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    I hate to bust anyone's bubble, but I just got off windseeker and stared at the old dinosaurs alive area the whole time I was on it. I saw not one bulldozer, tractor or shovel over there. All I saw was dirt from the old dino dig area. Sorry no giga construction over there.
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    My boys have autism and we use the boarding pass if the line is over 20 minutes or so. I am not passing judgement on you @harmony29 but we do not request front row unless it is a relatively slow day. We only take it if it is offered to us. We have been offered it in the past and told the wait will be a bit longer. Although we may have opted for that a few times we generally just take whatever the ride op assignes. Front row is not all that important to my boys and there are plenty of days we go when they are easy to get. (Besides back row is generally better) My advise is request front row if it is important to you but accept a possible longer wait for it and the ire of of those waiting. As far as the loudmouths that get upset. Do not engage and do not make eye contact as it serves no purpose. Look forward and to the right and enjoy your ride.
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    Thank you for trying to accommodate us Green sheet people! Vortex is one ride I cannot do, it's just too rough on my body. I truly wish other coasters did what you do, I suspect that some operators do because this doesn't happen every ride, just usually at least once a visit. I truly am not trying to start anything by requesting front row. During winterfest in fact they wanted to give us front row on Mystic Timbers and I freaked out, I was like no, just the middle please. Same with Beast, I want row 4 or 5 as it was less rough. Now that I've gotten to really like both coasters I've gotten brave and like trying front row, but honestly if I was told no I would be fine with that as long as it wasn't the very back. Diamondback I never rode in the back til a KIC member talked me into it, I liked the pull down the first hill. But I admit I like front row better on that and Banshee. I'm pretty easy going and would never cause a stink about a certain row. It seems to be me like the operators try to be very accommodating which I do appreciate. Yesterday we did Firehawk for the first time this season. When we got up to the boarding area, the operator Brett asked us where we wanted to be, we said oh wherever, he said how about front row. I said well I've never been in the front, he said well than you need to do it. He was so friendly and nice, I did it once but I'm not a huge fan of this coaster so when I do ride again I'm fine with wherever. Thank you to all the kind KI operators that really go out of their way to be accommodating, I for one truly appreciate it.
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    Hello everyone! If you recall, last week after preview day, I said I was returning to Kings Island this week. AND I DID. Here is the trip report! But, before we get in the meat of the report, here is my new-for-2018-and-thus-only-just used last week tier ratings system! F- Garbage. I regret ever riding this and will not make the same mistake of ever riding it again! D- Mediocre. A disappointing, or painful ride, though there might be a little fun here. I might give a D-Tier ride a second chance but it is gonna need to be a walk-on or something. C- Average. A fun ride, but either there is enough roughness/pain to dilute it, or it just does not blow me away. Will still ride this if the wait is not too bad, though. B- Good. A ride I enjoy, but it may have some flaws, but I will happily re-ride this unless the wait is pretty crazy. A- Awesome. These rides leave me with a huge grin usually, and I will ride them over and over if there is a short wait. If there are long waits around the entire park, I may aim for these anyway, as if you are gonna wait, best to be for something worth it. Surpassed only by... S- Zen. The best of the best. I am usually giddy and my happiness meter is maxed out after riding one of these. Tragically, these are not the most common rides out there, however. I was with my sister and 2 of her friends, who I guess you can also consider my friends as we had a good time but I am farther from them than she is. We headed out and arrived at the park in time for ERT, around 9:15 AM. After the national anthem played, we entered the park. Also, with this trip report to save some time becuase THERE IS A LOT O' STUFF IN HERE, I am not gonna bother with the "we walked from here to here" blah blah blah stuff, and will