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    Haven’t we talked about leaving John Matarese alone?
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    It seems in the last few days things have gotten a little tense in this thread. The mods are asking that everyone take a minute and review these simplified TOS rules to make this a welcoming and friendly place to discuss our beloved park and the industry. Use proper grammar to the best of your ability. Limit the use of text shorthand. When embedding an image that is not yours, always post a hyperlink to the source under the image. Posts must have more than one word. When replying to a certain post in a thread, use the quote button so other members know what post you are replying to. Do not double post (multiple posts in a row in the same thread). If you wish to reply to more than one person, you can quote multiple posts in a single post. Post factual information when responding in a thread. Don’t exaggerate the truth. Please report posts that have false information. Stay on topic as much a possible. Arial footage from drones are not permitted. Be respectful of fellow KIC members.
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    Nobody has stated the obvious that asteroids caused the Dinosaurs to go extinct and ties in with Dinosaurs Alive which this runs through.
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    Supports loaded at CSF
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    A week ago *anyone goes against blue prints* "BLUE PRINTS NOT POSSIBLE CANT FILE BLAH, CONTRACTORS ARENT MESSING AROUD BLAH" today "355 it is."
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    There are a lot more people who read KIC than who actively post on any given day. For people trying to catch up on a day of decoding, reading pages of people arguing is not fun. No one wants to kill the fun, but let's try to stay on-topic as much as possible in this thread. Other threads exist to discuss other topics, including the random discussion thread for posts that don't fit into any topic. The arguing and disrespect has really gotten out of hand here. Everyone's help in keeping the conversation civil is appreciated.
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    So after thinking for the last 3 days that we didn't get any photos from the tower of the construction site as I thought the battery went dead on the camera, I went down the tower before my wife could tell me she brought an extra battery, and just telling me tonight she got photos, I'm going to post what she shot on Saturday. Wasn't much going on, but on some she could get pretty close... Also adding DB splashdown from the tower lol
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    Well if anyone wants to quibble it isn’t a Giga because it isn’t tall enough, then it’s the world’s tallest Hyper. That sounds cooler than shortest Giga anyway. I personally don’t care what it’s called, I care how it rides.
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    Seems like they are leaning to a Meteor/Armageddon theme. I think Polaris and Orion are out at this point. MT wasn't a record breaker, but they teased it and made a big deal about it. It's going to be the biggest ride at the park, do you expect them to just randomly announce it in a tweet because it doesn't break world records? Sometimes you just stop trying to get people to see reality and let them have their delusions. Dude... You really sent him pics from a competing tv station's news report on the coaster? I know we are supposed to be respectful of other members on here, but you really need to get a hold of reality. Where does one find this non-existent roller coaster category book of definitions? And also, could you reference me the governing body that will sue Kings Island when they call their 296 ft tall coaster with a 301 ft drop a giga?
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    Y’all are just setting yourself up for disappointment if you think it’s going to be any more than what’s been uncovered on the blue prints. The previous two coasters have come out the same as the leaked blueprints did.
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    It's 296 feet with a 301 foot drop. Expect anything else and you will be disappointed on Thursday evening. That's just the cold, hard truth of it. During the change.org petition, this forum had reached the bargaining stage of grief. We've now gone back to denial.
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    This isnt six flags
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    LOL, I'm still on the 301' wagon, although I'll definitely eat my words if it's taller. Either way, it's going to be a satisfying addition to the skyline.
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    But that’s not what the blueprints say.
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    Wxix has put up a bunch of new clues they were given this morning
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    Jesus Christ dude. Leave him alone. I'm literally skipping 4 pages for you. @SonofBaconator, please make another meme.
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    We know because the blueprints have been filed with the city of Mason and filing false blueprints is not something the zoning board would take kindly to, and may, in fact, be illegal. Yes, plans can change. But plans for a 30+ million dollar coaster do not change drastically within the month before vertical construction begins. The park isn't going to file false blueprints to throw enthusiasts off their scent. Not to be mean, but the park literally does not care about enthusiasts as they are an insignificant percentage of the visitors. If all enthusiasts suddenly quit going to KI, it wouldn't even amount to a rounding error on the financial reports. The teasing campaign is for the GP who don't go to the city building and get copies of the blueprints or even follow park forums to get information. The park knows that enthusiasts will find those plans, they just really don't care because in the grand scheme, it doesn't matter.
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    I don't understand how anyone knows exactly what this is going to be until the powers that be actually release the information on Thursday. It very well could be 296 feet but there may be something we are missing as well. Unless you work for the park and are in the know, no one knows for sure. And why be disappointed? We are getting another coaster, I will be happy with whatever we get and will not form an opinion until after I've ridden it.
