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    Test run confirmed!!! And video of it on @KingsIslandPRs Twitter [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edit Twitter Link:
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    When you move into Island Club because it has a view of the park, and you start designing your dining room accordingly... The tower decal I got at Menard's. I'm having photos of Banshee and Diamondback from last season blown up into box-canvas paintings at FedEx Office, and I'm going to hang them on either side of the mirror. We also have candles whose fragrances are like those in the park during the summer. When family comes over this season, I want them to feel the excitement of being near the park the night before. Still a work in progress, but a dream-come-true. Yeah, big fan here.
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    Looks more like a deep maroon color. We could have 3 different colored trains!
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    This is a very interesting article about Michigan's Adventure. I highly recommend reading it as it explains how the park actually benefits at being a smaller than most. https://blooloop.com/feature/michigans-adventure-camille-jourden-mark/
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    Cannot wait to cross under this gateway to Mystic Timbers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ^I wouldn't doubt it. They probably shut down the webcams so that any possible ride malfunction would not be seen online. Or there is something truly lurking in the woods....
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    I played around with with a picture of the test run train and... Idk but it looks like a red maroon-color to me. Perhaps red, blue, and green fronts? Yellow? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sharing from @KingsIslandPR Twitter! Not much longer guys!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edit: Sorry for the double post! I could open the above link on Tapatalk and didnt know they were the same picture
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    Invertigo adds a lot to the auditory excitement when approaching the park, too. I've sat out in the parking lot talking on the phone to my husband, and he could hear it over the phone even. It's a very distinctive clank followed by thrilled screams and whooshing of the coaster along the track, that I very much associate with approaching the park and thinking of all the things I will ride. Even though I rarely ride Invertigo, I would be sad to lose it simply because I would miss its sound.
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    This might put the nail in the coffin for why the exit que dead ends into the train station. It looks like they just sacrificed the rear part of the railroad platform to accommodate the exit que for MT.
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    Excited to see when the lead car designs are installed too! Less than a month!
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    When I watched the clip it just had a standard GCI Millennium Flyer front. It might just be off of the train due to it being a first test run Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think it's time for me to find some good cargo shorts i've also seen people mention running belts as a good way to store keys, wallet etc.
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    Actually, you can see in the Snapchat that the lead car just isn't on yet
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    Mystic Timbers has officially been tested! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spring has officially sprung and with an influx of new members thanks to Mysty, I thought I'd bump my favorite thread in the history of this site. Seriously if you haven't read thru it, take some time, start from the beginning and just start enjoying some time travel. Oh, and if stand by me is still out there occasionally reading (been a while since I've seen him post) we need an update to photo set #1
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    Part 6: London Before our trip was over, we hopped on a train out to London. We stayed in a nice little hotel a couple blocks from Buckingham Palace. Our first full day in London was spent walking around the Piccadilly Circus area. Now, you may have noticed in the previous sections that I was always on the lookout for movie locations. And in London there are tons of them. But one of my favorites is An American Werewolf in London. So, when we were in the Picadilly Circus square, I was amazed. It's kind of like the Times Square of London. This is also the spot where the wolf goes full on attack mode in the movie at the end and causes all kinds of problems before his ultimate fate. Below is the shot from the movie: The place where the final attack starts is an adult movie theater back in the 80's. As you'll see in my pic, it's now a GAP store. By coincidence, we had started planning this trip and then about a year out it was announced that they would be performing J.K. Rowling's new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre in London. It just happened to start a week before we got there. So, I stayed up when tickets went on sale and waited hours and was able to get some killer seats. They were pricey, but they ended up being in the 2nd row from the stage. We were so close we could see the actors spitting all over each other! It was glorious. As has been discussed elsewhere, the story line of the play isn't the best (almost like HP Fan Fiction), but the acting, the sets, the special effects are all amazing and make it worth a viewing. When the play comes out here I'll be sure to check it out. The next day were walked about 10 miles around London, hitting all the biggest sights from Buckingham Palace, to Big Ben to the Tower of London. I thought the shot below was a very British picture. Doubledeckers and a phone booth. One cool thing with the phone booths is that a lot of them have been retrofitted so be free wifi hot spots. Very convenient. When I see Big Ben I think of one of 2 things, Peter Pan landing on the hands and moving them, and the finale of V for Vendetta. Here's where the Prime Minister lives: The London skyline with their weird shaped buildings: The Tower Bridge: And lastly, the Tower of London: After that day, we flew back and reflected on all that we had seen. It was a lot and something that I'll never be able to forget. We're already thinking about when we can go overseas again and what we'd like to do. Thanks for reading!
