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    Why on earth would you bring sidewalk chalk to the park?
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    Welcome to KIC! I suggest you talk to Guest Services in a very respectful and conciliatory manner. You may be able to negotiate your suspension but not likely with a “where is the rule” attitude. Just becuase your defacing of the park was not permanent does not make it right. You should have asked for permission. It’s common courtesy. Do your kids go on your neighbors driveway and create art without permission? Q. What would the park look like if every guest had 1 piece of sidewalk chalk? A. Even worse than a Six Flags Park.
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    Re-instate these passes and allow the children to write the current wait times on the pavement in front of every ride entrance.
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    That’s great. Really. But are there not creative and imaginative opportunities within the park already? And while it’s not specifically stated as being prohibited, don’t you think it’s a good idea to not let literally anyone write and draw literally whatever they want inside the park? I’m creative and imaginative myself, but that doesn’t mean I feel entitled to draw a giant weinerschnitzel in Oktoberfest with chalk.
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    Obviously, not knowing the whole story, it's hard for us to pass any judgement, and not being affiliated with the park, there's little any of us could do about it even if we did. However, if you confronted park staff with the same combative attitude you brought to the boards, I doubt the initial vandalism was the only thing brought into consideration when deciding on punishment. But since you asked, the rule is in the season pass terms you agreed to when you purchased a pass: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/legal/season-pass-terms
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    60 days seems a little harsh to me. Too bad they don't treat the smokers that are outside of the smoking zone that way.
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    I believe it can be found under the common sense clause.
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    Because most were taught not to damage other people’s property?? Yes, it comes off, but you are defacing private property. The park spends a lot of money to build a brand and market it. That includes scenery and such. When someone comes in and starts defacing that brand with chalk they are damaging the brand. Also, the he park now has to spend money to have an employee to clean it up. Can I come to your house and draw all over it with chalk? It will come off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For those too young to remember: https://youtu.be/MtCEAL8nb5Q
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    What do you expect them to say, 'Come ride this ride, it's not that great???'
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    I bet it was pictures from an anatomy book.
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    This is a fan forum page that isn't managed by the park... This isn't really the place to ask the park a question. I'd be surprised if they reply at all. If you're looking to gather support/sympathy from other season pass holders (like myself), perhaps you should include why you brought chalk to the park and what you wrote (and where). I'm trying to understand how the interaction went when you were confronted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As a child of the 80's (born in 1979) some of my earliest memories were of new ride advertisement for Kings Island, both TV and radio. I disntinctly recall ads in 1985 promoting White Water Canyon, 1986 promoting the flats added to Coney Mall (Skylab, Zephyr and new Dodgems) and 1987 and Vortex. Cut to 1988 and I remember the promotion for the then Amazon Falls. I was thinking it was going to be another rapids type ride like WWC, the ads made it seem like you'd be travelling deep into the "jungle" before the big drop. Imagine my disappointment when I go to the park and see the ride is just go up a hill, turn 180 degrees and then drop down. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Congo Falls for exactly what it is but 9 year old me could only think "That's It!?!" Do you have any memories of rides you thought were going to be way different than they were based on the ads for them?
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    Backlot turned out nothing like the animation. When it opened it was cool enough to be passable... for a few days. If you rode it before the park went daily you had the head lights, tail lights, fog, audio, and more. The experience was not what we had been sold, but was still cool and unique. A few days later none of those features worked. Then we had a weak coaster and no Flying Eagles.
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    The "fly" commercials when X-Flight came to town. Did I say X-Flight? I meant "Firehawk." "Experience the feel of flying." The experience turned out to be more "feel like you're constantly about to be tossed headlong out of a rubber water bladder!"
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    How about: “What’s in the water?”
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    As rough as it has been this year, at the end of the ride, I did "pay". LOL
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    Probably Backlot, i.e. Italian Job Stunt Track. Didn't have a lot of the features it was advertised to have (drifting cars, rumbling down the 'stairs', on-board audio was lackluster, painted black instead of yellow).
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    I absolutely agree in regards to smokers, or the rule thats not enforced that is much more important to me, line jumping. Toss those reprehensible clowns from the park, and if they are passholders, REVOCATION, not suspension. Now, in regards to sidewalk chalk, it takes all of about 2 seconds to realize and understand that the "my parents use this park as my babysitter" demographic would be creating crude anatomy lessons on the concrete if they were able to bring sidewalk chalk into the park with no penalty. The majority of Society's rules are made not to penalize the good (though that is more often than not what happens) but as a pre-emptive measure against the people who made the movie "Jackass" a hit.
