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    Here are a few from inside the park tonight. Shot from the entranceway of Urgent Scare. Shot from the antique autos right after Killmart exit Shot from the end of the course area of antique autos. Last one just for fun as we were coming in the park after opening with some of the Haunt atmosphere.
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    I was able to get to the Island today. Here are some Orion pictures I got.
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    UNEDITED sorry for the confusion, just trying to imagine better what itll look like from these angles.
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    How about you take the lead and stop talking about it. I understand what you are trying to get at, but you are severely contradicting yourself by your continuous responses to this thread.
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    I think the problem with how the forums are going, and it particularly pertains to this thread, is that people on the different sides of the issue don't know how to counter argue respectfully, don't know what the counterarguments are, and in general come to their conclusion without stepping back and trying to see others' point of view and don't allow their viewpoints to change when presented with new information. Its easy to come to your own conclusions in your head and rationalized it to be true, but once presented with new points of view, its important to try and see things from those new perspectives. I think there's a growing lack of that in this forum as a whole and its centered right now on this webcam topic. If you really want to see the forums be something productive and engaging, you have to be able to do that. Everyone has different points of view and perspective, even on topics you think are cut and dry, black and white. Saying for people to just not read is pretty poor choice in words. Its been difficult to veer from that as a lot of members continue to post with the mindset of those criticisms and the way they project them onto other threads. Its hard to escape one thread's points because often members still post that on other threads despite other members' and mods' best intentions to 'stay on topic'. The whole webcams thing has become a sort of 'Topic A' right now with how much its being brought up. For those who've been here a while- remember how every thread used to always bring up SOB? Its happening again (albeit more subtle and less widespread) with this webcam thing, and it did when the whole b***** giga thing was brought up, too. Its because tangents can be on topic as well- showing different examples of something happening and looking for similarities and differences in events and theories is natural to see different perspectives. There still needs to be a focus, but going off of tangents is a perfectly normal thing to do in conversations and shouldn't be frowned upon as being 'off topic'. I think a lot of us have different ideas of how far you can go on tangents and be 'on' or 'off' topic. Its also been commonplace here lately to see people brush aside and be dismissive of others' arguments as well, and people overreact in groups to one person having a 'dissenting' viewpoint to where the person having that different viewpoint feels the need to get overly defensive because a lot of unfair and untrue criticisms get flung around (ex. members pointing out that someone is being 'preachy'). And I think the whole term 'argument' has been misunderstood and mischaracterizatized as well. There are different types of 'arguments'. There are the ones that most people know of where they just disagree and don't come to a disagreement, but there is also the way where you see the varying viewpoints, most of the time are in disagreement, but you then take information from those varying sides and come to a conclusion based on the entirety of the viewpoints. Its a very common thing in college writing, especially when it comes to providing counterarguments for criticisms. That's one of the first things you get taught in writing courses.
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    This is the most realistic Iv'e tried to make one of my drawings. It's not perfect, but I hope you like it. Credit to @Adrenaline Obsession for the picture.
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    I agree with the spirit of your post...but took a little offense to this part...us older people are not just claiming that we used to leave their doors unlocked, it’s a fact. When I was a kid getting home from school I didn’t have to worry about being locked out if no one was home, the door was just always unlocked...sure we locked the doors at night, but during the day we never felt the need...same way with our cars, unlocked with the keys thrown under the front seat! It all seems like science fiction now, even to me...but it is really true. It’s too bad those days are gone. I have been a member here since the very beginning. In my humble opinion, things around here do not have the “one big happy family” feel that they once had... but that has been an eternity ago, and even then, that didn’t last more than about 5 or so years. I miss that.
