hershey) has been a top 20 worthy, or atleast EXTREMELY reridably wooden experience. I literally spend hours at a time every time I go to Dollywood JUST marathoning Thunderhead alone. Needless to say, I have some pretty high hopes for our newest addition...GCI is easily my favorite wood company (not counting RMC because RMC is life)
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    Let's get back on topic. I sure hope the MT tunnels are as dark and fun as The Beast tunnels. I hope it is total blackout. And intense ride. I have never been on a GCI, so at this point don't know what to expect besides others experiences.
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    Although I don't want to be told before I ride, once a few trains come through it will be all over social media and talked about across the park.
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    I love to marathon Thunderhead as well. It is almost always a walk on after opening. The thrill seekers at Dollywood don't realize what a gem that ride is. I would agree that it is agressive but it is a fun aggressive like Beast when it is at its best.
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    Did anyone of you ride FOF this season? Mid season until closing day it flew through the MCBR hardly stopping. But what do I know
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    The shed would not limit the capacity. They would never design a ride at KI around a theming element like that. Likely the idea of the Shed came up when they decided to run 3 trains without a MCBR. They are adding something to the ride instead of you sitting there waiting for the next train to dispatch.
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    I guess maybe we CAN expect a passholder preview night
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    Towards the end of last season, The Bat sign went temporarily missing (and was replaced by a smaller printed corrugated plastic version) but came back. I wouldn't read too much into it temporarily being gone. If anything, they are probably repainting the station but will return the sign.
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    ^^ Congratulations! That's great. Please be an ambassador for coaster enthusiasts and encourage guests not to spoil #WhatsInTheShed.
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    I got the job! I'm on the Mystic Timbers crew. You'll have a new co-worker Drummermat, I interviewed with a girl who really wanted to work RFYLCB and she got the job as well.
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    It's as aggressive and smooth as voyage within the first year or so of retraking [emoji14] But not as fatiguing
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    As far a timing, I think it's pretty clear we're looking at 2020. Think about it.... Magnum XL-200 built in 1989 +20 years = Diamondback in 2009 Raptor built in 1994 + 20 years = Banshee in 2014 Millennium Force in 2000 + 20 years = Giga in 2020 That's called logic boys and girls
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    I can't make any promises but i will try my best.
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    Working has its ups and downs, on the ups, you get MANY good benefits which include park admission to any cedar fir owned parks along with free parking (always great)!, discount on food and merchandise, but idk why you would buy park food when you have unlimited access to the associate cafeteria when your their as a guest. They also have associate rides nights (like Drop Tower/ Banshee one night, FOF and Dodgems another night or Big Bash where its the last one and they run Dback and Beast!). On the downside, is the pay sadly. Its gonna be rough going from a seasonal job at Kohls making 13.50 back down to 8.25 at ki. I'm going into my third year at the park as a rides associate and aside from the coaster enthusiast in myself, i really enjoy my job. You meet some great friends and you have a good time. Some of you may notice me from the log flume for two years. I was "promoted" last year to a CT (Certified Trainer which is almost the beginning of a supervisor). I am fortunate enough to be at........................MYSTIC TIMBERS as part of the inaugural crew. Aside from that, I would highly recommend working at the park. I recently said something on Kentucky Kingdom's facebook post about seasonal jobs to. You'll have a great time, make great friends and have a fun job.
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    I find it interesting that Mystic Timbers may have a water feature as well since, in the images tweeted out by KI, there are markers for water lines (indicated by blue flag) that run parallel along the length of the station. Thoughts?
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    At least at the end of Haunt in 2017 it won't mean not being at Ki till next Spring. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    I'd rather wait longer to get off a ride than have to deal with a mid-course break-run.
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    Millennium Flyer trains are much more comfy. The restraints are easier to deal with I think. Timberliner trains are interesting to say the least. The restraints are kind of awkward, you feel more forced into your seat with them IMO. They come at you from the side of the train. I think they are less comfy. PS.....may wanna update your signature
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    Maybe there will be a new Vortex sign with a 30th anniversary logo (or another type of redesign for the 30th)? EDIT: If there is a ceremony for Vortex's 30th, I think Vortexbfforever should be invited (or maybe even give a speech)! She's ridden Vortex 300+ times!
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    This is more of a thought than a rumor. Relocating Congo Falls to Rivertown and renaming it Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal.
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    RIP Vortex sign. Taken at 7:50 pm closing day. Just happened to take one last loop around the park. Shedding a tear even then that the season was over. Little did I know this would be the last photo I would get of The Vortex sign.
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    Well, I'm heading out to Kings Island next Wednesday... ...for my interview at 6. It'll feel so weird visiting the quiet, dormant Kings Island instead of the bustling, ambient Kings Island we're all so used to!
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    reminds me of my favorite carpentry joke "I cut the board twice and its still too short"
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    Past Coasterstock menus have included staples like barbeque chicken quarters, pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, blue ice cream, etc. I could rib the park about one thing they served in 2015, but I won't go there.
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    Responsive layouts for the win. People are browsing the web on many devices, so it's great to see Cedar Fair catching up with the times on that front. I am surprised to see the old Cedar Point logo go away in favor of the standard Cedar Fair logo text. The previous logo survived several rounds of standardization between the parks.
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    Just got my paycheck tonight and used half of it.... Purchased my ticket! 3 pm Beast Tour WOOOO.... This will be other than National Rollercoaster Day my first real enthusiast event... Cant wait.....! Will probably arrive on Friday afternoon afterschool for check in....
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    ^ When you save a webpage to a file, a matching folder is created for that page's resources. This includes images, style configuration files (css), JavaScript, and more. This way, if you open the saved HTML file, those other parts of the page still show up. Saving your order configuration in this way isn't the best idea, as the dynamic order information might not load properly. I suggest printing - either to paper or to a PDF file.
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    Per twitter it's returning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ^Sign upgrade as a prelude to a LED makeover? wishful silver.
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    One thing that will have to be open for Winterfest, is the Dippin Dots stand. How else are we going to get news on whats new for 2018?
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    Someone from the Rides Department contacted me today hoping to set up an interview!!! I can barely contain my excitement!!! Interview tips, anyone?
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    Well they don't have to let us walk in the mud or construction site. I'd be interested in an off-season KI tour even if there was nothing under construction. I'd love to see all the rehab/maintenance that goes on in person.
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    Remember what Greg said, "you'll have to come back and ride it multiple times." What I take from this is that there's going to be different scenes depending on what ride you're on. So if someone spoils #whatsintheshed, it might be different than what the next person sees. Since the actual "shed" is comprised of 4 different sections, there might be a variety of scenes that could be shown throughout the end of the ride.
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    Its plenty tall enough, look at the carpenter on what we will.. for the purposes of this photo/demonstration...call the "2nd level". Those studs are representative of a room that would have a standard 8 to 9 foot ceiling, and the carpenters on the "3rd level" are standing next to studs/columns that are representative of a 12+ foot ceiling. Not to mention, that level is very likely going to be open ceiling like The Beast station, and Im going to venture to say that is going to be loading platform level. The distance, and the man in the reflective coat are throwing the scale off in regards to visual perspective.
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    Yes, that idea might not be so Farfetch'd!
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    As a few have already said, it's essentially standard water line for the station......Diamondback has a water line running to it, in fact there generally is a garden hose towards the back of the station on the unload side. It likely will be hooked up to the main water lines. Also think of the location, it's not too far from RFYLCB.