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    Thoughts? I personally think he has a point
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    I am in agreement with the new guy @sixohdieselrage
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    Based off my calculations, it should peak over the horizon slightly. @Hawaiian Coasters 325's drawing seems about spot on.
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    If a launch Dive Coaster was a thing, I could see it being like Hypersonic XLC, but with wider cars (and, if it were hypothetically replacing Vortex, with a longer and different layout).
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    Sorry that everyone is doing these, but here's my take.
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    Looks like I need to get back up in the air soon. :-)
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    No matter what people say, this drop is going to be absolutely amazing
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    I've always been a fan of Kings Island's Halloween Haunt, and my favorite year of it being open has been 2012. This is because it was my first year experiencing anything like it. And Blood Drums had some of my favorite performances that year.
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    The more I think about it, I think a B&M flyer would look really cool there! B&M flyers are very picturesque rides. They could have it go close to the midway like most other flying coasters and it would look very cool.
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    I hear he likes to Necropost as well. Oh, and somehow, the dude flies around the park on certain days. Crazy world right?
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    I hear he has the record for most posts in the time span of four days.
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    I think it will poke up over the top a little. Or be right on the horizon.
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    Some have the top of the hill above, even with and below the horizon with this camera angle. What's your guess? GO!
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    I like the hill that comes to a point haha how does a train get over that! lol
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    I remember there was a lot of outcry (online) about the Eagles, but I don't recall much about King Cobra (to be fair, I live in the Detroit area and this was before KIC time, I believe). But it wouldn't make me too surprised if the reaction to King Cobra was like the reaction to Vortex -- a lot of people claiming that the ride ride was ground-breaking and historic, but wasn't really that enjoyable anymore (I think Vortex after 33 years is much more fun that Cobra was after 17). There might be the difference that King Cobra didn't have the aesthetic benefit that Vortex has; you lost it, but you weren't losing one of the great parts of the park's skyline or a prime photo position. That said, we all have likely gotten upset over various removals. To this day, I miss Smurfs Enchanted Voyage because it was the first ride I fell in love with as a kid (even Phantom Theater served as a poor replacement, in my opinion). Likewise, I miss Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canals because I have strong memories of riding it with my grandfather and I loved the way that ride looked in Rivertown (I'm also upset that its replacement is now just a big metal box...although we likely wouldn't have gotten Diamondback either). And I know it's not really a ride removal, but I still hate that Woodstock Express is not called The Beastie (a change that happened way back in the Nickelodeon days)...except that my kids both call it The Beastie :-)
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    My wife still fumes about the Eagles--at least we have the kiddie version. I loved the Cobra and KKKC, as well as the original Tiques. I saw the removal of all of them as simply parts of Paramount's plot to destroy my childhood wonderland so I was not happy.
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    I mean this is likely going to become the best coaster in the park for many and is a kind of rollercoaster that draws people from around the world to ride it so yes, I do think it will be enough to compensate for a 33 year old rollercoaster many do not enjoy riding. I’m not happy about Vortex leaving but I’d say the large majority will feel this new coaster is enough.
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    After five days now, and a trip to KI Sunday I am very excited to see the removal of Vortex. The time has come, and to see which direction Cedar Fair takes KI is exciting. So far under their leadership we have received huge rides. Diamondback, Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and now Orion. Kings Island has an opportunity to make an dead area of the park alive again. It started with the Antique Cars, and will continue with a new ride in The Vortex vacant land. Too many types to speculate towards, but Copperhead Strike and Maverick are two of the most fun rides I have ever ridden. Good bye to the old and decaying hello to the new and shiny! I have never been more excited for the future of KI. Orion is going to be amazing , and whatever replaces Vortex will be amazing as well.
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    It's just a nice feature imo to have a section go close to water.
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    Does every Intamin blitz coaster have to have water just like Maverick? It seems like the renderings proposed here do...
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    @Maverick44 you'll love this! I made an Intamin blitz coaster taking the spot of Vortex! I give you Mustang!
