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    Not much to show, but this is what KMAA looked like as of about three weeks ago. Excited to see the final product!! -- Edit: removed the aerial photo. Will upload again if asked after the season has begun.
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    My Spidey senses are telling me that that rumored parade and festival are happening. I am more excited for the upcoming season than I have been in several years.
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    I wanted to ask before I post this. I got some hi-res satellite images of the park in today and wanted to share a couple of I-street. These images were taken on 2/25/2019. It doesn't show too much of what is going, its just an HD satellite image so you're just seeing everything from above. I recall some people not wanting those kinds of images, so any response on whether or not I should post these would be great.
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    Paris Las Vegas just launched as 1.7 million dollar new light show on their Eiffel Tower. Would love to see something like this on the KI Eiffel Tower to compliment the new fountain show, fireworks, and new international street upgrades. A new Tower led light package could make Haunt even more spooky and spectacular as well for special occasions. https://www.avnetwork.com/news/eiffel-tower-in-las-vegas-debuts-dollar17-million-led-light-show-from-vision-sign
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    Please no pictures of I-Street. We need to wait until the park is ready to release photos. Thanks!
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    @Phantom Theater If you can mark it with a spoiler tag, then do that. That way people can choose whether they want to view them or not. Would you care to PM me the pics? I would be interested to see the satelite views.
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    This was also a different management organization that put WindSeeker in.
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    I have heard they thought it wouldn't look good with the skyline of the park.
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    That's what I thought. My understanding was the MGM was upset that the use of their name in the branding of the park suggested an involvement that wasn't there. Admittedly, it somewhat confused me as a little kid and for maybe about a year or two, I had believed the silly notion that Disney had acquired MGM and its library. (Of course, this was a couple years before Disney started acquiring major studios and production companies like Miramax, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and now 20th Century Fox.)
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    Are you coming to Hamvention as well? [emoji848][emoji23]
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    A fair few of us who would otherwise be interested in volunteering will be busy with other things that day
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    The original Drop Tower planned for KI (to go in Flight Commander's spot in 1997) went to Canada's Wonderland. It is a 2nd generation Intamin Drop.
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    Because it's an artist's representation of the park? It's not like those tables are there at the moment they edited the map and not to mention the placement of a few things can change in the actual park compared to where they are on the map.
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    That end of Coney Mall should now be known as AutoWinDex
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    I 100% agree with you. Why change the map if the spot itself has not been changed. Take the trees for example, why change the trees if they did not change those?
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    I don't think Tiques will cause a pinch point. The worst pinch point in that area is The Vortex photo booth. I think if they tore it down, and built a new one that didn't obstruct the exit/fastlane entrance and allowed for the path around WindSeeker to be expanded, it wouldn't be a problem.
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    Hey sweet! They removed the HR buildings/etc and planted grass there. Maybe that's where the IS trees are going? It's still fun to guess things that may or may not happen.
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    I mean if we take every little artistic difference as gospel to what's happening at the park, that clearly means Delirium is going back to it's original paint scheme, Shake Rattle & Roll will have Green, Red & Yellow cars, they're adding supports above the track for the train as it crosses over WWC, Kite Eating Tree is going down to 1 side, Woodstock WhirlyBirds is going to have rocket shaped vehicles vs the helicopters from years prior, Scrambler will go back to the yellow color scheme, etc.
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    I'm with the animation. If they were going to add a sky ride it would be hard to imagine it being anywhere besides the length of Coney Mall. I think the day will come.
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    I don't think it's unfeasible so much as it is unnecessary. Kings Island's an extremely walkable park. It's so easy to make that circuit starting with Planet Snoopy, through Rivertown, over to Coney and then ending in Action Zone, stopping off on International Street when you need to. It makes it easy to organize the day and I never feel like I'm walking too far without coming across something that I want to ride. But I could see them being helpful for those who might, say, want to head from Beast/Diamondback over to FoF or Racer without wasting too much time (although if the lines for the Skyride are long, it might be quicker just to make the walk). At Cedar Point, I'm often thankful for the Skyride because, unless I'm going to hit the Raptor or Wicked Twister, that main Midway is just a hassle. Easier to jump aboard and then when you get off you're closer to all the rides you want to hit.
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    Here is an aerial shot the park posted to Instagram. It gives a good perspective of the layout.
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    I remember seeing the Coney Mall refurbishment over on Youtube that went over the Coney Mall midway (which i loved) and would really wish to see that installed. I mean I would really like to see if the basketball game and rope climb games would be good from an income stand point. if those two locations where removed, you could possibly easily fit a skyride entrance there and work it down through Coney Mall. The Other entrance/exit could be located near WindSeeker and Vortex behind/next to / near WindSeekers evacuation platforms. An interview wiith the Disney SkyRide Manufacturer, Doppelmayr: and said Coney Mall video:
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    I'm a bit indecisive about that, mostly because of the accident in 1977. However, Skyrides work at other parks, such as Cedar Point and California's Great America. The thing is, though, I can't think of a modern manufacturer that builds Skyrides anymore other that Von Roll, which is out of business. If a new Skyride were built, it would be cool to see it over Coney Mall, start in Oktoberfest around where the Tumble Bug used to be, past The Racer and end over near Kings Mills Antique Autos. It would help make Coney Mall look a little more like the old Coney Island.
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