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    I am going no matter what......any day at KI is better than being bored at home.
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    ...and it literally brought me to tears. Sincerely, this throw back - and the nods to some of the lost rides of KI's past along the route - are so overwhelmingly heartwarming I cant help but be emotional. This, my friends, is how "The old days" at KI felt. Thank you Kings Island - you're doing incredible stuff.
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    Its Good Friday...it ALWAYS rains on Good Friday. ALWAYS.
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    Yes it’s a huge piece of proof. Also those that have the ability to fly over and see what has been going on also have a lot of proof. Being that they have not shot down the speculation leads me to believe there is current activity (likely clearing/footers). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another item on International Street gets a new paint job. More details on the latest KIBlog! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/international-street-stein-refurbished-for-2019-season
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    As an associate, I got the chance to take a spin on Kings Mills Antique Autos (twice) on Sunday. It's beautifully landscaped and the billboards are a great touch. It really livens that back area of Coney Mall up! A beautiful addition that will enjoyed by people for many years to come.
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    I am by no means saying that this is for 2020. But I did spot this concrete truck (driving towards the parking lot) on the Banshee webcam on the maintenance road that goes from the parking lot and runs behind Flight of Fear and where Firehawk stood. (I would have posted it earlier but I was having issues with Tapatalk at the time) Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Well, maybe not during rain (being hit with water bullets at upwards of 50 mph is not fun to me), but wet wooden coaster tracks make for smoother and seemingly faster rides. Even fairly bad wooden coasters can vastly improve with a bit of H2O. As malem pointed out, the later part of Saturday looks ideal. Except Son of Beast. Speaking from experience. Also, beware of Bat when it rains.
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    I'd be fine with them getting rid of all alcohol in the park, really. I've been assaulted by so many drunk people during Haunt while I'm just trying to do my job and act.
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    The National Weather Service hourly forecast shows rain tapering off after 3-4pm on Saturday. Could be a great afternoon/evening if that holds up. I'll be at Preview Night and Opening Day no matter what the forecast says.
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    Actually now that I think about it, your right. I waited 3 1/2 hours to get my ride, front row at exactly 11:58 got back at 12:01. Does that make me the first rider of opening day??!?
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    Rain rides on Racer, Beast and Mystic Timbers are always a good thing, too.
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    I’d get wet to get a shirt like that
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    Yes. I would at least say "I dont see anything new." Not just leave it open-ended. Edit: Sorry guys. Both my pilot and I had some things come up today, so won't get to go in the air. Two more days though!
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    If there is nothing worth sharing, that is worth sharing as well...if you know what I mean.
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    The track has arrived!:
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    We are going to to get up in the air today. Pictures wont be uploaded till Saturday around noon though, if there is anything worth sharing.
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    Now if only they served beer out the window that this is over. If memory serves this was an Auntie Annes last year? I would love it if you could get some good German Bier and some pretzels and bier cheese there!
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    How many people here truly believe we’re getting a 2020 coaster whether it be a giga or not. For the record I believe we do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its amazing how much that had faded. The park is certainly paying attention to a lot of the small details this season. Which is a really good thing. It is little touches like this that add a lot of character to the park. Kudos to KI for taking the time (and money) to do this.
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    Have you guys noticed the shape of the trees in the land clearing going on? Kinda weird.
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    Kings Island really has gone way above my expectations this year. Thanks to everyone who’s responsible for all the great additions this year.
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    ...and I just saw a pic of International Street that had the very same effect.... it appears the concession wagons at the corners of the Fountains are back - that's an incredible throwback. ...and I just saw the fully restored Glockenspiel in action - better than ever!!!! Seriously folks - this is on tap to be one of the best seasons in KI's recent history. Wow Wow WOW
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    Good catch! I don’t know why they would be pouring concrete in that specific area 2 days before opening unless it is related to 2020. All construction is already done on the Tiques. Very interesting... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Considering the park JUST put in the Miami River Brewhouse, I doubt alcohol in the park is going anywhere anytime soon.
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    You have until next Wednesday 4/24/19 to get your submissions and votes in! Take this weekend at the park to get more inspiration for your slogan, and to vote on your favorites.
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    I honestly for a fact can't say I've seen anyone visibly intoxicated at the park outside of a Haunt night, this includes the several years I roamed the park in Park Services. If your son is getting trampled repeatedly in his stroller, this sounds like another issue going on.