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    We need our own Copperhead Strike or Maverick-type coaster. We have the terrain there for it..
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    Adventure Express is incredibly young in mine train years. The mine trains of Six Flags Over Texas, and Over Georgia for example, are nearly twice its age. CC Mine Ride just turned 50 this year. AE is 28. (It's not going anywhere, rest assured )
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    Man oh man where to start. So, I think it's no secret that Vortex is extremely sentimental to me. Some members around here who used to be very active know the reasons, but most of the new faces probably don't. So I'll start with the beginning so that people understand why I love Vortex so much in particular. 2010 was my first visit to Kings Island in many, many years. I had been deathly afraid of roller coasters up to that point, but was dragged kicking and screaming onto Flight of Fear by a girl I was dating at the time and I loved the ride (not that it matters to the story, but that is not the girl I would eventually be married to, though our breakup was amicable and I do still consider her a friend). The next one we did was Vortex, which was her favorite and I think that enthusiasm for the ride rubbed off on me and made me love it. That was my first serious relationship and I think the desire to impress the girl can change someone in more ways than they might realize. We rode that ride over and over that day. I didn't actually have a pass in 2010, just a two-day ticket and then later a single-day Haunt admission, but I think that year I rode Vortex more times in those three visits than in any other season to date. Well, during one of those rides that day, we were in line in the section at the top of the stairs that overlooks the brake run and a mutual friend, Jeremy, was on the train below making a fool of himself as was pretty typical. He always was the class clown type. So we spent the rest of the day riding with him and while we had been friends for years (our parents ran the childrens' ministries at our respective churches and we ended up at A LOT of events and such together so we'd been friends for basically our whole lives but never extremely close) it was those days at Kings Island and on Vortex in particular that we really bonded and became the closest friends I think either of us had ever had. I didn't see him much except in the summer though because I went to college several hours away (Muskingum University, just east of Zanesville). Summer of 2011 rolls around and I have a gold pass now that my parents got me for Christmas the past year. Through May and June, Jeremy and I probably made 15 visits to the park, always making it a point to ride Vortex at least a dozen times. Vortex was our "classy lady" as we called it. So I leave to visit my grandparents in Milwaukee over 4th of July weekend. I remember WindSeeker having opened pretty late in the year that year and I hadn't yet had a chance to ride it. Jeremy and I were going to ride it that first visit after I got back from Wisconsin. One of my other good friends who would later be the best man at my wedding got a chance to ride it the day it opened to the public and had told me good things about the ride experience. I was really looking forward not only to the new ride but to all the cool new angles to watch Vortex from. On the 4th of July, I felt pain that I sincerely hope nobody else ever experiences in their lives. I got a call while I was away in Wisconsin that Jeremy had been killed in a car accident. He was with a couple of his other friends (I didn't know these ones, thankfully, as the day would have been that much worse) and they were driving far too fast and lost control and hit a tree. To this day, I can't drive through that part of Hamilton because seeing that tree shakes me to my core in a way that I can't even begin to describe. It was really hard to go to KI for a while without my riding buddy. If anyone here remembers seeing a strange man sitting in a fetal position crying at the entrance to Vortex in July of 2011, that was me. I didn't get to ride Vortex for a while after that because you may remember that just a few days earlier, its chain broke. I'm a religious man and I don't believe in coincidence, and to this day, I think God himself knew that I couldn't emotionally handle riding Vortex for a while and that he stepped in to make sure I didn't jump the gun and try before I was ready. On a similar note to that, I did get to ride WindSeeker on my first visit back after he passed. It was a night ride and it was right as the park closed. My first ride on WindSeeker was a fireworks ride and in that moment, I was happy at the park again, for the first time since the incident. That's part of why I have a deep sentimental attachment to WindSeeker too despite not even particularly liking the ride. Make no mistake, Vortex IS my favorite ride just based on my enjoyment of the ride experience, but because of everything I've written here, it became not only a favorite, but deeply sentimental and important to