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    This was back in 2001 when there were no camera phones yet, this was what I had lol
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    My second submission as well. Someone gave me inspiration for this shot (and probably the person that will win this contest) and it seemed to be a popular spot for photographers on the last operating day for the ride. Sometimes iPhones do take good photos (sometimes
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    From the park’s Twitter page: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Will we get to keep the view from this window, or is it gone forever as well?
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    FAA says anything over 200’ so the answer is yes.
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    I’ve been on top of Drop Tower to mount a camera back when I was in tech services before I went to the electric shop. there’s actually a small man basket lift inside to get to the motor house at the top. When I was sitting up there along with a co-worker you can feel the tower swaying with even the slightest breeze, talk about a gut wrenching feeling...
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    My 2nd entry. This is the last daylight photo I ever took of Vortex on 10/27. I titled it “Riding into the sunset” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took this on Sunday from the patio at Miami River Brewhouse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I thought invertago would have went before Vortex.
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    Me: “Hi my name is King, and I have been webcam free for 12 days.” Group: claps and cheers Me: “ I just take every day one at time, it has been three days since my last outburst flaming others on KI, I think I am getting stronger each day.” Group: claps and cheers
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    Theres nothing like riding Mystic Timbers when its 32 out and you have to wear that coat, a hoodie, hat and gloves. I love riding it in the cold and wish I could ride others too. I love walking around and seeing the lights, seeing people ice skate, seeing the snowflakes being blown. Walking around with a Starbucks hot chocolate in my hand. Watching some of the shows as I walk from area to area. Eating my favorite chocolate covered pretzels and Buckeyes from the candy shop. I have no kids and I go alone. I ride the train at least once every time. I plan on going at least twice this year even though I am almost 2 hours away. If hours were longer or if I could find something to pass the time during the day I would consider staying overnight and going both Friday and Saturday.
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    I took this in October 2018. I remember thinking it was the best sunset I’d ever seen at the park. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here's one taken by your's truly in January of 2002... Not sure where I got this next one - but its incredible... (Not taken by me)
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    First picture I ever took of Vortex: July 1992
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    Well if any pilot flying a plane hits a roller coaster, they're really clumsy .
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    Definitely a pretty stagnant day on the weatherbug cam due to the rain and high winds, but hopefully with the more sunny weather tomorrow we will see that last large support finished and another piece of the drop placed!
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    Is... Is there an intentional reference in there to a certain KICer who I think we all miss?
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    Next time we have major construction remind me to buy and hide one of these in the park. Cell Signal. Solar Power. KI webcam if the cams arent up well then we are lol
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    One final sun set shot before my final ride. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I took this picture last weekend with the new iPhone 11. The camera takes amazing photos! Really going to miss seeing this iconic track in our park...
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    Since I like looking around on YouTube and stuff of past KICentral events and moments, I decided to make a thread specifically on past KICentral moments from years ago! To start, here is a video from Brad Ruwe which I don't know if he's still on here, but this is a KIC event from 2007:
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    But if they are flying to the north, If they don't hit Diamondback then they won't hit Orion lol
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    The pilot can avoid WindSeeker and blast straight into Orion then. Seems they would both need it, but I know nothing.
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    To me, Steel Dragon 2000 is the steel structure equivalent to SOB in terms of massiveness (better designed obviously). Its ridiculous due to the earthquake proofing (which is why it got a nice $50 million price tag, too). I think I prefer the minimalist approach of I-305. Its a radical departure from normal supports which gives it a unique and maybe even an unorthodox look. You don't expect a coaster so tall to have so few support beams. It helps that its color scheme makes it pop more than the other gigas, too.
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    Personally always been a fan of I-305's supports. They just make the ride look so massive and intimidating (pun partially intended).
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    You could always get a pilots license, fly over and take legal pictures with out breaking any rules.
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    The big allure to Winterfest is being a romantic date night/family outing atmosphere with the decorations, activities, ice skating, and hot chocolate. It's fun to add a coaster to the mix, but I only consider it a plus.
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    I've personally never seen a beacon on Diamondback, and its over 200' tall...
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    This is what I imagine he means by "working hard"...
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    While I think both styles look cool in their own right, I picked other being Steel Dragon, which appears to be even more imposing than Millennium Force due to having even more trusses and latices make up the support structure. The Arrow and Morgan hypers always seemed the most awe-inspiring for this reason, and Steel Dragon just takes it to whole different level. Just look at this thing.
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    Someone forgot to put down the extension ladder.
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    It really doesn't matter to me who is taking it down, it's going to happen. The biggest conflict I see with these discussions is people stating that Sky High made a deal on construction of Orion and removal of Vortex. If that is true, you are saying that the park knew that Vortex would be coming down at the end of this season a long time before it was announced. With that being said maybe they worked out a deal with Sky High since they were here. I think Vortex removal caught everyone of guard.
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    Shared this one on my socials... RIP Vortex.
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    I believe this was taken in the Summer of 2012. I was practicing photography using a "Tilt-Shift" technique with my camera. I took photos from all angles on the Eiffel Tower that day with a lot of happy results. This is my Vortex Photo I'm submitting. RIP Vortex.
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    Here is a picture I took with my phone on Saturday July 13th this year. Vortex was the first roller coaster I actually took a "solo" picture of, as all my pictures before this were park "skyline" pics. I took this picture while walking over to Vortex as Beast had broken down, had to wait 30 minutes (longest I have ever waited for Vortex- it got pretty busy this day because Saturday in July) but I did get a great ride in 7-1 so IMO it was worth the wait.
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