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    The park is legally required to file blueprints with the City for construction. Nothing was leaked, it’s all public record. If you want to yell at someone, go yell at the politicians who made the Freedom of Information Act or the ones who made the act that made businesses required to file blueprints before construction.
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    Why would anyone be a part of a deciding thread, then get upset when that is accomplished? Doesnt make sense to me.
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    I guess I just don't get this mindset. If the information is out there and available, I don't see why you wouldn't want it posted in a thread thats entire purpose is figuring out what kind of ride Kings Island is building. How would this process have been more interesting if we decided to remain blind and just guess the whole time? All I'm saying is that it seems weird to open up a decoding thread but then act as if people did something wrong looking for answers. Don't misunderstand, I see how it could spoil the fun for some people, but I guess my advice would be, don't visit the decoding thread?
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    The first post of the thread has links. Would it have made it better that the blueprints didn't get found until just before the announcement? Would people taking pictures of the footers been so much better than what we have now? We knew a B&M was coming in August. There was very little chance of it being anything but a giga. We pretty much knew where it was going when they announced Firehawks removal. Without the blueprints, we wouldn't know anything until the announcement. I mean sure we can have 9000 more drawings at people's guessed of where it go after the footers we have now, but I prefer knowing.
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    This thread has accomplished its mission. Time to move on to the Construction thread.
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    What is there to be angry about I’m really puzzled as to why people get worked up about this stuff. I resprct everyone on here here but sometimes I leave here scratching my head as to why people get genuinely angered about stuff as insignificant as coaster blueprint a leaking and the design being subpar. In the grand scheme of things there is 1,000,000 things in life more important than rollercoasters. Yes I enjoy them, but to get angered about stuff this insignificant does create a toxic environment. I’ll speak for myself and say that I really enjoyed when the blueprints leaked. It was really exciting and the thread was popping. You can’t look at it from the grass is always greener side.
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    You guys did this to yourselves by going to the the city records and getting the blueprints way too early. I thought the whole idea to this thread was to decode all the way to the announcement, just like with Banshee and Mystic Timbers. Some of you guys kinda ruined the whole decoding by getting too impatient and wanting to find your Christmas present before it was given to you. You just couldn’t wait for the park to start the teasing. I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a parent, but something needed to be said. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm sorry you feel that way. When was the last time a coaster of this scale was announced that you didn't have a good idea what it would be? The 'decoding' may be all but done, but the best parts lie ahead! It's not every season a 300' coaster goes up.
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    I wasn't here back in 2013, but are you telling me that if I go look through the Banshee decoding thread, there wouldn't be blueprints there? I know a layout showed up in the Mystic Timbers thread as well. I think it made perfect sense to go check the blueprints seeing as the whole idea was to figure out what they're building. Mostly I just wish the thread was still more active I'm not really bummed we already know what the ride is. I do think this would all be a lot more interesting if the park was teasing the thing though. Kind of a bummer that we haven't seen any of that yet.
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    The whole point of this thread was to decode and figure out what the park was getting in 2020. Yeah, we may have figured it out faster than some people would have liked, but I think the mission was accomplished! I think it is cool how so many people were so dedicated and spent quality time going out to get blueprints, making concepts, and taking pictures of track for us to enjoy. Heck, we even had a couple of people with so much passion that they went out and flew planes to get pictures for us. Are people sad that most of it is over now... yeah, but it was fun while it lasted. I, for one do not feel the slightest bit of disappointment, and I enjoyed every minute of the past few months worth of decoding. I think the problem is that people enjoyed decoding this project so much, and they are just sad to see it be over. I completely understand that but like @TheBEASTunchained said way back on page 1, “Here’s to 2020!”
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    This makes absolutely no sense, as this coaster is definitely under construction. Whether it has been announced officially or not is irrelevant.
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    What made the past decodings fun was that no one knew who the manufacturers were or what type of coasters we were getting. In the 2014 decoding thread their was emotional debates as to who the manufacturer was between B&M and Intamin, and the type of coaster. For the 2017 decoding it was mostly the manufacturer debate between GCI and RMC, along with the “Bring back Son of Beast” campaigns. No one went out of their way to get blueprints until weeks before the coaster’s announcement date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The blueprints for Banshee didn’t show up until a few weeks prior to the announcement. You guys got the 2020 blueprints weeks after the land clearing had started. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Who’s ready for some more analysis? And a new model of the coaster with near exact colors? For the track and supports? Not to mention @BSBMX‘s station model!
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    I think it has been there for a while now. When Firehawk opened, they had all of these white lines painted on the concrete, and maybe those marks you are seeing are the remnants after the paint was removed. I’ll try to find a picture, but good question!
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    I’m just here for pics of vertical construction lol. .....
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    For those who want to talk about the construction then for the time being talk about it in this thread. It is really not that big of a deal.
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    Oktoberfest would like to have a word with you.... But yeah Action Zone could definitely use another ride, where ever the next coaster go’s it better not be in Rivertown, currently 3/4 best rides in the park are all in the same section.
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    Umm, excuse me...we have had a very enterprising young member, @collin.klopfstein, helping us decode track and support color! But maybe it's time for a construction thread or just to rename this one.
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    Ok so this has all gotten out of hand. All of this started because someone said the thread was inactive yesterday. No one is upset because they saw their Christmas present or whatever. The unpleasant tone this thread 's developing is totally unnecessary.
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    I'm just confused as to the nature of this thread now that we know what we're getting. The speculation on the name, theming, etc isn't really 'decoding', but more so entirely speculation, especially with the name guessing since even with trademarked names, how many times have CF actually used those names? We didn't ever pin DB, Banshee or Mystic Timbers for the name despite many trademarked names that came out for all 3. I think we should move on to make this a construction thread since that's where were at. You guys keep complaining people being off topic when you keep going back off-topic constantly, even when those topics have their own threads which shows laziness. There's a severe lack of consistency. At the moment people actually put the numbers on the blueprint into the actual layout and showed what it is, this thread served its purpose and became obsolete IMHO.