just go straight from what we rode (or ate, or if we saw a show) in the order we did them. Ride #1- Mystic Timbers Wait: 20 Minutes You are probably wondering why the heck Mystic Timbers would have a huge wait for ERT. Well, it was not yet 45 degrees outside, which meant the other 2 ERT rides (The Bat & Banshee) could not run yet. Due to the cold, Mystic Timbers was not quite at full speed (I'd say it felt like 95%) but even then it was still pretty fast and intense! I got good amount of airtime, and we got the snakes ending in the shed, so I was still stuck at 2 out of 3 endings. Rating: A Ride #2- Backlot Stunt Coaster Wait: 10 Minutes (For Ride to Pass Pre-Park Opening Testing and Open, was Walk-On, we were first public train of day) BLSC opened with the park, but it too seemed to suffer a bit from the cold- it was struggling to get over the first helix! However, it was making it, so the ride opened. The forces were not as good at the reduced speed, but the fire effect felt good in the cold air. All the effects the ride has left were working on this day, BTW. Rating: C Ride #3- Flight of Fear Wait: Literal Walk-On (We arrived at the station just as the gates for the next train were opening and there was next to no one in line!) Flight of Fear, being indoors, was not as affected by the cold and was thus running at normal speed. The ride was a bit on the rougher side, but the G-forces were strong, and the ride was still a good bit of fun. The alien at the end of the ride is still there. At the exit, the aliens told us "We now know what happens when the human body is pushed to..." (silence) LOL, a removed Outer Limits reference! Rating: B Ride #4- Boo Blasters on Boo Hill Wait: Walk-On While I am not the biggest fan of this ride (I think KI needs a much better dark ride) my sister loves it and as it was a walk-on and harmless, I did it anyway. I got a score of 510, not my personal best ever. I really don't like the blaster gimmick, and wish KI would make a traditional non-shooter dark ride instead. Rating: D Food: Skyline Chilli I-Street After BBoBH, we went and got the all-season drinks plan. We chose disposable cups. To use the new plan, we went to Skyline Chilli, which had no line or wait. We also grabbed some cheese coney dogs, as they looked to make a decent snack. And they did- they tasted good, though I swear they were like 80% cheese! (I may be exaggerating a bit there) Rating: B Ride #5- Delirium Wait: 5 Minutes (They had some restraint issues apparently and had to unlock and re-check them twice, otherwise, this would have been another walk-on) I rode this ride solo, as it was a walk-on and my companions were smoking, which I don't do. Delirium was its usual, super fun ride, also based on its POV's I counted how many swings at full strength it does and knew how long the ride would last. These Giant Frisbees are fun, and remain my favorite flat rides so far. Rating: A Ride #6- Banshee Wait: 10-15 Minutes Our friend who couldn't do loops did not ride with us here, but he was able to hold our stuff, so that was a blessing (no need 4 locker). This ride marked a turning point- earlier, Mystic Timbers and Backlot Stunt Coaster, due to the cold, felt a bit slower than usual. By now it had warmed up, and because of this, Banshee actually felt a smidge faster than usual! One of our friends was also riding Banshee for the first time (he had not been since when Diamondback was new, Mystic Timbers was new for him also) and loved it. I did too. Rating: A Ride #7- The Bat Wait: 5 Minutes We saw The Bat testing before we rode Banshee, but it did not open until we got off. So we headed there, as one of our friends really wanted to do it (he loved Iron Dragon at Cedar Point). I was not opposed, Bat is usually fun. I rode in the back of the front car, and because my sister is a whole foot shorter than me (she is very short LOL) it was like a front-row ride! Bat also felt just a smidge faster than usual, and our friend loved it but was surprised by how much more intense The Bat is versus Iron Dragon. A fun ride once again. Rating: B Ride #8- Adventure Express Wait: 10 Minutes This one is another favorite of one of the friends I was with. AE continued the trend set by Banshee and Bat, it also felt a bit faster than usual! As such, this was a fun ride on AE. Also now I can confirm 100% Indiana Jones is not removed, I saw him this time. Rating: B (AE is usually a C, but the slight speed bump raises it up a bit!) Ride #9- Blue Racer Wait: Walk-On I decided to try Blue Racer, since I did Red on preview night. Well, Blue Racer was running a bit faster it felt like too, but also felt MUCH rougher than Red on Preview