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    You only have to be in your mid to late 30s to remember it. Nevertheless, it was introduced in 1989, a good 17 years after the park originally opened, and while next year marks Soak City's 30th year at the park, it still brought a significant change to a large area of the park well into its lifetime. I wasn't alive to see the earliest years of the park, but judging from photos, it went through a number of major cosmetic changes in those days. Just look at all the green. I love the park today, but man, when it opened, it was beautiful.
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    .... And it was superb. We ended up getting two loaves to share amongst us. IMO it is the best KI food item, especially in the dessert/sweet category. Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
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    Actually, they are renaming Banshee "Bananarama" and replacing the lift hill scream with strange voices. What will they say? Things you can't understand.
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    I'll post some photos that I took later today, but for now, here's this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/473792823282745243/
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    Immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, absolute first-order-of business rename Woodstock Express back to Beastie... ...And I've said before in a different topic, have it REMAIN as Beastie, no matter what company's licensed cartoon characters in fuzzy costumes are roving nearby...I don't care, it STAYS known as Beastie (and perhaps even out the tunnel back in, but that's a different matter...) As for what I would make the other names, I'd have to think on that for a little. But I will be sure to get back to you on that as this is a good topic.
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    The cinnamon bread was at the turkey leg stand on international street last weekend.
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    I'm sure ridership for Vortex, Shake Rattle n Roll, and WindSeeker will increase exponentially which might help lines some.
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    I think it's cool KI has a history of using scores for their rides outside of the Paramount era. They played "The Idol Temple" track in the queue line, as well. I also remember The Beast played music from David Arnold's Independence Day. I believe it was "Darkest Day," which is when the ships arrive in the film. And later, IIRC they used music from Michael Giacchino's "Lost" score. During the last year of The Crypt's operation, they used Hans Zimmer's "Inception" score in the queue line and during the ride.
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    We ad the cinnamon bread last year and you were not missing much. The Cinnamon bread at Dollywood however is worth the 4 hour drive alone
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    1. How the Junkyard coaster ruined a beautiful area of the park. It's slowly recovering but unfortunately what was there is now gone. 2. The entry plaza. The ticket sales window and pass processing center replaced a berm that had shrubbery spelling out Kings Island and the other berm (to the right) would have a floral display of the new attraction for that season. The most recent victims were the crabapple trees in the trolley circle, but that's OK with me since we got WinterFest.
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    ^^^ Totally agree with the Bernstein piece. I feel like they could've used more of his score in that film, and I just think it ties in very well with The Beast. Also, I forgot about Adventure Express. Still going with Williams' Indiana Jones scores, I would choose the original 1981 Raiders March with the London Symphony from Raiders of the Lost Ark and "Belly of the Steel Beast" from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, which I mentioned in a previous thread was played in the final tunnel with the temple god.
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    I worked for Light House Point over the summer as a Front Desk Sup. I heard that they kept tossing around different ideas but I personally think that section of land is intended to be used for resort purposes. Whether they want to add more cabins, rv spots, or water activities is beyond me; but going from my experiences, I don't think an amusement park attraction would work in that area.
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    Aww I miss Beastie. @SonofBaconator I love Invertibeast hahaha I was dying.
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    Millennium Force (10) vs. Adventure Express (4)Top Thrill Dragster (10) vs. Blue Streak (5)Steel Vengeance (10) vs. Flight of Fear (1)Diamondback (10) vs. The Racer (4)The Beast (10) vs. Mystic Timbers (9)Magnum XL-200 (10) vs. Rougarou (3)Banshee (10) vs. Raptor (1)Vortex (4) vs. Maverick (10) You're welcome, @BeastForever.
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    YES to scores! That Bernstein track is wonderful. As good as the scene is with "Blue Moon," I kinda wish the cue was used. Keeping with the score motif just for fun, here are my picks: Flight of Fear: "Prelude/Radar" by Bernard Herrmann from The Day the Earth Stood Still Banshee: "Let's Get Her/Rebirth" by Jerry Goldsmith from Poltergeist The Beast: "Main Theme/Desolation" by Ennio Morricone from The Thing BLSC: "Rush Hour" by Mark Mancina from Speed Diamondback: "The Swarm" by Jerry Goldsmith Vortex: "The Black Hole" by John Barry Adventure Express: "The Idol Temple" by John Williams from Raiders of the Lost Ark The Bat: "My Skull/Gurney" by Jerry Goldsmith from The 'Burbs Mystic Timbers: I love it's music already, but hey why not? "Plymouth Fury" by John Carpenter from Christine
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    IMO, the biggest cosmetic changes. 1. Adventure Village/Action Zone 2. Rivertown 3. HB/Planet Snoopy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg... now THAT'S mind blowing https://www.facebook.com/BuschGardensVA/photos/pcb.10156147457978315/10156147457898315/?type=3&theater&ifg=1
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    It'd only be here so it wouldn't get fined. ...Wondering if someone gets the reference...
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    Rivertown has changed a lot over the years. While Mystic with its theming is a return to form for the area, I still miss the green tunnel (a great transition from the kids area to Rivertown), the Blacksmith shop, and KCKC.
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    It is even less likely we see the name Beast Unleashed. The work on the video is really good though, and they deserve props for that for sure!
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    Ok guys according to Emotional Rollercoasters on Instagram. The new posters in FOF's queue line may be more than just decorations for "flight of cheer". If you look closely and study the posters closely, there are some things that caught my eyes that could be hints at a new coaster coming.These include Firehawk being pictured on a calendar, an alien in the air inside the vertical loop of the pic of Firehawk, the number 355 at the bottom of the calendar, the word Centuari written right next to the Firehawk pic that could reference the name Centurion, and a big one is the calendar that has Firehawk on it was discovered that it matches the 2020. Just wanted to throw it out there. Please take it as a grain of salt since they could just be messing with us and not mean anything, but this is something that we could keep in the back of our heads.
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    Ehhh I dunno I disagree. Nothing about paying homage to The Beast was a PR disaster last time except for the **** poor design of the ride. Many fans look back in SoB fondly (before it started falling apart) and it’s obvious the park does miss our fallen friend to a degree. They went so far as to even put a memorial near Banshee. If they were afraid of PR and wanted to simply forget SoB I seriously doubt they would have done that. It very may well not follow Beast lore and I’d be totally cool with that, but I don’t think it’s that crazy of a stretch to think they might go that route.
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    Hey guys! I made a concept release trailer inspired by iDesign's (Zayzayd13 on here) No Limits 2 project. I've always been trash at NL2, but with the new force vectoring design I decided to give it an honest try. Once I realized you could import Google topography data into NL2 with some trickery, I was obsessed with the idea of building my own concept on the Firehawk land. This is my first truly complete NL2 project, and I think I spent around 130 hours on it. Hope you guys dig it. I'll probably post a full POV later, as the file sizes from NL2 capture are HUGE and the transfer from my PC to my video editing battle station takes ages.
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    A new flat ride section behind TRTR building or between the building and Beast.
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