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    Everyone's criteria will be different. I see them as a parental guide, not for an enthusiast.
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    I looked up how much those running belts are. There's one that's $28 on Amazon, but I found another one just like it for only $13. I'm totally getting that cause my sister had one last year at KI and she said it's really comfortable and nice. Even though they're called "running belts", still pretty nice thing to have at an amusement park without using a bag or getting a locker. Also I'm really hoping Mystic Timbers starts testing soon. I'm so excited to see those trains put together and on track!
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    Part 5: Train to Hogsmeade and Goodbye Robin Hood's Bay One day, we took an old fashioned steam train ride from Whitby out to a town called Goathland. What's cool about Goathland is that they used their train station as the location where the students arrive at Hogsmeade station in the Harry Potter films. It was a very relaxing ride through the moors of Yorkshire. Eventually we arrived at Goathland. Here's how it looked in the film. Up the hill from the station is the village which is very sheep friendly. They're all over, just wandering around the roads and shop areas. I was very surprised to see that they didn't sell any Harry Potter merchandise there. I wonder if they had some kind of clause where they weren't allowed to capitalize on the location filming. There was a show that was apparently popular that was filmed in the village called Heartbeat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbeat_(UK_TV_series)) and the shops were covered in merch for it, but nothing from HP. Was a little disappointed. View from the bridge over the tracks. With that, it was the end of our stay in Robin Hood's Bay. But we still had London to look forward to. Coming up, London...
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    The minimum time is usually a lot longer than I need the locker. Last time I brought a pen, and put all my locker info on my receipt, handed it to someone in line for a locker after I left, so they got one for free.
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    I would love to see some classic flats throughout Coney Mall or around the Eiffel Tower added, and tea cups, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Enterprise are top of my list. A Music Express or Bayern Curve would be fun too. As far as Flight Commanders spot goes I think teacups would be best as it is already a raised platform, having it be a flat surface I think woudl be best. Plus with all the poles and cables they have there for their canopy and banners they coudl string up some lights over the top of them. either that or an Enterprise with an LED light package would look great in that spot as well.
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    Doesn't matter whether you're talking about photos or not. You're still asking him to reveal secrets that he is not authorized to reveal. If he posts anything at all, even a single word, that gives away or even hints at non-public information, he is very likely to be immediately fired. Multiple reminders to new employees about that have been posted on KIC in the recent days and weeks. So basically, don't ask for anything at all, not even cryptic hints. You won't get them unless somebody wants to get fired, and even if that were to happen, the moderators of this site would delete the post faster than you can say "you're fired".
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    In an interesting note, I noticed today on KI's website that Mystic Timbers is rated as a "4" on the 1-5 thrill scale, which puts it on the same thrill level as rides like WindSeeker, Congo Falls, Dodgem, and WWC. I find this interesting. I don't know that in the long run it really means much, but I do think it signals to the fact that whatever is in the shed will be fairly tame and nothing too crazy. I'm interested to see if that gets changed after they start testing the coaster.
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    What a great sound to be added to Rivertown!
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    ^ I believe they don't have the Lead-cars yet, or they wanted to test it before putting them on.
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    Also in the test run video does the lead car look like a red truck to anyone else or is that just me?
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    ^Also on Snapchat DB, beat to the punch by mere seconds Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here are some products I've used for different reasons. https://www.amazon.com/NEW-Running-Buddy-XL-Pouch/dp/B00PUO6KCI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490040763&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=running+pouch&psc=1 This one I use when I go running. It's a little pouch that magnetically goes around the waistband of your pants/shorts. It's perfect for holding a phone and some cards. It's also nice because it's not an entire belt, so you can move it to wherever you want it to sit. One con is if you're wearing shorts that aren't tight around the waist, it can pull down in that area (like running shorts without a tied drawstring). Also, if your phone has a really big case, it might need to come off. https://www.amazon.com/Hopsooken-Travel-Money-Belt-Comfortable/dp/B014KF9PMO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1490040832&sr=8-4&keywords=money+belt+travel I used one of these when I went to Europe because of all of the pick pockets. It's a super comfortable belt and could hold a lot and still fit under a shirt so that it didn't look too conspicuous. But when I go to the parks, I still just go with my cargo shorts.
