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    My guess is now that they have the station footers drilled, they were able to physically look down the line and noticed the trees were too close to the eventual track location and needed cut back. The plans would show flats if they were going to be any. If that was the plan, they probably wouldn't have the station where its at blocking off expansion areas.
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    Yes, anywhere you can send since I wont be at park until mid July. Thanks to everyone who goes to the park, CSF and six in the air for the truly awesome fotos Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Maybe they figured out the logistics of construction and concluded that they need this area as a path for equipment.
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    They are still knocking more trees down, getting ready to pour footings for station and turn around into the station Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's missing way more than that! I actually thought about adding that fountain in, but I was ready to be just done with it last night. @DustinTheNow might be taking these files and dressing them up, making them more realistic looking, so we'll see where this ends up. On a side note, if anyone in the Mason area could swing by the city office and ask for any new blueprints, that would be appreciated!
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    I created a visual of the station in CAD using the blueprint data. The blueprints left a lot of unknown dimensions, but tracing over the silhouette images and using the known dimensions got me a pretty close representation of the station, IMO. Overall, building is 40' wide, 50' long, 39' tall, with the main platform being 20' off the ground. Main entrance steps on rear of station, which will have some kind of wall separating two individual queues up the entrance steps, a set of exit steps and elevator on the front of the station, and a set of maintenance steps on the transfer side of the station as well as at the bottom of the exit steps. A lot of fine details are not shown here (railings, steps, metal siding, etc.). Adding all that superfluous detail brings my laptop to its knees, and would take several more hours to create, so it's just not going to happen...anyways, here's some pics. I plan on dropping it into my footings/piers CAD model soon to get a better overview visualization of the whole area.
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    Sounds like I may be needed again soon...
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    This is what I think too. After seeing it in person, they aren't widening it by THAT much so far. Maybe 5-10 feet wider down the bulk of the length. I honestly don't think we would have noticed if it weren't for the actual trees laying in the clearing
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    Does anyone have any clue to why we're seeing more trees knocked down as of now? We've seen what we believe to be the layout of this ride, so could X-Base be getting some flats as well (in tune to what CF did with the area where Copperhead Strike was placed, for instance) or is this just something ordinary (thinking of last year's venture in the Giga Speculation Thread where trees were being cleared by The Beast just because of termites or something like that).
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    Structure behind The Racer is getting its cover put on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I already left, I go before work, since I live next door to KI, and get free food every day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anybody need pictures of anything while i’m here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here is your first look into what the Spectacle of Color Parade will be like!
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    Not really sure where they came to the conclusion that BGW would be getting a 355 ft tall coaster ?.... As @Logan Goddard said above, an Intamin Multi-Launch coaster has been all-but confirmed (the blueprints are out there) for next year. The likely outcome of this 2021 project would be a Drop Tower. For those curious, the link below provides some insight into the 2021 project and the 2020 Intamin multilaunch, both for Busch Gardens Williamsburg: BGWFans
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    Pretty sure it won't be another coaster. They are already getting an intamin multi launch for 2020, to get a 355ft tall giga the year after would be a HUGE investment.
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    Pretty good work, but it's missing that drinking fountain in the drive booth! You might want to add that in! (kidding, in case there was any confusion. I know plain text makes sarcasm hard to catch sometimes. Great job!)
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    Looks like they widened the path from about the middle to the end by Beast. Not much wider but they are clearing a line of trees most of the length
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    Construction update and new tree clearing
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    Or maybe they jebaited us with fake blueprints. you never know
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    International parking only, please. If you put big letters on towers it tries to convince me that I’m excited. Okay, maybe it’s pretty awesome. The China section (Tower Gardens) has a setup with a stage, decorations, and whatever that is in the 3rd picture. This is next level stuff. Seems like more decorations are being added on the daily. Don’t forget that Grand Carnivale starts this Saturday June 15th!
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    Sure, would love some pictures!
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    Seriously. Boo Blasters didn't work and you had to grab ketchup off another table? And didn't get a dipping sauce? I hope you soon recover from this tragic event.
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    stupid $2 lockers...
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    Seeing that the locker Bay is being expanded, I highly doubt it.
