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    This much drama over what is being considered acceptable or not acceptable in trying to figure out what comes next?? Is this still is a decoding thread?? As a 15+ year member (and relatively quiet for the past couple years) admonishing an enthusiast for doing what we all have done for years is quite laughable. If the information is obtained through legal/ proper channels, post it. If the park had an issue with it, they would ask to have it taken down. This isn't a Christmas gift. This is not a troll posting spoilers because they saw a movie before you. Those comparisons are apples to oranges. This is a large project we are all excited for. If you want to wait till the announcement for a surprise, don't look at a decoding thread because unless the info is illegally obtained IT WILL BE POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. There are no "rules" when it comes to legally obtaining PUBLIC information. Please have fun with this! Some of my best memories of KIC were on threads just like this. Ok, rant over. I will stumble off my soapbox. In other news, the Browns are going to the playoffs in 2019!
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    Who’s ready for some more analysis? And a new model of the coaster with near exact colors? For the track and supports? Not to mention @BSBMX‘s station model!
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    The USPTO records are searchable for any trademark application, whether it was accepted or not, and whether it's live or dead (as of today). Searching for "amusement" and either "Cedar Fair", "Cedar Point", or "Kings Island", I cannot find a trademark application for DB, NOR can I find any suitable application for DB that was made around the 2008/2009 timeframe. This was surprising to me--if anyone can find a trademark for Diamondback, please show me. As for MT or Banshee, both of those DO have trademarks, but neither had any other suitable trademarks filed around their respective times. For what it's worth, MT's trademark application was filed 1 day after it was announced, but Banshee's application was filed about 3.5 months before its announcement. I'd welcome @silver2005 to show us what other trademarked names were filed for these 3 coasters. Perhaps my search isn't as extensive as it can be. I'm always looking to improve! BUT, for what it's worth, I'd guess that multiple trademarks were not made for these roller coasters prior to opening as I believe my research on USPTO's site is extensive enough to uncover these. @ldhudsonjr, I wouldn't give up on hope though. As seen with MT, GateKeeper, and likely some others, the trademark wasn't filed until the day before/of/after the coaster was announced. There's certainly some precedent there that the same could happen with this coaster. IMO though, either 'Polaris' or 'Orion' will be related to this project. Below is an example of one of the searches. Results are listed in order from recent to older. It's worth mentioning that the '325' in Fury's name was applied for after 'Fury' was ('Fury' was applied for on 1/23/14, while 'Fury 325' was applied for on 6/9/14). Originally, the 'Fury' trademark was filed in January 2014. At the end of April 2014, the USPTO sent a letter to CF for an initial refusal of the trademark application, citing "likelihood of confusion" with Sperian's line of eyewear (seemingly, they had glasses that also shared the 'Fury' name). Behind the scenes, CF and Sperian reached an agreement that neither of their similarly-named trademarks would be confused with each other. CF readily signed this agreement on 5/23/16, but Sperian did not sign until 6/16/16 (shown below). I'm speculating that CF was beginning to get anxious waiting on Sperian to sign the agreement as they went ahead and filed a new application for 'Fury 325' on 6/9/14, about 1 week prior to Sperian's signature on their agreement. What I'm getting at is I don't think '325' was initially intended to be part of the coaster's name. An issue came up with the trademark application of 'Fury', and while at the end of the day the 'Fury' trademark was awarded to CF, CF didn't want to wait around for a possible second refusal, so they went ahead and filed for 'Fury 325' separately, which sounds better anyways IMO. As for I305, I'm guessing CF just didn't want to pull a Six Flags and have two different coasters under the same name. EDIT: (so I'm not double-posting)... @ldhudsonjr & @collin.klopfstein, the 'crest' you all were referring to is just a metal louver in the station building. These are used for ventilation. That's not to say there won't be a crest added, but what's shown in the blueprints is simply a vent for the hot air rising to the station's ceiling. On one page of the blueprint, it even says 'louver' in the notes off to the side. Below is an example of one I found on a house, a bit more decorative than the one shown in the blueprints, but still serving the same purpose.
