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    I really hope they do a Vortex memorial site like they did with Son of Beast.
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    @Maverick44 You gonna be mad bro... someone on Rollercoaster Expeditions post is hating on your precious Intamin....
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    Still feels unreal that I only have one more day to ride Vortex.
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    A day I never hoped would come. Deep in the back of my mind, I would always know this could and would happen, but it was always easy to push it off as "That's still years away." It's no longer years away. I'm going to miss Vortex. More than I ever thought I would. They can replace it with something new and that will take away some of the sting of the closure. The problem is, to me, that whatever they replace it with, it just won't be Vortex. I can't have it back. No second chances, no more re-rides. Others like it remain, but they will not be the same.
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    When the lift hill is completed, will they move the camera to show the construction of the rest of the ride?
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    What they are currently shipping is in purple, and the track pile I think they're getting it from is in orange. I think they will fully install the drop, and then work on the lift hill. Edit: sorry for the double post.
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    After my last visit I Cedar Point on Sunday Kings Island is the crown jewel of the chain. I have yet to go to Knotts Berry Farm though. KI just needs to fill in a gap in their coaster collection and add some new flat rides and it could be the best the park outside of Disney/Universal.
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    I just got the urge to really wanna ride this coaster! Man I can't wait! I actually thinks it will be exiting going don this brake run lol
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    Here is another shot at the lift!
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    I don’t think we will see anymore brake run anytime soon. That would put stuff directly in the paths they are using to drop off additional crane parts. Unless they do work further down the circuit, I think the only thing we see going forward for a while is the hill and the drop.
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    Just took a look through the weatherbug camera on I.S. and I could clearly see the red crane from there.
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    I would assume after the second crane is up that they would do more on the bottom of the first drop. And the cherry pickers can help with that section easly. Then they will go back and forth working up to the peak.
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    I think if they can get the Artemis ready. I think it may be next week before we see anything else. I am guess for the next sections the cherry pickers can't reach so all cranes will be needed.
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    I think she is going to get that support off that semi.
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    Is this some kind of massive washout from the rain? Edit: Nevermind, that's a darn tree. wth. Cleo is on the move.
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    Idc if im on the construction site or not, i want one of those hardhats
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    Hey hello Monday! Lets hope we see some work done to the lift this week!
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    Wonder if they’re all heading out to see the big dog go up today?
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    I think this falls under Orion Construction. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do for a building.
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    yeah they look so nice now
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    Those maintenance buildings look much much better now that they have been painted.
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    I know this is off topic, but did the maintenance sheds behind Racer get painted?
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    I love the look of low hanging fog! And I think we might see some supports being rasied today!!
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    Looks like they are about to put the second set of supports together
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    Stagnant pool for mosquitoes... no thanks. I think they would also have to completely change and redo the queue. I think part of it now sits where water used to be.
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    I doubt it. From what I've heard, the water surrounding The Beast was used by the public as a dumpster.
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    I wonder if they’ll bring back the water scenery now with Vortex leaving. picture credit: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/the-beast-40-years-of-terror
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    A RMC T-Rex replacing Vortex? Bringing back SOB? Heading back into woods to play around dad a little bit? I know there are several that hate that idea, I love it. That would be a dream come true for me. RMC even said a T-Rex could be 400 to 500 feet tall. I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen, odds are it won’t, but if it did...
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    Did you guys see the locker at KI? It says SOB heart RMC and it also said #giga. EDIT: Maybe there is a new teaser campaign? This is most likely the park because if it were the guests, it would be taken down.
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    Right after the lift was started.
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    I had no idea they gave a tour. Nobody ever said anything about it. Also looks like some interesting questions were answered. I wonder if anyone took a video of the tour that was on it.
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    WHen in the world did they give a tour!!!????
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    Looks like no line for Orion today. Must be cause the rain.
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    Based on those photos it looks like they are staging the next lift hill supports. It will be interesting to see how they install this as it will be multiple support pieces bolted together.
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    Great pictures @Enchanted Voyage Lover!
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    My guess is its for the construction of Orion. They probably want to make sure to have nothing in their way of the work they need to do. And I'm pretty sure part of Orion's construction work has to do with FOF's line.
