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    If the soda mix on one of the fountains is wrong, they need to know so that it can be fixed. Being notified of the problem, they should let you grab a replacement without redeeming another drink.
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    Unlimited mobile data plans are throttled after a set threshold. Unlimited food at a buffet is limited to what a customer can consume in one visit. Unlimited rides are limited by capacity and attendance. "Unlimited" is a marketing gimmick that seldom means without any restrictions. If there's a problem with a food or drink, even if it was "free" with a dining or drink plan, ideally this is brought up to management so that it can be fixed.
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    Via CP Rundown on Facebook... This leads me to have a few questions/comments. What happens if there aren’t enough lockers? Do people not get to enter the ride because Cedar Point doesn’t have enough locker space? Does this policy include my wife’s asthma inhaler? She needs that on hand all the time, especially on a hot summer day in the sun. Why is the park promoting Battle for Cedar Point, their app, in-park WiFi options, etc... if phones are such an issue? Take all mobile-related content off of the Fun TVs. If you are going to prevent guests from entertaining themselves in line, get all three trains running first. If you can’t tell by now, I strongly disagree with this policy. I would prefer to see the New Texas Giant zipper pouches if it is such an issue.
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    Meal plan intervals have always been clearly specified at purchase and have not changed after purchase. There was an uproar a few years back when a different set of rules was posted on the park website. The revised terms never went into effect for new or existing dining plans.
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    At least they make that very clear as you enter.
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    To both of you: It’s irrelevant that the the mix was off. That happens. No need to bring in Chef Major. I’m simply warning the people who might buy the drink plan or other services that this is instance where I paid for one thing and the policy was misrepresented until after I had already paid. Also, notice how the Waffle House puts, “A Drink Refill” as part of their marketing materials? The reason behind that is that the corporate policy was that you could have two refills in one visit. This was meant to deter loiterers. Some locations followed this policy, some didn’t. Their menu said, “free refills” the entire time and they were legally forced to change it. So basically the issue I described is not historically unfounded. I’m not angry, confused, and I don’t even think this devalues the drink plan. I just find the fact that a company whose cornerstones end with, “...and it’s all held together by integrity” would find this okay to be a little disappointing.
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    I haven't made it to Kings Island as often as I'd like this season. For me, it's a combination doing more travel to out-of-town destinations and of having a longer season to visit Kings Island (for Winterfest). Less of my limited summer vacation time is being spent in Ohio. As "staycations" trend down and wages increase in a bullish economy, regional parks will have to find more ways to compete for leisure dollars and control staffing costs. Days with a stormy forecast that turn out better than expected (like yesterday) are usually great days to visit the park, although many food/drink/merchandise locations close when attendance is too low. Sometimes, you get days like last Friday that are true rain-outs. There was a combination of very low attendance and severe storms late in the day that put reopening rides in doubt.
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    This is a big reason why I always do a "taste test" before I walk away from the fountain. This applies not just at Kings Island, but at literally any restaurant I ever go to with self-serve drinks. I never leave the drink fountain area without confirming that the taste is correct.
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    We are a fan site and only the Banshee gift shop has been mentioned. I have counted 12 different types of "cuts" since the quarterly report was announced and that is lumping some things together or the list could be longer. Maybe some are purely coincidental... I suspect that collectively as a forum our attendance numbers are down as well. Let's get to the park and spend money. If we as fans haven't noticed the cuts, the cuts will continue until they are readily obvious to the once per decade visitor. By then it may be too late. I heard some funny they are doing "insert comment here" to save money anecdotes, so people are noticing. I watched a dude with a souvenir cup on Banshee walk up to line and was told he couldn't take it on and he chucked it into the garbage and mumbled he wasn't going to come back to this place anyway as he couldn't find places to refill the cup. He certainly didn't experience #KIBestDay and many aren't either. Droves of people certainly didn't on Friday. Attendance was low today. Walk-on for a night-time Beast front-row seat. Has the precedent now been set that the park may close if the guest count gets too low or it rains, so people will now only come when there is no chance or rain? It appears that way reading FB comments. Certainly not a way to increase attendance. I am not expecting the next quarterly report to be any more encouraging, which could really have an impact on Haunt and Winterfest...
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    Park closes at 5:00 today (7/20/18)

    Heard they took names at guest services for complimentary after 4 tickets for anyone there yesterday. Have friend with passes that gave them the names of 7 people not even at the park that day that thought would like free tickets. Sounds like guest services didn’t really care.
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    Yelling at ride ops??

