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    according to the image- is it just me or does it look like the iStreet buildings are largely untouched?
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    PSA for those of you like myself who are out of the market for WHIO Radio, you can get the station on iheartradio.
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    All will be revealed in a few weeks. I'm holding out hope for a return of the pedestals, but it doesn't look hopeful. Maybe the park will auction off the "trashy white tables."
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    You measure your kid every week or so to make sure he's going to hit a legit 48 inches by opening day!
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    I got the chance to ride it on Thursday for media day as part of my job . It is definitely a fun ride. It has just enough intensity, but isn`t too intense. As the others have said, the hang time is wonderful. I don`t know if I have experienced hang time like that on a vertical loop on any other coaster. There are also several nice pops of air time. The theming is very well done, and the queue area gives you a nice view of the ride. It is also nice to the the Flying Scooters that once graced Kings Island and Coney Island once again entertaining guests. I highly recommend a visit to Carowinds to check out this ride. Sadly, I still have not experienced Fury 325. But my wife and I are planning to try and hit up this park later this year. She can`t ride coasters at the moment as we are expecting our second baby in June.
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    The launch on the ride is pretty forward moving. It gets the job done. Nothing on this coaster is unimpressive. The boost in the middle of the ride is fun going up hill and being launched again.
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    When I start craving blue ice cream and spring break has finally passed, meaning the offseason is coming to an end. Seriously though, I live 900 miles away from the park for most of the year. The cravings for Skyline, LaRosa's, and blue ice cream are seriously a problem.
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    I was going to ask if you were on Vortex crew again this year... that answers that question!! Congrats on a second year crewing your favorite ride!!
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    Here is what I think The Royal Show Fountain will look like.
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    I think the new coaster should be fun to ride
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    Personally I think it will beat Fury in most stats, with the use of the terrain and all the resources the park has, when we get the giga it should be the best one in the world. Just for reference, Fury stats: Height- 325ft Drop-320ft Length-6,602ft Speed-95mph Ours should have a bigger drop, be longer, and have a higher max speed than Fury, given the terrain and money that Kings Island has probably saved for this ride.
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    Looking at the bright side of the removal of the trees, at the very least we'll have better views of the fountain as well as the fireworks show. I'm hoping that they'll put umbrellas in the tables to replace the trees, as shade is definitely a necessary thing in the middle of summer.
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    I'm sad about the removal of all the full grown trees. There won't be any shade any more at any of the tables (assuming there will be tables) on the sides of the fountain. My guess is that they are aiming to improve the sight lines. The fountain will be a centerpiece no matter where you are on International Street. The nightly fireworks and light show will be fully visible from anywhere on the street as well.
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    Sorry, yes cat. Didn’t see this as something they would do annually (remove and replace two fountain pedestals) I think when those two were removed that should’ve been a hint. I think the time needed to remove them all plus the “shock” may have been why they only took out what they needed for winterfest this time around. Duhgfybcryjknkkfcffcbuyvfvb don’t you think?
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    I watched the Twitter video and note a couple of things. 1.) There are zero visible anchors in the bottom of the fountain. I suspect the pedestals are gone. If the pedestals were coming back, I’d expect to see some kind of supporting structure for them. Now seems late to be doing that kind of work. 2.) See the “S” shape running the length of the fountain? Reminds me of a series of nozzles that could spray all at once or in different sequences. With lighting and music, would make for a very skilled water show. There are other frames that clearly show them as either different lengths of pipe or conduit.
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    Ty, It's hard to know where to start...a really fun trip report to read/look at. After looking at your /everyones photos I feel like I have walked through the park. It seems like a very scenic park...just what I like. It's cool that after driving such a long way that you were greeted with an empty park...that had to help enjoy the day even more. I have never made it to Dollywood yet...but what with reading Avatar's and your TR I really have to make it there soon. There seems to be quite a few unique experiences at the park...the Thunderhead station fly-by sounds awesome, "River Battle" looks like loads of fun...I would trade that ride for any of several rides at KI...including The Crypt. (By the way...will our bet ever be settled?!) Adventure Mountain also looks like a lot of fun...but what's with those wussy harnesses? I don't know if it's just Cody's photography skills, but Daredevil Falls looks amazing...nice themeing. I agree, it sounds like a great idea that the park has play areas for the little ones near the big rides. Too bad KI doesn't do that. I don't think a lot of adults realize that something doesn't have to be over-the-top big to thrill little kids. I can't count how much time my nephew's played at The Laughing Place at WDW. YOur Sky Zip story is funny...although not probably to you. (By the way, how much was it to do that?) Thanks for the report, judging by your photos this will be trip you will always remember*. By the way...is this proper english? It seemed to make my head swim. *Future alzheimer's not withstanding.
