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    How were they leaked if they were readily available to the public?
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    I photoshopped this photo from the 2017 coaster stock. I felt like I had to since when our group was allowed to take pictures, it was getting ready to rain. But since I graduated from Stark State College with my associates degree in computer graphic design, I feel like I can accomplish anything now.
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    I just hope they get new tables if they do have tables there. The old ones weren't in very pristine condition, to say the least.
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    IIRC, they were still there when I did rope rescue training 9 years ago, but since then they were moved or sent away. I believe other trains have since been housed there, but for the life of me, I can't remember which ones.
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    ^I didn't see any trains in the FOF building during the 2018 Coasterstock tour.
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    The Beast was one of the big coasters I tried in 2008 (when I was still rather wary of them), and only my second big wooden coaster (first was Blue Racer). I remember my first ride on July 4, 2008, and zipping through the woods at 65 mph even in the middle of the day scared me! I rode it because a ride on The Beast was regarded as a huge accomplishment among my elementary school classmates (I was in third, going into fourth grade at the time of my first ride). Two years would pass before my next Beast ride on August 17, 2010, not long after my first rides on Diamondback and Vortex eliminated my fears, and needless to say I enjoyed it a lot more. My first night ride on The Beast was on July 11, 2013, after watching the fireworks through the trees from the switchbacks. I found out for myself why The Beast is famous for its night rides. However, I still rode The Beast sporadically until last year, when it started growing on me. Not only did I find myself riding it more often when lines were short, I experienced my first rain ride on June 12, 2018, a smattering of night rides in 2017 and 2018, and my favorite ride to date (which happened on October 19, 2018) which had both night and rain! I have grown to really enjoy The Beast at night and/or when it's raining. I cannot accurately describe the feeling of speeding past trees on all sides at 65 mph under the cover of darkness and/or while being pelted with rain needles drops, and I don't think anyone can. My favorite parts of the ride are from the second tunnel to the second lift and the shallow drop into the double helix from the second lift! At night, the ride always seems to haul through these parts (and perhaps the whole ride) which adds to the already exhilarating experience. Happy 40th Anniversary to one of my first big coasters, The Beast! Though not all of my Kings Island trips include a Beast ride, I agree that it definitely deserves its recognition and fame, and I'll surely consider hopping on over for a spin after dark or during/after a rain shower!
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    @Creed Bratton True. Also, I think the RMC in BGT is beyond vertical with the likely use of lap bars, though if it does have lap bars, it'll be the heavier set like SV has, at least compared to the slightly more minimal restraints on, say, Storm Chaser. I still suspect they'd modify it some how (maybe not with a vertical drop but if its beyond vertical, than I think it'd be likely), and I'm not a fan of the vests that restrict air time on dive coasters like Valravn (I'm okay with them on Banshee as its more of a positive G and inversion focused ride) and I hate shin restraints in general. Intamin's T lap bars are also pretty tight compared to B&M lap bars. Even being stapled on a B&M hyper has a bit of room to work with. I think it'd be likely that B&M and/or Ohio gov't might make those adjustments if the first drop and/or layout is too wacky. Just look at how the restraints on Steel Vengeance differ from pretty much every other RMC with the kind of layout it has. I could be wrong, but I think there's enough to go on in context where restraints beyond a simple lap bar are certainly plausible. I think the NTAG accident still dwells in the minds of coaster manufactures and parks. But, this is being nitpicky. I think it'll be a standard 80 degree drop a la every other B&M giga. You don't need that much impressing with a 300+ ft drop.
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    Not much of an element but I prefer them not fill the track with sand to deafen the “roar”. Something about being able to hear that throughout the park makes it that much better...call me crazy I guess but I like it
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    I don't want too steep of a drop or else it may have to need OTSR's or shin restraints. No inversions either for the same reason. I personally would like to see a turnaround like PortAventura's Shambhala. See the element at the 1:17 mark.
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    I don’t know if this is an element per say but I’d really hope for there to be some Terrain interaction.
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    A really steep drop (finally) at KI :p
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    I remember my mom breaking one of her ribs on The Beast. #RMCTheBeast
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    Yes, I had it last year and got for this coming season. I used it all through Haunt, just doesn't work for Winterfest
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    With the bricks nearest the fountain being a different color, I wonder if this is a parade route/fountain show viewing section, and the outside near the shops is open to relieve congestion. (Excuse me... it’s just the DisneyWorld visitor in me coming out.) in fact the two sections that jut out towards the fountain could be stage areas as well.