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    Is it possible, based on the blueprints, that this new ride will have a storage system similar to Yukon Striker’s new overhead storage system? I don’t know if this has already been talked about, but I was just wondering about it!
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    We need you to be in the air during all day light hours for live time footage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Track being painted right now
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    Also can confirm new clearing of trees after riding racer
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    As suggested by @CoasterMegRN in the decoding 2020 thread, they thought this would be a interesting topic for discussion. Since it is technically kinda a poll, I put in in polls, but if a mod feels this is out of place they can probably move it. This one is simple. What are your current Top 10 coasters? What makes you like each one so much, if you wanna explain it? Also the total # of coasters you have ridden (doesn't need to be 100% accurate if you don't keep lists- just a guess) might be useful for others. Also your list doesn't even need to be ranked, if you want you can just pick 10 of your favorite rides and have them unsorted. And you can go from #1 to #10, or go upwards from 10 for "dramatic effect" (like I am gonna). And you can split up Steel and Wood, etc, or keep them together. With all this said- here is my current list. Note I have only been to 3 parks in recent years (since 2009)- Kings Island, Cedar Point, and Holiday World and have only ridden 35 (by my count) coasters...still, getting on my Top 10 already isn't that easy! #10- The Legend @ Holiday World Holiday World has 4 coasters (and 2 epic water coasters that are not eligible for this list despite their awesomeness) , and all 4 are well reviewed by most, but Legend is usually the one people seem to shaft. However, I love this ride, and think it's better than Raven or Thunderbird (spoiler: they didn't make my Top 10 even though I really like both! I told you this list wasn't that easy)! This CCI wooden creation features a epic curved 113 foot drop into a tunnel, some nice airtime hills under water slides, VERY powerful laterals (strongest of ANY coaster I have ridden so far besides a Wild Mouse at the Indiana State Fair) and it has a cool double helix (with tunnels like Beast) and 4 lateral-heavy (though a bit tamed in recent years but not too much) final turns. It is also pretty smooth for a nearly 20-year-old woodie thanks to the GCI retrack in 2016. #9- Mystic Timbers @ Kings Island Kings Island's current newest coaster (soon to no longer be true) is another great wooden coaster. On paper, the stats don't look like much- 109 feet tall is OK height for a woodie, but 53mph? And only about as long as Racer? However, Mystic Timbers packs a punch in spite of its small size. It starts with another curved drop, and then it is airtime hill after airtime hill, with some pretty good air to boot, and in what is now standard for GCI, there is not a single foot of straight track: it's all either a drop, twist, or turn and it's all in a wooded setting. The only real knock I have on this coaster is the short length, and yes, the "shed" ending is just a glorified brake run. But they did put more detail in that shed than you may first expect, and it has kinda grown on me a bit since 2017. If I am ever at Kings Island, odds are, I'm gonna go in that shed a few more times. #8- Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point Well, I usually don't like super short roller coasters unless they really do something cool to overcome that shortness, and this one is only 17 seconds long...yet the fact TTD makes it to my #8 spot should say a lot. This coaster has the height and speed in spades: at 420 feet tall and 120mph, it is the tallest and fastest coaster I have ever ridden. The sheer size of this ride alone is enough to intimidate, making it a bit like Drop Tower where the scariest part isn't even part of "the ride": it's when you are on the launch track, waiting to launch. The catch car latches on, you pull back...and then you feel the pressure of insane G-force as you rocket to 120mph. As you shoot 400 feet in the air, you feel relief from the G's and stare into the sky, but then you see Millennium Force and plummet to the ground, doing a twist on the way down! Then comes the finish sign, and the ride is over. It is only a 17 second ride, but it is a very epic 17 seconds. #7- Diamondback @ Kings Island Kings Island's current tallest and fastest coaster (also possibly won't be true much longer) stands 230 feet tall and goes a claimed 80mph. However, as you plummet down the 215-foot first drop, especially if in one of the rear cars, Diamondback's focus will become clear: this coaster is designed for maximum sustained airtime. On a slow day (usually in the early AM hours), it's