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    Potentially lots of neat info. Probably nothing substantial at this point, but all of these prints have been fascinating to me. The lifthill page from the electrical prints suggests there are several cross sections thru the lift, including one right at the peak. I bet this particular cross section view would have some elevation heights listed, possibly resolving where the 1035.9' is measured from. It wouldn't really change anything, but it would tell us where all other heights are measured from. Depending on other views of the track on future blueprints, it may reveal how banked some of these turns are. Having the remaining coordinates for all the piers/footings would reveal the extent of how much concrete is involved in this project. None of the actual track is likely dimensioned, but some cross sectional views would be drawn to scale, so knowing one dimension could be used to accurately estimate the rest of the track dimensions. Again, nothing substantial, but lots of neat little things could be found. Nerd stuff to an engineer, but some others may appreciate it!
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    Yikes I am glad I was not involved in that heat haha....what is really going on here? Like for real? Fingers crossed we get something released or leaked soon to lighten the tension in here. I take it no one took my suggestion and relaxed this weekend with a couple of brews? lol
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    I drove over to CSF Saturday. Got some pictures but everything seems to be the same. Nothing new out front. I'll load the pics later.
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    I’m sure it’s not unheard of, although Banshee is the last ride I’d want to be around when it comes to entering a restricted area. Inverted coasters have a track record of severely injuring those who choose to enter the restricted areas.
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    It's not an argument. I asked if proof could be resurrected for what was claimed, and none was provided. I do not want to contribute to the negativity that exists in this thread, so I'm moving on. I remembered this afternoon that all past trademarks in use have a 'specimen' added to the application. These specimens always show the coaster logo as we know them today, and they all have a submitted date tied to them. I just reviewed Hangtime, Copperhead Strike, and Railblazer (all recent examples in CF's history), and unfortunately for all 3, nearly one year had passed between the initial application filing date and the date that the specimen was submitted. When the specimen was submitted, the ride (and logo) had already been announced. With that in mind, I don't think the trademark applications are going to tell us much more prior to the announcement, unless a new one is submitted the day of, or a day before, the announcement (which CF does have a history of doing). In construction news, the footings for the turnaround are complete, per the video below. The 'T' shaped footing at the end of the brakerun (beginning of turnaround) still has not been started, at least based on this video from two days ago. I'd say this footing and the large triangular one near the drop are the most complicated to build forms for, so I can understand them saving these for last.
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    I’ve worked at Emporium since October of 2017 and we have had those hats as long as I’ve been there.
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    The past several pages have been a bit contentious with the decoding/not decoding conversation. Hang on folks, I have a feeling the next week or two are going to really get this thread back on track and moving along. Likely events: ~ Grand Carnivale ends next weekend. Will we see our first teasers next weekend or the week after? IIRC Fury 325 teasers showed up first on July 7th. That’s next weekend... ~ New Blueprints will likely be filed in the next week or two. Blueprints for the remainder of the ride (everything outside of the drop/station area) have yet to be filed. The drop/station area has been completely drilled and piers poured. There is no additional drilling to be done on the current prints available at Mason. It would be great if someone that lives close can get there soon to check. ~Hershey track has been spotted in PA which is going to clear a lot more storage for our GIGA. CSF has been pumping out track and all of the 40 or so rusty pieces are likely to get painted shortly. In other words... after the past month of nothing (besides awesome construction photos), Speculation is about to get going again!!!
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    A few weeks ago we traveled Orlando not for Disney but to embark on my first ever cruise on the Harmony of the Seas. I was nervous has I hard so many bad things about cruises in the past. Upon our arrival in Port Canaveral we had an hour or two before we could board. Our first stop was some breakfast at one of the local diners. Fast and friendly service and A+ food at a great price. We still had a few minutes to kill so we stopped and walked around Mantee park. It was almost time to board the ship so we parked our car at a local long term parking lot and shuttled over to the ship I have never been on a cruise before and have only seen the ships from a distance so I was in complete awe when I saw how large the ship was. The check In process was a complete breeze even with the couple thousand people waiting to get on. The hostess was even kind enough to grant us priority boarding since we were traveling with our 6 month old. We got onto the ship and walked around on deck 5 and explored some of the shops and restaurants. After that we headed to deck 15 to shoot some basketball while we waiting for our room to be cleaned. It was around 3:30 when we got to our room and received our sea pass cards. Once our baggage was delivered we headed up to deck 16 to watch the ship pull away from the dock and our vacation to begin. While I am not going to go into detail of what we did each day I will say it was awesome trip. They even had a free baby sitting service so my wife and I could enjoy some of the adult shows and dinners without boring our 6 year too much.
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    Please fix the chasing lights on Vortex. Or put new LED chasers on it. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I think some folks here just need to cool down. No reason for all your posts to be so heated. We’re all just trying to decode and have fun here. It’s OKAY to relax lol
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    It's not worth this arguing guys. We made this forum for fun not to fight all the time. New blueprints should be coming out soon so the decoding isnt done yet anyways. Just chill and have fun.