Night. I did notice the really rough spot near the turn-around, ouch. There was some good airtime though, so not all was lost, and I'd say this was a OK Racer ride. Also, we did win, as we were racing. Rating: C Ride #10- Red Racer Wait: Walk-On Thinking this side would be much smoother (based on preview night), I went ahead and took a wheel seat at one of my friend's suggestions. And well, it was a bit smoother than Blue, but the wheel seat negated that and made this ride a bit more painful! Yikes, how does a ride get this much rougher just from 1 week and a change in seat selection? As before, still a OK ride, just rough. But we also lost this time, somewhere in the turn-around Red Racer seemed to just lose speed for whatever reason and Blue passes it. Rating: C Ride #11- Vortex Wait: Walk-On I was with the friend who had not been to KI in awhile, as he was the only one who wanted to do Vortex with me. We rode in 5-1, since I figured that would be the best seat for us to try since it was usually the smoothest and had no wait. Vortex also felt a bit faster, which led to pretty strong airtime on the first drop and great g-forces in the inversions. Thankfully unlike Racer, Vortex's new wheels have not worn out in just 1 week, and it feels as smooth as it did on preview night. Yet another fun ride on the day. Rating: B Ride #12- The Beast Wait: 25 Minutes I was nervous and excited for this one- as a ride that focuses mainly on speed, if Beast was also running fast like all the other rides, this was sure to be awesome. However, on preview night, Beast was also running a bit rough. So I was expecting "Fast & Rough". Thankfully, while Beast did feel very fast here, it was also a bit smoother, since I was not on a back wheel this time, but a front wheel. Also, since the trees have not yet grown in, I could see the turn into the long tunnel between the long brake shed, and it is actually a 30 foot drop to my surprise! No wonder Beast gains so much speed after losing it to the brakes there. Another awesome ride on one of my favorite coasters. Rating: A Ride #13- Diamondback Wait: 25 Minutes My friends were doing some kiddo rides, so I decided to ride Diamondback solo instead. After a 25-minute or so wait, I was on, and my sister actually was trying to call me while the train began to climb the lift hill! (The phone was in a zipper pocket) Nope, sorry, can't answer that right now! (I called back after the ride from the gift shop) Diamondback kinda broke the trend of rides feeling faster, it did not feel slow but I did not notice a increase in speed or airtime here, it felt just like last week basically. However, I still got lots of strong floater air (some almost ejector), combine that with the openness of the restraints and the wind in my face, and it was still an awesome ride. Rating: A Ride #14- Woodstock Express Wait: 15 Minutes Yep, I went and rode a kiddie coaster, granted it is probably the least kiddie of that group. I have not ridden this in years, back then it was still The Beastie, and as I was just a kid I remember it scared me a little. And I can see why- for a kids ride, this is still a bit intense! There isn't any real airtime (though as it is for kids that is probably a good thing) but it felt decently fast and forceful for a small woodie. Also, the trains on here are still old-school buzz bars with just a seat belt, no head rests, no seat divider. I would have loved to ride Racer back when it had this style of seating (Beast too, but I think Racer has more to gain in this regard than Beast). Rating: C (IMO, BETTER THAN Invertigo!!!) Food: Yogurt Plus We went and got some frozen Yogurt, we got the Blue Streak flavor, as we had a bit of a sweet tooth after checking out Sweet Spot, but did not wanna pay $7 for fudge. (We ended up paying around that much anyway ironically) It was pretty good, and we got in and out decently fast since there was no wait. Rating: B Ride #15- Red Racer #2 Wait: Walk-On We were gonna ride Adventure Express again, but it was having some issues apparently, so we did Racer again. I made a point NOT to sit on a wheel this time, though we did also sit in the very rear car. Well, turns out this was a decent seat choice because airtime went up, and roughness went down. I could also really feel when we hit the re-tracked sections from this seat, they felt very smooth versus the rest of the track. IMO, this was much better than both the earlier Racer rides. This seat may be the one I target when I ride Racer from now on. Rating: B Ride #16- Adventure Express #2 Wait: 10-15 Minutes AE went back up after we rode Red Racer, so went and rode it again. I rode in the very back car, and thus