    And Magenta Lizard wins KIC today! I listened to a lady rant about the stroller policy a few weeks ago. She asked the attendant if she was supposed to leave her child outside in the stroller while they watch the show. (Plus a few explicatives). I pray for the children of these people.
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    How much can you get done in an hour? I hope a lot.
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    I think that may be the reason behind Banshee and Mystic Timbers, but not this policy. I HOPE this is a stop gap until they think of a better idea. This is pretty drastic. I'd imagine a lot of people will be upset by it.
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    King Ding Dong

    Yelling at ride ops??

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    A phone may not be a medical device on its own, but maybe a rider would have an app on the phone that syncs with a device such as an insulin pump, and they'd need to access said app at all times.
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    In my opinion, this is putting a full body cast on a papercut. I agree that they need to be more proactive with loose articles, cell phones in particular, but this is a little harsh. I have ridden many rides with my phone in my pocket and never have had a problem. I do get a little disgusted when I get on a coaster and I see 3 phone pop out on the lift hill. Cameras on the lift hill and a security guard at the exit would self police this very quickly. The cameras can be very inexpensive and can be installed quickly. The security wouldn't need to be there long, either take the phone that was out for the rest of the day and return it to them when they leave, or remove them from the park. A couple of these happen, the word will get around and will take care of the issue. I prefer to have my phone with me in line, not that I need it, but it is nice to pass time while waiting. I don't wear a watch either, so it is nice to keep up with time since there are very few clocks if any to be found in the park. (There may be, but with a phone or watch, I would never search for them)
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    Magenta Lizard

    Yelling at ride ops??

    I witnessed somebody yelling at one of the ushers at Gravity soon after she opened the doors for a show the other day. The woman was unloading her stroller and complaining the whole time about how somebody should have come out and told her before the doors opened that it wasn't allowed inside, she was at the front of the line right next to the door and now look at all these people going past her, she could have unloaded it while she had been waiting if somebody had just come out to tell her that it wasn't allowed inside! The usher was being very calm and just taking it, but as I went past I said quietly "well, there /are/ signs saying it..." If the woman had been standing there right next to the door for as long as she was saying in her rant, she had plenty of time to notice the sign /right next to the door/ that says strollers must be left outside. Or to look around and notice all the other parents parking their strollers outside the doors... Don't know where she thought she was going to be able to park it if it was allowed inside with her. Blocking access for other guests, I assume.
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    ^^Would that have a huge plaza similar to what Steel Curtain will where it has activities and a shop themed after the team? Tonight's concept ties on to a similar thing to what Kennywood is doing with Steel Curtain where it would have activities and stuff themed to the team. But, instead of football, it'd be for the Reds. The plaza would have kids baseball activities including Reds themed midway games, an indoor play area, and would have a giant team shop and on the outside would have giant TV's on the building that would play Reds games when they play during the day. When the Reds games are not on, the TVs would play ESPN on it. I know that stuff isn't in the picture because it's hard to draw, but I hope you get the picture. I give you The Big Red Machine along with Reds Country!
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    Why ban phones and not other items??? If I put my keys in my pocket and they come out, I've got 4 keys, a fob, and a screw-lock carabiner... That's not exactly gonna enhance the ride experience of whomever it hits...
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    I hope one day that Kings Island gets a B&M Floorless coaster. That's the only thing I feel is missing between the Cedar Point and Kings Island. Cedar Point converted Mantis to Rougarou and now I'm hoping that one day Kings Island gets one next.
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    Exactly. We're still waiting for "The Big One". It'll be obvious when we're getting the giga. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Put politely, TEA has no ****ing clue what they are talking about with their attendance numbers.
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    I completely understand that and agree. I think I should of worded that better. If theres a threat, it's going to looked at. Obviously they're not going to look deeply into every single car that enters KI. More details: The bag at the game was there for several innings, that's why it was searched. Edit: If they closed the park early or not, theres going to be people whining no matter what if this story still got out.
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    Flat ride package?

    Sky Rides are always nice... Would like to see one... A twist n splash or Mack's interactive boat ride would be fun... Does anyone make Gravitrons or Condors anymore???
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    Cedar Fair has made it clear that they run amusement parks, not theme parks. Therefore, Kings Island and Cedar Point are amusement parks.
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