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    If you had placed odds 40 years ago that The Beast would retain its title as longest wooden roller coaster in the world all these years later, what would they have looked like? Perhaps each park attempting to out-do the last hadn't really kicked in like it did in the 90s, but I doubt anyone envisioned The Beast retaining that title for as long as it did. I adore the ride, and I'm so excited that they are bringing back the paw prints again (I wouldn't complain if they brought back The Vortex prints and Top Gun prints (though that would be awkward) this season as well). I don't have crystal memories of it, but one of my many memories of my youth is riding it with my mother. My father wouldn't do roller coasters, and I don't do spinny things (like the tea cup) so when it came to rides, it was either my sisters or my mother (or a friend eventually) My mother passed away when I was 12 after a second battle with cancer, sometime after her first battle I think she got the inkling to do something special with each of her 3 kids each summer, just mom and kid for a day or two. Our thing was always a trip to the zoo and a trip to KI, and a trip on The Beast was always a must. As I've grown older, I now get to ride the rides thru the eyes of my children. While the personal appeal had diminished slightly with age, it was quickly revamped as my oldest son grew old enough to ride The Beastie, then Flying Ace Ariel Chase, and exploded when he got his first rides on The Beast, Racer, Vortex, etc... shortly before his 5th birthday. Watching his face the first handful of times he rode each ride has been priceless. I have no clue how many times we've ridden The Beast together, but one trip will always stick with me. We were coming out of the double helix, sitting in 1-2 and starting down the last little bunny hill when a hawk must have seen something on the track, as we started careening up the hill into the brake run, certainly this bird was going to fly off. Sadly, it did not; I quickly had visions of Fabio and grabbed my son and ducked as much as we could behind 1-1. As we pulled into the station and the lap bars went up, practically the whole train ran into the front to see the damage (there wasn't any, but the riders in 1-1 confirmed that it had been a direct hit.) That is a ride I'll never forget. My daughter will be 7 this year, and I'm praying she gets the courage to ride The Beast (though I'd settle for The Racers, Adventure Express, etc...). She is definitely intimidated, hasn't even been on flying ace arial chase yet. I've got a hunch that our 3 year old will be a little more daring like his brother; we'll see how he handles The Beastie this summer.
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    I've studied weather for 15 years. The Ohio River does not have any influence on how weather systems track. It has more to with troughs and influences by ridging. I do agree with one thing you said though, wait till Friday to make a decision about Saturday.....and in many regards wait till Saturday to make a decision about Saturday.
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    For the love of god BEWARE OF The Bat WHEN ITS RAINING, THIS PERSON SPEAKS THE TRUTH. It’s also in your best interest to avoid the Front two rows of Diamondback in the rain, that stuff hurts.
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    Another great read on the KIBlog. Some history in that post. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/the-beast-40-years-of-terror
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    I know Paramount tried to rid the park of alcohol when they first acquired the park and got some major backlash, but could it work out better now? I wouldn't be opposed to it (or even just stop alcohol sales for the Haunt and Winterfest), but I wonder how the GP would react.
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    They are far more likely to have more responsible guests when they serve alcohol than when they don't. People who want to drink will find a way to do so. When you add barriers to that, they generally drink more. As someone who has cleaned the parking lot many times on Haunt nights, most of those people aren't buying alcohol in the park. There is a reason we used to call it the White Trash Bash.
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    Yes I agree. A verbal description would be great.
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    So excited can't wait!! Are you working the Autos for this year?
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    Some of the best KIC meet ups I've had are ones where it rained.
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    Im going either way. I wish they would of opened this past weekend. Would of been perfect weather! Super excited though!!
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    At this point, the ones who don't believe are just choosing not to. The NOC is a pretty substantial piece of proof.
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    SANDUSKY, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Cedar Fair (NYSE:FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and immersive entertainment, today announced that Richard A. Zimmerman, Cedar Fair’s president and chief executive officer, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of its general partner, https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2019/Richard-A-Zimmerman-Cedar-Fair-President-and-Chief-Executive-Officer-Joins-Board-of-Directors/default.aspx
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    With the addition of a new campground coming in and wolf creek lodge being used as lodging for guests it would be great if KI would partner with local a local college and maybe a company like ABB to rehab and covert the passenger trolleys to hybrid/ solar/ electric operation. With a fairly designed rebuild it would showcase emerging technology and provide a means to get people back and forth to their cars and to distant lodging. It would be a very high visibility project with a lower than most capital outlay. Think of the advertising to be sold on the tug and cars as well. A private path between the park, the lodge, and the campgrounds could be used so the trams would never be on public roads. One of the most fond memories I have of visiting Kings Island as a kid was ro watch how all the different rides actually worked. I think it may be why I chose to become an engineer in my adult life. If there is interest in this please contact me as I would love to play a part in making this happen. Best Regards, Tom Hapner
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    Alright here is my list for 2019 I will add more as time goes on. Ride Congo Falls Ride Race For Your Life Charlie Brown Ride White Water Canyon Play at least one midway game Ride Slingshot Ride Xtreme Skyflyer See Totally 80s Watch the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower Watch the fireworks and light show from International Street Have a fireworks ride on WindSeeker (Had one at the first Coasterstock and it was a blast!) See Space Beagle Ride Woodstock Whirlybirds (because why not?) Eat at the new Miami River Brewhouse Partake in the Grand Carnivale activities at least once Sample all of the fudge flavors at Sweet Spot --- partially completed! Split a big funnel cake with toppings with friends Eat Graeters Ice Cream in the park! Get a picture with each of the Peanuts costumed characters (those of you on here who are character escorts, make this happen please )
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    Sometimes being petty is acceptable, as is this case @TombRaiderFTW.
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    I haven't been on Racer 75 since the rename and Gravity Group retracking, so my perspective has involved a lot of really bumpy rides on it, but I'm just petty enough of an enthusiast that I'll pick it over Racer because it still has its last dip.
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    With my recent rides on Racer 75, I'd have to pick that ride!
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    I'd choose Racer 75 any day. Lots of airtime, very smooth. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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