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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope all of you have a great day.
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    That’s not a lot of space. Either way, it’s going to be an awesome effect.
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    Hey you stole my nickname for the Junkyard Coaster! If they wanted to retheme it to that, all they have to do is put a new sign up! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Seriously, I'd love a retheme. Remove the shipping containers, junked cars and rip rap. Lush landscaping and some water features, and it could be a thrilling version of Ohio Overland Auto Livery (with new fiberglass covers for the trains). Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    It is indeed part of their character to freeze when they're "noticed", they think they can't be seen if they don't move!
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    That space is deceiving, some rudimentary math using pixel counts would put it at closer to 20-25' where the track will actually pass under. I can guarantee you that you won't be able to hit the track with arms fully raised like is apparently possible on Beast's tunnel (ooof, and ouch!).
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    I would re-theme it to a coaster that’s dismantled and sent to Michigan’s Adventure in favor of something appropriately themed and landscaped.
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    Amen! That’s what I was thinking...where’s the retheme?! Personally I wish they would strip all the theming away and just landscape around it with trees and bushes. (I really wouldn’t care if they just removed it...none of my family usually bothers to ride it...but I never wish death on a ride just because I don’t care about it.)
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    My thoughts exactly. Retheme it to a mine train. Build a facade mountain around the helix with a waterfall. Make it fit and truly be a centerpiece in the park instead of an eyesore
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    The ride itself is kind of built around the theming it has. I really don't think you can expect to see CF change anything up too much. That being said, they could at least try and add more detail to the cars. I can understand not being able to make them look like Mini Coopers again, but that vague car-shaped blob design is no good.
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    A mine train would be awesome. The ride is such an eye sore but it really is a good little ride for those not ready for the bigger rides yet.
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    With its proximity to Rivertown, I would theme it to a mine train. I know the park has Adventure Express, but I think you could do a really neat coal mine theme. You don’t even have to remove the fire effects, theme it to dynamite going off like Firechaser Express.
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    I must say, your speculative knowledge and math (with estimating how many employees will work there) is impressive! Also, in accordance with the post above mine, keep in mind that there is a TON to do in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Servierville area including Ober Gatlinburg, Cade's Cove and of course, the many attractions on the Pigeon Forge strip.
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    I think their resorts get a lot more than just the attendees off Dollywood. With it's location to Pigeon Forge/Gatinburg they probably have plenty of visitors to the city itself that stay there that never even go to the park, or else a park visit is only a part of their stay. Plus the addition of convention space with this plan will give them more stuff to bring people to them.
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    I really want to make some music puns with all these treble clef references, but I feel they'd go over most members' heads... Though, a treble clef element would really put the 'G' in G-forces. Waiting for someone to potentially get it now.... silver2005, being cryptic.
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    Let's be honest, that queue house is probably going to be salvaged as a haunted house. It'll be the "new" haunted attraction one year, be staffed really well the first two weekends, and then will fall apart after all the temporary decorations and "theming" fail to hold up.
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