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    things come across as combative because they are words on a computer screen without the benefit of a facial expression attached to it. Besides- this is a "fan site" for a park. Anyone who gets overly passionate about something to the point they become combative- they need to take a few steps back, take a deep breath, and do something else. there are a ton of other things to be passionate about. That said... I post about once a month because... there are other things going on and this is recreational/not a priority.
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    I have had Zen rides but never a Zen dining experience until tonight
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    Apple wouldn't be investing in creating new Peanuts content if they didn't believe it wouldn't make them money... http://www.fox19.com/2018/12/14/apple-strikes-deal-produce-new-peanuts-content/
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    It’s the second time they came out with a Kings Island new coaster story that can’t be immediately proven. The problem is guests are falling for these stories.
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    Man, John Matarese has gotten lazy with his writing. Is that really news worthy? I've had work colleagues coming up to me telling me "Hey did ya hear Kings Island announced their new ride?" I'm like... "uhh... no. That's a fan submission. Very well done, but it's a fan submission..." Social media has completely gone off the rails with false information and news. Although it is keeping the park in the buzz, so that's a plus for the PR group I guess!
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    I was thinking. Does the giga (if it is a giga) necessarily have to start in the old Firehawk entry area? I know this sounds unusual, but there is that land on the left side of FOF where you can have a station there and have the lift hill go overtop the FOF building and drop into the Firehawk area. Plus an upside is they can connect Xbase to the main midway (oktoberfest). Heck, they could even give the giga an Oktoberfest style theme. They could also do what we've been speculating which is turn the Firehawk station into a Haunt. I will be coming out with a concept with an Oktoberfest style theme with this idea. I'm just saying that they don't necessarily have to use the old Firehawk entry area as the entrance to the new coaster. During the season, they could turn that area where Firehawk's entrance was into like a viewing area where you can watch the drop. And at Haunt, use the Firehawk station for Haunt.
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    I feel like more I like more individuals should read the terms of service on this site. The moderators do a good job of cleaning up threads that have been derailed and making sure that everything runs smoothly. More recently I've noticed that they've been fixing a lot of threads that have since become derailed due to arguments and posts on multiple threads by members who shal go unnamed. I feel that these threads wouldn't have needed to have been edited if said unnamed members would have just abided by the terms of service like the rest of us.
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    One of the many reasons I like KIC is becuase for the most part it is Real. Members can share their Real experiences both positive and negative with few exceptions. I understand that some do not like to hear negative comments about something they feel passionate about but the alternative in my view is much worse. If every post reads like it came out of the PR Departement why even have a site like KIC? Just read the PR blog and Twitter feed. Those have their place but so do people’s critical take on their experiences. There is truth there. Sometimes it is highly biased but without different viewpoints what you are left with is very distorted. That is not what I want and it concerns me that there are those that do. There have been many occasions that my critical viewpoint on an issue at the park has been changed or at least softened by my interactions with other members here. I highly respect our moderating team and feel they get it right the vast majority of the time but I also do not agree with all the decisions and that is okay. The day people stop criticizing and complaining on this site is the day it becomes meaninless to the free expression of ideas. I hope that day never comes.
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    Kings Island once again will be hosting Coasterstock on May 17-18th in 2019. Be on the lookout for tickets sales and event details later in January to join this once a year celebration with Kings Island. Tickets for Coasterstock 2019 go on sale February 1. Keep in mind, if you're not a member of a coaster club, you'll need to join a club first and have your membership card before you buy a ticket. The registration form this year will require the club/organization membership number. Be diligent in filling out your info and make sure it is accurate before submitting. KICentral is very excited about another year of Coasterstock for friendship, coasters, food, guest speakers, tours, and of course ERT! Tell us what you like most about Coasterstock in this thread!
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    Congrats to KI and the workers on the award. The park truly has world class operations. One of the benefits when you check out other parks and see operations that are not as good is that it makes you realize how good KI is at ops.
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    Hey guys, tommorrow is the night that my girlfriend and I will be doing the tree lighting! Who's all going to be there?
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    Yeah... if you get hurt walking/running it's your own fault. If you exacerbate an unknown pre-existing condition because of multiple rides in a row it could become the parks issue.
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    I just feel like the victims of Son of Beast get glossed over too much when it comes to those who constantly bring up positives without acknowledging the negatives. I'm not saying to not talk about it, I'm just suggesting people be more comprehensive when discussing it. For all the talk about how much it was an 'engineering marvel', it still that led to a few dozen people being sent to hospitals, many of whom may never and/or be unable to ride a coaster again. I don't give it that kind of credit when clearly it didn't do what it was designed to do in a safe manner. Well designed things don't have those kinds of problems.
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    Mason Ohio. I guess they believe no rerides are the lesser of the two evils liability wise..
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    I wish people would be less cavalier when discussing Son of Beast. I realize people have a lot of interest in it and their reasons why, but I feel the supporters often cherry pick from SOB's story and detract from the big problems it actually had, and that those reasons leave it as a big black mark on the park's history.
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    I'm going to Winterfest as a guest for the first time this year tonight, I can't wait to see the whole park instead of just the small area of Rivertown I'm usually at every night. Is there anything I should absolutely make sure I do/try?
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    Yes, but the screenshot was formatted to look as if it was actual animation.
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    That's just a screenshot of The Beast unleashed video that people keep thinking is real
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    I am pretty sure Chad was just poking fun at John. I do not think there is a literal clue in that picture of a new ride.
