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    I think further clarification on what can be posted or not posted needs to be revised in light of the advancements in technology since the ToS were first developed. The ToS are clear that "Posting information that is not public record and could be damaging to the reputation, business and/or day to day operation of Kings Island or its affiliates is a violation of the terms of service. Any information posted claiming to be from an inside source or claiming to be confirmed, when not being released from Kings Island or Cedar Fair, must be posted along with the name of the source. Failure to do so is a violation of an individual user's terms of service." That seems clear, yet my interpretation of "recent" events on this site seems to say that things like Notice of Commencements and plans filed at the County can be linked and referenced and shown and discussed and not frowned upon, but photos or videos readily available and legally made are frowned upon? If O'Rourke Construction did not have a confidentiality clause in their contract and took a video of it and posted it that becomes public record - why is that frowned upon being posted and linked here? Same with any commercial company legally obtaining aerial photos? Kings Island never publicly announced that many of the shows are contracted out, yet members can discuss that and name the companies involved and that is accepted here. The list goes on and I believe the forum is inconsistent on enforcing the policy. I can understand any photos or information posted by an employee taken during hours the park is opened to the public is a no-no and can get the employee fired. I can understand anything obtained by trespassing is a no-no. A company doing work for Kings Island and Kings Island failing to put language in the contract regarding not mentioning that work until Kings Island public announces it and said company posts it on their social media channels should be fair game? Same with a company doing the design or construction of the next ride and lists it on their website before the announcement should be fair game (which we would hope doesn't happen as they should have confidentiality clauses in place to prevent that)? Is a member taking photos from a private plane fair game? If Google Maps or some other public domain commercial entity happens to post aerial photos should be fair game? Maybe a FAQ section giving examples of what can and cannot be posted regarding this topic would be of benefit and might prevent some of this discussion from taking place.
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    So when someone finds the next coaster's layout, are we going to blacklist that as well?
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    I decided to make a traditional lift hill wing concept. The name is Sky Raider.
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    I made a dive coaster concept. I don't want a dive coaster, but since it's a possibility, I decided to make a concept. The name is Sonic Boom!.
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    The park wants to keep International Street a surprise until the park opens. We are respecting the park`s wishes on this. No links to photos, or actual photos will be allowed.
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    I came across this article today posted on another site. I’m not sharing this as a promotion of another site, but as a promotion of the message it conveys. I recommend everyone on here should read it. https://www.coaster-net.com/blogs/have-enthusiast-taken-the-fun-out-of-roller-coasters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hamilton County used to pay for aerial imagery, not satellite. There would be “+” and “L” signs on lots of manhole covers to make sure shots were lined up correctly.
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    They are low capacity and of all the flying roller coasters that I have been on have been just meh.
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    I believe it had almost everything to do with the decision to move it to AZ and make it part of that lineup for the "new area" in 1999. They may have waited it out for R&D of the new design that would be ready in a few years.
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    We have been wanting more live entertainment for awhile at the park. This is a super cool and unique way to do it!
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    KD’s version has never rotated and was never designed to. In fact, it’s a completely different model. Everything Intamin screwed up with the Gyro Drops, they attempted to fix with Dominions version.
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    The original Drop Tower planned for KI (to go in Flight Commander's spot in 1997) went to Canada's Wonderland. It is a 2nd generation Intamin Drop.
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    I think you guys are SEVERELY over analyzing a cartoon map version that is rarely accurate for how that area is going to look.
