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    I guess that's fair. To lighten the mood, here is a random KI picture: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/52/90/a5/5290a5a0f8a0e6878b6b8e99a091752d.jpg
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    Not everything is cut and dry. When the park shares pictures or information, we share them on our social media outlets and KIC. As I mentioned above, the park handles each project differently in terms of sharing information. They want International Street to be a surprise to the public. We do our part to support the park. Do know, we are reading your posts and are listening. We will do everything we can. If you have further concerns, please send me a PM. Let's now get back on topic. Thanks.
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    Yeah, the relationship seems to be a little more 'complicated' than what one would expect from an independent site. My take, it is hard for people who post when inconsistencies abound. It would be easier for everyone to follow along if the mods give some better pointers. After-the-fact schooling always leaves a bitter taste.
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    IIRC, there was a season or 2 where Vortex's paint was worn away down to the primer, which is a pretty good indicator that it wasn't painted every other year. KC's paint quality left a lot to be desired, too, for most seasons at least. And let's not even get started on Racer. That probably hasn't been touched up since the KECO days.
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    I think a more accurate answer is here:
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    Paris Las Vegas just launched as 1.7 million dollar new light show on their Eiffel Tower. Would love to see something like this on the KI Eiffel Tower to compliment the new fountain show, fireworks, and new international street upgrades. A new Tower led light package could make Haunt even more spooky and spectacular as well for special occasions. https://www.avnetwork.com/news/eiffel-tower-in-las-vegas-debuts-dollar17-million-led-light-show-from-vision-sign
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    That started last season. This will be the second season.
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    Just to add, the moderators on KIC have never taken removing content from the forum lightly. We value open sharing and discussion, and we don't remove posts just because the park doesn't like them. People shouldn't feel apprehensive about, for example, posting honest opinions or digging for information in public records. That said, the relationship can get complicated when the park asks for the site's help. With the International Street project, the park asked that fans and supporters wait until the big reveal before sharing construction photos or video publicly, even if they are taken without trespassing or violating any park rules. Since most KIC members are strong supporters of the park, we passed along the message. Keeping outdoor construction a secret just isn't possible in 2019, so those who want to be spoiled will of course be able to find pictures. Discussing what you've seen in satellite images, or even how to find them, is perfectly acceptable; all we asked was that they not be linked or embedded here in this specific case.
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    I will say the hills around DB's splash could use some touch up on the paint.
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    At least we dont have to worry about Firehawk getting repainted...
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    Since this reads as though you receive directive from the park regarding their wishes 'per project'. To help people here understand, why don't you share them (directives/wishes/policies) with us directly? Make a sticky or something so people can be pointed in the right direction. People come and go on this site. To expect everyone to follow this ambigious policy and understand this ambigious relationship with the park is just a wish. Giving everyone some clearer upfront guidelines would prevent up a number of back and forth discussions under the various topics. I don't post much, but I'm a regular lurker on this site, and even I l'm confused at times what the mods consider acceptable.
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    You are 100% correct on some of the inconsistency. We would love to be able to define it further for clarification. The only issue is that the park handles each project differently. Once a project starts there is a plan on how it is handled and marketed. Sometimes the park will share what it would like to be shared and not shared at the time. It could be different for each project, so there's no way to have a page that shares exactly what is it appropriate not appropriate for everything. As fans and supporters of the park, we try and comply with the wishes of the park as much as we can. I hope that helps answer your questions.
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    I can only speak from my experiences.
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    Unfortunately, some people do things - even if they're completely legal and ethical - and others are held accountable for it... whether they have anything to do with it or not. See also: photos and videos of Firehawk from O'Rourke's social media.
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    @Hawaiian Coasters 325: I love everything about that "Steel Beast" flying coaster concept, except for the name. Maybe it could be water-themed or something. Also, I like the Dive coaster and Sky Raider concepts; keep up the good work!
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    Manta and Tatsu - the best B&M flyers in the US - are really, really good rides. Having said that, they aren't what I would consider re-rideable coasters. The forces that those rides exert can be a little uncomfortable given the position you're riding in, and as a result, I very rarely have a desire to immediately re-ride. One of the reasons that a B&M giga is going to work well at Kings Island is because of a high re-rideability factor. I always want to immediately re-ride the best B&M hypers - Diamondback, Fury 325, Mako, etc. The ability for a ride to be both thrilling and re-rideable is a very difficult thing to achieve in a ride, and that's one of the reasons that B&M hypers have been extremely successful for the Cedar Fair chain. They're really fun rides, they move a lot of people through, and they are really tall which makes people talk about them. People of all ages like B&M hypers. I don't really think the same can be said of the B&M flyers, at least not to the same degree. I think Banshee took care of the "adding inversions" to the park's lineup very well for the time being. The park needs a "here's our no-doubt-about-it-we're-putting-this-on-all-our-brochures-and-billboards-and-commercials" signature ride. Cedar Fair is not going to overthink this. Diamondback was the best addition to the park in the last 30 years. Some may debate that, but if you look at the popularity Diamondback has enjoyed these last 10 seasons, the high guest satisfaction, high uptime, ridership numbers and hourly capacity I'm really not sure that there's a case to be made for any other attraction. Adding something that will top Diamondback will make everyone happy, and I look forward to seeing what B&M can do with a giga on the land available to them.
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    So when someone finds the next coaster's layout, are we going to blacklist that as well?
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    You'll probably see some rides running starting around the 1st of April. Maybe sooner, maybe later. It depends on a lot, especially weather and the maintenance schedule. One "fun" thing that I saw a few years ago was WindSeeker parked at the top for about a half hour in January. Not sure what kind of maintenance they were doing on it, but it was oddly refreshing to see that guy in the air on such a cold day.
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    That end of Coney Mall should now be known as AutoWinDex
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    During this past WinterFest someone literally said "Why is White Water Canyon closed?"
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    I'd love an Enterprise, Top Scan, and even a Skywarp (even though its considered a coaster.) What would you like to see?
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    He's not wrong. It's filled with old Nokias and Motorola flip phones older than ten years.
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    ^The coaster industry doesn't revolve entirely around the wants on enthusiasts.
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    Mack was big on developing spinning coasters and water coasters (water coasters as in ones with actual cars, not the kind Pro-Slide builds). The trains they use for their hyper coasters are also more accommodating to larger guests than Intamin's. Their hypers also don't use cable lifts, which, the ones installed on Intamin's have had a history of snapping. They've recently created a launched water coaster which goes back and forth along a shuttle course and on the last time through, the splash track lowers to create the splash that lowers the speed as it goes back into the station. Their first such ride was built at Walibi Belgium by the name, Pulsar. https://mack-rides.com/products/water-rides/powersplash/
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    I came across this concept by Thrill Central on YouTube the other day. I'm not sure how I feel about the location and layout, but I think the name is cool and love the color scheme.
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