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    1. This isn't a coaster forum, but a park-specific forum. I hate to knitpick at that point but I feel there is important enough a distinction to be made. Non-park specific coaster forums (CoasterForce, TPR, Coasterbuzz) etc. have a much broader following, spread out amongst several different parks, so you're not going to find as many intense disagreements over small things that some are very passionate about as you would find on a park-specific forum (I-Street fountains come to mind). We're also one of the most, if not the most active park-specific forums (sans the Disney ones) out there which makes it even harder to keep the culture under control. 2. There isn't much acting out on TPR, in large part due to their posters living under constant fear of being insta-banned and/or brutally lambasted by the mods/admins, sometimes at even the slightest disagreement or issue they have with said mods/admins. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer the "dangerous freedom" we have here even if it means threads like this happening every once in a while as a result. 3. I feel this whole "KIC isn't what it used to be" has been claimed so many times throughout the years that its lost virtually all meaning. In my time here alone (since 2010) I recall it being brought up during the Son of Beast SBNO era (2009-2012), Banshee speculation (2013), MT speculation (2016), and unsurprisingly it came up once again during Orion speculation, and is coming up once again now. I can't speak on anytime before 2009-2010, but I bet its brought up several times even before then. As far I'm concerned, the "what has happened to KIC?" narrative has become the equivalent of older people claiming they "used to be able to leave their doors unlocked".
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    Yes, no movement today on construction.
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    A Matterhorn type ride would be quite welcome here. I always loved that ride.
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    @silver2005 Read through stuff bro. Again, some people aren't upset at "this is the whole reason", or so much blaming one thing or another. It's more of "we dont like being fed potential lies", or "someone for some reason screwed up". Screwed up by: Horrible timing of these "software updates", if there were any. Which I highly doubt, as software updates NEVER take this long in this day in age. Not knowing how long this would theoretically take. Simple way, plan ahead of time, that way if you run into any issues, you have more time to fix said issues. Users not being able to see what some consider the coolest part of construction of a ride, the topping off. Again, why cant the park just come out and at least say "We apologize for the webcams being down. We are quickly working on having them operational again. In the meantime, feel free to watch the media, stop by the park on the weekend, or view progress from authorized locations." Hardly anything has been said from them on the issue. And don't start on the whole "They don't owe you an explanation or webcams."
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    They are under a time crunch and have to work overtime to get the lift topped off before that software update finishes installing.
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    I’m afraid of bubbles too... [emoji23]
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    Please guys, on both sides of the argument, I mean this respectfully.. If you really want the forum to be like old times, stop shaming newer members for not being like former members. Stop trying to control other people's responses and opinions. Stop telling people that if they don't like it to get out. Most of all, please just stop adding to the discourse. This isn't healthy. If you want things to change, set an example. Be the member you want other members to be. Joshua, who just wants people to have fun and enjoy the webcams while also not caring at all about the webcams himself.
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    Apologies for the last part; did not mean any offense! It was just the first analogy that came to my mind when assessing this situation. Its something I've heard a lot, but have always been skeptical of. Granted, I'll admit that I can't speak on how things truly were back then, whether on KIC or in society in general. So I'll take your word for it. All I'm trying to get at is that the past is often viewed through rose-colored glasses, and I feel that this is just another case of it (comparing 2019 KIC to KIC 2010-2018, that is).
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    Okay, Drone laws are super complicated and ever changing. First we have two different class of drones. One is considered a "model aircraft", this is the consumer grade/sized drones. The second requires a part 107 drone license. Both require a line of site from the pilot to the drone at all times. Now the funny part is a drone can be in both categories depending on what it is being used for and who is flying it. This depends on if you are flying it for compensation, what airspace it is in, among other things. So you both are right and both are wrong. Although a plane or drone can't trespass, but they can get you on a slew of other things. But if a drone was harassing you and was within reach you can defend yourself with say a broom. The most important thing is local police have no jurisdiction over anything that goes in the air. Only the FAA has this authority. So if you flew a drone over Kings Island or a random persons house, and were standing in either public property or a place you can legally be, no one can legally make you stop. They can report you to the FAA though and I would rather deal with local police. Kings Island could trespass you off the property and ban you for life, but can't charge you with anything. As for the drone policy, KI has a policy of outlawing drones. This forum has decided since KI says drones are against their rules, this site has an outlaw on posting pictures of them in the ToS. The ToS is silent on pictures from manned aircraft. But aircraft is an entire different beast on laws but the jist is a helicopter could legally hover over the park live streaming a video if someone wanted to spend the $$. It would be a ton of $$ though. And KIC if they wanted too could go through the process of updating the rules to outlaw the posting of media gained from aircraft if they wanted too.
