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    From 8/5. Best resolution I’ve seen of the site.
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    Agreed 100%. I will never for the life of me fathom why some enthusiasts would take joy in another park receiving what they speculate to be as an underwhelming or disappointing addition... This isn't like in sports where a "rival" team receiving a good player potentially could diminish their own chances of success, particularly if they end up in the same division/conference/league (ie. Giancarlo Stanton signing with the Yankees in 2017 - instead of the Red Sox; Bryce Harper going away from the Nationals and onto the Phillies). Had this coaster broken records, it would not have made Fury 325 any shorter, slower, or lower in quality than it is right now (nor any other ride, coaster, or attraction at Carowinds or any other park for that matter). I'm also tired of the smarmy comments such as the one made by "coasterbruh" legitimately hoping to see people upset. I put those comments in the same category as people actively hoping for certain rides to be removed simply because they don't like them. Such comments are rude, insensitive, and so unbelievably smug. No one here took enjoyment in seeing Carowinds fans upset/angry at historic Thunder Run being axed in 2015. And why would we? I for one actually greatly pity them for their loss. I know this is slightly offtopic, but what was so devastating about that removal, is not just that it left a very significant gap in what was already a subpar supporting lineup of coasters, is that a ride that can never be truly replaced, or at least not in any time-frame worth mentioning. Imagine walking down the midway of Coney Mall, looking off the left, and not seeing The Racer accentuate all those buildings and rides, as it does so very well. Would it really even BE Kings Island at that point? But I digress... Simply put, the experience of a ride at one park is completely independent from the experience of a ride at another. Therefore, it should not behoove any well-meaning enthusiast to want the latest addition at their non-home park to be 'disappointing'. If anything, you should hope for the opposite (Count me among those who really would like to finally see the next notable ground up coaster at NFJTP, ya know, the first one since...El Toro in 2006 :/ ) That having said, I'm sure that the comments discussed above do not represent CarowindsConnection as a whole and they're probably mostly nice people... But as for the individual predicting that this will be the 'weakest' of the three B&M gigas, all I have to is we'll just see that about... We will just wait and see...
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    Wow. Look at all this pretty track. Night shots are the best! :-O There is my very first and only troll post.
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    If they really wanted to, they could probably set up a temporary stand or use FoF former photo area. Not a walk in gift shop, but certainly large enough to have a counter and some T-shirts behind it.
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    Tower to sixohdieselrage, runway clear and permission to take off granted.
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    Looks like the title to an adult movie......
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    I'm curious what people think the best coaster trailers ever made are. By trailers I mean the announcement videos that actually have the name of the coaster, not anything that's more of a teaser. Post a link of the video with your response!
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    California’s great America has announced Boomerang Bay is no more, The new South Bay shores will open next year for 2020. Personally I hope the 3 other Paramount parks get similar major water park renovations with a local theme name. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/explore/south-bay-shores
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    Millennium Force, Fury 325, and Banshee are the three that always come to mind for me. I’m excited to see what we have coming for Project X.
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    Not only will Carowinds be open weekends between Haunt and Winterfest, but they will also be hosting the Peanuts Celebration that was popular around the chain last year. Your move, KI... https://www.carowinds.com/play/events/peanuts-celebration
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    Carowinds also opens for spring break. They are getting pretty close to a year round operation.
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    Not since Geauga Lake / Wildwater Kindom stand alone waterpark closed. Michigan's Adventure's waterpark is named Wildwater Adventure though. Speaking of Geauga Lake, I am kind of surprised that their giant slide complex was never relocated to another park. It was already relocated once from when Six Flags had the waterpark other side of the lake so maybe it couldn't handle another relocation. Good call. I missed that one since I was relying on aerial images and Muskoka Plunge didn't stand out since it's just the 4 slides. So that just leaves Michigan's Adventure without the drop box slides. CW appears to have gone with a different manufacturer - Splashtacular. I believe all of the other drop box / snake pit slide complexes were done by Whitewater. Valley Fair has a slight variation since they opted out of the tube slides and went with regular body slides instead.
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    I've had the idea before where they could convert the former FOF photo area into a gift shop. I know it's not too likely, but it's possible. I think we're going to see more than just the coaster to that area. Cedar Fair doesn't usually just plop a coaster in an area without doing other things in that area. I think we'll see the concrete ripped up and replaced with pavers next year as well.
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    Also, where do you all think they will sell merch for this coaster? According to the blueprints, there doesn't look to be any gift shop. Maybe they'll do one separately or maybe they'll sell merch for it around the park? It's understandable why they didn't do a gift shop for Mystic Timbers since there are already a gift shop right next to it. But there is no gift shop right there by the coaster. I'm just curious.