the ride felt even faster than before! Other than that, no real differences between the 2 rides on AE. Rating: B Ride #17- Vortex #2 Wait: Walk-On My sister was with us this time, since she decided to give Vortex another shot with the new wheels. I gave her and our other friend (the guy who could not do loops waited outside for us) 5-1, and since 7-1 had a wait, I decided to try 6-1, since it is right in between. And turns out, 6-1 is also pretty good! Aside from maybe a tiny bit more roughness, felt about the same as 5-1. From here on out I guess I will look at the 3 seats I like (5-1, 6-1, 7-1) and ride whichever one of them has the shortest wait. However, my sister's short height still hindered her: she still got ping-ponged a bit. I guess Vortex isn't for her, unless it gets new restraints or something. Rating: B Ride #18- Dodgem Wait: 5 Minutes (1 Cycle) Well, Dodgem is more fun when you have more than 1 friend to target, LOL. I got them so many times. Sadly, the ride is a bit short and not the fastest version out there. Rating: C Ride #19- Grand Carousel Wait: Walk-On I was feeling a bit tired by this point, so I got on a horse that does not move and just enjoyed going around in circles while resting for a bit. I did watch how the ride works by looking at my sister and one of our friend's horses going up and down together, pretty simple but hey, it works. A relaxing ride on a old classic from 1926. Rating: C Food: Tom+Chee We originally wanted to do Coney Island BBQ, but it had a big line and Tom+Chee was cheaper, and had a shorter line. I do want to try Coney BBQ eventually though. We ordered and split a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich, and it was delicious. Our friend also got the Mac N' Cheese from here, and I got to try some, it was also awesome. This was the last of the in-park food we ate, and it was all delicious, so KI did a great job on this front IMO! Rating: A Ride #20- Kings Island & Miami Valley RR Wait: Walk-On (Train was there as we arrived) After eating, we decided to ride the train to relax, since it is a good way to do so. Diamondback and Mystic Timbers both ran, giving some nice views of them running their courses. The spiels were just the usual ones, nothing too crazy or new. Other than that, classic KI & MV RR ride. Rating: C Ride #21- Backlot Stunt Coaster #2 Wait: 20 Minutes By this point, we were trying to kill time, as it was getting dark but not dark enough and we wanted to do a Mystic Timbers night ride (due to the not-so-huge crowds we also thought we could do both it AND Beast) . BLSC ran much faster at this point, as earlier in the day it was struggling to make it over the first helix but now it did so easily. With the sun down, the lights on the cop cars and effects from the helicopter attack really popped more. Another ride that felt better later in the day versus what it did earlier. Rating: B Ride #22- Shake, Rattle, and Roll Wait: Walk-On We still had more time to kill, so we spent a few minutes on this fun classic 1975 HUSS Troika. The ride op started the ride by saying "Enjoy your ride on Shake, Rattle, and Roll- stayin' alive since 1975" which made me play the famous song in my head during the ride. LOL. Rating: C Ride #23- Mystic Timbers #2 (@ Night) Wait: 25 Minutes Well, for my first Mystic Timbers night ride, I got front row! Woo-hoo! The view from the station as you sit in the front seat waiting for dispatch is quite awesome, one of the best views of the park IMO. The ride felt much faster than it did in the morning, and I got even more airtime on the many airtime hills. It was not pitch black or as secluded as The Beast at night, but the visuals of the lit-up Eiffel Tower and Diamondback are still pretty stunning. Mystic Timbers after dark is incredible, my only real complaint is it feels a bit short, I wish it was 1000 or so feet longer. Also, we went in the shed and got...TREE! I NOW HAVE GOTTEN ALL 3 ENDINGS! Rating: S- (if only it were a bit longer...) Ride #24- The Beast #2 (@ Night) Wait: 40 Minutes We got off Mystic Timbers at 8:50 PM, which meant there was plenty of time to also ride Beast. My sister and one of our friends left to do other rides like Adventure Express, but me and one friend stayed for Beast (he had never ridden it at night). Unlike Mystic Timbers, I knew Beast would be amazing after dark from past experience, and given how it was earlier in the day, I figured this ride would be super bonkers. And it was. Beast flew through the woods at seemingly epic speeds, my friend made this accurate comment before the long tunnel mid-ride: "IT IS LIKE A HORROR MOVIE!" Agreed. The view of the park at night from the 2nd