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    I dig this article, thanks for sharing! I figure I'd chime in since I feel like I would have a unique perspective on the subject matter. As many of you know, I was part of the staff of this site from its early days - I joined the staff about a month after it launched in 2003 and remained on the staff until Feb 14th, 2017, when I resigned. Afterward, I took a break for a while before becoming a regular poster again. To be frank, though, I was posting less and less for the last year or two that I was on the staff simply because I had no desire to be here. Throughout the last ten or so years of my residency on the staff, there were a lot of ups and downs. I must admit that I had the opportunity to do a lot of things that I would have never been able to do, but it was far outweighed by the stress and the heartache that was caused by it. Much of this was attributed to a personal and professional conflict that I now must admit that I had during the entire time running this site - my life goal was to work in the marketing department at Kings Island. When certain individuals within the department found out about this, they used this around every corner in order to hold both KIC and myself hostage. This means that I was forced to defend the park during times when I didn't agree with their decisions. I also was forced to delete posts and even put down users who claimed that something went wrong on their visit. If I didn't, I would often get the claim that not doing what they requested that it "doesn't bode well with you wanting to work here" or that this person or that person "no longer supports the site" because they didn't get their way. I hope to God that things have changed. My resignation had everything to do with no longer wishing to be involved, but I did have an epiphany shortly after that really put things into the light. Simply, if I'm treated this way and not on their payroll (side note: I have NEVER been on their payroll) how would I be treated if I did work there? It's kind of like the couple that fights all the time but thinks getting married would fix everything. It won't. I was ready to walk away from the entire industry. With the encouragement of several mentors within the industry, I was encouraged to stay involved. Since then I have met some of the most amazing people. I can assure you that the way that I was treated is not indicative of the entire industry, or even Cedar Fair as a whole. It is incredibly unique to certain individuals. I am now more confident and grateful to be involved in the industry than I have ever been. I have been able to accomplish great things despite a decade of being told I wasn't good enough. I don't know everybody's story on here, but if this story resonates with anyone else then I'll tell you that I hear you. I would encourage you to branch out. Go to IAAPA in November and meet as many people as you can. There are a million opportunities out there and a million wonderful people that are truly there to help you, not take advantage of you. So now, as a casual/regular guest, I enjoy my visits more than ever. I'm not worried about any of this stuff anymore. I enjoy it for what it is, and I hope you can too.
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    There are some toxic elements in the enthusiast community but I think that is true of every enthusiast group not just fans of amusement parks. I am also a travel enthusiast, in that community we have an issue with people who somehow think they are better than others for one reason or another, frequently because they have some level of status with the organization and we refer to them using DYKWIA. It stands for Do You Know Who I Am, mostly because when they are arguing with an employee of a hotel or airline they tend to use that phrase. Some coaster enthusiasts have a similar issue, some are just obsessed with a single manufacturer, others just want the biggest, tallest, fastest rides, etc. The amusement industry is massive and has spawned numerous fan sites, discussion forums, organizations, and many other ways to communicate with others. Plus it features almost every age group, from children, to teenagers, adults, and even seniors. This leads to massive differences in preferences and ability to communicate. I think that even the articles author has missed that amusement parks are frequently built for the whole family. We are just the obsessed fraction of the people who are willing to ride the coasters. Jason McClure stated at Winter Chill Out that only 40% of the people who visit Cedar Point ride Millenium Force, we as a community need to remember the park and it’s additions are for 100% of the people who walk through the gate and not the tiny fraction of the guests who are enthusiasts. Our collective obsession with coasters is what binds the majority of park fan sites together, which is why most of our conversations center around coasters.
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    Considering Volcano's fate, this comment is kind of funny. And before anyone comments, it's not funny they are removing the ride. It's funny that she mentioned them having the ride, which will be defunct, while staying we had a ride which is defunct as well.
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    Bubba Gumps Shrimp Shack, had good food, an fyi it's named after the character from Forest Gump which is a Viacom/Paramount film, that restaurant was the first in the park to introduce the Coke Freestyle machine. It also brought in lots of money for the slingshot which I worked when Bubba Gumps was there, the people used to gather to watch it under their shelter and feed the fish. The building at one time was home to an injured herron crane, that lived on the roof of the building, the bird had a broken wing, when it swooped down to eat fish and circle the Viking Fury it was funny, people would get worried/scared that it would dive-bomb them.
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    I know this is a pretty big topic bump but.... In all my years I have never heard a single bit of proof that there was a direct "no compete" involving B&M and Cedar Point. B&M would be out of their minds to sign such a contract. Why deny yourself the business? It's not like Cedar Fair had a lot of places they could shop around to get the size of hardware they wanted. I think the more likely culprit is this: Reptar Son of Beast Italian Job Top Gun These are the coasters that Kings Island built during the Paramount era. Are any of these projects that B&M would have touched? It seems to me that Paramount had 3 types of years for KI: cheep but cheerful, attempts at movie themes, and over-the-top projects that no one wanted to touch. B&M simply doesn't fit into any of these categories.
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    Wow. That looks so different! Hard to imagine that that's the Diamondback entrance plaza now.
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