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    We can't wait for everyone to experience Mystic Timbers! Before your first visit of the season, please be advised loose articles are not able to be brought into the queue line area and stored on the ride platform area of Mystic Timbers. Riders will need to store loose articles such as cell phones, pagers, hats, cameras, stuffed animals, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, beverage containers, personal entertainment devices, etc. in a locker or leave them with a non-rider in your party.
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    Per this tweet, the gates should open at 2:30 on Friday.
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    Ok so good news for you. If you still have last years pass it will work for this season if you have renewed. Wish I knew this before the three hour drive one way today, however it was a good excuse for the girls and myself to take a road trip and have some fun. The calm before the storm! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I believe the strobe lighting may refer to the flashes they use for taking on-ride photos.
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    ^ The last time KI was open on Easter Sunday was in 2014. Crowd-wise, I'd expect it to be a very good day to visit. Many people (myself included) have other plans that day & won't be ahead of you in line.
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    I'm very excited for the season. I will be working at Backlot Stunt Coaster folks so come have a ride.
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    Gotta say, I like the whole "ride into the unknown" factor about Mystic Timbers, as reflected in the above picture. 7 more days!
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    Yes, It has been used elsewhere. Ride Operators speak up if they see something you're not aloud to be doing... 1711.551 states that "that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others." As stated in the Laws and Rules Governing Amusement Rides in Ohio While it is not illegal per-say to film on roller coasters or other amusement rides in the park, The park states that it does not want guests to be filming on rides (No matter what it is...) Unless it's the Eiffel Tower or the KI&MV Railroad. So basically it is a law. I think it's become a more serious problem, due to the fact that guest do not realize how slippery their phone or recording device is when you're plummeting down a 215ft drop at 80mph. Or even on simpler rides, Beast is bumpy, phone can fall out of their hands and so on... I can go on and on with every single ride as to how your device can slip out of your hand. (Mystic Timbers, because of the air time hills that are sudden and everywhere, Unexpecting hill can lead to a phone being dropped into WWC.) Please! If you've never been to KI and you want to share memories, Do it on a pathway, not on a ride.
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    I do miss the 1 hr of ERT. We have to also be lucky we get the 1/2 hr. Not something we are entitled to get.
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    I believe most rides contain the strobe light warning because of, as Magenta Lizard stated, the on-ride photos. Though there may be lighting effects in the shed, this doesn't hint much towards it imo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm also considering a trip to KI on Easter Sunday, as I can't go on Preview Night (my sister's birthday dinner is that night) and Opening Day as I know it would be way too crowded. One of my friends (who is also an associate!) will tag along with me on my first trip of the season! Edit: She just texted me saying she can't go on Easter. Looks like I have my very first true solo trip in the works (as neither of my parents will be going).
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    So I found out I'm off on Easter Sunday and I'm seriously contemplating a visit that day. Just out of curiosity, when KI has been open on Easter, how have the crowds been?
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    Great advice... for ALL coasters. Roller coasters are so much more enjoyable when I don't have to worry about losing stuff.
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    "The taking of pictures and video while riding is strictly prohibited at Kings Island. Guests taking pictures or video while riding this attraction may be asked to leave the park with no refund and given a Misdemeanor under O.H.C. 1711.551. Thank you!" While i'm not sure if that exact wording has been used elsewhere in the park (im aware of no pictures or video on ride signs) this one seems to be much more serious. (Which is a good thing considering how often you hear guests being told on The Racer to put cameras and phones away)
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    They're really pushing the "no pictures or videos" for mystic timbers, especially considering that MT interacts with the two other rides, it could be dangerous to drop things on other riders of the other rides.
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    ^ Most likely, the billing address (specifically, the street number) or zip code you entered doesn't match what's on file with your credit card issuer. If everything's correct and you still have problems, I'd recommend calling the online store customer service number.
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    Enjoy. I always love the atmosphere of this park. One of my favorite. Don't forget to ride Apollo's Chariot in the back.
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    No seat belt!! This GCI is not very intense though. As always, we rode the back seat. Unlike most GCI coasters I have been on, this coater does small drop first before a big drop in a structure followed by two head choppers. It is a windy day so that the coaster did not feel very fast. More later.
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    The difference between KI and CP for ERT is that CP has resort guests who are able to take part of ERT....whereas KI only has season passholders. Essentially the resort guests are paying for that hour ERT with their stays whereas KI season passholders aren't putting any additional funds into the park by coming early (no stands or anything are open....so it's a pure labor cost at that point).
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    I miss the hour long ERT! But 30 minute ERT is still better than no ERT at all. Of course, when I enjoy Cedar Point's hour-long Early Entry, I can't help but think about the seasons Kings Island had hour-long ERT (including 2010, when I attended Gold/Platinum Passholder ERT for the first time!).