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    That is all part of the Easter eggs that have been woven into the story. Much like those Flight of Fear bulletin boards with news clippings. Those were not original, but showed up after a certain person started working in that area of the park. That person no longer works at the park (they used to post on here a lot, but I haven`t seen them recently).
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    I wonder if it’s just the phrase “drop-off” that’s the hint, or if there’s physically something they put at the drop-off area out front for people to see...
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    Reddi Wip - Maybe an whip ride (like the beetle bugs) but one that whole family can ride
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    Well, per Chad on Twitter Winterfest is apparently starting daily operation tomorrow. He invited WCPO for some Blue Hot Chocolate and a clue regarding a future attraction.
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    A front gate coaster would be one such as Fury 325 at Carowinds and GateKeeper at Cedar Point that interacts with the front gate.
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    Invertigo is a coaster. It's located next to the front gate at KI. What am I missing here?
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    @NewD4y20 Obviously, I could be wrong, but I thought I heard a higher up from Cedar Fair explicitly say that there would be no front gate coaster at KI, or KD.
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    There's a TON of people sharing @RuthlessAirtimes video on facebook and twitter thinking its the real deal. I've seen @chugh43 going up to bat telling people it's just a fan video
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    @beastfan11 I said expected and maybe. I did not say confirmed anywhere in my post. Like you, I don't have the authority to say what's confirmed or not, until it is. What "project" are you referencing to and has it been confirmed??
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    It was appx 26-28 degrees when I arrived last Saturday at 4:30 is and I think it bottomed out at 24 degrees. Both coasters were running all night long everytime I went by them.
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    Diversion no. Enthusiasts created the "confusion" not the park. The park was just using Outpost 5 as theming. The logo has been around for years.
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    And now also I've seen The Beast unleashed video going around too. I dont think GP realize these r concepts, not real announcements...
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    When I was at Kings Island Saturday, I ate at the holiday buffet my Mystic Timbers and when i was waiting to be seated, the host told the person in front of us that a new coaster was coming and when we asked about what she meant, she said it would be like The Beast but steel and be 417 feet tall. Idk If she meant to say 317 or if she was trying to start a rumor but I figured I should say something. If this is true, I would be so happy. I asked her if she meant the height was r17 but the drop was less and she said "no the drop is 417" so fo what u want with this but idk if its true or not
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    Yes, but people are getting sold on that DESIGN. And that could provide some serious problems, since the public are not coaster enthusiasts, and will not realize that certain elements will terrify them as much as a parabolic airtime hill.
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    If Cedar Fair needed any GP approval of a giga coaster, they might be getting it by seeing WCPO talking about it.
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    @NewD4y20 I loved his concept, minus the MCBR being longish. I think it's great to see enthusiasts making their own creations.
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    So, I305 just got there?? The fact they said "now has a giga coaster". Gotta love the news. Even its smaller sister park, Kings Dominion in Virginia, now has a giga coaster.
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    WCPO reported on @RuthlessAirtime's creation and referenced this thread. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/possible-kings-island-giga-coaster-in-new-video
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    Can't wait! My fav time of the year!!
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    I too struggle with the Dollywood vs. KI. I think from a pure lights standpoint, I would give the edge to KI. Glacier Ridge was heavily hyped but was a bit of a letdown after going to their Illuminights. Dollywood actually felt like it has less lights this year vs. previous years. From a show standpoint, DW still is ahead but it is getting closer ever year and I might give the slight edge to KI overall.
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    I agree. I still love the way they put the lights on the buildings at Dollywood. The attention to detail and the different color lights that they use is simply amazing.
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    I’ve been torn having been to both, but this year with the “step up” at ki winterfest, I think we may have edged out Dollywood. Hate to say it but even with their glacier ridge addition (which feel VERY Kings Island and slightly out of step with the feel of the rest of the park) KI just has more kinetic energy and “spectacle” no one beats Hershend in the way the apply lights to buildings (crazy anal detail) but there’s just a “big ness” here. Different parks and different moods, but you can’t not smile when you walk in to KI
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    The Mac and cheese bar had the machine hot chocolate. It was delicious!!! ill let you know if I see another.
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    See page 9 of this thread for the IS Winter Buffet menu (there is a blend of zucchini and squash in a red pepper sauce that might be appropriate for vegetarians). There is a different menu for the Reds buffet for which the menu is also listed earlier in this thread.
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    And if no one does recognize you...you won’t be...that’s kinda surreal.
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    The KIC community has changed a lot over the six years I have been a member here. Lately I have really missed seeing my original KIC friends (namely @Beastie1980, @ohiocolts, @Fire-Beast-OF FEAR, @Princess Sparkles, @LoraX, @Original and a few others whom I'm probably forgetting at the moment) post on here. They used to post here a lot and now I hardly see them anymore. I miss them. Thankfully there ARE friends who DO continue to post here, and I definitely appreciate that! @IndyGuy4KI, thank you for posting about the feedback. I would agree about the negative stuff seen on here. KIC isn't perfect nor will it ever be, but I would hate for it to come across as unwelcoming to any new members. I greatly enjoy seeing all the different (and sometimes controversial) opinions expressed here and I hope we as a community continue to help facilitate an environment where all of us can express our honest opinions without the fear of being shot down. Also: I know all of us feel like complaining every now and then; I pity the members who have had negative experiences, whether on here or at the park, but it also tends to kill the mood. I have been guilty of complaining too and I am doing my best to avoid complaining on here as much as I can. I still enjoy KIC after six years, even with its ups and downs!
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