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    When you go to a dead mall and grocery store with your KI peeps because you can't go to the park. Also, when @IndyGuy4KI asks if CiCi's pizza is covered on the meal plan.
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    Sorta off topic but I decided to show the timeline from 2000 until now to show nearly the last two decades of the park. Action Zone Rivertown
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    Things I want to see in a KI giga Height- This is a no-brainer but I'd like to have something that doesn't barley scrape 300ft B&M- This is strictly about reliability. B&M is the best candidate and currently has two gigas under its belt Length- Diamondback is over a mile long so I'll be shocked if a KI giga would be smaller than that A great layout- Fury 325 and Leviathan are nearly the exact same layout. I want to see more than just the typical "L" shaped layout that we've seen on the other B&M gigas. A terrain giga would be absolutely amazing Theming- None of the other gigas around the world really have any theming, maybe aside from I305. With the work the park did with Banshee and MT, I would be bummed if there was little to no theming.
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    I didn't put up anything and Winterfest was the most Christmas-y thing I did. LOL. One day maybe my heart will not be three sizes too small when it comes to the season, but until then, I'd like to say that Scrooge was one of my favorite parts of the whole event. Oh, and meeting my KIC peeps!
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    I think I'm one of a few who like the KI LaRosa's more than the LaRosa's LaRosa's. I mean, it's okay, but the KI pizza has tasted the same since I was a kid. Tastes like my childhood. LOL
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    I didn’t even think about the ones in the front. To me, the only useful locker plan would be one where you can use any locker, anytime, with as many switches in and out between locations that you need.
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    It would take more time to get the VR headsets ready on everyone than it would to actually ride the ride unlike Iron Dragon which is a somewhat longer ride.
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    That track is likely to go in the tunnel that theyre building so they'll be able to reinstall Vortex's track for spring
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    No. Cedar Fair isn't like Six Flags. Each park does more of their own individual decisions for additions. Yes, they did give all the former Paramount Parks a bunch of new rides right after them being purchased, but I only think that was to get them more in line with the other parks' lineups, plus you had GL go down as well. After the last B&M batch, they've strayed from any patterns.
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    Hopefully the Larosa's and Skyline will get built quickly and successfully and stay for a long time because a couple of years ago their was a rumor that they were planning to build a Larosa's here near me in Nicholasville but it never was completed and I didnt here anything more about it. Hopefully this will prove to be successful and serve the central Kentucky area with Cincy pride!
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    I agree @harveyhaddixfan. I love the system at Dollywood...it makes it much easier, moving your stuff as you rotate around the park as often as you need or not at all.
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    Hopefully they'll do well off Richmond Rd. and expand out to Hamburg. I am similar to you, I live in Winchester but work in Lex...
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    When you don't live in Cincy and find out that Skyline and LaRosa's are coming soon to Lexington, only an hour away!
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    I solo the park often. If it weren't for the fact that I get weak signal at the park, I'd be on it more often. The fun of KI for me isn't really the lines or crowds. That's just a necessary evil I have to deal with to enjoy the rides and theming, so I don't mind burying myself into a screen to ignore the embarrassing things people say and do.
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    I believe that's correct. I'm not sure if this includes ride lockers or not. The typical all day lockers are toward the front of the park. It'd be great if it were for ride lockers. I'd rather leave my stuff near a ride than the front of the park because I'll be closer to the rides, not the front of the park.
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    So we already had the Reds HOF Grill, now we've got the Bengals Coaster. When is the "Royal(s)" fountain Dive Coaster going to be unveiled
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    I read that you could only use a locker once per visit so you wouldn’t be able to move your stuff around from say Banshee lockers to Mystic Timbers lockers. And if you used it in Soak City first, you’re even more out of luck. Not sure how a plan like that would be beneficial to most at KI.
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    I wish the trains ran on time tables like at the Magic Kingdom instead of trying to cram every single person on one train.
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    Same here. What’s your excuse? Mine is my wife was rear ended a few weeks go and is suffering from whiplash, having to shop for a new car becuase insurance totaled it, had a bad cold for a week. The outside stuff...it’s been cold!