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    I really do think it will be somehow tied into a military/space theme. If you look at the blueprints it even looks like the station has a crest similar to the "Bureau of Paranormal Activity" one that FoF has. It's such a small area of the park that I really do think it makes sense to give it a coherent theme. Also, if they do go that direction, it will be the first time they've done so since 1996. Diamondback and Mystic Timbers seem to loosely fit with Rivertown, Banshee and The Bat seem to fit well together, I don't see why they wouldn't try to make the two rides that will be in that area mesh together somehow.
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    Knowing the park, they will definitely have a surprise in store for us. We thought we knew everything there was to know when Mystic Timber’s layout leaked, but speculation about what was in the shed lasted until opening day.
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    I'm sorry you feel that way. When was the last time a coaster of this scale was announced that you didn't have a good idea what it would be? The 'decoding' may be all but done, but the best parts lie ahead! It's not every season a 300' coaster goes up.
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    The whole point of this thread was to decode and figure out what the park was getting in 2020. Yeah, we may have figured it out faster than some people would have liked, but I think the mission was accomplished! I think it is cool how so many people were so dedicated and spent quality time going out to get blueprints, making concepts, and taking pictures of track for us to enjoy. Heck, we even had a couple of people with so much passion that they went out and flew planes to get pictures for us. Are people sad that most of it is over now... yeah, but it was fun while it lasted. I, for one do not feel the slightest bit of disappointment, and I enjoyed every minute of the past few months worth of decoding. I think the problem is that people enjoyed decoding this project so much, and they are just sad to see it be over. I completely understand that but like @TheBEASTunchained said way back on page 1, “Here’s to 2020!”
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    I was at the park yesterday afternoon and was on my second ride on Banshee when my wife and I got held on the brake run entering station due to some one sick on train in station. While waiting I looked to the left and seen a man walking around by the ride fencing looking for something. When we got in the station I alerted ride ops to this issue as I did not want to see anyone hurt or killed due to someone being where they should not be. When we exited ride we went near entrance of Banshee and said something to person there also and looked trying to figure out how they got in in first place. While leaving we seen next train out held on lift hill and security heading that way. Has anyone else seen anyone in restricted areas not authorized to be there??
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    Raptor at Cedar Point killed someone a few years ago for that reason. Someone entering the restricted area.
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    Unfortunately they aren't related to the new coaster. @KIghostguy posted last night and said they've had those since at least 2017, which he knows since he's been working at the Emporium since then.
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    I’m somewhat torn on whether or not I should keep following this thread. I love all the leaks and new info we get, but I don’t want to learn TOO much. I love that we know the layout and colors, but specifics, such as banking on turns, may ruin the announcement for me as I like learning about these there. (Ruin is a bit of a strong word, but it would almost definitely make it less fun) I feel like my sentiment is shared by many, but that does not mean everyone in here should stop posting stuff! This is a decoding thread after all! I just feel like this might be why the small quarrels have been happening. I’ll probably just stick around because it gives me something to read. Plus I’m an engineer so I really love scouring over all the blueprints lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I believe they would show the remaining footers outside of the brakerun/transfer track/station area.
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    What would the new blueprints show? Just wondering
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    Adventure Express is far from bad, but the same could be said for Firehawk. Taking it out gives you access to all of the land behind Banshee!
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    That's fine that you found they exist, but all I was referring to is the fact no one here went to go find those in any of those cases. Nowhere did I mention that they didn't exist (which, your post is an awfully elaborate form of gaslighting putting words in my mouth). If you go back to those respective decoding threads, no one ever found the actual names using this method.
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    Yeah, I don't get the love for AE here. It is what it is though. It really doesn't work for RMC anyway. That location would be the general location where I'd put the next crowd eater. Either that or RMC Racer which makes more sense, but is less likely to happen.
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    I think it was pointed out earlier in this thread that Orion and Polaris are also nicknames of types of military/space equipment.
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    So the more I think about it the more I think the new coaster won't be space themed. It's just too similar to FOF. None of the other areas in the park have rides that match that well. If they did make is space/alien/rocket theme then they would need to stick with that for all other future rides or attractions in Xbase if they ever expand, which they probably will in the next 10-15 years I would think. So I'm wondering what everyone thinks some possible themes could be that would go with Xbase/FOF but not be space themed? Let's also assume Orion and Polaris are not the name since we don't know that one of those will be it yet. Im thinking : futuristic Military/ jet Mad scientist any other ideas?