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    Maybe we can talk SF into buying Coney Island, then they’ll leave the rest of us alone...
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    There's a little part of me that remembers @bkroz's re-imagining of Kings Island and kinda wants to see a Zamperla Moto Coaster with cars themed to horses or something like Verbolten (but with a unique theme) in that area. Especially if they used the area outlined by @Klabergian Empire and even maybe put Action Theater out of its misery in the process. I just really hope it's something unique and family-oriented and maybe a little terrain-y. I'm a little weary of the big coaster cycle (I like B&M, but I'm getting a little tired of Cedar Fair's dependence on them), and we're losing something with a 48" height restriction. Not to mention that Valravn is only 3 years old, so it'd be a little surprising to see a dive coaster show up at KI that soon since a lot of KI's customer base seems to be aware of CP's existence. Complete pipe dream incoming: it'd be even cooler if that was where a dark ride was put in and the exterior was themed to a carnival sideshow of sorts. Or something thematically appropriate for an amusement park from yesterday. Or even a reimagining of Coney Island's Lost River. Or literally anything besides another -est-iest B&M, haha.
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    When a new coaster gets the introduced, some coasters experience higher ridership while others get lower ridership. Flight of Fear is obviously going to increase in ridership and maybe even The Racer with people wanting to see the coaster from a different perspective. I even think that non coaster rides like WindSeeker will see a boost in ridership. Coasters like Banshee, DB, The Beast, MT, and some others might see a decline given their locations in the park. The main coaster I'd see a significant decrease in ridership, in my opinion, is Invertigo. For the 2020 season a lot of people will be in the back corner of the park near Coney Mall and in the new Area 72. Additionally with how smooth Orion will be, I think people will opt out of riding Invertigo because of the comparative roughness, low capacity, and its age. Thoughts?
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    It's actually taller than that... lol It's pretty much the same hight as WindSeeker
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    I made this for all of the people who are going crazy about Orion's height. Pic source: https://whatever.scalzi.com/2018/07/03/kings-island-what-to-see-what-to-ride/
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    According to this article, Orion very likely will have that bin system from Yukon Striker! https://coastercircuits.com/2019/09/rollercoasters-eh-2019-qa-session-notes/
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    I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not here but from the ACE event at Canada’s wonderland it was mentioned that employees from Kings Island reached out to Canada’s Wonderland about the bin system, seems like we might end up seeing it on Orion “With the success of the bin system, has any other park reached out to you for information? Kings Island is building that new coaster for next year and you will likely see a similar system on that ride. My counterpart down there has contacted me a few times about it for details. I think it makes sense.” source - https://coastercircuits.com/2019/09/rollercoasters-eh-2019-qa-session-notes/
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    Maybe something along the lines of Disaster Transport but not indoors.
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    According to this screenshot from the POV video, at the top of the hill you are going to notice being up near the WindSeeker riders or quite possibly higher. That is if WindSeeker is at it's highest point when you crest the top.
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    Yes, someone knows.. lol Had to add a little more Terpy humor. About a month ago I heard he is doing well.
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    That kind of mentality being handed down is a real issue. You are literally teaching your children that people are there to serve you. I get it, when you go to a nice sit down restaurant, the servers are there to serve you, it's literally in the name.... still doesn't stop me from pre-bussing my table for them.
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    We have our first on site piece of evidence of construction for 2020. Let the games begin. Source: https://www.facebook.com/fyecoasters/ Add this to what we already know. Plans were filed in August 2018 with Warren county named the "2018, 2019, 2020 Additions and Modifications to Kings Island Park" with Bolliger and Mabillard named as Contractors. Source: https://oh3laredo.fidlar.com/OHWarren/AvaWeb/#!/search Courtesy of @Bansheeback here are the plans submitted to the city of Mason concerning the project. Both have been verified as legitimate as multiple members of the site have gone to the building department to get a copy. Here are the foundation plans of the station, storage shed/transfer track, lift hill and final brake run. http://bit.ly/kix2020 Here are scans of electrical site plan which includes the ride layout, queue building design, and a lot more. bit.ly/kipx2020
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