just good floater, but when the coaster is warmed up and running well it becomes very strong, sometimes even giving what feels like sustained ejector air! The coaster is also very smooth, and the B&M clamshell restraints are the most comfortable I have ever ridden with so far. The splashdown at the end is also nice, though it is only for off-ride viewers mostly. #6- Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point Yep- as much as I love Diamondback, I still (barely) perfer the OG Hypercoaster Arrow made in 1989. Magnum XL-200 isn't as smooth as Diamondback, which is gonna be a given since it's 20 years older and a Arrow, but I never felt it was too rough and thus this added to the charm. The first drop has a epic view of Lake Erie, CP Shores, and the beach- though not much airtime even from the back cars. However, Magnum XL-200 seemingly gets more and more intense with each element- something Diamondback does not. By the time you are in the pretzel knot, you get some great positive G's. But then come the airtime hills on the return run- oh man, these hills are why I have this coaster this high: welcome to the ejector air buffet! And some of the hills are IN TUNNELS- always a plus in my book. Just be sure to try and leave some room on the lap bar for your thighs: in classic Arrow fashion, they used Mine Train style cars on this ride (a straight lap bar with ejector air!?!?). Still, it's very much worth it, IMO. #5- The Beast @ Kings Island This massive wooden behemoth opened 40 years ago, and is still one of Kings Island's more popular attractions, and is probably its most famous. Yet it is also controversial- some people adore it, others hate it. It isn't your typical woodie by any stretch: there is only 1 airtime hill that rarely gives even a whiff of air, the big drops are more like ramps, the ride is mostly long swooping curves, and there are some annoying trim brakes along the course. However, it is very fast for a woodie (even with the trims) and it basically runs with the theme of "big wooden coaster rampages through woods at high speed". The roughness- so long as it isn't too much, I try to avoid very back wheel seats but front and middle are OK- can actually add to the ride's out-of-control feeling. It's also a very long ride- still the world's longest 40 years later. Then the double helix at the end is pure insanity, few coasters have anything nearly that intense (and this is WITH a trim brake!). And while this leads to ride I very much enjoy when the sun is up, The Beast must be ridden at night to get the full experience- when the sun is gone, the woods become pitch black, and The Beast goes from a good ride to a epic journey where each element (yes even the double helix) feels even more intense than in the daylight. #4- Millennium Force @ Cedar Point Millennium Force is kinda the steel version of Beast in that it also focuses on speed. Since it is a butter smooth "modern" coaster- unlike Beast which shakes and rumbles because it's a old woodie- Millennium Force must go higher and faster to get a good sensation of speed: and boy, it does. The lift stands a mammoth 310 feet tall, with a 300 foot drop at 80 degrees- my favorite first drop on ANY coaster I have been on thus far due to this sheer size. Then you go 93mph, and the overbanked turns begin. If these turns were not as high, I imagine this ride would pull a lot of strong G's (Intimidator 305 style), but then it would probably not be liked by the GP as much. The ride also offers some decent airtime hills, it's not as good as the hypers I have been on but it's solid and here the airtime hills aren't the focus, it is the speed. The coaster also runs through the woods and into tunnels twice, which are neat features. Cedar Point has built many more coasters since this opened in 2000, and yet this one remains very popular: and for good reason, IMO. #3- The Voyage @ Holiday World A more modern take on what Beast tried to create in the 1970s- a huge, super long wooden coaster- but with a much more eventful layout in terms of elements. Voyage has immense size for a wooden coaster- 159 feet tall, 6400+ feet long, and a 67mph top speed- just like Beast, but it starts with 3 huge airtime hills similar to what Diamondback has, and then it features some very twisty sections similar to Mystic Timbers (with PTC trains instead of GCI though so it is a bit more awkward). And like Beast, it is buried in the woods (though Thunderbird's addition in 2015 dug into them somewhat). There is a lot of airtime here too- 24+ seconds in fact, according to the "official" stats. It can be very rough if caught on a bad day, but my 2 rides in 2018 were both pretty smooth and when this coaster is running well it is clearly among the best in the world. It also, once again like Beast, gives a epic night ride...if you can get one with Holiday World's weird hours. #2- Maverick @ Cedar Point Maverick proves you don't need to be stupidly tall or fast to give a