me. So for me, losing Vortex is not just losing a roller coaster that I like as was the case with Firehawk, I'm losing my last earthly memento of that friendship and it's not something I expected I'd have to part with so soon. Fast forward a few years to 2013. The aforementioned girl and I had actually just recently broken up. We had been together for three years. It was hard emotionally, but the long distance thing during the school year was just too taxing on both of us emotionally and we decided it would be better to call it off. Anyway, at the Ed Alonzo show during the KIC day event that year (still the best enthusiast event I've ever attended, BTW) we were all in the KI Theater waiting for the show to start and I overheard someone talking about how much they love Arrows and in particular, Vortex. Being the socially awkward dork that I am who can't pick up social cues, I didn't realize that he was chatting with his girlfriend and that it's really not an appropriate time to butt in. But thankfully, he decided to have a conversation with me anyway about all our favorite Arrows. Some of you may know him because it's the now-banned KIC member TheDevariousEffect. Anywho, we end up bonding over our mutual appreciation of Arrows and ended up becoming close friends over the following months and years. We were roommates for a while and ended up becoming extremely close friends and he was actually a part of my wedding party (just to alleviate the fears of those who know him, no, I did not ever let him have a hot mic at the reception ). I can tell you right now, that had Vortex not been so important and meaningful to me, I probably never would have butted into that conversation, and that's a very important friendship that I never would have made. I have so many Vortex memories and I could never even *begin* to share them all here, but this should summarize the important ones. The ride has been central to so many pivotal moments in my life. Losing it is going to be extremely difficult. It's going to be hard for a long time to go to the park and not see it there. I understand the business sense in the removal. While I probably will avoid the park for a while, it's not like I'm trying to punish them or boycott them. I'm just not quite ready emotionally to see Coney Mall without my Vortex yet. I'm not angry, bitter, or resentful at the park. Just sad. Very sad. I understand that they have to do what they have to do, but that really doesn't make it much easier. I happened to find one of my on-ride photos from that visit in 2010. I'm amazed I even kept it this long, but I found it funny. Try and forgive me for being in the wrong seat - this was before I realized that 7-1 is the only correct place to sit. Me and my ex-girlfriend are in the front and Jeremy is behind us acting silly because that's just what Jeremy did.
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    Am I the only one who wants a B&M sitdown looper. Dethrone Kumba. And give us a 90 degree drop
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    Gemini and Adventure Express (and most mine trains) are "hybrids" in this way- we don't go around calling them wood coasters the way people like to with IBox rides. I can see calling topper track wood since there is many layers of wood and you are essentially just making the metal pieces that the wheels bear on a little larger. On every coaster the wheel is touching steel and only steel. There are strips of metal attached to the wood both on the top, side, and bottom, which is what the metal wheels of the train touch. By that logic, every coaster is a steel coaster.... Here is a neat image,
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    I’ve seen a few people talking about getting a RMC Raptor. They do look to be a fun ride, but they are not people eaters. They’ll need a coaster that moves patrons quick through the line. Back when Vortex opened the line stretched way out from the station but still moved fairly well. If they reuse the station (which I hope and pray they do) they’ll need something with at least three trains with higher capacity.
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    Shoot the Rapids, constant issues with TTD, Maverick’s issues during construction/testing. Just an overall nightmare with cables breaking and accidents in the United States. Intamin installations have had serious maintenance and reliability issues.
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    The Mosier tower was never used? Is that true? And why? @CoastersRZ
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    Here’s some photos of Vortex I took tonight.
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    From the Flight of Fear/CHAOS queue area: This thing is massive!!! And for those wondering, it’s just about the same height as The Racer’s lift hill.
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    Not to mention that Python is far from being the most comfortable coaster of its class. The fourth row of the train can't even be used because of how violent it would be. It's a decent ride in the front row, but the second and third are rather dicey.
