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    Update (6/21/17) Rolls playing: 6617 and 6627 I think I've finally got a temporary fix on the speed control. No more funeral march tempo! (Original Post) Hi Everyone! Opening day is approaching and there's a BUNCH to be excited about. As a wooden coaster fan - I'm itching to ride the new coaster, and Winterfest is going to be truly specacular... Trust me, you won't want to miss it! Anyways, I was at the park today and 2 weeks ago with a band organ restorer to diagnose some issues and between those two days - I'm pretty happy with the result. Today was a tuning day and I've now got all of the ranks of pipes playing, including the trombones which were not operating properly the past few years. Update (4/12/17) Take a look at the new lightbulbs on the organ! This pays homage to the way it looked in the Paul Eakins collection back in the 1960's. Attached below is a short audio file showing how it sounds as of today (3/24) W157 2017.mp3
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    Keep in mind that the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad burns propane. It is not like it is burning coal like the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railorad or the Dollywood Express. The wood on Mystic Timbers is pressure treated, so it should be able to withstand the elements, including any exhaust from the train.
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    I think it was down (not keeping time, no hands) a good deal of the 2015 season, so I was pleasantly surprised with its new cement face that includes planters in the shape of letters forming "Kings Island" They definitely seem to have stepped back up their landscaping game this last season and it makes me very happy. At one point they had food-bearing plants back by the restrooms near WindSeeker (tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins). It delighted me because it was unexpected. I hope somebody had a couple dinners off the fruits before they changed it out again.
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    Thank you so much! I put 2 snappy rolls on and will put new music on at least monthly. There *may* even be a special roll for Halloween Haunt as I've been looking to arrange a Halloween roll. (Any tune requests?) The park already does have a Christmas roll for Winterfest from years past.
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    I like BLSC, so I wouldn't be happy if it were removed. I never visited the park pre-CF, so I don't know what it was like before them.
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    Also, there will always be heat expelling from the smoke stack whenever a locomotive is in operation, whether it's sitting still or moving. The "puffing" you're referring to is when the engineer pulls back on the throttle allowing steam to go through the cylinders and eventually into the smoke stack. To stop the "puffing" the engineer will push against the throttle so that no steam is pushed through the pistons and the train will just coast, (similar to taking your foot off of the gas in your car.) If I know locomotives correctly, and I do, I expect the engineers normally push the throttle all the way in and let the train coast into the station then open it back up slightly if needed to reach the water tower and the wheelchair ramp.
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    I LOVE this idea! I'd even be down with this inside the TR:TR building. I'm down with this, too!
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    Guess what everyone? Delirium's testing! Also, The Bat's just chillin' on the lift! 21 days!
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    I've heard Firehawk (XFlight) was originally designed FOR KI in Action Zone. Paramount changed their mind after the design was finished, and Geauga Lake took it instead. Firehawk (xflight) being up for grabs years later probably made Cedar Fair easily pick KI for it, if they knew this (assumingly true) information.. Almost with a thought of "they were gonna get it anyways" sort of thought.
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    Thanks for posting your updates to the band organ! It sounds amazing! I am so happy that you continue to work on this wonderful piece of history that the park has. It adds so much to the atmosphere! I can't wait to take my newborn son on the carousel when he is able to, just like my Dad took me on it when I was little. I always was mesmerized by the band organ when I was young, and still am today! Hmm. I don't know what you added. Is it something visual that we will be able to see when we ride the carousel? again thanks for all your hard work into restoring this for future generations to enjoy!
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    But it still makes money where as a coaster wont directly create funds
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    The floral clock was operational last year, along with every year before that.
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    Truthfully I don't see any coasters leaving anytime soon. Like, I thought The Vortex looked like it was in rough shape the last time I saw it--- but I don't see it leaving.
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    I don't think The Racer will leave soon. It's an ACE landmark. Give it some TLC? YES! New paint does wonders to any ride
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    Nothing says majestic like a large smoking section near the carousel and non working floral clocks .... :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't see The Racer leaving anytime soon. It has historical significance to the park.
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    General rule of thumb, don't look at any comments on Facebook Public Pages....especially park pages...GP is never happy and/or looking for something out of their rants.
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    Kings Island posted a picture of the Les Taxis on Facebook today and I didn't realize how much the GP disliked them being removed until I read the comments.
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    ^Or maybe hypnotic sleep induction...
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    Oh, it would definitely have to be a modified version. I am certain some brave translator has made it into a roll for band organs, at some point, tho. It's pretty much the best known non-religious piece for pipe organ, that I can think of. I just grabbed that video to show the song I was talking about, but it turned out that as I watched it, I got a deeper understanding of the construction of my favorite song. Bonus!
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    You said you thought KI got the short end of the stick, others seem to think Michigan's Adventure did. Although Dominator is a better ride than Firehawk we did get the more unique ride. When I went to Geauga Lake X-Flight (Firehawk's previous name) was the coaster I was most excited for because its such a rare type.
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    This could end up being incredibly embarrassing for me...
