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    Look what I found. Found on Fye’s Facebook
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    New! This is cool! Emporium for $12.99!
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    Looks like they are putting up some supports for the speed hill in the meantime.
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    I knew there was something weird about the train colors!
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    I got mine this evening. I think it would be nice if they added some ornaments for some of the other defunct coasters like Son of Beast and King Cobra as well. Even if they did a limited quantity, I think they would sell.
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    My heart is sad, I can't believe this day is here
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    To answer the question asked in the title, yes...in 15 years!
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    Boy did this come to bite.
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    I found this video from Coaster Clubs Unite where they get some beautiful zoomed in shots of Orion from the tour.
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    I always thought that their placement, so far away from the main water park, was a bit puzzling. I wonder if they removed them with intentions to install them somewhere else in the water park down the road, or if they are gone for good.
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    It’s possible it wasn’t lining up, if that was the case they’ll probably just try again with a different temperature or adjust the base by a few degrees.
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    Is it me, or does that bank look more heartlined and snappy than on the animation?
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    The just took it back down!!
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    Wow! we have a lot of more supports up! Edit: tallest support finished!
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    If it's already been mentioned, please accept my apologies. But....
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    though it could be a sign for other parks Arrow loopers. Ones that have had conversions of some type i wound't expect to go anywhere but maybe other ones coudl get replaced.
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    Who knows, but I'm certainly just hoping it's not going to be a substantial setback.
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    The support went up and then came down Going up and in. Gone...
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    I'm also starting to think that it doesn't have to be a coaster to go into that plot of land. If CF really wants to spread out coasters and do more interactive experiences, then I think they could do something like a Forbidden Frontier and/or a midway expansion there. Yes, that land is perfect for a coaster, but if this was in fact a last minute decision and they want to find something to put there fast, then maybe a 2021/22 Forbidden Frontier type attraction is a possibility.
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    I'd love to have a piece of track as a makeshift club for my car. Imagine beating some mugger into submission with The Vortex.
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    I'm a little late to the party, but I thought I would wait a little while before I posted this trip report. I live about 9 hours from Kings Island and while Great Adventure is my home park, Kings Island feels more like home than any park in the world. This year has been really tough on me. In June out of the blue I developed a severe anxiety disorder that still hasn't been fully resolved and my ability to ride coasters went dormant. I really thought I would never be able to ride coasters again. Then, September 27th came along and the news broke. Vortex was closing forever. I knew deep down this day would come eventually, but I never thought it would be this soon. It had been months since I had gone more than an hour from home in fear of a panic attack, but regardless I planned a trip for the final weekend of haunt to see my #1 coaster off. A little background. I made my first trip to Kings Island in 2011 when I was 14 years old. At the time my favorite roller coaster was the recently defunct Great American Scream Machine at my home park Great Adventure. Then I was introduced to Vortex. I was hooked after my first ride, and instantly had a new #1. fast forward almost a decade later. After riding rides like Intimidator 305, Skyrush, Steel Vengeance, nothing could displace the old arrow coaster as my #1 it just has a special place in my heart and makes me happy unlike any other coaster. From the drop, to the loops, to the helix at the end. Everything to me was executed perfectly. So when the news came, I knew I needed to be there for the end. Friday night I arrived at the park, after a 9 hour drive I was tired, anxious and not feeling to well, but I made it. For the first time since I was stricken with this horrible panic I managed to leave the state of New Jersey (thank god to that place stinks don't go there). I took Friday night as an opportunity to take everything in and do some smaller rides with my girlfriend including the antique cars which are an awesome little addition to the park! After a few hours at the park, I was really struggling and found my way back to the hotel. I was disappointed in myself and frustrated at not being able to ride, and with rain in the forecast for Saturday I decided to take my girlfriend to the Newport Aquarium. A nice unexpected detour. After the aquarium it was still raining, but since we were passing the park I decided to give it another shot and made my way to Adventure Express. After having absolutely zero fear of any coaster for years it's really strange to be scared of a mine train, but I overcame that fear and rode my first coaster since this started. This was awesome progress, so I quickly made my way to The Bat and nervously conquered that too. At that time I decided to make my way over to Vortex and low and behold she broke. About 25 minutes later she started testing again, and even though my mind told me no I made my way to the entrance and when the