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    I consider Action Zone to be split in two. Half of it got love in 2014 with Banshee, The Bat, a repainted Delirium and Skyflyer, and a new seating area. The other half: Invertigo, Congo Falls, Drop Tower, and Timberwolf didn't get that same type of love and still feels kinda neglected and out of place.
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    When a new coaster gets the introduced, some coasters experience higher ridership while others get lower ridership. Flight of Fear is obviously going to increase in ridership and maybe even The Racer with people wanting to see the coaster from a different perspective. I even think that non coaster rides like WindSeeker will see a boost in ridership. Coasters like Banshee, DB, The Beast, MT, and some others might see a decline given their locations in the park. The main coaster I'd see a significant decrease in ridership, in my opinion, is Invertigo. For the 2020 season a lot of people will be in the back corner of the park near Coney Mall and in the new Area 72. Additionally with how smooth Orion will be, I think people will opt out of riding Invertigo because of the comparative roughness, low capacity, and its age. Thoughts?
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    According to this article, Orion very likely will have that bin system from Yukon Striker! https://coastercircuits.com/2019/09/rollercoasters-eh-2019-qa-session-notes/
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    I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not here but from the ACE event at Canada’s wonderland it was mentioned that employees from Kings Island reached out to Canada’s Wonderland about the bin system, seems like we might end up seeing it on Orion “With the success of the bin system, has any other park reached out to you for information? Kings Island is building that new coaster for next year and you will likely see a similar system on that ride. My counterpart down there has contacted me a few times about it for details. I think it makes sense.” source - https://coastercircuits.com/2019/09/rollercoasters-eh-2019-qa-session-notes/
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    Anyone want to discuss theming? We have two news vehicles, a meteorite outside Flight of Fear, an enclosed section of the que. What else do you think there'll be in terms or props, etc? Are there any old Top Gun props that can be recycled?
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    I thought many here would like to see a rare KI memento that I recently added to my collection. This is a carved marble slab mounted on a framed backing with a brass plate inscription. It was presented following the 1981 season - and it features the (then) new "The Bat" as part of the collage of KI images. From what I have learned, this was presented to a former Full-Time KECO/Kings Island staff member. Its quite a piece! If anyone has anymore info about this, please share!
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    @Maverick44 did you find the Area 72 restroom?
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    Idk but imma say we gonna see some restrooms. #WeMadeIt #IfYouBuildItWeWillPee
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    The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad is a 3ft (914mm) narrow gauge railroad. The 15 minute ride over approximately 1.3 miles of track, encircles the top western portion of Cedar Point amusement park. Along the way, it passes skeleton animatronics depicting various western scenes, and crosses twice by trestle over what's left of the 1904 dredged lagoons. It is one of the few amusement park railroads in the entire country that still fires their locomotives by coal. The CP&LE R.R. is a historical gem that still mainly operates like a typical mid-to-late 19th century railroad. They use link and pin couplers, and the locomotives johnson bar instead of air brakes to bring the train to a stop. On average, the railroad hauls over one million riders per year. After Cedar Point's legendary owner George Arthur Boeckling died in 1931, there was very little expansion that happened in the park throughout the next two decades. Eventually by the 1950's, Cedar Point fell into financial hardship. In 1956, land developers George Roose and Emile Legros, acquired controlling interest of the parks operator, the G.A. Boeckling Company. Initially their plans were to convert the park into a housing development facility, until it was met with major backlash. Instead, they decided to update the park and make it into a "Disneyland" of the Midwest. George Roose was a big railbuff. While Roose and Legros were visiting Disneyland in 1959 to get ideas for their park, Roose saw the SF&DL R.R.'s 1894 Baldwin 2-4-4T the Fred Gurley. This engine