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    I went on The Bat yesterday, which is something I rarely do, an the ride op told us to enjoy our ride on Top Gun.
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    Oh wow. The fire went from light smoke to full raging inferno in the time needed for the sky tower to make a single revolution.
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    I wore mine last Tuesday and it was really comfortable. I got the dark grey cotton/poly. The test will be this Tuesday with a projected high of almost 90.....
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    Waterpark was crowded, but lines weren't terrible. Longest I waited was about 10-15 min for Tropical Plunge (Blue drop slide) Oddly enough, Pineapple Pipeline and the slide formally known as Ultra Twister had short lines, which I'm guessing is due to their location and intensity lol Waiting for Cirque now.
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    This board is to talk about all things Gravity (now playing in the Kings Island Theater).
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    Coney has exciting things in store for the 2018 season. In addition to the previously announced temporary attraction, the Island Wheel (more info on that here) there are many exciting changes coming to the park. To make room for some of these additions, one attraction had to be retired. The Como Cruisers have officially been retired. Taking up residence in their spot on Lake Como will be Storybook Pedal boats. Swans and Dragons pedal boats will now call Lake Como home. There is more that is new in 2018. The Mini Golf Course has been renovated, and features recreations of 9 Cincinnati landmarks. Additionally, the Python roller coaster is receiving a new paint job and some theming. Check out this rendering: Additionally, Coney has partnered with ThinkTV Network and CET Public Television to create a “beyond broadcast” experience that incorporates popular PBS Kids characters with a “play and learn” environment. Included will be interactives that have been chosen specifically to align with the PBS Kids mission of building imagination and curiosity. Starting with the new PBS Kids Backyard, a playground area for kids to climb, slide, play and learn. When it’s time to cool down or calm down, parents and kids can head to the new PBS Kids Quiet Time area. PBS Kids Quiet Time area allows moms and their little ones a cool quiet place to step away from the sun and crowds for a needed break. The room is equipped with two private breastfeeding stations, changing tables, private restroom, and a quiet space for kids to relax. This new space is equipped with PBS Kids “quiet time” videos to aid in calming little ones and perhaps help foster nap time. In addition to the changes to the Python, several rides at Coney are getting new 3d ride signage from Kingdom Productions. Read more and see more photos here. Below is just one sample image of the new sign for the kiddie airplane ride, now called Flying Aces. Find out more information on Coney Island by logging onto their website at www.coneyislandpark.com or checking out their Facebook page.
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    I remember when I was little, there was a 30 on The Beast sign and I mistook for "3D" and I said "Is this ride in 3D? I don't want to ride it if it is" thinking about that just cracks me up
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    Perhaps someone forgot to switch the computer from spring mode (8pm close on Sundays) to summer mode (10pm close)?
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    We did, it was a mistake. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone! I wanted to give an update! So we went to the park yesterday, and had an amazing day!!! We rode every single roller coaster and the ONLY thing I had to be "stapled" into was Drop Tower... that girl was determined I would fit, even after I told her I would just get off! Lol! Several of the wooden coasters were a little tight with ways on my hips, and all the rides that had over the shoulder restraints sort of squeezed my boobs quite a bit, but all of the lap restraints/buckles were fine! The ride with the worst amount of leg room is by far Flight of Fear. I am so happy that I got to ride everything, it was overall a great day!! Thank you to all who replied!
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    Thanks Liz, I was just looking for that first one! Also, I saw the 3 PM and 7 PM shows today and I still love it. . It took me more than one viewing, but I like the show this year and I feel like its settling into its rhythm a bit for me.
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    If anyone is interested, Shazam was able to identify a couple of the songs when I watched the show. One is "Et Si C'était Un Veau" by Misteur Valair Another is (appropriately) "Other Worlds" by Bassnectar and Dorfex Bos.
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    Weather permitting I'll be riding it when I visit next month - I typically spend the day at Coney on my birthday and plan to do so again this year as well. Looking forward to seeing all the changes.
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    The goats ate them. Speaking of goats a grandparent brought some smoked goat meat to a campout a few months ago. I had never had it before and it was pretty good. Would be a good idea for Coney BBQ. They might need to expand the goat area a little bit more to accommodate the demand. Pet the goat, feed the goat, eat the goat. What a wonderful circle of life experience for the little tikes.
