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    If we really calling that crane white castle we are ABSOLUTELY going to need those Area 72 restrooms
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    Imagine the sound of dropping a 20,000lb piece of steel from 300... i mean 268 feet
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    From kings_island_coasters1 on Instagram:
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    I am probably in the minority, but T-Bone is my favorite. Probably because I would love to drive it around, move things and have fun with it. But Artemis would scare the "you know what" out of me . . I would be terrified that thing toppling over. Zeus too.
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    Hooray! Hopefully Artemis is up soon. Also, T-Bone has returned!
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    How far of a drop would the top of the drop drop if the top of the drop did drop?
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    The last one. Taken from ET in August, before we heard the news.
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    Not to derail too much but here's a juicy bit rarely discussed from the book. Kings Island was Dick's "white whale"
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    A day I never hoped would come. Deep in the back of my mind, I would always know this could and would happen, but it was always easy to push it off as "That's still years away." It's no longer years away. I'm going to miss Vortex. More than I ever thought I would. They can replace it with something new and that will take away some of the sting of the closure. The problem is, to me, that whatever they replace it with, it just won't be Vortex. I can't have it back. No second chances, no more re-rides. Others like it remain, but they will not be the same.
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    Here's an updated crane labeling.
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    More pieces have been added to Artemis!
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    I bet the people of White Castle invented White Castle because they wanted people to suffer in a special way.
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    @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Its on topic, as one of the construction workers may have taken a picture after eating a crave case.
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    Noooo!!!! Last time I had White Castle I ended up in the hospital.
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    They could always put a camera on top of Vortex!
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    That last sentence is why you see B&M coasters for 3 out of the last 4 rides at Kings Island.
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    @Maverick44 You gonna be mad bro... someone on Rollercoaster Expeditions post is hating on your precious Intamin....
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    I couldn’t make it, I’d be have a heart attack! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How about those huge tower cranes. I couldn't imagine climbing all those steps hundreds of feet In the air.
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    How many cranes does it take to build 1 Giga coaster?
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    Mantis and Vortex (CA Great America) got overhauls while remaining largely the same ride (stand-up to floorless conversion). Obviously that's not happening to Vortex, as nobody makes floorless trains compatible with Arrow track. Hurler at Kings Dominion and Mean Streak both got RMC'd. However, I would argue those are a whole new coaster. If there were any RMC-like treatment for steel coasters, this would be the most likely chance of Vortex not *really* going away. But no such conversion exists, so this won't be happening. The Flying Cobras at Carowinds got a new Vekoma train upon its relocation to replace the old Arrow train it ran at Geauga Lake. If anything were happening to Vortex that would cause it to not actually be leaving, this is it. Though, I don't think the park would try to claim the ride was being "retired" if that were the case, but rather renovated. Especially with Vortex being a staple of Kings Island and one of the most immediately recognizable coasters in the world, nobody would fall for it as a "new" ride the way they did with Rougarou. If there is some plan to upgrade Vortex in some way, this is what it would be, though the odds of that are a million to one. Frankly, if Vortex were in a good enough state that new trains would breath new life into it, then there would be no reason to do that as it still gets great ridership with the old ones. The interesting one to take note of was at a SIX park. Ninja at Six Flags over Georgia (a Vekoma, but in terms of track design they are Arrow's closest relative) got new paint, trains, and extensive track work in its conversion to Blue Hawk. If Vortex has any future (and that's a big if, and one that I've already come to terms with simply not being the case) then that would be it. Technically speaking, you could maybe get away with marketing it as a new coaster so it would explain the "retired" verbiage, but the 99.9% certain reality is that Kings Island is going to look very, very weird, empty, and wrong to a lot of us next year. All that said, don't get your hopes up guys. There are very few people on this planet who love Vortex more than me, so believe me that it brings me unbelievable pain to say this, but the old girl is done. Get your rides in before the 27th and say your goodbyes because you aren't getting another opportunity. I would absolutely love to be wrong. It would literally make my year if I'm wrong. But I just don't think that I am. And as much as I would have loved a farewell season, at least we got a little bit of warning and time to say our goodbyes. That's more than the Son of Beast or Tomb Raider fans got, and for that much, I'm grateful.
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    #DropJokes4Dayz Only on KIC!
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    Vortex will honestly probably be the most loved coaster to leave the park. It will easily replace The Bat for the one everyone talks about that used to be around. The Bat was just elusive, and very few actually rode it to have a say. But Vortex has been an SOHO region staple for decades and across generations.
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    There. Fixed it for you. :-)
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    Not only that, they're also a bit of a xenophobe! Also, and probably less important, they don't know the difference between "then" and "than."
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    I took this picture before a storm came and it is my favorite picture. Vortex you will be missed. Let’s hope your replacement is as photogenic as you
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    I'm just going with the first name that someone named it, also White Castle for some reason doesn't sound right on a crane to me.
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    Artemis has already been named. It's not being changed...
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    For some reason you named the white one "Artemis"... That's actually "White Castle". You'll have to correct the drawing and upload it again for city approval.