sparked his ambitious plan to build Cedar Point it's own narrow gauge railroad. When they returned, Roose presented this idea to the CP Board of Directors many times, but each proposal was balked at. Meanwhile, Roose had scouted the country for narrow gauge steam locomotives. He eventually found a very similar engine like the Fred Gurley, in storage at a sugar cane plantation in Louisiana. Without hesitation, he purchased the Baldwin 1902 built 0-4-4T named the Maud L. in November 1961. By the summer of 1962, the Board now more receptive to Roose's idea, gave him the greenlight to build a two mile narrow gauge railroad at the park. The Maud L. was then sent to a nearby welding shop in Port Clinton, Ohio. She was rebuilt from the ground up, and was outfitted with two pilot wheels, a wooden pilot, box headlamp, and a new green and black paint job. Roose had also order six excursion style open air coaches from the welding co., similarly styled after Disneyland's, but on former Rio Grande stock car trucks (six additional ones were made in 1968). Construction of the two mile line began finally in February 1963. The winter weather delayed major progress until March and early April, when the 60 pound iron rails were laid. By May, Maud L. and the coaches were delivered to Cedar Point. Roose then realized he would need another locomotive to help assist the Maud L. He initially leased the 1910 2-6-0 Davenport named Albert for two years. Once its lease expired, it was outright purchased. The CP&LE R.R. opened on May 25, 1963. The original route started from the old Civil War styled Union Station, which was located near where Valravn is across from the Sky Ride's Main Midway station. There were two tracks at this station, one was a passing siding. The outbound mainline from the station looped around to where it met the inbound mainline, and passed between the Engine House and old Cedars Hotel. Both tracks separated after this, and the outbound continued along Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie. A view of the Union Station in its original location. Note that the Station's east canopy is still under construction. This was taken during the railroad's opening ceremony on May 25, 1963. Here's the original outbound and inbound tracks between the Engine House (left) and Cedars Hotel (right). Albert is on the outbound track, and the inbound track is in between #22 (Myron H.) and Albert. In 1967, both outbound and inbound tracks were rerouted to the other side of the Engine House because Perimeter Road was built. A new station was also built outside of the new Frontier Town. This station isn't the same as the current one there, the original one was destroyed during a tornado that hit this area of the park in 1977. The current one was built in 1978. In anticipation of Frontier Trail being built, the mainline had to be rerouted in 1970 as the trail would have crossed over the line. The Union Station was also moved during that year, to its current location today. When the new mainline around the trail was built, they instead decided to keep the old mainline in place that crossed the trail, creating Cedar Junction. While the track was still connected to the new mainline, no trains ran entirely through it. From time to time a locomotive would be parked next to the Cedar Jct. station for display. Where the track connected on the other side of the outbound track near where Millennium Force's station is now, the old enclosed coaches and one of their cabooses were stored on it. In 1999, this track, and the siding by the Union Station were removed because of Millennium Force being built. The last time part of the line was majorly altered, was in 2006 when it was pushed slightly back along White Water Landing because of Maverick being built. The red line is the current day configuration. The white line coming from the red line was the new siding track after the station and line was moved in 1970.The white box on the yellow line is the Main Midway station.The blue line was the configuration until 1967.The yellow line was the configuration until 1970.The yellow line coming from the red line, and blue line which touches the yellow and red lines was what became Cedar Junction.The green line was the outbound track until 1999, when the Millennium Force was built. The locomotive roster in 1966. Left to right Maud L., #22, Albert, and Victoria R.I. Victoria R.I., and Albert are sitting on the outbound and inbound track one year before it was rerouted. There's much more history about the CP&LE R.R., and I'm getting to the point where this post is probably too long. The original unofficial CP&LE R.R. history website went offline earlier this year. I created a new website with new information and photos, from the help of people who contributed to the old website. Please check it out, I highly recommend