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    Have to agree with you there. We went last week even though we did ride it during passholder preview night, but that was only one ride, so we had to go back. It blows every other coaster I've ridden away. But with that being said, I honestly feel that KI is the better park, friendlier staff and just an all around better vibe. CP has always been my favorite for their coasters and I grew up in Detroit and went every year, but now I'm in Kentucky and KI is much closer and has stolen .y heart.
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    I so understand Joshua. I was diagnosed in October and I was determined I would not be like my mom having to give myself insulin every day. I am a picky drinker, have hated water since I was a baby which does cause some issues, I mainly used to drink soda. Thankfully I have drank diet Coke since my 20s but any other soda regular. Last year my drink of choice was peach fanta but since October I've not touched it, only drinking diet Coke. I'm on quite a bit of medication that makes me have a really dry mouth and soda wasnt cutting it so I tried the Dasani flavored water and to my surprise I loved it! I only had the one small glass cause I thought it had sugar, that is until I looked it up and I was so excited that it was sugar free. The freestyle machines just offer so many more options, I do drink some diet Coke while at the park but I really try to have the flavored water, it gets so frustrating! But it's not a problem at KI only, 2 weeks ago when we went to Cedar Point, it was the same thing, the savior was the one freestyle machine open was in Frontier Town which is where steel Vengeance and Maverick are and also my fav restaurant Ms. Keets, that saved me. I'm hoping now that school is out MAYBE KI will open the other machine but I'm not getting my hopes up too high.
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    I'm not there everyday, but from what I seen so far Hangtime is doing fairly ok. Almost no one misses Boomerang at this point. Something like that might do good at KI, probably somewhere in Coney. KI does not come off as being needy for another giant coaster for awhile, Banshee really isn't even that old. I hope KI never builds anything over the Oktoberfest pond. Or Tower Gardens. That's why I love Ghost Town so much at Knott's, it is quiet most the year except summer because GTA has started. >_> Kids...kids everywhere.
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    No, Drop Tower, WindSeeker already taller. Next.
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    Not bad. Beast wait an hour due to them taking train off track.
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    That's the problem I run into a lot. I found out I was diabetic last year, sorta at the park actually. Diet Coke is all throughout the park, but Freestyle machines give us diabetics a lot more options and control. I always have that fear that in all the chaos, the associate might not hear the word "Diet."
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    Well, they're horses not ponies so chances are it is a decently high weight limit. All children and most adults should be able to ride. Edit: just went and looked at the pics, and it says the weight limit is 150 lbs. I must have overestimated the size of the horses. Ironically, after doing a little more research, it turns out that ponies, even though they are a little shorter, because they have a stockier build, would probably be able to carry heavier loads. And I know the sign calls them "ponies" but the animals I saw giving rides had the conformation of horses, not ponies.
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    I was genuinely enjoying it!! How was your ride on Vortex??
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    Lights are working during firework show now. I shot this earlier tonight.
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    Man, riding Mystic Timbers before and after Steel Vengeance is so much different. Feels like a family coaster now not a thrilling woodie.
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    The rain didn’t scare anybody off. Its light for a saturday but Diamondback is 30-45 minutes, walk on earlier today.
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    Holy poo. It's great news no one was hurt, but from the pictures I am seeing, this is gonna be very, very expensive to fix/replace. Not to mention all the money they might lose due to needing to close for repairs, and the lost revenue from guests who may not visit now because they were interested in the section of the park that was destroyed. It also looks like Blue Fire and Wodan Timbur Coaster were not far from the fire, hopefully neither of those were damaged because if the park is gonna recover, it will need the drawing power to attract guests those rides provide (and hopefully you can still access those rides, as their entrances may have been in the affected area). They are also gonna need to rebuild/replace a lot of destroyed attractions, which is not gonna be cheap at all. As Terp once said: Fire is the great enemy of all amusement parks.
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    Glad to hear she enjoyed it. #kibestday
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    Boo Blasters is already a "Cave of Discovery" for the teenagers in the park.
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    I do as well. I love coney but Ms Keets at CP is to die for w their brisket.
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    http://coneyislandcentral.com/history/ I have received some great historical pictures from Coney in September of 1971, right before the park closed. These photos are courtesy of Paul Adams, and include many shots/angles that I have never seen before.
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    This is a pretty cool documentary that I stumbled across a couple of years ago and these old photos reminded me of it. It is about the making of Kings Island and how it came from Coney. Check it out!
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    Here's a photo of the damage from the European Coaster Club via GOCC:
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