intense, thrilling ride. Maverick stands only 105 feet tall, and while the ride has a top speed of 70mph, for most of the ride you are probably going closer to 50-55. However, Maverick packs a punch: it starts with a LAUNCH LIFT HILL. Granted, it's only about 20mph, but still. This is followed by a beyond vertical drop and then come many twists, turns, and some great airtime hills: the big airtime hill in the 1st half is awesome and usually gives great ejector air. Then come two corkscrew-style flips. After that when some might think the ride is almost over, you launch at 70mph out of a tunnel (then get trimmed down to 55) into more twists, turns, and airtime hills before the ride finally stops. This bucking Bronco was my favorite ride at Cedar Point and #1 overall at the end of 2017, but then... #1- Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point ....some Outlaws showed up, seekin' Vengeance for Maverick's crimes! The former Mean Streak (which I never rode BTW) has been transformed into a monster hybrid coaster, with steel track on wooden supports. In this transformation the ride became taller (205 feet tall), faster (74mph), longer (5400+ feet), and elements which were very tame on Mean Streak became insane on the new ride. And while there were some hiccups (trains bumping, hot sauce, and whatnot) the overall ride experience seems to be a smash hit with nearly everyone...me included. This coaster has it all. It's huge, fast, intense, and it has tons of airtime everywhere- and a lot of it is Magnum XL-200 level airtime! Add 4 inversions- 2 of which are in the final section in the huge wooden structure- and you have a true winner. This is the only RMC I have ridden so far, but if they are anything like this on their other rides, I can see why the company is so hyped. And that is my personal current Top 10, as of May 2019. This will probably change as I go to more parks in the future, obviously. Also this is just a "template" feel free to make your own lists less detailed (or more) if you want as stated above. Enjoy the poll/discussion!
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    Well... I ended up not riding the Banshee or Diamondback. I was getting up the courage all day, however after riding Mystic Timbers. I was.in too much pain to try something else new to me. I am 55 and The Beast and Vortex are just ducky for me. I am going to try to get in better shape to have some muscle strength and resilience. I have Fibromyalgia, so I know it's not wise for me to ride rollercoasters. But darned if I'm giving up yet! We had SO much fun!!! Thete was cloud cover that kept the heat down, a nice breeze and just a sprinkle or two, no real rain at all. With the weather conditions I have to say it was the nicest weather day we ever had there. I went on the Drop Zone 2 or 3 times. TOTAL RUSH!!!! This one never fails to thrill! My hubby stands in line with me which is so sweet. He has a deathly fear of heights. And as usual La Rosa's pizza and breadsticks were fantastic. We were lucky because where my hubby works, they have a free KI day every June. Plus wristbands for limitless pop or water, paid parking, paid entrance fee and a small voucher to help with food costs. We were shocked when we were at La Rosa's - we had a $10 voucher, but the meal still cost over $17, with the voucher. Normally the cashier said it would be $27 and change without the voucher. A few times in the past we have gone back to the car to eat food we brought. But sometimes ya just gotta have La Rosa's pizza! Oh and their breadsticks are to die for! For some reason my hubby and I always called it Momma Rosa's. Does anyone know if that's what it was once called? I mean my hubby and I still refer to the small coaster that was originally named ,"the Scooby Doo". Any old farts on here like us that remember the original names? People at the park (especially kids) were probably wondering what the heck we were talking about! LOL!!! Anyway, sorry for the long post, but we felt like kids (well almost) last Saturday!
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    20190611_192805.mp4 20190611_192805.mp4 20190611_192805.mp4
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    Wait. If you can't trust some dude in his kitchen then who can you trust?
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    Thanks @BSBMX for taking the time to lay these out! While we normally only see what is going on at the surface and think "wow that's a big concrete block", there is a lot of support underneath to handle all of the various loads.
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    Glad to see they may become committed to theming more!
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    Indian-inspired food at Kings Island during an international festival with a parade and possibly a custom score-d nighttime show?! I think I just heard the hallelujah chorus. This is the kind of stuff I daydream about the park getting.