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    Read what he said, he extended it in photoshop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @spooky21 Maybe if the park would come out and state exactly why the cams have been down for so long, we wouldnt be asking questions and stating "incorrect information".
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    I don't know what the issue really is but I do work in IT for large corporations. If some type of upgrade caused an outage, then you work to get the most critical systems online first. I am sure the webcams are closer to the bottom of that list. It also could have been an outage that prompted them to attempt a long standing upgrade and has not gone as planned or hoped. They could have been spending most of their week trying to get systems back online for more critical business systems. Or they did start a planned upgrade that had issues but then another more critical system had an outage that the IT guys have to focus on. Unless there is some legal reason they don't want the lift hill construction to be online and visible. It has to be some similar scenario of an IT upgrade or outage they are experiencing.
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    While I'd assume they don't work on weekends (and this weather isn't helping) it's possible that they will this weekend because of the crane rental. Just a guess. I admittingly have no idea what I'm talking about.
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    I stand corrected on the whole park not actually saying what it is issue. I'm going by the call @IndyGuy4KI made to the park, but to me, that was good enough and is still the park going out of their way. The other reason that's good enough for me is because I imagine Brad introduced himself as an admin here thus they knew in that context it would be spread as a kind of official statement. They didn't have to give him an explanation and it obviously isn't important enough to them given what they are working on currently, nor should it be IMO. They're still documenting Orion going up without the webcams which is good enough for me. I mean, if it is incompetence, then that's also a non-issue with me. Every park encounters that in some form. However, its still the case that the park doesn't owe an explanation and we're likely not going to get an explanation for something so insignificant. This whole thing is stopped cold by that fact.
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    I don't think Six is concerned with, "We attempted to install the Sympatic Protocal but the IP conflict caused a 353 error" as much as he's concerned with us being told that it was for Winterfest but the truth is they didn't want people watching the construction. Again, after seeing what I saw last night I do not believe that it is the case.
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    You missed my last post. Do you know how to read? Super funny. You guys come to a rant thread to complain about the rant in the said rant thread... LoL
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    Wrong. I've been going to Kings Island for 47 years and live two and a half hours away. I've have made it a point to come up more this summer and fall and watch something truly awesome be created at the park that I never had the opportunity to do before thanks to technology. I made a point to come to the announcement. Each time I've come I've lugged my camera in to get shots of the construction. I went by CSF to get pics there. I'm coming tomorrow to give my respects to Vortex and take pics. When the most anticipated part of the project begins, it goes dark. When you are told officially by the park to watch and enjoy the construction on the webcams, that's what I have been doing. When they are taken away with no explanation, that's when I get upset. Unlike some, I will continue to stay here and watch the debates and chime in when feeling led to do so. I'm not one to leave a group just because I don't agree with everyone on it.
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    As far as I'm concerned nothing has been said. There is no official word from KI whatsoever. No blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook post about the camera issue, even though people are commenting about it on the park's social media platforms and asking what's the deal. It has been brought up on other forums from around the country and many on these are blown away as well. Some think it's nothing, others are upset. Just because you don't feel like we're electricians and don't know, or whatever else excuse gets thrown out there unofficially, doesn't mean we can't be upset. There's my $0.02.
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    Forums are pretty much just chat rooms though no? Each thread is a chat room dedicated towards something specific?