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    I don't know about you, but I've never received a Christmas present that was a matter of public record, let alone a multimillion dollar investment destined to thrill millions of people across the nation and beyond. We have had a layout for BGW's 2020 coaster and IOA's 2020 or 2021 for months. It's pretty routine for blueprints to hit the internet well before a coaster is announced, and it has been for some time. There's no use scolding anyone about it. I'm still excited for an official announcement, and betting on a coaster that'll exceed expectations. And as has been said, it's all a matter of perspective, I'm stoked to watch another giga be constructed.
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    If you don’t want your Christmas presents to be spoiled before Christmas morning, don’t peak.
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    This sums up people's anger exactly. Its like peaking at your Christmas presents too early.
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    The blueprints for Mystic Timbers were posted in June on the decoding thread. I remember that vividly. The blueprints for Banshee were not posted until maybe a week before the announcement. But we had the blueprints for MT early as well. There is no reason to argue about what should/shouldn’t have been done. There is no reason to be negative.
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    KIBlog about Grand Carnivale! It sure seems to be a hit with everyone. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/what-guests-are-saying-about-grand-carnivale
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    No, @THE_BEASTmaster is right. People are to blame for this. Everyone wants to be the one to leak the information which ruins the fun. Its like spoiling Avengers Endgame after seeing it on opening night. People just can't resist. Concepts from Dustin have been awesome but I would have rather it been a suprise. And its not like you can just leave the internet- its everywhere. It was fun when the most we knew was it was a coaster by B&M and that was all.
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    If no one from here did it, I'm sure someone else would've. Those plans were bound to show up on some YouTube video or r/rollercoasters regardless. I still think there will be more discussion taking place when/if the park ever starts a teaser campaign. We still don't know what the name is for sure, or what the theme is.
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    I hope if they do freshen up X-Base's theme that it is not a complete re-theme. I do love the Hangar 18/Area 51 vibe.
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    Every ghost hunting show ever: "Whoah! Did you guys see that?" *roll backs footage to show something mundane and easily explainable happen* "This place is definitely haunted."
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    I'm thinking like 4 years maybe. Similar to the time frame between Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike. I'm going back and forth between multiple different coasters that could be next. Imo it depends on the location and what gets removed. If Invertigo/Congo Falls leaves, then a B&M of some type (probably a wing or dive) since it's right at the front gate and B&Ms tend to look good at the front. If Oktoberfest gets an overhaul and/or Viking Fury leaves, then probably a Mack double launch. If the SOB station is reused, then an RMC topper track themed around Outpost 5. So many options out there and imo it depends on where the location is.
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    300 feet is easy to market imo. They could advertise the heck out of this thing!
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    Except how tall is it, drop and speed.
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    Do you guys think they'll try to theme the queue for the coaster in a similar way as they did for Mystic Timbers or do you think we'll see bare minimum theming like Banshee or none at all like Diamondback?
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    Basically what the colors look like together for our giga
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    @DiamondBanshee was giving some constructive criticism on that video If you're looking for the most accurate concept check out @DustinTheNow, his is more consistent with the blueprints.
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    The park will make an announcement. If nothing else, because the cost to do so is next to nothing. All they have to do is wine and dine the local media and they’ll get “free” advertising. However, the amount of paid advertising that they do will be considerably less than say, 20 years ago, because of the power of social media.
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    ^Those who expect no surprises are those that end up being the most surprised. I’m not saying they’re gonna be like “lol the blueprints were fake we’re actually getting dive coaster” but there may be something that isn’t quite what you expect. (For example, look at MTs shed at the announcement. We knew the layout and everything, but we didn’t know what was in the shed [if you don’t like the shed, please, save us some time. We’ve heard it a million times]. If that’s not your cup of tea, check out DC Rivals back car. I’m not saying this coaster will definitely do something like this, I’m just saying don’t count it out yet) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The park will probably make an announcement when they’re ready to sell 2020 season passes. They don’t need to make an announcement before the first track piece arrives or immediately after. The day the first track piece arrives will add to the excitement either way. I don’t think they’ll try to hide the track back behind Banshee. The easiest way to get the track to the site would be through the park. That service road under Banshee has a lot of hills to navigate. Not impossible but I think unlikely. So I think they’ll either stage it in the parking lot or take it straight back and store it on the unused portion of the Firehawk site.
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    Does this scratch paint?
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    The less time they have to handle track, the cheaper its going to cost them in the long run. Unless CSF runs our of room to store track on site, there is 0 reason to store track at KI. You want it to come straight from CSF to the staging area so the crane in place can be used to pick it up off the truck and either directly on to the ground or directly into the air depending on how quickly they can move and install it as it comes in. Its a waste of time and manpower to find a staging area at KI in the parking lot or deep in the woods, only to have to move it an additional time to the location that the crane will lift it up an install it on the ride.
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    No, how about a Michigan Wolverines themed coaster and area!
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    No Don, don't jump! It's not worth it! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I don't mind riding with other people, even if they are smelly lol, but what I don't like is when they pair me a grown man with someone's kid... It's just awkward.
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    So in other words, this IS NOT truly an "independent" site. As of now, if Kings Island says jump, you guys say "how high?" That's NOT what the average person here wants. The small bones the park throws to this site is not enough for the type of censorship we see here. It's ridiculous.
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    It’s only a matter of time, before Fortnite goes they way of the Dodo bird... Better to choose something that is family-friendly, unique and will last than to do something short-term.
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