line opened I led the crowd through to the mighty old arrow. As I boarded the train I was petrified. My mind said get off get off get off, but in my heart this is what I came for and I had to do it. After a bit of an internal battle, my restraint was down and I was off ready to conquer my favorite coaster, and first looper since this nightmare began. And I'll say it went from fear to happiness very fast. You can see me in this picture in my camo jacket arm held high proud of myself and happier than could be. Feeling much more confident now, I quickly took a few more rides and boy was the old gal running good for her final days. Following this success, I got about 5 rides in and then decided to save the last of my energy for Sunday, the final day of Vortex's long career, so with that we went back to the hotel, making a quick stop for gas as my 20 year old truck was in desperate need after the long journey from New Jersey. Then came the final morning... I made sure to be at the park bright and early for ERT and got my last front row ride at about 10:57am Following this I quickly took 2 more rides on old Tex before heading off to Mystic Timbers and The Beast as my girlfriend absolutely loves them Time drew on and I got a couple more rides at around 1-2 on Vortex, meeting a bunch of lovely people along the way. As time wore on, it got closer and closer to the time I was dreading. The last ride of Vortex. Mentally I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. It might just be a roller coaster, but to me it is so much more. It is my childhood, memories, friendships, the definitive piece that defines my passion and now, hope in overcoming my anxiety and getting back to what I love. Then at around 6:45 I couldn't wait any longer and I entered the line for the last time As I got closer and closer my heart was filled with so many emotions. There was joy, sadness, and all the memories I've had with Vortex. Finally at about 7:20 I made my way onto train 2 for the final time. Going up that lift hill one last time hearing the beautiful sound of the anti rollbacks, cresting the hill and hitting that wicked drop. Coming around the turnaround I looked at the loops and corkscrews and just thought, this is it. This is really the last time old gal. Before I knew it, it was over. I teared up a bit, but held together for a good while. I stayed around as long as I could snapping photos until the final train had been run. And with that she was gone, I heard taps on the way out and it was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you Vortex for being my #1 and meaning so much to me as a coaster enthusiast. You gave me more than my #1, you gave me my start to being an enthusiast, some of my best memories, and hope that I can beat this anxiety. I'll never forget you. With that I went back to New Jersey now left with just the memories of a beautiful arrow looper that was so much more than just a coaster. Thanks for reading everyone!
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    I went to my very first Winterfest last night and had an absolute blast. Let me first say that this year has been hands down the worst year of my life for a number of reasons. Getting into the holiday spirit has been incredibly difficult. But my mom and I decided we needed something to cheer us up and get our minds off of the sadness around us and ended up at Winterfest. I gotta say I was very impressed by how much detail they put into it. To be fair, I know I have no previous visit to compare it to, but after having been to other light displays/holiday themed nights at other places, this really blew me away. People were friendly. The whole atmosphere was very warm. And speaking of warm, I loved how they had numerous heating spots to stop for a quick warm up when needed. It wasn’t horribly cold last night, but a little warmth for the nose and fingers helped a lot. I did maybe three rides, one of them being MT of course. But most of the time was spent simply admiring the lights, taking pictures, watching people play holiday group games and listening to people singing, trying ice skating on the royal fountain with my mom. Oh, and eating good food of course. There was so much to do, we didn’t even get to all of it even in the five hours we had. It went so fast. I’d just like to thank the park for an awesome night and for having this event. It helped spark some happiness again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Glad this thread got bumped! As many of you know, I was a Scareactor in Field of Screams this past Haunt (as a Scarecrow) and had a blast (I was also in Madame Fatale's one night as well as Urgent Scare the last night). Though most every night was unique and fantastic in its own way, I'd like to share one cool thing. I cannot thank my supervisors enough for pushing me to do better. For those who know me, I'm a really nice guy and although I have a ton of energy (they kept telling me to "save it for the maze" as I was so hype after getting into costume lol), I was also weak at scaring at the beginning. I kept being told to be scarier and more aggressive, and I eventually found something that worked and it kept getting better. So, again, thanks to them for helping me to be scarier and (eventually) to face my fears. On the last night, I was put in Urgent Scare because it was raining and I was terrified (this maze, along with Blackout was one of my least favorite mazes). So, a few of us had to be trained in the maze as we hadn't scared in there before and I had to pull the drop box and that scared me, but I didn't have much of a choice, so I did it! And then I had to go through the maze. Multiple times. While at first I recoiled at every jumpscare, I was eventually over it and had a blast. Ironically, the room that had scared me the most ended up being the most fun to take guests through (my role was to follow groups through the maze and I called myself "The Chaperone*"). It was also great to interact with the Urgent Scare regulars as well as our crew - they were all really cool. And yes, I do plan on being back next year. Most days I still think about Haunt and all the possibilities for next year. I love my Haunt Fam! *Interestingly enough, "The Chaperone" is also the name of an episode of Spongebob, which if you'll recall, was one of the movies that played in the Action Theatre before its demise.