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    So do you think they'll project the announcement on the FOF building? Probably the hanger like portion that has the red doors? I see enough room there for a stage to be set up and the video played above it on the wall.
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    Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
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    Ah gotcha, that makes sense. I was thinking that seemed way too soon for the track to be finished, I know Banshee took a lot longer than that at least.
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    Traditionally, the “topping off” of a roller coaster refers to the installation of the highest piece of track. So in this case it would refer to the peak of the lift hill.
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    It will definitely be topped off by Haunt 2020.
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    What season? I bet it’s topped off by the end of haunt.
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    Possibly after Sunday to go flying.
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    Yea, he knows people on the development team.... let us guess, they all have youtube channels and the only way to talk to them is to leave a thumbs up or down after each comment? The creator of that concept is a beast yes but seriously... 380ft, 108mph... etc. If that were real, I'll buy the first 5 of you all Fast Lane plus passes to those that meet me next year to ride it.
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    It’s absolutely fake. “Beast unleashed” was a concept video that went viral last year, a lot of people thought it was a real teaser. Also, say that person’s name out loud. What did that sound like? It’s a prank name. It’s a troll post.
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    @Ben43065Exactly, with the new coaster it brings the count to 15 with a very well rounded lineup... Let them be angry
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    The ride is probably going to cost 30ish million dollars, 15 million dollars is completely nonsensical. If people want to trash other parks be my guest, Kings Island is a great park that is incredibly well rounded, sure this giga isn’t a Fury 325 but we still have a great supporting lineup of rollercoasters (Better then a lot of the other parks in the chain).
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    I am indeed getting my hopes up... for a kick a** ride. This thing doesn't have to break any records to be just that. I doubt CF, KI or B&M are going to disappoint. That said, I'm not counting anything out at this point. Way too many unknowns. As well as too many wierd things with this whole teasing campaign. Like I've said before. I have serious doubts that anyone involved with the park would just miss that many "mistakes". Not on what could be the biggest investment this park has ever made. Could just be trolling to throw everyone of but I'd bet that they all mean something. 7 days, 6 hours and 1 min as of typing this... lol
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    Please man, we are without wings asking super nicely!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree completely. I grew up with HB, and I wish they were back as an adult, but when my niece was younger, she loved Snoopy. I'll put a Peanuts item in with her Christmas and she still comments about how much she loves KI, and she is 13 now.
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    2020 season passes went on sale today for the two Schlitterbahn parks now owned by Cedar Fair. Payment plans are being offered for the first time at those parks, but (as of now) only single-park passes are being offered. https://schlitterblog.com/get-a-2019-2020-season-pass-for-16-a-month/ No word on whether any Cedar Fair passes will be valid at Schlitterbahn parks for 2020.
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    #What'sInTheShed Maybe it's a drop section of track. Oh wait, wrong speculation thread.
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    If yall ask nice enough. @tks944 Most overhyped "element". Oh wait, that was the shed...
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    Sounds like something out of Toy Story.
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    I sure hope not lol
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    John Matarese cyborg-themed Giga confirmed????
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    So track is being shipped to Kings Island. Getting hyped! We need our eyes in the sky ASAP..
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    Collin, you have been very helpful in the decoding of this coaster. You are clearly a credible source now!
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    Whoa! I was reloading the blog page due to all the supposed changes being made and found this??? I think I just found the name and logo for the new coaster? Uhhh..... SPOILER ALERT??
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    Best animation and overall look- Banshee Best classic tv commercial style- Gotta go with that Beast video, but lets not forget this, or even mantis or Mille
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    The Beast’s is still the best imo, but Big Bad Wolf’s is pretty good too: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwiIyZyAqe7jAhVGvlkKHabZCrcQwqsBMAB6BAgMEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fm.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DE65_94zfXbs&usg=AOvVaw0NFRXVwyW4h15FC8jCRswl
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    I would be happy if boo blasters leaves. Some much more the park could do with that ride.
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    Didn’t really know where best to mention this, but I noticed when I was looking at the posters on the fence last week that Firehawk’s sign’s last vestiges are looking pretty sad back there.
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    I also wanted to point out that in 2013 the B&M and Intamin fanboys still existed just different characters [emoji23]
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    As I stand by the fence, I hear “I heard it’s gonna be a flying giga” “I heard it’ll be like TTD” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I originally thought the name Orion was the better of the two names, but now I think Polaris is starting to grow on me. I still think Orion is more likely, but Polaris is definitely now my favorite.
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    Hey! Long time no update. My Spotify playlists are ready to be released. A few songs are missing, some are unavailable, but I tried my best to get them as accurate as possible.
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    Name: Snoopy Kart Double Dash Location: Vortex
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    For a second can we talk about how there's not a single coaster with a 90°+ drop in the park?
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