lift is magical, and then comes the final helix, which was extra crazy on this night. And to top it all off, Beast was not too rough (it was a bit but a smooth Beast would probably be boring since the ride kinda uses its roughness to increase the out-of-control feeling). What a epic ride. Mystic Timbers puts up a great fight, but Beast is still KI's top woodie, IMO. Rating: S Ride #25- Red Racer (@ Night) Wait: Walk-On We met back up with our friends, and one of them wanted to ride Racer at Night with us. It was pretty fun and since I was not on a wheel again, not too rough. Good airtime too. However Blue Racer was not running due to the upcoming Fireworks. Riding all 3 of the large wooden coasters after dark was a fun experience, Kings Island has a great wood coaster collection IMO. Red Racer was the final ride of the night. Rating: B Show: Closing Fireworks After Red Racer, we headed down to I-Street and saw the Fireworks. I can't believe I rode Mystic Timbers, Beast, and Red Racer at night and still made it to I-Street to see them and the park' s light show on the buildings, which was very pretty. Rating: A And thus ended a very awesome trip to Kings Island- possibly even my best visit ever! I rode so much stuff due to the low (for a weekend) crowds, and so much of it was running better than usual. So now, my final Pros/Cons... PROS +Rides were running amazingly well after the first hour or so, once they warmed up, they warmed up! +All the food I tried tasted great, and the service speed was decent +Low crowds, especially early on, meant I got to ride most of the big coasters before they even built up lines! I broke my personal record for most rides ridden in 1 day! +Epic Night Rides CONS -Racer was running pretty rough, though it seemed better as I chose better seats and the day went on. And now, for once...HAVE SOME PICTURES I TOOK!!! (+1 from my sister) I hope you all enjoyed this trip report. Comments and questions welcome. Now, I await my next trip, which will probably be to Cedar Point, where I will return...WITH A VENGEANCE.
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    I'm the same way. I always ask if they have a preference on where they sit. I'm at Mystic, and we tend to have a decent amount of green sheets come up our exit. If people want the front, the wait is usually longer, so we block the row off after the current line for the front, so they're waiting the same amount as everyone else. It's sad that people with green sheets have to deal with people getting mad at them. They're waiting the same as everyone else. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
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    When I help guests with green sheets, I always ask what row they prefer (especially since many who ride Vortex often prefer a certain row/car on the train). Some request a specific row so I save that row for them on one of the next trains, while others say they are fine with any row. And when we save rows, we ask the guests next in line for those rows if they are okay with waiting an extra train and explain that we are saving these rows for guests who are unable to wait in the regular line but have waited the same amount of time, and generally they are okay with it. The only time I had a problem saving a seat was when the guests in line for that seat were with a larger group who wanted to ride all together, but it all worked out and we instead saved the row on the train after theirs. Green sheets at WindSeeker are a breeze (pun somewhat intended ), as all we do there is assign as many seats as we need to that party and then assign seats to the guests in line as usual. From what I've seen at Vortex, the guests in line there usually don't mind green sheets/Parent Swap guests who need a row saved. But I do understand that guests waiting in the regular line at other popular rides (e.g. Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, Banshee) may feel upset about those admitted to the ride through the exit. I'm sorry for those of you who use green sheets and have encountered upset guests in line. I wish you did not have to deal with this.
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    Well the line for the front row is generally longer so that’s probably why some people get more upset about it. The line for the ride might be 30 minutes and that’s how long you have to wait, but the people in the front row might have waited 45 minutes because of the extra line of people wanting that specific seat. However, I don’t think it should be that big of a problem. It’s not like tons of people are using the pass and one train cycle isn’t adding that much time.
