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    Haven’t we talked about leaving John Matarese alone?
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    This is the EXACT reason I think there is something we dont know. I think the Mystic leak was a major let down and I think Kings Island and Cedar Fair did something different here. Reminder BIGGEST COASTER IN PARK HISTORY. The one we have talked about since Banshee. I remember people talking about us getting a Giga before KD and Carowinds. Here we are in 2019, just days before the announcement of the largest investment ever.
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    Y’all are just setting yourself up for disappointment if you think it’s going to be any more than what’s been uncovered on the blue prints. The previous two coasters have come out the same as the leaked blueprints did.
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    We know because the blueprints have been filed with the city of Mason and filing false blueprints is not something the zoning board would take kindly to, and may, in fact, be illegal. Yes, plans can change. But plans for a 30+ million dollar coaster do not change drastically within the month before vertical construction begins. The park isn't going to file false blueprints to throw enthusiasts off their scent. Not to be mean, but the park literally does not care about enthusiasts as they are an insignificant percentage of the visitors. If all enthusiasts suddenly quit going to KI, it wouldn't even amount to a rounding error on the financial reports. The teasing campaign is for the GP who don't go to the city building and get copies of the blueprints or even follow park forums to get information. The park knows that enthusiasts will find those plans, they just really don't care because in the grand scheme, it doesn't matter.
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    I don't understand how anyone knows exactly what this is going to be until the powers that be actually release the information on Thursday. It very well could be 296 feet but there may be something we are missing as well. Unless you work for the park and are in the know, no one knows for sure. And why be disappointed? We are getting another coaster, I will be happy with whatever we get and will not form an opinion until after I've ridden it.
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    In all seriousness, I dont think anyone is setting themselves up for disappointment... Its all speculation and all for fun... I hope I grey out on this coaster... It doesn't mean I'm going to be disappointed if I dont...
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    This isnt six flags
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    We are not going to be disappointed, we are getting another coaster, and its a giga. Just another great addition for the park and im happy
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    The dippin dots guy told me the blueprints were wrong... He said his fathers, brothers, sisters, ex-boyfriends paternal grandpa is on the development team and it's going to have a 355' drop with a zero g roll into a tunnel
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    That dude must be smoking something else than a cigarette lol
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    They could put random nonsense out and the GP wouldn't notice/care at least from what I have experienced... Stopped for a smoke break on saturday and someone asked where SOB was located at, told him it was torn down back in 2012 and Banshee stands there now... Blank stare, and then a "My buddy told me he rode it last week" and walked away
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    If they are over hyping this with all the teasers and it turns our to just be 301 feet tall, it makes sense. THere are gonna be more GP than enthusiast riding this and the point of the ride is not to satisfy the enthusiast , its to satisfy the GP. The GP is gonna go crazy because its 300 feet.
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    A week ago *anyone goes against blue prints* "BLUE PRINTS NOT POSSIBLE CANT FILE BLAH, CONTRACTORS ARENT MESSING AROUD BLAH" today "355 it is."
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    interesting that i get bashed multiple times, after the rules of the "friendly" forum get posted, for stating that the common way for giga is height and admitting that the other people that brought exceptions are right without me knowing. oh well we'll see what the coaster looks like on thursday. i hope it has a height of more than 296' so that the park doesn't get crap about it not being the shortest of the giga class
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    I couldn't find the hand ripping up the Firehawk track but at the end of the promo it is holding The Vortex track followed by a laugh.
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    I actually don't mind the name Candymonium. Yes, it could be more intimidating, but it's unique and really fits well with the park. I would cry.
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    It could be worse. We could be getting a big, bad B&M Hyper with a completely unintimidating name like Candymonium.
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    L. Brezhnev.........That eye stache is EPIC
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    From Frank Marzullo, Fox19
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    I see my comment rubbed some the wrong way before. The main reason I want people to temper their expectations is so we don’t have people at the announcement booing when it’s not as tall or any other stat that they wanted or feeling left down when you leave. Keep your expectations minimal so it’s nothing but good news while you’re there. I really don’t care what it comes out to be I’m excited regardless.
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    dang they already had the ride color set
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    Apollo's Chariot at BGW is a B&M hyper, and has a lift shorter than 200 feet. It's drop is 210 feet. Everyone classifies it as a hyper coaster, including the manufacturer. There is no "definition" of the categories, because they're entirely subjective. Hell, TECHNICALLY, Fury 325 and Leviathan are both hyper coasters. There is no 'GIGA' coaster in the Bolliger and Mabillard portfolio of rides.
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    Says who? Who is the official governing source on coaster categorization?
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    it will be like driving down 77 and seeing Fury at night with the green lights. Each time I passed driving to FLA I am jealous. I have only been on it once.
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    insert face palm here... lol
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    Seriously. Leave the guy alone. I'm kinda getting an Eminem/Stan vibe right now.
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    Those look like my screen shots.....
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    Anyone at the park today? Would be great if someone could check if there's anything new to see. Also, mad props to KI/CF for the best teaser campaign ever....so excited for thursday!
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    Not only that, but the darn thing is already being built! Clearings been done for months, a lot of footers have already been poured.
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    I predict, everything will be answered on Thursday at 10 p.m.... I may be wrong though
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    I'll predict a couple things due to all the clues. I think we have the world's longest giga roller coaster drop and at the bottom of that drop is an underground tunnel.
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    It's 296 feet with a 301 foot drop. Expect anything else and you will be disappointed on Thursday evening. That's just the cold, hard truth of it. During the change.org petition, this forum had reached the bargaining stage of grief. We've now gone back to denial.
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    Just happy the park is getting its giga. I would be more upset about the length being short going 93 mph then the height haha Still would be awesome if it was somehow taller and longer.
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    Maybe that's the actual theme - the end of the world for coaster enthusiasts after they built up all of this hype with the teaser campaign and then the coaster is a total let down. Well maybe not the end of the world for some of the carowinds fans...
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    Me thinks a lot of enthusiasts getting their hopes up just to be let down again on Thursday. I do not believe they would fake blue prints. 301' drop just under 5500' in length 93mph is what Im going to go with. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Wishful thinking??? haha
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    When we find out the ride is actually 330 feet tall
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    These numbers on the calendar.
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    I'm currently sticking with the 296'/301' height/drop. But if I'm wrong and it's higher, I'll gladly eat my words!
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    Supports loaded at CSF
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    I’m kinda digging the idea of the hill going into the crater making the drop bigger. Maybe the bottom of the drop sea level high refers to the ground before they make it deeper for the drop, or a tunnel? Unless the footers for the bottom of the drop have already been poured. Wishful thinking I’m sure lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If the line represents the layout, I hope we don't get ring racer 2 lol.
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    So here is all the coordinates now on the map
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    Im not sure you typed those in the same as i did, make sure you put all the correct stuff in including the ' " and the n e s or w i got all diff than you did, one of them is the FH site, and the rest are all craters.
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    Fox 19 went live this morning. They got more clues. Here are the screen shots from the live video.
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    I tried my best but paint wasnt working so i gave up, but still this ride is going to be an amazing addition to the park and skyline
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    Well, the park has already had Top Gun. Now it's time for Iron Eagle.
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    Here is last nights video.
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    Please don’t, for the love of God
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