it! https://cplerr.weebly.com/ Below is a brief history of the current locomotives of the CP&LE R.R. All of these photos were taken by me. #1 G.A. Boeckling This is the newest locomotive on the CP&LE R.R., it was acquired in 1999 when the Maud L. was traded to Disney. It started out as a standard gauge 0-4-0 built by the Davenport in 1927. It was purchased in 1977 by a company who rebuilt it into a 2-4-4T, for Marriot's Great American amusement park. When it was delivered to the park, it was stored and never used. Bill Norred eventually purchased it and had it restored for a Victorian Village he was planning to build. Eventually, he decided to trade it to Disneyland for their five original enclosed coaches. The #1 was too large and heavy to run at Disneyland. It ended up being sent to Disneyworld, but this time the opposite, it was too small for them. While the locomotive was there, it was named the Ward Kimball. When Cedar Fair got the engine, it was initially sent to Knott's Berry Farm where it was restored. The plan was for them to run the Davenport on low crowd days instead of their Galloping Goose or one of the DRGW's locomotives. When CP&LE R.R.'s 2-4-0 Jennie K. showed up at Knott's in 2010 to be restored, they trucked back the Davenport to Cedar Point. CP converted the Davenport into a 2-4-0 (uses George R.'s tender when running), and in 2013 it was named the G.A. Boeckling. It is used as a back up engine when either Judy K., or Myron H. are down for maintenance or repairs. #3 Albert Albert was one of the mainstay locomotives until the late 1980's when it started being used as a backup engine during peak crowds. With the loss of Jennie K., Myron H., and Jack Foster, it was pressed back into regular service along with the Maud L. After Myron H.'s rebuild was completed in 1991, Albert was withdrawn from service with a cracked frame, and worn tires. In 2000 it was moved to the Cedar Junction display track along Frontier Trail. #4 George R. Built in 1942 by the H.K. Porter Company, it was originally a 38" narrow gauge (CP&LE is 36") engine. It was purchased in 1963 from the same owner who owned Albert, and was originally named the Victoria R.I. This is the youngest, and heaviest locomotive on the CP&LE R.R. Because of its weight they use it as a backup engine. Interesting fact, when they ran it frequently after they acquired it, Victoria would sometimes realign the track because of its immense weight. In 1981 Victoria was renamed as the George R. She largely spends most of her time in the back of the Engine House. #7 Plymouth While not used to pull passengers, this little gasoline powered Pylmouth is apart of the CP&LE's locomotive fleet. It was built sometime in the 1960's or 1970's designed to look like a steam locomotive by the Plymouth Locomotive Works. #7 is used for track work, moving around dead locomotives around the shop, and sometimes moves their passenger coaches. #22 Myron H. The Myron H. is my personal favorite locomotive the CP&LE has. She looks the most like a late 19th century locomotive (besides Albert). Built in 1922 by the Vulcan Iron Works, the #22 was purchased in 1963. It remained unnamed until 1981 when it was named after Mike "Myron" Hetrick, the CP&LE's second former Engine House Superintendent. #22 is one of the mainstay engines currently used today. #44 Judy K. Like the Myron H., Judy K. was built in 1923 by the Vulcan Iron Works. It was acquired by Cedar Point in 1968, and entered into service in the 1970's. She was numbered originally as #5, and remained unnamed until 1974 when it was named the Jack Foster, CP&LE's first former Engine House Superintendent. After the locomotive was rebuilt in 1992, she emerged with a new name (and number 44) Judy K., the wife of former Cedar Fair's CEO and President Dick Kinzel. Judy K., is the other mainstay locomotive used.
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    Banshee was rattling very, very bad last year. I had an awful ride on it April 14 of this year, but every ride on it since this season it’s as smooth as my first ride on it in October 2014.
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    Maybe it's just me, but my Banshee rides this season have felt smoother than in previous years.
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    There's a certain well known youtuber who just put out a video claiming it could be an issue with the brakes due to stacking on the brake run. Another person who has operated some of those older Arrows commented on said video. They pretty much debunked that theory and said its likely an issue with the control system. They said all late 80's Arrow's have issues with the controls and some like Magnum and Iron Dragon have been replaced. They said its expensive and the park likely did not want to spend the money to do it.
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