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    With grand kids ages 7, 4 & 3 I am excited about the return of the antique cars next year. My daughter even bought me a shirt for christmas!
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    Good idea! How about enclosing Amazon Falls, renaming it The Catacombs. Then people ride the ride, step off the ride and walk through a dark walk-through haunted catacombs to escape!
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    I would like a Maverick, but not an exact clone.
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    It has always been my belief that Rivertown needs another "river" ride besides White Water Canyon. What if the park built a MACK water coaster on the current site of the building and themed it to the old Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal? They could call it "Keelboat Rampage." The ride can pay homage to other Kings Island attractions, defunct and existing. You would enter the ride through the old Tomb Raider/ Crypt entrance, with the queue rethemed to an old abandoned boat house located on Kenton's Cove (similar to how Disney themed and decked out Expedition Everest's queue line). The boat house was abandoned due to sudden rapid overgrowth (Mystic Timbers) and sightings of a rampaging monster in the wooded area the boathouse resides in (The Beast). This, however, may require the removal of the old Crypt show building, but it would really enhance the area.
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    I LOVE THIS! It could probably even be expanded to include the Banshee and The Bat! I think that Adventure Express could even be tied into this, as like a prototype mine cart to search for The Beast and Diamondback! I could be a whole park story! I like the idea of a coaster, but I feel like Rivertown could use an indoor ride. We lack those at KI!!! There is the Scooby-Doo Haunted Castle (Boo Blasters now?) and Flight of Fear! (Sorry, I use the old names and new ones interchangeably...)
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    I know everyone wants a giga and so do I, but I definitely would not count out a B&M wing coaster. That would actually fit well with what they are talking about with the Xbase signs. Look at Xflight at Six Flags Great America. Plus they could break the records from GateKeeper with it if they wanted to.
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    Solid idea. I like it.
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    First thing I’d do is change Action Zone to a place called Haunted Hill. We already have Banshee and The Bat which would fit in with the new theme. It would have the flickering lights everywhere like the SV lift hill, along with the fog and scare actors year around. I would def repaint Drop Zone and rename it Demon Drop. Delirium would become Pendulum. I’d also love to fit a Intiman Blitz somewhere in the newly rethemed area called PURGATORY. Needless to say I like the dark theme and the Haunt season is my favorite time of the year.
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    IIRC way back they put in zephyr, new dodgems, and skylab all at once. Love to see an Oktoberfest revamp with a ferris wheel, screaming swing, and wild mouse all at once
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    Immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, absolute first-order-of business rename Woodstock Express back to Beastie... ...And I've said before in a different topic, have it REMAIN as Beastie, no matter what company's licensed cartoon characters in fuzzy costumes are roving nearby...I don't care, it STAYS known as Beastie (and perhaps even out the tunnel back in, but that's a different matter...) As for what I would make the other names, I'd have to think on that for a little. But I will be sure to get back to you on that as this is a good topic.
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    The best thing they could do with that warehouse-y building is tear it down! It doesn't belong with the theme of Rivertown. Keelboat Canal was quite beautiful in that spot with the train running along the lake. This is one of the big pieces of damage that Paramount did to the park.
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    Here's a video showing off the Mack idea.
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    You pose an interesting question. Honestly I do not think that (Paramount's) Kings Island thought that long term. I think Paramount's strategy was to wring out as much marketing of a new attraction as possible and then whatever happens happens. I'm connected with some of the guys that were responsible for entertainment (who had TR:TR upkeep at the time) during the Paramount era. I ask why things would quickly fall apart and never be fixed. The answer was slightly more complicated that I had thought: essentially maintaining a ride like that (or any themed attraction) took real dedication and budget. When you have, say, 10 guys working on that sort of thing on a shoe string budget and then they introduce another massive attraction, the whole product suffers. Essentially, they didn't have the money or the manpower to maintain the ride, and likely never did. What was important to them was media day and a couple of TV broadcasts. Other than that, they assumed people wouldn't notice when things stopped working. This is why many of us old schoolers are skeptical when it comes to themed attractions. Tomb Raider, Italian Job, and even rides like Phantom Theatre became a mess not long after opening. On the other hand, Cedar Fair has gone back and forth. Good Cedar Fair: Winterfest The Shed Greatest Show (thus far) ….all of these run at 95-100% consistently Bad Cedar Fair: Snoopy Starlight Spectacular Boo Blasters Flying Banshees The future, as always, is not set. It comes down to where the priorities are.
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    How about an "It's a small world" type ride. Oh Yeah! We don't need another one of those rides that bring back bad memories of getting stuck and hearing the song a million times and never wanting to hear the song again!
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    I think a wild mouse with the car shaped like a mine car would be cool. Have a light on the front. They could have 2 lifts and have some cool drops along with some awesome mouse coaster turns.
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    I love KD's Crypt. I could be wrong, but I thought our Crypt was not engineered to be outside?
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    I saw this ride from Alton Towers and it would have fit the MT theme if KI would have kept the the Crpyt ride and just demolished the building. http://www.quazoo.com/q/Amusement_rides_manufactured_by_HUSS_Park_Attractions
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    Its quite simple, the park says its a coaster, so there for its a coaster... but wait, there's more... the rides manufacturer currently lists a very similar ride: http://www.zamperla.com/en/zamperla-details-rollercoaster-disko_coaster Under its coaster section, there for it must be a coaster. browntggr, I doubt search would have helped him much. The only reason he created this was b/c Six Flags claims one of their parks is going to install a record 4th coaster in its kids area, while a park he loves to bash already claims to have 4. Search doesn't help much when your mission in life is to troll. At the end of the day, call it what you like. My wife and son love to call it fun. Personally I call it "I'm not riding it twice in a row for fear of getting sick, but that 1 trip is a lot of fun"
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