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    I'm having a hard time finding shorts with pockets that close with zippers. I'd rather have zippers than buttons/velcro. I've found one pair at Walmart, has one pocket with a zipper but it's not deep enough and if I were to put my phone to the side, it's not wide enough.
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    I think that I what I will do the best deal that I can find in the area is at Six Flags Over Georgia. So I will probably just buy that and head to SFMM and probably add SFOG and SF St Louis to the itinerary. That way I at least get my money's worth and not fret about paying almost $90 for half a day in on park.
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    ^Great now I won't be able to stop seeing that I'm a fan of Vortex's classic design. Its simple and not over complicated. I just wish that there could be some trains with modified restraints. I personally prefer the newer style of restraints as opposed to the OTSRs on Invertigo and Vortex.
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    I have a wallet case that I can put my phone into while it is also "wearing" its normal protective case. In addition to keeping my cards and money, the wallet offers extra screen protection, plus I put it in my pocket with the screen facing my leg. I wear men's cargo pants or shorts, so I have enough room in my (buttoned) pockets to slide the whole thing.
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    But yet Adventure Express is a 5 on the thrill level. Based on my experience with riding other GCIs, they are more intense than Adventure Express. I know many things go into the thrill level, not just ride intensity.
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    Thanks! It was really cool. We knew we were going to England, but had to decide between Paris, Rome, Venice or Ireland as our 2nd destination. We ultimately decided on Paris since I had always wanted to go after taking some French in high school. Let me tell you, that was a long time ago, and I hardly remembered any of it. So I'm glad Parisians are pretty multilingual.
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    With the Rain, Snow, Hail, and thunder, there's probably not much happening today. Unless, it's inside The Shed!!!
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    Part 4: York Next we went to York. All I knew of this place before going was the scene in Braveheart where Wallace sacks it. But it's an old walled city, which was pretty cool. Lots of very old buildings and you can still walk along the walls. Here's the wife and I in front of one of the old gates. There's also an area called the Shambles which was an old meat market. I've heard it was an inspiration for how Diagon Alley looked in Harry Potter. I'm sure you can see the inspiration. Clifford's Tower. Lots of spiral staircases out there. Next, we take a train ride to the REAL Hogsmeade station...
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    To be honest, as much as I hate paying for lockers to ride certain rides. If it meant not standing for 90 minutes in the Diamondback line (or any line for that matter) directly targeted by the sun... Count me in!!!
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    Absolutely worth it. The cost is easily absorbed after a few pictures and you are able to download them, print them at your own convenience and it allows for great memories. It's easy to get your photos and it's painless.
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    I don`t know about a dark immersion Lost river ride coming to Coney in the future. If I were in charge of Coney, I have several rides that I would add to the park (besides the obvious coaster). A Chance train ride would be among the items added, as would a set of Flying Scooters.
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    Yes I do! I have taken these over the past few Haunts as I have an obsession with anything Phantom and whenever I see anything from it, I always try and take a picture as things from Phantom Theater are getting rare to come by. These first 2 I took in 2015 and were in front of The Beast queue line. It's the Flash Powder barrel and Light Bulbs crate both from Phantom Theater. Also the Flash Powder barrel was still in front of The Beast last summer. Here it is again. And this was one I'll have to tell you a story about. So, originally when I saw it in Madame Fatales, I looked at it and kept going however being with my obsession of Phantom, I did Madame Fatales again so I could take a picture of it since no one was hardly in there. Fortunately for me, even though you can't take photos in mazes, I took a quick photo of them and continued through the maze without getting into trouble and was very pleased on how the photo came out. I took this in 2015 and it's the mummy and Great Garbonzos cannon which are both from Phantom Theater in the Madame Fatales Cavern of Terror maze. I was so happy to see these still being used in the maze!I wasn't able to get a photo of the Phantom Theater furnace or Phantom Theater mouse being used in mazes but I hope you enjoyed these few photos I took of things being used from Phantom and hopefully they will continue to be used in Haunt this year. Thanks! MaestroJr
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    "Not to burst anyone's bubble" ?? I'm confused
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    Just my opinion but I think we need more "grandparent rides"- rides that grandparents could ride with their grandchildren. We have the train as well as the Planet Snoopy rides but I think the park should get a tea cup style ride along with some more gentle rides the season after a big ride install.
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    I hope it doesn't do anything that could break and keep the ride from operating. If it's just screens that are going while you coast through, that's fine because the train can still go without the screens. But when you start shaking and tilting track it seems like that could cause operational issues if it breaks down. And I doubt what's in the shed will be better than what came before in the woods.
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