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    I went through the various names and looked at what each company does. The ones that are interesting are the following: Ride Entertainment Systems- sales and installation of rides. Recently installed two coasters at Nickelodeon Universal. They work a lot with Gerstlauer but do all types of attractions as well. http://www.rideentertainment.com/news/ Daniels Wood Land- They create all kinds of interactive play areas and specialize in heavy themeing. They did the themeing for Mystic Timbers. They would likely be involved with whatever themeing comes to Area 72 and Orion. https://danielswoodland.com/ Greater Coasters International- Possibly listed for additional retrack work on Racer but were not listed on last years notice when the turnaround was worked on. Aqua men Waterslide Restorations- Resurface and restore various water slides. They have worked with CF before. http://www.aquamen.net/ PSS Contractors LLC- Commercial pool installation and refurbishment. They do large commercial pools and splash features. https://www.psscontractors.com/
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    What they really need is an Oktoberfest addition. Period. That area hasn't recieved a new ride since Adventure Express in the early 90's.
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    Credit: Warren County Recorder I know a Notice of Commencement document was leaked a year or so ago where we first found out that Kings Island was working with B&M, but today there is a new Notice of Commencement dated to only about a week ago. This document contains some interesting information for sure! In addition to the companies listed previously for the Orion project, other companies that were absent before are now listed like SkyHigh Erectors. More interesting, however, is the mention of new companies the park has contracted for next year including O’Rourke Wrecking Company (probably for Vortex’s demolition), Great Coasters International (most likely for more Racer retracking), and waterslide and pool restoration companies (maybe for slides in Soak City). There are many other companies listed too that I have not had the time to look into, but I hope you find this interesting!
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    If I remember correctly, Mystic Timbers went as following: Thursday: Media Day (morning) and first riders auction (evening) Friday: Season Pass Preview night Saturday: Opening Day I'm expecting something similar with Orion. Since April 11th is a Saturday, I'm guessing that's opening day. With Pass Preview being the 10th and Media Day/first riders auction being the 9th.
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    There hasn't been an announcement yet. Orion ornaments have April Edit - 11th not 20 -on them making that the likely opening day. In the past pass holder preview day has been the Friday before opening day starting at 5. I'm not sure if ert for next year has been announced or not but Orion is likely to be on it at some point.
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    Think more family level attractions as a whole, not jstu the kids area. They have a great kids area now and don't want them to ignore it but feel liek more family level flats and attractions spread around the park would be good. There's a few for the whole family in PS but it's mostly just Coney Mall for family rides. Rest of the park seems to be coasters and big flats. Want to see them really focus on addign more flat rides and maybe a new dark ride or something.
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    Oh, I get it! Upon receiving one on that night, I was terribly confused and thought it was super random (I mean, I knew KI had a partnership with Coke because of the freestyles in the park, but that was like the only reason I could figure for that gift). In any case, my friend and I both received one.
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    Kings Island just announced on Facebook the park will be closed tomorrow 12/29/2019 Sunday due to rain.
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    My moneys on a 2021 Soak City addition. Probably a rename to something with Harbor or Shore in the name. The park could get rid of the 2nd wave pool and add a water coaster. Boo Blasters needs a retheme bad too.
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    Orion’s ornaments say April 11, which is a Friday. Would make sense.
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    All I want is some more family attractions. The kids area of the park needs updated.
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    It mentions B&M again but probably to cover work on Orion that goes from 2019 into 2020. It also mentioned an asphalt company. Can’t find the name again. Parking lot repairs? One final mention of a fencing company I wonder if they will build a privacy fence around The Vortex plot since there is no public plans for it yet.
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    That‘a very possible. But if they weren’t listed last year then they might be working on something slightly more substantial. Who knows im just here hoping they repaint a few rides. Diamondback and racer are near the top of the list for me.
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    For some reason I can find a date of opening day 2020? Also— do good pass riders get a whole day earlier admittance for Orion early ride times or do we just get in an hour early like regular season? TIA!
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    I agree with @Hawaiian Coasters 325 and @disco2000 that media day is extremely unlikely to be on Saturday the 11th.
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    I'm mistaken then. I saw a picture somewhere on here or facebook of someone unboxing one of the Orion Ornaments with the 11th on it. I did not know you could buy them at Kings Island or have them shipped? I'm pretty sure Steel Vengeance previews were a full week ahead of opening day. But I wasn't there for that either. That ride is what pulled me back in after darn near 15 years of not going.
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    I doubt they would do media day on a Saturday...the whole intent of media day is to do it a day before the park opens to build up hype to drive attendance the next few days...
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    The ornaments can (could?) be bought at Emporium. That’s where I got mine. I never heard of them being sent exclusively by mail.
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    The 11th is likely going to be media day. I think the only people who got Orion ornaments in the mail were considered members of the press. Park will probably open on the 3rd weekend of the month with a 5 hour passholder preview on a Friday.
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    Kings Island will probably open for 2020 sometime in April, like it usually does.
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    With Michigan’s Adventure getting a Camp Snoopy upgrade for 2020 and Carowinds got Camp Snoopy in 2019. Maybe KI will get it for 2021. Carowinds was fantastic, and KI may not be happy losing worlds best kiddie area after 18 years. KI took pride in having the best kiddie area.
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    I really hope they do something cool with Vortex’s space! I love the idea they had with bringing back the antiques cars — fun for families and brings back nostalgia for older people. I would really like to see them bring back a revamped version of an old attraction.
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    I would be really surprised if they are going to remove another coaster. Out of all the coasters at Kings Island, Invertigo would be the next on the chopping block.
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    Or they are taking out a building, or underground stuff, a road, or any number of other services they offer.
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    So I guess that means O’Rourke will indeed be doing Vortex’s demo? Unless they’re going to remove another coaster which at this point doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.
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    Interesting... I looked at the aqua men company listed and they only do slide restorations. They have worked with CF before and have some nice before and after to look at. The one that interests me is GCI. Were they listed last year when they did the retrack of The Racer turnarounds?
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    Wow! Those were delivered fast!
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    Great pic showing the supports already up for part of the return. The rest of the track will go up quick as soon as they’re all back from the holidays.
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    I love the look of Orion poking above the clouds.....
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    To get to Kings Island, I pass by a shopping center called Liberty Center, and there is a spot where you can see The Eiffel Tower and Orion all the way from there if you have a good eye. It looks amazing!
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    Y'all...the station is not historic. It was built in what, 1983? It has an appeal to us as enthusiasts, and to a lesser degree, the locals. But my house that was built in the 70s could be deemed historic if we go by how many years it's been there. That being said, I wish it would stay. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Yes. They do. There’s an entire promotion based on it.
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    Still not sinking at least.
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    To answer the question asked in the title, yes...in 15 years!
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    2005 was a good year. Can you guess what this spot is?
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    ^That's one of the best enthusiast inside jokes ever. Kudos.
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    Corkscrew IS less Dynamic than Vortex. That is correct, as they were Arrow Development then.
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    Yes, Corkscrew is less dynamic, but Lochness Monster at BGW was built in the 70's and is similar to Vortex in height and speed, but that is still going strong, as is Viper at Six Flags MM. I just don't buy what they are telling us. I think it's more than that.
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    How dare you question John Allen's grand design
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    I have to imagine it would run better with Millennium Flyers than those track shredding three bench PTC's.
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