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    I saw someone posting pics from visiting the job fair at KI, and at first I was surprised they didn't have more of the Winterfest things taken down. Then I realized it's only been about a month. It feels like it's been several.
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    Remove BLSC and add a Mack like Blue Fire or Helix. A night ride would be incredible
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    When you goto your local larosas and ask why the pizza and breadsticks don’t cost 17.99 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You know it's the offseason when the bleach you are cleaning with mysteriously transforms into the layout of Mystic Timbers... The front half... The back half... Note: this was not intentional, it was subconcious, I guess... Also, it may be hard to see as it's white on white, but it's (loosely) there.
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    Correct, from that left side of the theater. However the motion seats are sitting idle inside the Urgent Scare side of the theater. You can see them if you know where to look when you go through the maze.
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    The best realestate for a giga is the old Lion Country Safari. I can almost guarantee that if we got a Giga, to would be in Coney Mall/ X-Base (if they ever decide to expand it and make it its own section). If they can fit a roller coaster in a tight space like they did for Mystic Timbers, I don't think adding a Giga to X-Base would be an issue.
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    It's going to be tested at Dorney to see if it will be something that can roll out at all parks. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of shocked to see the price tag as $100
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    Most of the park's rides have black seats and feel fine. Beast. Mystic, etc.
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    Hey I mean the nickname for the Monster Scrambler Dodgem Crew is MSD.... makes me burst out laughing cause MSD is the sewer utility for Cincinnati.
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    Besides, if there is a coaster at the main entrance, you might not be able to hear the pop music when you enter
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    My wife and I hit up Canada`s Wonderland several years ago (2014). We visited in May, before Wonder Mountain`s Guardian was open. We found it to be a fun park. We got our pass ports for the trip, but we also hit up Niagara Falls on the way (as well as Waldameer). The park has a lot of charm and theming still. The flat rides are fun (and they have added new ones since our visit). We will definitely be going back, once our son is older. He is one year old, so this year our trips are going to be limited to Kings Island and Coney Island.
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    ...when you want to board ET just to stare at the park layout. ...and you're excited to watch fireworks from the observation deck.
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    I love to say that any time I see cutting in line. I am so very very tempted to walk through the park asking for directions to Paramount named rides. "Excuse me, can you tell me where 'The Beastie' is?", "Pardon me, I am looking for 'Outer Limits', do you know where it is?"
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    I also understand that times have changed. Apparently, with those changes comes the FunTV to "entertain" people while in line. I admit that I watch a little. Mostly to catch the temperature and current weather conditions. On my trip to Cedar Point this year, on our 2nd day there, we did not have Fast Lane as it did not make sense as we would leave that day at 5:00 to head home. So, we get in line for Millennium Force, which was a 30 minute wait. My son (8 years old mind you) complained the entire time while in line as to how long we had to wait. I remember the first time I went to CP, which was 2000, when MF was brand spankin' new. My brother and I waited for an hour and a half to ride on both a Saturday and Sunday. We were extremely pleased at how short our wait was because both times when we exited, the sign said 3 hour wait. Now in his defense, at 8 years old, 30 minutes translates to 3 hours .
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    I wish I had a phone to look at when I was a kid to distract me from my irrational fear of roller coasters My friends and I don't really look at our phones. We would roast each other in line, dance to whatever songs came over the pa, tell inside jokes and talk about other people we see in line. Good times
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    TVs= Company Advertisements Company Advertisements= Easy Money for the park
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    Things I want to see in a KI Giga. 1. Intamin - I mean I am fan boying but I feel they make the best coaster on earth. They deserve another shot after a lull. They may have been retooling some things. They have my vote. 2. Height and Speed - I'd like to see something around 335 -355 feet and that tops 95 mph. 3. Layout - Another thing Intamin is better at. They layouts all mostly all different. They would design a custom layout. 4. Theming - I think all coasters should have great theming. 5. Great lightning package.
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