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    I can imagine. I got nailed with a phone on Racer last season, and it hurt like heck. I fortunately got hit with the screen, but to emphasize how dangerous it can be, it can take out an eye in the worse-case scenario.
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    I have heard of a couple, just not sure which ones. @gforce1994, you will probably know. Maybe @SonofBaconatorwill also. My biggest gripe with the phone rule in line is, if you go by yourself, it's easy to get bored waiting in a line for 2(+/-) hours. It's just the idiots who ruin it for everyone.
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    Guys, how do we even know we’re getting a Giga? B&M has done other work such as wooden coaster car production, and yes their trains are designed to run backwards. *cough* *cough*
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    Considering it’s nearly 3/4 of the way there before KI has even started teasing anything, I’d have to say it’s almost guaranteed to hit 200 pages this year. I wouldn’t be surprised with 300.
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    Since we're doing percentages, what is the chances of this thread turning into a hyper thread (200 pages)?
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    Off the top of my head, many of the thrill rides at Disneyland have pouches (Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure immediately come to my mind). They work very well and dispatches are still very efficient.
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    Man that’s a lot, just takes one phone to hit someone in the face for a lawsuit. I’m happy they went with the pouch on the train route rather then metal detectors at the ride entrance. Wonder how much the number of lost phones decreased once the ban was in place.
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    Jason McClure said they were averaging 28 to 30 lost phones a day on Steel Vengeance. That's the same amount as all the rides combined for a week. He also stated there was some serious injuries.
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    And on a somewhat unrelated note, has anyone else ever found it ironic that wood coaster trains built by primarily-steel coaster manufacturers have been on the some of the notoriously rough/violent wooden coasters in history? B&M on Psyclone Premier on SOB w/loop, Bandit @ Movie Park Gerstlauer on SOB w/o loop Intamin on Coaster Express, Magnus Colossus Morgan on Texas Cyclone @ SF Astro World, Riverside Cyclone @ SF New England (In the 90s I've read) But to be fair, five of the eight instances mentioned above had/have a rather important characteristic in common...
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    This place being KICentral. Not this thread. Decoding 2020 will be the thread everyone will be posting in.
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    I'd say about 20%. I fully expect on opening day there to be signs of construction and a wall with teasers up. At that point the "decoding 2020" thread will get opened on the main KI subforum and this thread will get pretty silent. Only a couple months till that point, so another 60 pages wouldn't be likely without spamming. The last two months have only had 18 pages for comparison.
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    First half, B&M track. Second half, Intamin. And backwards cars. That wraps around the Eiffel Tower. Then turns into a Dive Coaster. Diving into the Royal Fountains. Afterwords, you will he sent into MT's shed, where the drop track will take you to China. The final bit will involve travelling at 900mph in the sky, passing up even Boeing 767's, back to the station. LOL
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    A nice article by @CPFoodBlog. What is your color? Red, Blue, White or Yellow? (sorry, can't change to white with a white background.) http://cpfoodblog.com/gould-manufacturing-to-provide-cars-for-kings-island-kings-mills-antique-autos/
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    I believe they do, I read somewhere toward the end of the season that pouches started showing up on Twisted Timbers.
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    That is inaccurate, It was designed by Intamin. Carowinds built the original rafts in house that were used until 1983 when Intamin rafts replaced the original rafts that had design flaws. Intamin was unable to supply rafts in time for 1982 so Carowinds made their own 8 passenger rafts.
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    Interesting, I don’t think I know of any other rides with pouches on the rides them selfs, anyone know any example? Glad to see the park is addressing the issue considering how upset people were about having to pay for the lockers.
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    I’d say that maybe it could be because wooden rollercoaster manufacturers make their own trains for the most part and have perfected their design. RCCA on the other hand was a relatively new manufacturer that didn’t have the resources to make their own train so they outsourced it, which would explain the trend. More experience resulted in manufacturers like GCI the ability to make their own trains.
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    I mean the off season is pretty dry. Once there’s teasers and stuff everyone is going to be flooding this place with their thoughts. I’d say there’s a 40% chance we’ll get to 200 but if the rollercoaster is announced somewhat early then that’d probably result in the end of this thread.
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    The music that played on I Street was better during the Paramount era. However, I’m absolutely in love with the “Pickin On” series they currently play in Rivertown. Also, kudos to the Paramount Era list @BlondyRidesOn. Now if only someone made a public playlist on Apple Music with said list....
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    B&M Giga SoB remake confirmed, with double tracks so that one goes backwards? I'd totally say so. Bonus if Intamin prefabricates the track. In more serious news, has anything else interesting been spotted on the Banshee camera? Asking since while I know they won't build out there, it would be interesting to see if the park is moving a lot of dirt, more than what we think would be needed for the antiques and anything for the I-Street reno.
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    Could it have been an overture or suite? Because I definitely remember the beginning to "A Party.. For Me?" playing in the park. But I am probably mistaken. Are you referring to Paramount's 90th Anniversary Memorable Scores album?
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    The Addams family song they played in the park, and in the movie monuments area, is the second half of the Main title/Deck the Halls track, you can find on the Paramount hits cd, I know it was the year I worked before hands changed, there is also another paramount songs cd the has two disc, which a lot of those songs as well were played, if I dig through CDs later I'll put exact titles and info. The two CDs are/were Paramount 90th anniversary most memorable and Hollywood Sountracks(blockbuster exclusive)
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    Going back to the "chances of a Giga" being the 2020 project...last year at Coaster Stock, Mike Koontz, GM, during a Q&A said that he recommended to the Cedar Fair board that the park should install a Giga Coaster, adding that to the Notice of Commencement I'd say our chances of a Giga coming to KI would be in the 90%-99% range.
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    The thing is, with Cedar Point so close, I doubt we see a B&M wing or a dive coaster anytime soon. They are still niche rides for Cedar Point....we could get a B&M Flyer, but find it doubtful...when was the last time a US park installed one?
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    KI may or may not need a Giga Coaster...but did KIC really need another thread about a Giga?
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    Hey thank you for the kind words! I'll to try to stay on topic as best I can. I just think this is fun and like to joke around. I don't mean to annoy anyone!
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    I didn't bring it up man if you look back......all I said was what? where?.. as you can tell it was a joke. Also I did not know of this " inside joke". Moving on to stay on topic...….. People like silver2005 are the reason I don't like posting much on this board. You didn't do anything wrong Maverick44. You didn't even bring up Intamin. Not every single post in a topic will be exclusively about the topic at hand.
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    And to think... I used to like your posts. (Kidding, of course.)
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