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    OMG, I have the granddaddy of all "Guests Say The Darnest Things"! Yesterday, Sunday October 10, 10-10-10, I was walking through Planet Snoopy and overheard a woman ask her husband, "Where is that boat ride through the Smurfs? I can't find it!" I almost lost it. I haven't heard one that good since I heard a teenage girl 2 years ago proclaim that The Vortex was sinking! I guess the woman hadn't been to Kings Island in 20 years, or something. Just thought that was funny!
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    I honestly didn't think I'd have anything to post to this topic after our 1st visit to the park in over 6 years, however, there was someone in our party who was on a role as we were in line for Flight of Fear. As we were discussing Flight Deck he says: "Oh you mean Top Gun. So many people fell off that ride that my friends and I called it by a different name, but I won't tell you what it is in case you still want to ride it." That beauty was followed up by this gem: "The same thing happened on The Bat and now that ride is located at Cedar Point and is called Iron Dragon so I won't ride that when I go there either." All I could do is roll my eyes and laugh to myself. Of course my immediate thought was, now I have something to post in Guests Say the Darndest Things. Is it a bad thing that I'm thinking of what to post to KIC while at the park...nope, not in my book!!!
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    Well, they took their shirt off. So they CLEARLY didn't want it anymore. I'd say you'd be doing them a service by taking it off of (out of?) their hands
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    That's all Greek to me! Terpy, looking for Smurfs... I think it means he heard a guest ask what flavor the Blue Ice cream is. Tyler, who is a little Greek. lol
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    This is about an employee, not a guest. Today when visiting the park, i walked on over to Flight Deck and one of the ride ops was saying different things after each dispatch: Train 1: "Enjoy your ride on Top Gun, staring the one and only Tom Cruise! Maybe you'll get to meet him!" Train 2: "Your off on Flight Deck, the coaster with 5 loops, 3 corkscrews, and a cobra roll all packed tightly beside the worlds largest wooden roller coaster!" Train 3: "Enjoy your ride on Flight Deck, Kings Islands one and only clay coaster!"
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    Think of it this way, The potential energy is staying the same. When the lift hills goes faster or slower the mechanical energy changes. Mechanical energy is the sum of the potential and kinetic at a current time on a mechanical device I.E. the lift hill. When the hill moves it has more kinetic energy but is still mostly potential energy. It doesn't affect the ride too much but slowing the lift can slow the rest of the ride.
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    Just read this on the Wii news.
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    found this funny, from facebook:
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    At Holiday World on Saturday a few kids were exiting the Raven station and one said, "At Kings Island the red train goes forward and the blue train goes backwards." One of us in our group went. "Not Anymore." I don't think they heard us though...
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    But that isn't right. Technically means with even more precision. And Snoopy is NOT a Disney character by ANY stretch of the imagination.
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    Not quite... Disney/ABC have no ownership over the Peanuts characters or specials, they simply pay the syndication contract to broadcast the shows.
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    Overheard yesterday at the park: Guest: "Let's go ride Top Gun!" Guest's friend: "They took out Top Gun" Guest: "Oh" And, overheard by my sister while I was in line for Slingshot: Guest: "Let's go to the water park!" Guest 2: "Yeah, that sounds like fun!" I can understand maybe not realizing that the water park isn't open yet, but how can you not know that the ride formerly known as Top Gun is still there?
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    This is somewhat off topic but I found it very funny! On November 1st 2008 me and my friends were in line for The Beast, of course I broke down so we waited awhile and these two stupid, I mean stupid teen girls came up to us and started conversing with us. Somehow we got talking about how tribes, i don't know how but they asked if we were from a tribe and one of my friends said yeah we are from the tribe Smack-A-Ho. they answered that is sooooo cool, we just laughed to our selves.
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    ^i think holiday world, as a seasonal park, and disney, as a year round park, have got Cedar Point beat in the "keeping things a secret" department.
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    Yesterday I was in line for Delerium. The people in front of me had been waiting for about 10 minutes and I hear "Does Delerium do any loops".