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    It did. The first time we went was in 1973 and I was very young. Actually my first childhood clear memory. We waited a LONG time for the flume and I chickened out and had a tantrum. So my dad took me out of the line to the vine tunnel to sit on the benches. I remember the shade and the flowers. We then started talking about plants, which I was obsessed with and my first career was in the green industry! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Two KIC mods at the same Winterfest experiencing two different weather conditions.
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    The park has a sense of humor and loves to troll its fans
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    This is fake there is no way this is real
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    GCI has stated that they can outfit any wooden coaster with Millennium Flyers. https://www.greatcoasters.com/?p=flyers
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    I would LOVE to see Backlot Stunt Coaster be removed. The ride to me has little purpose. Its a quick ride, its theme doesn't really go with the Coney Mall theme, Paramount built the ride, ... thats about it. So, remove BLSC! Are you suggesting a Enchanted Voyage styled ride? If you're talking about a log flume, I would suggest resurrecting Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal. As for the Boo Blasters building, I personally think Kings Island NEEDS to have a haunted house. Maybe not specifically Boo Blaster's, but some sort of haunted house (**cough** **cough** mix of Phantom Theater and Boo Blasters **cough** **cough**)
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    The length of each side is similar to Thunder Rapids at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Holiday World's has two sides, so it should get much better capacity. Seeing as they already have the #1 and #2 longest in the world, breaking length records apparently wasn't a priority with this project. Even a "short" (by Holiday World standards) water coaster is very long for a water slide.
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    From my Instagram page: the_coaster_fan
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    I'm sure the park will want to have it worked on in time for their 50th anniversary, which is also The Racer's 50th year in operation
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    I feel like Racer will recieve some love soon, since they bothered to give the lift hill a "lighting package" for WinterFest. I certainly hope so at least. Easily the most iconic ride at the park (save the Grand Carousel) and it's looking a little rough.
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    That's the thing. Racer has potential to be a GREAT intermediate thrill coaster if it ran smooth and fast through the whole ride. Probably the most underrated moment of airtime in the entire park is the bunny hill that comes just before the turnaround. If the lap bar hasn't stapled me in by that point, I always fly out of my seat when we hit that hill. Unfortunately the trim on the turnaround basically zaps all the excitement out of the rest of the ride, which feels rough and pretty lethargic. If KI could make this ride totally smooth (through M&V, or GCI, or RMC topper track etc.), remove the trim, repaint it with the red track and blue handrails, add LED chasers through the whole course, and bought a fresh set of 3-bench PTCs with no headrests (see Thunderhawk at Dorney), the ride would honestly become a top 5 coaster in the park for me. I'd love to see all of that happen.
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    i dont think its the hate i think its them not maintaining it as much as they should or the up keep of it
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    I dont understand the hate for Racer. It is like one of my fav. rides in park. If the park is crowded it generally has one of the shortest lines. Its a must ride for me every time I go.
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    Racer radio playing through out Coney Mall would be an excellent addition. The Racer is afterall the centerpiece of Coney Mall, is it not?
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    If they replace the track with topper track it won't have the classic feel. I've ridden a coaster that is made of topper track, Lightning Rod at Dollywood. It is a fantastic coaster and the second best coaster I've been on, but it definitely does not have a classic wooden coaster feel. Topper track feels like a steel coaster because it is essentially steel coaster track bolted to a wooden frame.
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    If Racer is indeed converted to topper track, please God don't let them do anything to ruin the ride experience. What I mean is they don't need to put in corkscrews like they did with Colossus at Six Flags magic mountain. it's a classic so it needs to keep that classic feel to it so keep the layout the same, but if they want to go ahead and add the topper track to it so be it.
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    Helbig approved. https://twitter.com/DonHelbig
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    Boy did this not age well.......
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    Hmmmmm this was at Kings Island and obviously wasnt one of the park guest:
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    I honestly wouldn't mind this.
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