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    I believe the trains were sent to Kings Dominion to be used for share parts for Shockwave.
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    I think they'll keep the tables. Otherwise, people would have to walk a distance to eat LaRosa's.
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    New post from @KingsIslandPR on Twitter. The KMAA is ready for test drives!!
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    I know the park is kinda busy right now, getting things ready for 2019 opening day, but is there anything left from King Cobra in the park? I heard there was some trains in the Flight of Fear building, I wonder if that's true?
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    Is it possible with Firehawk not being around anymore that they'll re-open the photo booth at Flight of Fear? I miss that feature during the launch and seeing my face as the train launched from 0-54 in 3 seconds.
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    I'm one of the few that will miss the trees. In my opinion, the big trees gave the fountains some charm. But like someone said earlier, in a few years they'll be an average tree height again.
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    The cheesecurds!! To die for!
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    Sounds like a trip to the Warren County Building & Zoning department might be in order. I’m there several times a month for my job, perhaps next time I’ll inquire on the availability of drawings to the public.
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    Cookout is great. There is a place called Culvers right beside Carowinds (literally when you pull out of the parking lot). It is a great fast food place like Cookout I always get when leaving Carowinds. I hope you have a great trip!
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    A couple thoughts from our first ever trip last weekend: -Harmony Hall BBQ place was really good. Had the brisket sandwich and mac n cheese. Good amount of food. -Avoid Papa Luigi's pizza. It was one of the most bland and tasteless pizza's I have ever had. -The Carolina Skytower is a really good after lunch/dinner attraction. Really great views! -Fury, Fury, Fury!!!!!!! -Definitely ride Intimidator. It looks like Diamondback, but it has some really nice features, especially what happens after that first drop!! -Definitely get back to Copperhead Strike first thing in the morning. We had like a 5 minute wait first thing in the morning. During the afternoon it was like 2 hours. We went back around 7-8 pm, and it was only about 20 minutes, so maybe hit it up again then. Hope you have a great trip!!!
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    The Beast was the first "big" coaster I ever rode. For a couple years prior to that day I could never get myself to ride any of the big roller coasters. For some reason that day, I "forced" myself to ride it. Once I hit the second lift hill, I was completely speechless. I immediately knew once I got off that ride, that I'm going to be addicted to roller coasters. It's funny when I went to get right back in line, they had just shut down operations due to incoming rain. My second ride was right after the storm passed, and it was absolutely flying on the track. It was so intense, especially it being my second ride ever.
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    ^It is interesting in BeastForever pics that a third of the photos have someone with a phone out...
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    So I guess I'll spare you the romantics (well, for now at least ) as you know obviously know where I stand... and just cut to some of my favorite shots I've taken...
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    H2Overdrive is one of my favorite KI Arcade games, besides Skeeball. H2Overdrive is a watercraft racing game that is really cool. One of the boats reminds me of Top Thrill Dragster, so I typically pick that one. Apparently, you can enter a pin to save your place for next time (as you can apparently upgrade your vehicle...), but I've never seen a PIN onscreen (I know there is a place to dial a PIN in, though). Unfortunately, it suffers from downtime, which is unfortunate. Funny enough, it was one of these downtimes that made intrigued to play the game as I could see its OS (Operating System) during start-up. It's located in Coney Arcade and actually contains 2 machines so you can race another person (I've actually never seen this happen, though, one reason being that one side may be down). Fun Fact: The game actually crashed/shut down on me while I was playing; it was actually kinda cool in a way! In addition to H2Overdrive, I enjoy Skeeball, Scrambler (a game where you hit a button to stop a light and wherever the light stops is how many points you get) and there was a time I enjoyed Guitar Hero in Beast Arcade.
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    People always wanted the next coaster to be a Beast sequel. I keep telling them that it won't happen, but they don't believe me and called me a troll. Can you answer that?
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    Under a coaster station, in a storage container. These areas don’t seem like a safe place to be.
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    And to this very day if you listen closely you can still hear his screams echoing through the back of Rivertown. Although, that could also be screams of disbelief when people see the price of beer at Potato Works.
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