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    My coaster count isn’t very high at the current time so you will see a lot of KI coasters on here. 10. TTD. While it’s all over in 17 seconds it packs a massive punch. TTD is an experienced yet to be paralleled for me. It’s such a rush that you can’t help but loving it. 9. Intimidator (Carowinds hyper coaster). It was a fun ride, I liked it for the same reasons that I like DB, lots of floater air time, smooth and thrilling! You also get a killer view of the parking lot 8. GateKeeper. The only reason this ride ranks so high in my list is because of the amount of near miss elements when riding the the front right seat. I love the inversion at the top of the first hill, the keyholes are also a unique experience. Another reason I love this ride is because I love going upside down and GateKeeper does a great job of that.(IMO) 7. Banshee. Yes another not so very popular opinion, this is my Favorite B&M invert, I love the speed that Banshee offers as well as its Batwing inversion. It’s final inversion, the Zero G roll is killer! I love how slow it is and how you stay upside down for a spilt second. Yet again I’m a sucker for going upside down, so this ranks 6th. 6. Millennium Force. Tall, fast and long! What’s not to love about that! I really like how you feel like you haven’t slowed down one single bit from the bottom of the first hill to the the final brake. It’s a very fast paced coaster and for that I like it. 5. Valravn. By now your thinking what’s wrong with me. Allow me to explain myself on this one, Valravn is an underwhelming ride but has a sentimental value to me. In 2016 I did the sunrise thrills vip tour and it was the absolute best day of my life! It was by far the best sunrise I’ve ever seen and to spend it over 230 feet in the air makes it extra special! This is also the first rollercoaster I watched from start to finish as it was being built. As for the ride itself, I like the final inversion that Valravn offers, it’s probably the best part of the ride along with the first drop. So that’s why I like Valravn and it ranks high in my list. 4. Beast. While it may not be the tallest or fastest wood he coaster anymore as the 1979 ad suggest, she is still the absolute baddest wooden coaster around.(yes the last statement is contradicting). Just because she isn’t the newest gal at the ball doesn't mean she isn’t the best. This 40 year old mammoth of a coaster still dominates River Town with her pure Fury. The Beast is a one of a kind, I love the long ride she gives and the way she whips you around and it all goes down in the woods of River Town. My favorite part is by far the double helix at the end of the ride. 3. Diamondback. This is my top coaster from KI. It’s also the coaster I have the most rides on. Diamondback is a very fun ride, and because of my many rides on her, I’ve been able to pick out the bad and the good. The good is many things, floater airtime, longer than average ride, splashdown were the coaster actually hits then water, steep first drop, nice scenery and many more! Diamondback is special to me because of the amount of rides I've had on her, I guess I just need Diamondback in my life. 2. Maverick. This is a coaster I could ride again and again and again! Maverick is not tall by any means, is sort of fast and doesn’t look like it does much from an onlookers’s perspective. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. As many of you know, Maverick is a fast, low to the ground and very intense coaster, the coaster puts the “Wild” in they Wild West. Maverick scared my the first time a i rode it, I never expected it to go so fast! The way it keeps low to the ground is astounding, I can’t get enough! I love her speed and agility and that is why Maverick ranks #2 on my list. 1. Fury 325. Do I even have to explain myself on this one? Ok I will, it’s tall, it’s fast af and it’s a long-ish ride. Fury mixed amazing speed and cool elements into a very cool ride! My Favorite part of the ride was the unique treble clef. Another part of this ride that I though was cool was the dive under the pedestrian. This is as cool off ride as it is on ride. So overall it ranks #1 for me. Sorry about the long post and how opinionated it was, but their it is, hope you enjoyed
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    That’s been my point all along. This “give them time” and “it’s not fair to judge it till it's complete” line doesn’t hold show fountain water. If they want to call April/May “preview days” and communicate that there are still projects being finished, and minimal show offerings, then that’s great. Let people in for a tease at a reduced rate or at least do what Disney does and call it “soft opening” but they don’t. They call it OPENING DAY. Its on. I could care less about pedestals or no pedestals. I just think the overall project could have brought even more to the table. It still might. But as of now the park is open for regular operations. This is the project as they have presented to the public and I will judge it based on what I see presented. I’m certainly one to say “hey, now that they’ve added... its way better than I thought it looked way back in April.”
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    I’ve only been to 4, but if I were to rank them it’d go 1:Cp 2:Ki 3:CW 4:KD, kings dominion was pretty disappointing to be honest but still a fun place to go.
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    Only been to 5, but I would put CP at the top and KI 2nd. Headed to Carowinds this spring for the first time hoping it meets my expectations...
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