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    The dippin dots guy told me the blueprints were wrong... He said his fathers, brothers, sisters, ex-boyfriends paternal grandpa is on the development team and it's going to have a 355' drop with a zero g roll into a tunnel
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    They could put random nonsense out and the GP wouldn't notice/care at least from what I have experienced... Stopped for a smoke break on saturday and someone asked where SOB was located at, told him it was torn down back in 2012 and Banshee stands there now... Blank stare, and then a "My buddy told me he rode it last week" and walked away
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    Saw this on someone’s story
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    How about this? Lets just chill out on the over or under 300 foot lift hill. We are going to find out in...…………...3 days. We have waited all this time. Lets not fall apart now! KIGA!
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    It could be worse. We could be getting a big, bad B&M Hyper with a completely unintimidating name like Candymonium.
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    Seriously. Leave the guy alone. I'm kinda getting an Eminem/Stan vibe right now.
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    Ok, so due to their new teasing I am thinking of names along the line of “Impact”, “Crater”, “Meteor”, “Asteroid”, “Apophis.” edit: it also makes me come back to thinking just calling it “Shooting Star” wouldn’t be the worst.
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    I tried my best but paint wasnt working so i gave up, but still this ride is going to be an amazing addition to the park and skyline
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    Good reminder to respect private property, especially at CSF. Those on KIC should be setting a good example for everyone else.
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    Can't believe people can just drive right onto the property with no security. About the same level of security featured at the Jeffrey Epstein prison. Ha!
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    If you guys think about it the drop wont be that much smaller than Fury's. Yes 24 foot difference does seem like a lot but in all honesty you really wont notice a difference.
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    This is the EXACT reason I think there is something we dont know. I think the Mystic leak was a major let down and I think Kings Island and Cedar Fair did something different here. Reminder BIGGEST COASTER IN PARK HISTORY. The one we have talked about since Banshee. I remember people talking about us getting a Giga before KD and Carowinds. Here we are in 2019, just days before the announcement of the largest investment ever.
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    Just a reminder that this picture, including the 355, was drawn in 1956 and was not a KI creation. Just a Christmas/sci-fi themed picture for FoF during Winterfest.
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    I'm really hoping we've been hoodwinked and bamboozled. A record-breaking coaster for height would be amazing for our park and would absolutely destroy the Carowinds fanboys' spirits. But I'm not expecting it. And honestly, I'm fine with that. It's going to be an amazing coaster regardless.
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    Ahhh yes its announcement week! Also last week of the weekly operating schedule. Those new teasers are amazing!!!
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    Fox 19 went live this morning. They got more clues. Here are the screen shots from the live video.
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    Exactly! asking credit for a screenshot from another news outlet is a little much. Some ppl think they are the CNN of coasters though, I don't get it. I'm just ready for the announcement so this bickering on here can come to a crawl. People arguing of senseless stuff when we can be talking about the station/queue setup, or if they are gonna go all out and make it a new "plaza" type area. I don't see them putting in just the coaster without some renovations in that area. Its hard to believe, cause Carowinds went all out from what I seen with Copperhead Strike. Some of you seriously need to chill though. I've been on other coaster forums and they are literally laughing at KI and the "fanboys" over this. It's been going on for years with all this "demanding" for a giga and now that it's finally happening most people seem unhappy or are being plain rude to others. I'll be glad when this is over lol and no matter how this ride is you all will be at the park next year. Wait for the announcement and be happy with what your getting whether it's a 296ft lift or a 3xxft lift.
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    Psht you mean to tell me …...I am not going to be going down the hill screaming...………………...OMG!!!! THIS HILL IS 25 FEET TO SMALLLLLLLLLL!!!!! haha
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    new local 12 video
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    You know when the whole “end of the world” teaser started my first thought was Y2K, and the whole reset to the dark ages conspiracy. This made me think of the video in FOF. It would “reset” right after the invitation to fly away with the spaceship then Mr Christopher pulled the plug and reset the video. The first words from the video cast members were “what happened? I feel like a computer that was rebooted” and the whole story started over. I wonder if the “flight” of this coaster is to destroy an impending asteroid and then return to be rebooted for another attempt? Maybe this coaster dives into a crater?
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    they will sell these on the giga exit shop.....
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    L. Brezhnev.........That eye stache is EPIC
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    From Frank Marzullo, Fox19
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    dang they already had the ride color set
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    I sent the pics to John Matarese! Waiting on a response.
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    In all seriousness, I dont think anyone is setting themselves up for disappointment... Its all speculation and all for fun... I hope I grey out on this coaster... It doesn't mean I'm going to be disappointed if I dont...
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    Here is where it gives the number, and what the logo in the background is supposed to be!
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    Imma check the trade marks every day this week. Maybe we can catch it before the announcement
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    To all that are going this Thursday, enjoy. Very jealous sitting here across the pond in the uk. My son and I try to get out there every few years for boys road trip taking in ki, kd, cp and great adventure. Will be glued to live stream, still not completely convinced that a bigger Diamondback is needed but not going to say no to it
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