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    Just take these, flash them in your mind REALLY quick. Bam! You have your video!
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    First Firehawk, then Vortex, now the webcams, what's next? The Fountain? Oh wait.
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    We are fine with everyone having an opinion and being passionate about your thoughts. What we don't want is people arguing back and fourth and going to far. Be respectful of each other. It is okay to have different opinions, and don't forget that we are all here to enjoy our hobby.
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    Technically speaking I think you are potentially bogged down with legal expenditures off the charts regardless. Currently---for right or wrong---drones trump your privacy/trespassing rights. I could see that changing, but might want to a have a big GoFundMe ready to go if you are planning to starting bringing drones down in your neighborhood. I'm not even against you here, but I hear a lot of folks give the ole, "I'd just shoot it down" argument. Sounds legit. Don't blame them. But the legality of that is very/overly problematic right now.
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    "Shooting down a drone"...aka with a firearm...is a federal offense. Good luck with that!
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    So if you didn't realize, there is only one more full straight piece of lift track before we crest. Ive edited the extra lift piece and drew an approximate drop so we can better visualize. Enjoy! (The drop curve is obviously not accurate :p)
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    they've been working Saturdays and off Sundays. They may have switched this weekend because of the rain.
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    Lift will be done this week. Fo sho
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    We arnt freaking out. We are simply questioning the whole narrative the park is telling us.
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    (Sorry to double post) This issue you described far predates the network upgrade. I know 3 people with two drink plans for no reason. Or the season starts and the meal plan doesn't work... etc. Some of it has to do with Micros being tied into Gate Central. It's all very complicated. All I know is that it's fixable, although sometimes it's the click of a button and other times it involves getting an all new pass and even having your picture taken again.
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    I couldn't agree more @sixohdieselrage, the issues isn't the webcams have gone down. Look **** happens. I once had a website crash minutes into showing the client the final product. Spent weeks checking and double checking but yet the server went offline outside my control. What I didn't do was give ever changing reasons to the client and stop all communication. I swallowed my pride, apologized and kept the client in the loop on getting it fixed. They were beyond pleased in the end and thanked me for the updates. @silver2005 How do you know the park is documenting this? You don't have anymore knowledge of this then anyone does about how the tower electric is run. You have made a simple assumption just like others have with how the tower is powered. What makes you correct and everyone else wrong? Like you have said unless someone has first hand knowledge from the park, which it is assumed must people on here don't, and those who do wont say anyways, no one knows for sure. I get you are tired of people talking about the webcams, and that is okay. The solution is to stop reading this thread. It has been split off the construction thread, you don't have to see it anymore, you are choosing too. IMHO this all boils down to how we view ourselves and the parks relationship. Does the park owe us something or do we owe the park something? My view is the park owes us as we are the clients. They want our money so that puts us in the drivers seat. As enthusiast we can vote that we are unhappy and take our money elsewhere, the park doesn't have that option, so we are the ones that get to decide if we are happy with the relationship or not. We are the client that they need to make happy to keep making $$$. Please don't think I am advocating for us to boycott the park over this, I have my pass in hand for next year, but they have the duty to us not the other way around. Let's be honest, I can hop in the plane and day trip any park this side of the Mississippi, but my heart lives in KI. I just wish KI would have the same view. This webcam fiasco shows the park doesn't value us and that is why we are all frustrated. We are tired of the secrecy, we are tired of the smoke and mirrors, just tell us the truth. KI would reap the rewards of having PR come out and say, sorry guys, we mucked up. Our timing on this was horrid and we apologize. I would be thrilled and the hard feelings would be gone. But that has yet to happen as they can't swallow their pride and admit they might be wrong. If they really wanted to rebuild the relationship they have with enthusiast they would offer a tour of the site in the spring, but that would be way above and beyond, but maybe that is what the park needs to do anyways.
