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    We're here for P&G dividend day. Flight commander pad is being removed, as have some areas of the concourse near Vortex. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty much. In that case we were trying to beat the cycle start of the ride and get the spammer shut down. Lol
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    A live look at the fixing of the forums. FINALLY got to use this!
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    I'm very glad they've kept those trees from the center of the midway. I'm really looking forward to the landscaping on this ride.
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    Can that image be part of KIC's official 404 page?
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    I'm suprised Missouri Jane hasn't appeared in the shed
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    I remember going there in 1996 because it was free to enter during the CNE. Getting a chance to play N64 early was probably my favorite part of that day because of how hyped I was for the console to be released. I still remember playing Mario 64 for the first time and seeing Mario run around in 3D was amazing. I was also talking to one of the Nintendo workers there about how excited I was for the system. They ended up giving me a Donkey Kong Country VHS tape and a N64 t-shirt that I still have.
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    Ontario Place was/is adjacent to downtown Toronto, and well if you were to drive straight north without backtracking west on the QEW to reach the 427 to eventually get to the 401, it's a distance of around 27 km or 17 miles. Ontario Place's Marina, as well as the large concert venue, the Molson Amphitheatre (now the Budweiser Stage), and Atlantis pavilions (which used two of the pods at the time) survived the 2012 closure. The cinesphere closed in 2012. The Molson Amphitheatre ended up "stealing" the big shows from Kingswood in Canada's Wonderland in the mid 1990s. Similarly to how Riverbend did the same thing with the Timberwolf Amphitheater. Atlantis has now completely shutdown, it was used for private events I do believe. The Cinesphere CLOSED in 2012, but it reopened as of November 2017 with constant showtimes. During the older days of the CNE, the IMAX documentaries were usually only played in the Cinesphere and not "regular" movies. The Ontario Place grounds are completely free to walk around, although I do believe much of the East Island looks different now. http://ontarioplace.com/en/cinesphere/
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    @malem to the rescue live from Cedar Point!
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    It should be working again.
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    I'm not expecting any of our concepts to be the actual plans if a giga does happen. But, I think it's cool that @IndyGuy4KI actually told Chad Showalter (KI director of communications) about the concept things that me and @Maverick44 started doing.
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    Thanks to Chad Showalter, we have some construction update pics for you. It looks like demo continues! Flight Commander pad is gone! What do you think of the construction so far?
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    It's official! Teasing starts tomorrow!
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    It's a case by case basis. They recommend 13, but it's up to you to decide what is appropriate for your child.
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    same as most parks. Disney has changed as KI Knotts and Cedar Point has changed.
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    So if you can't have it you would prefer no one had it? Also, I respect your opinion but disagree with it. To me the last few years have all been duds. There is 0 intensity and far too few actors. Having been to some of the bigger haunts in Ohio KI's haunt seems very pedestrian to me.
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    I imagine all it would take to theme the shed out nicely is have a some fake blood dripping down on the riders.
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    Anyone else intrigued by the idea of a stand-up Giga? I'm guessing this would be extraordinarily unlikely for quite a variety of reasons, but I think it would be amazing. http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/product/stand-coaster
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    Another inside coaster because Kings Island made people mad with Antique cars.
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