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    I alwyas felt that as well. They had a land themed to a studio backlot and then opened an attraction themed to a studio backot but didn't put it in the matching land. Know space is a bit of a premium in AZ but think it would have been a lot better if they could have found an area back there. If not and lef tit where it was wish it woudl have been rethemed to fit the surrounding area better.
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    Or all three trains are the same colour... Remember the first video showed water dummy's on the train, This one does not. (That doesn't mean they took them off, but that also could mean it's a different train.) Lead Cars are temporary for now. (Probably wanting to make sure nothing bad happens to the lead car, or they are setting them up to be ready to go.)
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    Both vine tunnels from the Mystic Timbers webcam before it was turned off. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    I very much want Les Taxis and the Ohio Overland Auto Livery to return. I was very sad when they were removed. What made me most sad though, was the removal of KCKC. Rivertown needs more water rides!
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    Why would they post it and say "share if you miss". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You know, I think on the Snapchat the train coming out of the station (which appeared red) was a different one than in the video of the one on the first drop, now that you post those images. I didn't pay as much attention on the long shot because I was assuming it was the same, red, train. So, I'm thinking red (from Snapchat), light blue (from the teaser pics), and tan or brown or orange (or however you want to characterize that^ one).
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    I'm wondering why they had to specify "Kings Island" on the ride sign. Don't we know where we are? It's not like the other signs in the park say "Banshee Kings Island" or "The Beast Kings Island." I'm wondering what this is all about? Could it be that there will be other Mystic Timber coasters installed at other Cedar Fair parks?
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    Man, I'd love to see video from other sections of the track! Hint, Hint...
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    Excited to see when the lead car designs are installed too! Less than a month!
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    Good point, at least earlier today can you put past videos on Snapchat? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I played around with with a picture of the test run train and... Idk but it looks like a red maroon-color to me. Perhaps red, blue, and green fronts? Yellow? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also in the test run video does the lead car look like a red truck to anyone else or is that just me?
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    This is a really great thread! Thank you for bumping!
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    @Zexeos: As for a begginer maze, I'd reccommend either Carnevil or Urgent Scare (it wasn't very scary when I went thru last year at least). Blackout may not have many Scareactors, but what it lacks in people, it makes up for in audio/visual effects! Blackout is the scariest maze I've done at KI; I was shaking when I come out. This is coming from a guy who was scared to death to work Haunt (as a Sweep) 3-4 seasons ago (and I still don't really like getting scared), but just last season, I did all the mazes within 2 visits. I think it's all about exposure to the environment; Slaughter House used to scare me, but now it's like walking through a friend's house (who has a bunch of weird relatives...). Next season, give a maze a try and see what you think; you might even grow to like it -MDMC, a semi-Haunt enthusiast
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    I like BLSC but I liked the Antique Cars/Les Taxis a lot more, and they went with the scenery. I'd like to keep blsc and move it to somewhere else in the park and put the car's back there and maybe another flat ride, but I don't think they'd do that since its about how much money at the end it takes and just to make it look better, they'd probably just put the Antique Car's somewhere else. I can hope!
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    Would it be wrong to assume that if Cedar Fair decided to remove the three BLSC from KI, KD, and CA respectively, they would just move them to smaller parks like Dorney, Valley Fair, and dare I say Michigan's Adventure?
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    Why would they laugh at that suggestion?
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    Technically, the Mondial one doesn't swing faster, it just has a tighter arc resulting in more intensity. But I know it cannot match the KI version in raw power which, at max swing, goes 70MPH.
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    Exactly that! This Kings park did the "downgrade" first, and as someone who has ridden Delirium at KD, I can and will say the Mondial version is a whole lot better. Though not as tall, it spins and swings MUCH faster, and really has some great laterals. I admit I was cheesed off when I head they were dropping Shockwave, and yes I would have liked to see it stay, but facts are facts. In regards to BLSC, in this hypothetical case, if it were removed Id enjoy seeing them either A)build onto the existing enclosure and create a large and immersive dark ride or B)install a well landscaped (yeah yeah, I know, thats a pipe dream with CF) area with three classic flats like purdude said including a tilt-a-whirl, tea cups that can be independently spun by the rider, and one other.
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    I wholeheartedly agree about Backlot's unfortunate placement, but it's a fun ride that seems unlikely to leave anytime soon. For reference, we have other threads for speculating on which rides will be removed & when. Here's the most recent: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/32121-which-ride-will-leave-next/
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    I think if you remove a coaster, you should replace it with a coaster. So my vote would be for another coaster when it gets removed someday. BLSC is a fun ride and should stay around for years to come, but I have to agree that it is one of the ugliest coasters ever built.
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    I love BLSC, so I don't know what I would want replacing it if in the future it's torn down.
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    This one looks like it spun more than Knoebels.
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    http://www.kiextreme.com/history_defunct.php KIExtreme has it listed as a crazy daisy type ride and if you go the Flat Joint they have the Crazy Daisy as a Philadelphia Tobaggon Company Ride. http://www.flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/crazydazy.html If this is the ride then it is a tea cup ride that spins in a figure eight motion. They have one at Knoebels. It's very unique but a good ride.
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