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    Even though I'm not a fan of Adventure Express, I don't see that happening. Also it's breaking the 11th commandment on here.
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    I was afraid someone was going to say that, can't say I'm really surprised though. Thanks! I knew someone on here would have an answer. That would be a cool name.
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    Just think, in the turn of the century, Millennium Force came. Now in 2020, Centauri may come. Major LOL.
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    Wasn't centauri spotted on the posters in FOF's queue during Winterfest?
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    ^Definitely wouldn't be a bad name at all if they had kept it. Still not completely sold it's going to be as simple as Polaris or Orion though. Were you the one that mentioned earlier that they trademarked a bunch of stuff before Mystic Timbers and Banshee and none of them were the names? Honestly that gives me hope. I do kind of like Polaris but I just feel like it needs something else.
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    ^Too bad the Centurion trademark went dead
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    Why would anyone be a part of a deciding thread, then get upset when that is accomplished? Doesnt make sense to me.
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    I’m just here for pics of vertical construction lol. .....
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    The park is legally required to file blueprints with the City for construction. Nothing was leaked, it’s all public record. If you want to yell at someone, go yell at the politicians who made the Freedom of Information Act or the ones who made the act that made businesses required to file blueprints before construction.
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    I guess I just don't get this mindset. If the information is out there and available, I don't see why you wouldn't want it posted in a thread thats entire purpose is figuring out what kind of ride Kings Island is building. How would this process have been more interesting if we decided to remain blind and just guess the whole time? All I'm saying is that it seems weird to open up a decoding thread but then act as if people did something wrong looking for answers. Don't misunderstand, I see how it could spoil the fun for some people, but I guess my advice would be, don't visit the decoding thread?
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    You guys did this to yourselves by going to the the city records and getting the blueprints way too early. I thought the whole idea to this thread was to decode all the way to the announcement, just like with Banshee and Mystic Timbers. Some of you guys kinda ruined the whole decoding by getting too impatient and wanting to find your Christmas present before it was given to you. You just couldn’t wait for the park to start the teasing. I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a parent, but something needed to be said. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Whats come after the 2020 Giga? 2020 opening day of course Oh you mean coaster, I look at it this way: Soak City could use a water coaster (does that count?) For a water park of that size, not to have one seems criminal. IIRC, both of the water coasters at Holiday World were relatively in expensive to build. The one at Great Wolf Lodge was a ton of fun, I'd love to see what KI could do with something on a grander scale. Kid friendly coaster (my vote, or perhaps even in combo over 2 seasons with a water coaster for Soak City). Ever since viewing the POV for Fire Chaser express, I said I'd love to see something similar with a smaller height requirement (Fire Chaser express is 39", but I'd be happy with 40 or 42") to give that in between kid another coaster. There seems to be a decent gap between what I would consider traditional Planet Snoopy rides aimed at 3-5 year old and the intermediate 44-48" crowd that is too nervous or small to ride The Racers, Beast, etc.. After actually getting to ride Fire Chaser express recently, I'm even more confident in this assertion. Did I mention I rode Fire Chaser Express? Well that means I was also in the same park as Lightening Rod. I don't get around as much as most, so this was my first RMC (I understand that the launch mechanism often has issues and the ride is down) and that thing was AWESOME. Steel Vengeance also looks incredible on the POVs. I'd love to see the park get a new ground up RMC as their next major installation. Wild cards: The "Replacements" I don't think the park will see either one for some time, but a Dive Coaster would look really good in either space currently occupied by Vortex or Invertigo. A wing coaster would fit really well in either spot as well. I've never been on a dive coaster, but loved Wild Eagle. I get the references as "mild eagle" but after a day of spins, dips and dives, something silky smooth yet with inversions is a great thing. I'd hate to see Vortex go, but realize its gonna happen some day; I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if Invertigo disappeared tomorrow.
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    That wasn't my point. We had conversations here about 'hey, Kings Island will never build Diamondback/Banshee because Cedar Point has Magnum/Raptor'. And yet, that prediction turned out to be dead wrong. I think KI's decisions to add rides has little to do with Cedar Point's line up, at least not as much as people here are believing. That notion needs to drop dead.
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    I think we will see the end of service life of Vortex within the next 5 years. I believe the area will be used for a B&M Dive or a Mack Launch.
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