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    The Kings Island snapchat has been updated with video of Don talking about MT multiple times. Views of the station, mid course tunnel, and white water with water can be seen! As well as a little bit of the shed from far away. Looks like things are starting to wrap up!!
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    You can donate on your own page to make the $100 minimum. You don't need to get donations from others. It's what I did.
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    I actually looked at some evidence here.. This POV is actually that of the first test run they ever did with the ride. How do I know this? It is a cloudy day when the video was taking place. During the drop, I also noticed two people standing in the same place as this video.
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    The POV is up! Sorta. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155876501728368&id=155893938367
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    Probably not; but the webcams are just a line of code/plugin on a site page. Don wouldn't likely mention anything they were doing anyway, unless it was to specifically cause a "buzz."
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    I doubt they're hiding anything at this point. Just taking their time getting the new site ready and the cameras back up. I think I saw Don say somewhere that they were also evaluating new positions for them.
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    This has probably been discussed, but I've never been accused of reading all posts in a particular thread. The fact that the web-cams have been "off" for a while now... anyone suspect that they are concealing some change happening prior to opening day? I've suspected the demise of the Tomb Raider building was happening- but that's probably a long shot.
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    Thanks for the forecast, DubVLegend! Looks to be a fantastic week in general weather-wise! 8 more days ya'll!
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    With Banshee I wish they would have gone all out in trying to make the station look like an old church. If money was no object, I would put in a little village of houses and huts under the track like on big bad wolf at Busch gardens. That would be pretty cool.
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    I haven't seen a test seat in any pictures. I hope it fits super sized rear ends.... like mine....
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    What I like so much about the theme of MT is that the theme is really Kings Island itself. The park has definitely has its own aura, and I don't really feel that it has been showcased much since the early years of the park.
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    Banshee's a good coaster with some great theming too. lol just sayin. Banshee and MT are defiantly at a tie for best theming for a coaster for me.
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    The queue is looking to be the one with the best theming at KI so far! I'm so happy that we finally have a good coaster with some great theming!
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    I suppose the line will start somewhere near RFYLCB or near Surf Dog, or Boo Blasters or near Larosa's, on IStreet..... or just beyond the entry turnstiles. Any guesses? Maybe it will wrap around Lake Diamondback like Diamondback's opening day line did once upon a time.... lol
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    Another video from KI's Facebook page following the installation of the truck. Flickering lights on the truck are confirmed! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155860497643368&id=155893938367
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    And on top of that, things change a lot from the drawing board to real life. Even the 3D renderings and blueprints for the station have changed once being brought to life.
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    Me too I always need to ride both to compare but I bet it'll be too long of a line and they'll asign seats like they did with Banshee at the beginning.
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    Would CP work with Gerstlauer? A Euro-fighter like Mystery mine would fit PERFECTLY in Rivertown. idk... if they could somehow squeeze a layout in and around the big tan box it might work. Not sure about the footprint tho.
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    It'd be interesting to incorporate the vines from the sign!
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    Cedar Fair is listing HUSS as the manufacturer of the new flat ride additions to the aforementioned parks. Furthermore, the Condor 2G (Falcon's Flight) ride is listed on HUSS' website. I was simply stating that I heard Cedar Fair was working with HUSS again, and because of this, I am hopeful this will be the start of more Cedar Fair-Huss projects in the future, therefore, yielding a possibility of KI getting a HUSS Jump flat ride. Whether or not HUSS has sold some of their designs, or is subbing their engineering/manufacturing/marketing process out to another firm(s), is besides the point here. You can "Top-Spin it" all you want , but Cedar Fair wouldn't mention HUSS in ANY WAY if they didn't want to restart or continue their business relationship with them.
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    We already had a haunted mansion.. er I mean "theater".... I miss the Maestro... That "Big Brown Box" also takes up a ton of real estate that would be utilized, in my opinion anyway.
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    What would also complete Rivertown would be to bring back The Beast watermill. That would be amazing!
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    Check in, Danger restricted area, keep out, shipping & receiving, private property no trespassing.
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    I think the no parking sign is a nod to the truck "parked" right behind it. KI humor
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    I can't believe they crashed the pickup! I despise that straight, vertical, feather boa of a vine, but it does look like it has picked up a fence post or something at the bottom, which is interesting at least.
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    My wife and I, and maybe my niece, are planning on coming out for the preview night. I really hope that most people will have the sense not to shout out what's in the shed, but unfortunately, some people are ignorant and don't have respect for others. I will be dodging spoilers like the plague, and I've got half a mind to show up on the 14th wearing earplugs until after I ride. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't cross paths with some jerk whose mission in life is to spoil the fun for everyone else. I've met people like that, particularly when it comes to movie spoilers, so I know they're out there.
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