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    We are always asked which row we want and usually always do front row, we've never been told we cant. Why would you get upset if it's front row? I'm sorry but I have a real problem with this. We wait just as long as you do, it's not special treatment. In fact I wish I was "normal" and didn't have to do the ride pass for this very reason. It is quite upsetting that people cannot understand about people with challenges or disabilities. I would give anything to be able to stand in the normal line and not have people verbally attack me or give me dirty looks. I guess people don't understand unless they've been in our shoes. I will say it one more time, we wait just as long as everyone else, we just are sitting on a bench somewhere til our time. I apologise if anyone gets upset with my comment but this is a very real and upsetting situation for me.
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    Green boarding passes are for guests who are unable to wait in the normal line due to a disability or other body injury. When they come to the ride OP/worker, thebassociate gives them a time that they can board. They take the current time and add the current wait time of the ride to it. It allows them to "stand in line" without actually waiting in the line. But they still have to wait as long as everyone else. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
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    Giga confirmed. New fence! Station will be in Oktoberfest.
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    I think a major problem is that the general public really doesn't understand how it works. It shouldn't be up to the people who need the green passes to explain or justify it, though. I think the park needs to post the policy somewhere prominent or do an information campaign, or something, both to let anyone who may need the accommodation know about it, and prevent people who don't need it from feeling like they're "getting cut." Even as much as I'm at the park, because I don't need the accommodation and haven't rode with someone who did, I didn't realize how they work either. I really didn't know there was any waiting time, but I was ok with that because the people loading from the exit typically have enough of a struggle so I feel they deserve a little extra consideration. I think a lot of other people also must not realize there's still a wait, and a handful of those probably feel that is "unfair" or otherwise irritating. Usually the only time I get a little irritated, it isn't against the person getting on the train, but the ride op who waited until just before the gates opened to mention they were going to load that row from the exit, and my group is taking up more than one row and we already went through the trouble of coordinating getting on the same train by letting people in front of us on some rows, etc.
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    My thoughts exactly. I do my best to try and guest relate as much as possible because it really does make a difference in the day people have and their attitudes towards others. Plus, you get to meet new people, which is always fun. By the way harmony29 , as long as you’re having fun, that’s what really matters. Enjoying yourself really makes the day that much better and doing something you love should never be a painful experience to you or anyone. When you’re at the park, enjoy yourself as much as possible, because it’s your day to have fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    rode WindSeeker as well today, and saw no retention walls, drainage piping, or clearing. Don't know where people are seeing this.
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    I could ride Flight of Fear all day, but I'm picky when it comes to riding Firehawk. If the loading procedure, lift and brake run weren't so annoying with laying down, it'd be a bit better, even though it has the coolest loop in the park when it comes to G forces IMO. silver2005, who will get to see how B&M flyers compare to Vekomas this summer.
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    ^^ The season drink plan is only good for soft drinks, but there are plenty of options other than soda. I really like the blueberry pomegranate Vitaminwater that's at the Coney BBQ fountain. ^ The dining plan prices are currently the same price online and at the park. The online processing fee is $0.99 for orders that only contain food voucher(s). Since you're going to the park right now, I would recommend buying it there so they can make sure it gets added to your pass immediately.
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    Usually, if we a see a phone out, when they come back into the station, we ask them to delete what they took. Mystic Shed has a camera so we can usually tell when someone recording so we always ask them to delete the picture or video right infront of us.
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    While not a dedicated gluten free facility, there is plenty at Coney BBQ that is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That came out wrong. When I said I'm in pain it's because physically I am. But I'm in that pain if I'm sitting home as well. I've had friends ask me, how can you do roller coasters with your pain, my answer...because for that 2 or 3 minutes I'm on the ride I forget about that pain. Walking thru the park can be very challenging and I have to sit a lot but fortunately my husband is very understanding and we just go at a slow pace.
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    I hope so too. This is my first year having the funpix and I'm having a ball with it. I love having all the different expressions for the different rides and it's something I will have for years to come. I never wanted to before because it seemed expensive to pay at once but this we I did the payment plan for passes and it wasn't much more to add that on there.