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    Yesterday was a pretty nice day all things considered. I work in Englewood, north of Dayton, and headed down after work at 3pm, hit the storm on I-75 between Franklin and just before Route 63. But that meant that aside from a few sprinkles weather was clear if cloudy at the park. Spent 5 hours and was a great way to unwind after work. These are the reasons I have a Gold Pass. Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
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    At the Reds Grill last night I had the All American Dog and I was very satisfied. Amazing that such a simple hot dog with bacon and cheese could be that good but it really was. Plus plenty of shredded cheese left for sprinkling on my saratoga chips lol.
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    Came across some more pics of the Inn/Resort when I was browsing through iCloud photos today. These are from 2009 and show both indoor and outdoor pools, and other general views around the property.
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    There has to be more to this story. Maybe something inappropriate was drawn or they were asked to stop and got into it with whoever told them, or something. I’ve seen people with far worse “offenses” get way more second chances.
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    Nah, it's just how our imaginations + clever advertising can sometimes create a ride in our minds that reality doesn't live up to lol.
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    I had the same reaction when I first saw Amazon Falls. The radio Ad made it sound like a huge water ride.
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    What’s i the shed????? Some projectors. Yay. The end of the Adventure Express is way scarier. “You must pay”
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    We on the board do not know the whole situation, and will never know the whole story. As much as I agree, sidewalk chalk should not have been brought into the park, but I would have thought at least a warning would have been sufficient. The bigger issue I see here is this, they suspend a season pass for 60 days for something that can be easily just washed off, however, the ride ops can't do anything about people and phones being out on rides. Sidewalk chalk can deface the property, but a flying cell phone can severely hurt someone. Again, we don't know the whole story, and unless there was a big fuss made when asked to not to use the chalk, it sounds like a huge over-punishment. Just my opinion. Many other rules are broken that affect many other people than just chalk being washed off with no penalty whatsoever. Sounds like a focus is off just a little.
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    The problem is the guard goes one way and the person smoking goes the other. The smoker just lights one up as soon as the guard or employee is away from site.
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    According to OVC, the orange train is back in service on T3.
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    **DOUBLE POST** Today's concept is for the back of Coney Mall behind WindSeeker. Except Intamin not B&M. (Reasons in the past explain why the real one would be B&M) The name is Shooting Star.
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    So my Cedar Point venture will be later this month. Basically go up the day of, get a few laps on SV and cruise through the park the rest of the day, get a cheap hotel for the night, then head back to Cincy. Not going to force myself to go all ride warrior, more so a relaxing venture. Going on a day trip to the Hartland in late July or early August. I'm mostly trying to get these in in the few weeks between my 2 community bands' seasons and school starting in late August. Will be going to KI a few times including at least one trip for SC and going on the Action Zone ERT night on the 13th. May slip in a few evening ventures after work as well.
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    I follow your Facebook page as does my wife. Lots of good content! Keep it coming!
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    It's a common scam for a parent to have the taller kid measured, work the wrist band off them and put it on the smaller kid, then have the taller one remeasured. If the ride op had suspicions then they were doing the right thing.
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    ^starting an interaction in a calm and understanding attitude usually gets you farther than starting out adversarial and yelling. Flies and honey and all that. But even if one gets an answer they don't like, it's best to take it up later at guest services than to get in the face of a near-child (usually) who is just trying to do their job as they understand it.
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    I've had really fun 3-hour waits in a queue, and I've had agonizing 15-minute waits. It all depends on who you're waiting in line with.
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    From my farm, it is 147.2 miles to the toll plaza, entering the plaza from Western Row Road. (side note, I still say Western Row Road in a Scooby Doo voice.) Its 4 lane highway all the way except from the farm to U.S. 127. It always seems longer to drive there than it does to drive home.
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    Please advise where the policy prohibiting use of sidewalk chalk in the park may be found. You suspended 2 platinum passes for 60 days for sidewalk chalk, which is not damaging or permanent, with no such policy posted on the property. No warning, no additional feedback, request to stop, etc? Just oh hey you wasted hundreds of dollars on those passes. We had to cancel our trip to Cedar Point because of this as well. Please justify your overly harsh reaction.
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