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    Words cannot adequately describe how I feel right now. I have spent over half of my life working at Coney in the rides department. It was my first job. I enjoyed going into work everyday there. Yes, I did get paid for going in, but I have a full time architecture job, and this was my side hustle. I truly enjoyed working there, and helping to create memories for people riding the rides. I made quite a few friends over the years working there, many of them have reached out to me today. My hope is that those in charge know what they are doing and that the park will continue to thrive in the future. Today was also made worse by the fact that my aunt also passed away in Arizona today. Not a great day, to say the least.
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    Well that was 3 hours of my life I will never get back.
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    I wonder if KI would purchase some of the flats.
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    I am greatly saddened by this news. This was my first summer job. I still work there (for a couple more weekends). 18 seasons was a good run. I had hopes of coming back next season...
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    Park is a business. If the dry side isn’t making money no petition will keep it open.
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    Strickers Grove might be a place for some. Interesting that i found out TEMPEST was from Americana. Wonder if Holiday World would maybe work their magic with it like they did for the old Calypso 'Firecracker"
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    I agree with @Gordon Bombay - it'd be neat, but I'd be surprised. Most are low-capacity, and those with moderate through-puts Kings Island already has versions of (swinging ship, Scrambler, etc.). The exception is the Tilt-A-Whirl, which would fit beautifully in Coney Mall... if only. I hope they find homes elsewhere though, especially the classics like the Rock-O-Plane. You don't see too many of those around anymore.
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    This is what we have so far. Things may change, but this is all we have from the park as of now. I am personally hoping for a big ORION sign near the news truck because Cedar Fair always has the most detailed and ascetically pleasing entrance signs!
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    I know there are some posts on this sprinkled in in other threads, but I thought it would be very convenient to have all the conversations on it in one thread. Here is where Kings Island placed on the awards: Golden Ticket for the Renaissance Award: Kings Mills Antique Autos and other 2019 improvements and renovations Second place for Best Kids Area Third place for best new family attraction Fifth place for best Christmas event On the 50 best wooden coasters list, The Beast placed fifth and Mystic Timbers was ranked 10th On the 50 best steel coasters list, Diamondback was ranked 14th and Banshee 33rd. They also put a very nice article on Kings Island's special award for this year in the actual issue: http://www.amusementtoday.com/issues/2019/2019gta/
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    Lakemont closed for a few seasons but that was a completely different situation and they still have quite a few classic rides. http://lakemontparkfun.com/attractions/ Back on topic, I think this is a terrible decision and I'm hoping they'll reconsider (though I would actually be surprised if they did). It just doesn't make any sense to me. Every time I've visited the park, the rides have been popular, especially among kids. My three year old niece had a lot of fun on the kids rides each of the three times we visited this year, and I enjoyed riding classics like Flying Bobs, Tempest and the Tilt-a-Whirl. It just won't be the same without the rides and I won't be as inclined to visit now (Sunlite Pool is fun, but it gets crowded and I like having things to do besides the pool as well). I don't think the pool and slides will be enough to keep people coming back as often.
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    I'm hoping to have a nice soundtrack for Orion kinda like this:
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    Oh, sweet! I never noticed that in the video, thank you!
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    I would doubt it. None have particularly good capacity. Would be neat, though. History repeating itself in a way.
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    I am still wondering what happened to that guy who broke his non-disclosure agreement and leaked the layout! LOL!
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    I wish they still gave the voting percentages to see how far ahead Wildwood Grove was.
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    Link to an article: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/coney-island-removing-all-rides-at-the-end-of-the-season?fbclid=IwAR3uQTHLt9nYGCcLZMLc6-lL6XP6KRc_omfZFMleq53nglD0wt4J6ZrmjkI I was always hoping the park would get a small wooden roller coaster, like Kentucky Flyer. It would've been reminiscent of the park's golden age. Oh well.
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    Even though I have never added to the collection, for some reason I like this tradition. It reminds me of the old gum tree in the line for White Water Canyon back in the day...I miss that.
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    All in less than the 25 minutes since you posted that. Warp speed my man.
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    I’m really sorry for you @CoastersRZ and any other fans of Coney Island. I’ve personally never been to the park but I understand very well how emotionally connected people get to parks, a lot of people’s happiest memories happen at theme parks. At least you have all the great memories.