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    People suck sometimes. One small thing could change their mood just like that. The best thing to counteract that would be for the associate to talk to them and tell them why they have to wait another train, and explain to them that it won’t be much longer before they board the train, and when they do it’ll be worth the wait. This usually seems to turn their mood around, now that they know it won’t be much longer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's the thing, it is a longer wait and I am totally fine with that. Up until this week, I only wanted middle on beast and Mystic Timbers. We only get front row because the operators ask us where we want to sit, and then are told it will be a few cycles, which is perfectly fine. Keep in mind the incident yesterday was when we boarded in the back on Diamondback. Im not trying to whine, I just wish people were more understanding of the situation.
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    I rode it around the same time as you and thought I saw a shovel
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    But what if they are going with Commando and painted all the heavy equipment in camouflage? I also question your super human ability to stare at one specific plot of land the whole time being locked in restraints traveling 360 degrees.
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    We had the bacon on a stick last night. It was really awesome! My wife and I had our Awesome Husband/Awesome Wife shirts on last night if anyone saw us! Sent from my SM-S327VL using Tapatalk
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    You win for the best post of the day.
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    I went to Coney's bbq on opening day and loved it so much, we decided to go there for lunch and dinner. The first time I had the pulled pork sandwich with the macaroni and cheese. I loved the sandwich so much that when me and my gang went back, I decided to get the pulled pork by itself with the fries. Those fries, I forget what they are, but they were amazing too. I was thinking about getting the beans, but I didn't want to keep farting all day. Next time I go this summer, I will get the beans. Overall I'd say this is a great addition for Kings Island. Now when I go, it's a toss up for me of where I want to go for food. I love the Reds HOF grille and always thought they had decent food for the money. I don't have a favorite in there, but I love everything that I've tried so far.
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    I don't think we're getting it for the 50th. I think 2021 is our year. Parks don't tend to celebrate anniversaries with big new attractions.
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    I just saw the new show for the first time last night. Wow, I absolutely love it. International Street has energy that I've never seen before. I can understand (and even agree with) complaints that it's not a reverent, romanticized ode to what International Street was intended to be, but I still really, really like what it is. It's very much in line with the clean minimalism the park has pursued during the Ouimet years. It's a simple thing done well. As I've said about Mystic's shed: if the park can keep it consistently good, I am here for it. I've had a "if I see it, I see it" attitude about the fireworks for a while now, but now I want to intentionally stay to see them. Also, I've never seen The Greatest Showman, but I REALLY like that song with the synchronized lighting. I've now bought it and will be listening to it regularly, haha. I'm also going to need to find a way to see that movie in the bear future...
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    Yes they do and it's AWESOME, flavors I remember are lime, cherry, raspberry, grape, peach and my favorite strawberry. I love that it's sugar free, I get do thirsty and this is such a better option than soda.
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    I’m glad you at least said something. The emotional trauma of bullying like this is far more damaging than the physical aspect. It’s the unknown emotional trauma, that parents don’t see that ends up leading to things like suicide. We don’t t know enough about it, but maybe what you did say will keep her from doing herself any harm. She is going to have to figure out that these ***holes aren’t her friends. I’d have left their crap in the middle of the park and gone by myself. Forget a locker. I hate this entitlement BS coming out of the younger generation. We have two boys 6 & 2. We spend many days of summer at KI, since my 2 year old is tall enough for some adult rides and loves RFYLCB & Scrambler, and my 6 year old wants to ride everything, except for all the big coasters. The only things they are entitled to is a safe and loving home, 3 meals a day and clothes, healthcare, and other necessities. They know that their behavior good or bad will dictate what other things they get to see and do. They also know that if they act up in public, Dad will get in their face about it, regardless of where we are and they will stop. They are taught to be friendly towards other kids and can find random people to play with in the park. Obviously, not all parents follow through with this. They want to be their child’s friend first, when they should be the parent first. You did what you could. Hopefully that’s enough.