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    As a ride op myself, it is always disheartening when see parents forcing their kids on rides, when it is very clear they do NOT want to ride. It also makes me be extra vigilant in watching them, for the reasons stated above. They will try and get out of their restraints to get off the ride. And, I also had one lady attempt to ride the Ferris Wheel on Sunday. We had buckled her and her kid in, and I had locked the bar. No sooner had I gone down to shut the entrance gate but before my coworker started the ride, she proclaimed that she had to get off, as she couldn`t ride the ride. Not everyone is a fan of Ferris Wheels, particularly the Eli`s that do rock a little.
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    Maybe it was all the Gold Pass members trying to impress their $9.99 friends, but I heard a bunch of nonsense on Sunday. A few of my favorites: - Mother to kid, "no, they switch the names every year - they'll go back to Sponge Bob and Dora next year" - Upon being told by another guest that the Snoopy name change was because licensing had expired, "no, Cedar Point recently sold Kings Island and since Cedar Point owns Nickelodeon, we can't use them anymore and had to switch to Snoopy" - While riding the train, "the scariest part of Diamondback is the tunnels" A dis-honorable mention goes to the parents on Woodstock Express who were telling the ride-ops "it's fine, she'll be okay as soon as it starts moving" as their daughter is crying and screaming "NOOOOOOOOO, I WANT TO GET OUT, LET ME OUT" while unbuckling her seat belt and trying to climb out of the train with mom pulling her back in and trying to cover her mouth.
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    Yesterday i heard two differnt things. 1. I heard that Vortex goes over 90 miles an hour and is the fastest ride in the park and then later in the day i heard a whole group of people calling Invertigo Vortex and how they were happy it go moved to Action Zone.
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    I've heard that it's much faster and more reliable than "Internet Explorer: The Ride"
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    These are from a few kids as we sit in the brake run on FD. We almost hit The Beast coming around that corner. I think we aught to go ride Firebird next. Ride Op on FD before we are dispatched "Flight Deck, the only ride in the park where the lift hill is longer than that actual ride."
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    Last Friday I heard the girl in front of me on the DB lift hill look at her friend and say, "This is like The Racer on crack."
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    I don't really see the big deal behind it either. I do the same thing, and not necessarily willingly. I said last time to my friend when we were there, "hey let's go ride The Vortex/Delirium/what have you." Speaking of the "darnedest things" I used to think when I was real little that The Beast was named after the X-Men character. Trust me when I say I now know better.
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    Kid in front of me in the single rider line: "You know this was supposed to have a loop." Me: *sighs, rolls eyes* "No it wasn't. It never was. The newspaper screwed up." Later that day I see two girls wearing airbrushed t-shirts that say "We survived the Diamondback" and had a drawing of a coaster with a loop in it.
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    thats funyy, but i just want to know, y did you have to say "a colored boy". Just say a boy or a kid.
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    No offense but there is no need to call them colored. You could've left that out and no one would've noticed...
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    In line for Reptar today with my daughter..the kids that were behind me pointed to the Wild Thornberry log ride and said "HEY there's that new ride, Diamondback" The kid with him said "Woah. That's so not big, what a baby ride" Then I was almost knocked down. My experience at the park today was not so great. Lots of kids knocking MY kids down to skip line. Lots of shoving. Lots of going under rails and looking at me and laughing right in my face.
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    This guest didn't say anything but he did something stupid. We are on The Racer and there are these kids in front of me and one kid acting all cool tries to throw his hat in the bin from the train, but he missed. And it flew off the side and out of the station. He asked the Ride op when he could get it and she said you won't be able till closing. It was a nice hat too.
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    No doubt. I believe in JC, and live by his example. That being said, it was a little creepy to see some old guy in the DB line asking/teaching a little girl (who he did not know) about the scripture quote on her shirt. I guess to me, your faith should shape who you are and what you do...not something you need to broadcast or try to convert people to. Either way, everyone is different and it's never good to generalize entire populations. We should be glad that we live in a country where that diversity is tolerated.
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    Today, a woman on the Blue Racer told me that "I was there when the chick fell out of The Bat, and I was there when the chick fell out of Top Gun! That chick was DRUNK!" Later, she explained how "during my senior prom, the lions escaped from the Animal Kingdom and were on our football field!" Our guests don't surprise me anymore.
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    Wouldn't most of that already be in place? They don't have to be the same set up right?
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    I think the set up may be quite similar to what was seen yesterday during passholder previews.
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