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    I think next week major work to the drop or lift will start.
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    My legs would start shaking and hands would get sweaty lol
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    I am so glad I took some pictures of Vortex last WinterFest.
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    As the person who originally nominated Artemis as the name, I think it should be Artemis.
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    The pain is worth it though! Also I think Artemis is going to get bigger. The end looks to be waiting on more sections.
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    That should've been debated more
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    It is not being called White Castle. Smh that is a terrible name for a crane imo lol It has been dubbed Artemis.
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    We would have another Yukon Striker reenactment. On edit: They are building more of Artemis. Btw, I couldnt upload the full image, so I had to crop it.
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    Woah. Imagine how different Kings Island would have ended up had that happened. My thoughts on this (Warning- BIG POST AHEAD): The park would have ended up separated from its former Taft brethren, as Paramount still gets those. The Bat (then TOP GUN) would probably have still happened as that was in the works well before it opened in 1993, just with a different name and theme, but: no Flight of Fear (Paramount likely builds a 2nd FOF still but at Carowinds or Canada's Wonderland). No Drop Tower- Cedar Fair always seemed to add S&S Combo Towers instead. No Invertigo- Cedar Fair generally avoided Vekomas. No Son of Beast- Cedar Fair would have known better than to add such a massive woodie thanks to their experience with Mean Streak, so the park would actually dodge a bullet there. No Tomb Raider: The Ride as Cedar Fair would not do a mega themed ride like this in 2002 as Kinzel was still stung by Disaster Transport's flop. No Delirium (because no TR:TR and Delirium was apparently built just due to the early success TR:TR had). No Backlot Stunt Coaster- though this means the OG Antique Cars and Flying Eagles both stay, likely even to this day. Yay a plus! Even the Cedar Fair era stuff is not "safe". No Diamondback- as we likely would have gotten a hyper much earlier than 2009, maybe even in the mid to late 90s. It would have likely been a Morgan or a early era B&M. No Banshee in 2014- we likely do get a Invert, I would guess sometime in the mid 2000s, and it would probably be somewhere else as there would be no failed Son of Beast to replace. A GCI may have come sooner, or maybe we'd even have a Intamin Prefab built back when they were on much better terms with Cedar Fair, so also no 2017 Mystic Timbers most likely. With no Canada's Wonderland or Carowinds under Cedar Fair, would a B&M Giga have even happened? This puts Orion in some doubt, though it could still be a thing- heck, maybe we even get the FIRST B&M Giga. I also have to wonder: what would have come instead, because Cedar Fair would add new attractions to the park obviously. As stated in the previous paragraph, I do think we probably get a hyper much sooner, as well as a Invert, and a modern wooden coaster (GCI most likely, small chance Intamin Prefab). Other new big coaster additions would probably include a B&M Floorless (maybe even the record breaking one Cedar Point turned down to build Maverick) or a B&M Flying Coaster (Firehawk never comes, read on...). Flat ride additions would probably include a S&S Combo Tower. I dunno if Phantom Theatre would remain, or what Cedar Fair would replace it with. Lion County Safari probably leaves as Cedar Fair doesn't do animal attractions like that. Firehawk never comes in 2007, because I don't think Cedar Fair buys the other Paramount Parks in 2006. They just wanted KI, so they never go into massive debt. Because of this, Geauga Lake never closes (Cedar Fair suddenly had a lot of debt and a bunch of new parks that needed rides so they cut Geauga Lake), and because of this X-Flight likely stays put where it spends the rest of its life until its demise at the end of 2018. Geauga Lake probably doesn't get many large additions post 2004 though, but at least they'd be open. (Geauga Lake would probably be in a similar state to Worlds of Fun right now in terms of new additions and stuff). I fear for the other Taft/Keco parks though in this AU. If Cedar Fair skips on buying them in 2006, because they already have KI, then it is likely they end up under CBS ownership for several years at least. Would Six Flags have bought them? Probably not due to huge debt at this time. IMO Kings Island would likely be in much better shape than all the other former Taft parks in 2019, unless Busch Gardens or some other great owner bought them. And to end this: for a brief period in the 1990s, the kids area would have been...Berenstain Bears! (Then becoming Snoopy in late 90s)
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    I really hope they do a Vortex memorial site like they did with Son of Beast.
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    No Haunt trip is complete unless I get to see Sam & Mama!
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    That could be possible. All of the concepts in the Discussing Land And Space Around Vortex thread are amazing, and I would love to see any of them there.
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    I'm thinking that since Orion is such a big addition, that they will at least keep that land vacant for a few years. I hope i'm wrong because I want to see something in that plot of land as soon as possible.
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    Sorry for double post ARTEMIS IS ALIVE!!!
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    Cant see much on the webcam this morning but I'm guessing white castle will be up today (yes I called it white castle because I liked it better haha)
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    Wasn't the construction cam for MT still in the same place for MT? If so obviously they arent gonna move it, they cant ! Where are they gonna put it, on a tree? With orion i definitely see them moving the cam along with the construction.
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