  31. 2 points
    Can’t speak for Mystic, but from my experience on Banshee, Drop Tower and Bat we can stop the ride and tell them to put it away, if they don’t comply, typically we won’t go as far as taking them off of the train when it’s already been dispatched from the station, but we can let them know that security will be waiting for them when they come back. That’s when they stop laughing really quick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  32. 2 points
    The wife and I love the strawberry powerade
  33. 2 points
    Here is the article: https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/a-steel-vengeance-update
  34. 2 points
    From what I've heard, it's "again" not "still." I personally didn't check it out, although I believe I observed a sign saying one entree was the meal for dining. But, many people have said opening weekend Panda was enforcing one entree on dining. Now this weekend, new signage that says two entrees are included on dining. Hopefully, this is the option that will remain for the season. I suspect they got a ton of complaints from people who were still expecting two entrees like last year, opening weekend.
  35. 2 points
    Personally, I hit dislike and report all i find. Dont know if it helps or not
  36. 2 points
    Wife and I hung out at KI for a few hours today. Spent a good chunk of time just sitting on International Street and people watching. The music was GREAT. Noticed Dmitri Tiomkin “The High and the Mighty”, “Tara’s Theme” from Gone with the Wind, and the Angry Birds main theme. Good times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  37. 2 points
    **** ing idiots. Edit: The riders, not the ops. But I do wish security would do something about this. A good smackdown a couple of times (banning, charges, something) would spread quickly and MAYBE remove this idiocracy or at least lessen it.
  38. 2 points
    Coney smokehouse, you're portions are good today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  39. 2 points
    Let me restate my last post. We are done with B&M vs Intamin. It adds nothing to this thread. Any further posts will be removed.
  40. 2 points
    Well you can find me in the smoking section drinking my diet Coke.. LOL but I feel pretty good every day
  41. 1 point
    I totally get what you meant. If rides are what makes you feel happy, then you should be free to ride them. Our job as associates is to help you ride the ride, whether you may be coming through the normal queue or through the exit with a green sheet. With that being said, I really do hope that you have a pleasant experience with the park and it’s associates in general. Our goal is to help you enjoy your visit! So keep doing what you’re doing if it makes you happy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  42. 1 point
    I see a boom lift in that area often, not just this season
  43. 1 point
    I have watched dead ash trees get cut down and have yet to see any shatter. The situation becomes more dangerous the longer a dead tree is left standing. The vast majority of the trees in the Beast woods that were removed were either dead or were ash trees that were likely to die in the future. A boom lift sitting next to the ride looks more like maintenance than construction to me.
  44. 1 point
    Can you use an all season drink pass to get coffee anywhere? as a person that doesn’t drink soda I was very excited that the Coke freestyle machines had sparkling Dasani in them. I love me some varying flavors of club soda.
  45. 1 point
    I heard music from The Third Man playing in Tower Gardens. I found it a bit strange that music synonymous with a grim film got placed in the park, but to each their own.
  46. 1 point
    malem and I witnessed The Beast crew stopping the train at the base of the lift to get riders to store their phones away. However, unless KI goes full SIX and goes nothing at all on riders, some are going to find cracks in the system. Just look at all the illegal POV's on YouTube for evidence of that. Disclaimer- I'm not advocating for people to use cameras on rides and I'm fully against it unless someone has the park's permission and does so in a safe matter therein, I'm just mentioning them as an example of people being stupid.
  47. 1 point
    Today was my first Mystic Timbers ride. It taught me that huge hills and loops aren't so neccessary.
  48. 1 point
    Last year I used the kiosk at Skyline. What I discovered is if you have the drink plan you don't put it as part of your order at the kiosk. What you do is put in your order for your food and get the receipt for it from the kiosk. After that go to the register and have the cashier scan your pass for the drink plan and they give you your cup there. That's how it worked at Skyline anyway. Hope that helps. It confused me the first time also.
  49. 1 point
    That is available at the Turkey Legs stand next to Starbucks, across from Auntie Anne's.
  50. 1 point
    The chicken at Hanks was cooked very well and flavorful. I enjoyed it.
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