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    So I judge popularity by how much Sweetmaize Kettle Korn we sell at the old Ticket Booth. This year was a record breaking year, which included Balloon Glow, Kroger's, Tri-Health and Christ Hospital this past summer to name just a few. I believe all the corporate picnics will be lost. I have always been a proponent to expand the rides at Coney. There's more than one million people who live in the 275 beltway south of I-74. More than enough to support an updated amusement park. Coney just took two steps backward to 1972. I can see it now being sold to the Gaming Industry. Sad day for Historical Coney Island. pilotank
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    I have heard that the Firehawk track pieces were either donated or sold to a nature preserve.
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    Let's get Cedar Fair's attention. Lets try to keep the rides in Cincinnati. Bring Coney Island rides to Kings Island- Change.org
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    Is this track? Or is it something else?
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    I think these two situations are not alike at all. Coney is still easily accessible by major highways and is part of a major city area. Many go to Coney for the pool while the rides were a great bonus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Are there any renderings of what the entrance plaza will look like?
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    It was moved several months ago, and there was a photo posted in one of the threads of it sitting on a trailer in a subdivision somewhere. We have no idea where it is now.
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    If Orion does come up short of the best new ride of 2020 and gets beat by RMC Gwazi, maybe that will help KI get an RMC in the future. I know that Mystic Timbers was a result of Prowler beating Diamondback for best new ride of 2009.
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    Who knows, honestly. We'll see how much sway the term "giga" still holds these days. Leviathan finished 3rd for Best New Ride in 2012, and this ride will be very similar to it.
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    Probably fairly high, as RMC Gwazi is going in. That thing looks SICK.
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    Another support is going in now - it looks like the one immediately to the left of the support for the already-installed track.
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    It looks like they've already got quite a bit of work done this morning on the transfer table. More LONG supports are arriving now (8:26 AM)
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    I agree the set lists need to be updated. With the huge number of pass holders making multiple repeat visits they definitely need to refresh shows ever 2-3 years. Even if they just rotated a few in rep every few seasons. Traditions are nice, but you don’t want to get too stale.
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    I’m just stoked to have another NYE at KI. Last year was awesome
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    I think you will be waiting a while to see any RMC creations at Coney. Heck, at this point, I would love for Coney to just install another new ride. The last install happened in 2015! I do not know if they still have the blue prints for the Shooting Star. If they do, I haven`t seen them.
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    This is sad to hear, I went there in 2016, it is a nice little park. I saw a few people are asking KI to save some of the rides, I hope they do but I don't count on it. Some people are asking CF/KI to buy the large Ferris Wheel, but isn't the large Ferris Wheel not owned by CI? It is just there for a few weeks I believe. I know they have a smaller one, Eli Bridge one, maybe KI can buy it. The large Ferris Wheel is really nice, and would look beautiful added to the KI skyline.
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    Please sign this petition!!! We need to raise our voices and show park management how much the rides at this park mean to Cincinnati's history!!! Stop Coney Island, Cincinnati from Removing ALL Rides from Park http://chng.it/mhRQWsD Stop Coney Island, Cincinnati from Removing ALL Rides from Park
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    Wow! I'm at a loss for words. My family and I really enjoy the ride side just as much as the pool and slides....maybe more even. So sad and disappointed by this news.
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    I believe you're right. I think they're about to lift the transfer section of track into place. It looks like they're finishing up the transfer table, and the supports are all ready to go to hold the track. BTW, do you guys see how big that support is on the trailer? Massive! They're starting to get the lift hill supports in.
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    There is another semi truck coming in; can't tell if there are supports on it or if it's empty...... EDIT: there is a loader taking supports off that trailer now
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    Kings Island does not have a designated archive. I’ve checked and unfortunately, they do not. There is some historical materials the park has, but they are just scattered around in offices, etc. They also do not have much materials on The Bat, or really anything on that era, because most of it was thrown out in the late ‘90’s by some stupid marketing intern. Very unfortunate!
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    According to the article they were granted approval back in 2015 and that approval was extended in 2017 but expired last year due to failure to start construction. I'll still be surprised if this thing actually gets built.
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    So, sell it to Michigan's Adventure?
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    I'm wondering what the thief/thieves plan to do with it. Most people likely don't have the proper electrical hookup for such a ride, not to mention the space it would take up or having to explain to others how you suddenly ended up with a roller coaster
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    Random guy from Ohio: I dont think anyone would ever steal a roller coaster, even a small one. Random guys buddy: Hold my beer and watch this
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