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    But you nor any other member aren't in a position to know if they are potential lies because 1) none of you work for the park and 2) the park really doesn't owe explanations. Don't brush that part aside. The best you guys are doing is guess-timations. I'm guessing we're just simply not getting the explanation for this. You're dropping a huge accusation towards the park for an event that doesn't warrant it. Like, what good does it actually do to know why they're down? What does the park telling people why actually achieve? They don't tell you what's wrong with individual rides when they're down, right? What's the difference with how they don't tell you why the webcams are down? Those 2 are equivalent responses and the park has been consistent on that. They're still documenting the construction of Orion. There's no doubt they won't. I don't get your guys' end goal in going through all this.
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    There's one big point about the park transparency that keeps bring brought up that I'd like to dissect as well, the whole thing about how the Eiffel Tower is using power to use the elevators and lights and the webcams are off. Most of these people are judging that based off of things they themselves admit to not knowing about, which is how they are using the electricity and stuff going on about electrical engineering. You're basing your whole lack of transparency premise off of things you're guessing on. There's no foundation to that argument coming from people who don't know about electrical engineering and acting like you know the park isn't telling the truth. Why should I believe any of these claims from people who admit to not being entirely knowledgeable about the situation? That's jumping to conclusions and going after the park with an accusation that isn't a light accusation. Saying the park is lying or not being transparent isn't something to brush aside. The act of the accusation and the framing of the argument is what I've been having a problem with. There are other angles to seeing why the webcams are down to be acknowledged and people are posting like they've nailed it and can't accept other reasons no matter how plausible or true. Those members are hammering and relying on those notions without being in a position to be knowledgeable to make those claims in the first place. Unless you can make yourself credible by explaining why you know things and lay it out why (ex. actually being an electrical engineer and fully knowing how the park's and ET's power grid works), the claims of lack of transparency and/or lying hold no water.
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    Ok. Even though it doesn't make any sense to me since the crane's boom is not even white.
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    The park said in an interview that it’s a 50 degree lift hill. You realize how steep that is, right?
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    Starting to look like the rendering of Area 72!
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    You're fully capable of leaving this thread and finding something else to read. Don't act like you're not subjecting yourself to it. Such a victim.
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    I'll say this again... The placement of this ride is perfect. Doesn't block anything, it just adds to the park's skyline.
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    Kings Island is a business, and their primary business model is selling season passes. Season pass holders make up a very large percentage of the park's attendance--far more than most people believe. The webcams are easily accessible online and help spread publicity as people can watch this gigantic coaster being built live. Making more people aware equals more season pass sales, which equals more money for the park. The webcams act as a means of selling more season passes; the park has to operate them. That people believe that complaining about this stuff is "entitlement" is outrageous. Why has this become a mentality? If businesses do stuff "wrong," why do we have the right to complain, but when Kings Island messes up, its' "entitlement" and "insane?"
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    @sixohdieselrage I think we just agree to disagree what the park's handling of the webcam is and how big it is. I think of all the KI priorities, the webcams are right near the bottom considering they're getting ready to transition from Haunt to Winterfest and I still honestly think you guys wanting transparency and other members' beside yourself making unsubstantiated claims of the park lying are going about it all wrong and perhaps a bit misguided. The park has 0 obligation to be transparent about the webcams. Yes, they happen to be down during a big moment in its construction, but I think you guys harking on the park are out of touch with a lot of other things. I ask to whom this affects because really, how much does this one anecdotal situation have on the grand scheme of things? There's no pattern in what the park has been doing to deserve any of that scorn. One incident, even if it is true, isn't a pattern. I think there's been a lot of jumping to conclusions in all of this as well. And I know a lot of the claims of not being relaxed are aimed at me and to that I ask- when does disagreement equal not being relaxed? I think a lot of you just weren't prepared for counterarguments and overreacted. I think a lot of my claims in defending the park are still quite valid. Don't expect your opinions to be automatically taken at face value and for everyone to agree, no matter how hard you try in rationalizing it in your head.
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